July 16, 2017

LAGWAGONLazy Lyrics I just lost my job I just lost my girl Things are getting way out of con(trol) But my living proof is writing me Thrust me down,I’ll never […]

LEMURIALipstick Lyrics When you wear Lipstick, I always want to kiss you, but you use your lipstick as an excuse not to kiss me, You prefer to do it in […]

I dont know where to start feeling again… LEEHOM WANGMary Says Lyrics How long has it been since i held you near? And mary says she’s gonna be ok She […]

Yeah, yeah, commitmeeent God is my witness, commitmeeent Commitmeeent, commitment. But you’ve been going on and on by commitment. Yeah, so tired waiting, yeah I need more patience, yeah I’m […]

I’m your new bad boy ball no biggie [Hook: Justin Bieber} Woah, woah, woah You can be my supermodel (supermodel) You can be my supermodel (supermodel) You can be my […]

[Verse 1] Blew a kiss with a shotgun Then I swallowed your pills straight down, down, down Yeah, the love’s coming undone But we can’t let it die we drown, […]

Súbeme la radio Sun shine and the rain In the my Tra-tráeme el alcohol There pon me yard like staying Yeah yeah (Bridge – Enrique Iglesias – Sean Paul) Súbeme […]

If I ask you this question You gonna tell, you gonna tell me [Patrick, Carnell ad libs] Ima lay it on the line if you say yea (if you say […]