July 6, 2017

[Verse 1] Well, you almost had me fooled Told me that I was nothing without you Oh, but after everything you’ve done I can thank you for how strong I […]

They ain’t have that in the past, I still smash In L.A. Used to, used to drive a Masi’ Used to be locked up, with the dude that stopped Ashanti […]

Ok, I’m shining, beaming, glossing Big timing, stunting and flossing Dangerous, approach with caution If I sneeze, you in a coffin Chasing paper, we do that often Two bad bitches, […]

I’m over qualified Really make them guns fly, bitch I’m stuck in overdrive Trick or treat, live or die? Side talk, I’m immune to Been the new kid in the […]

Let’s just enjoy the feel I’ll take a breath of will, and give you the touch you’re missing Get low, get low Hands on your waist let’s go Get low, […]

but you get whatever you like TY, he get you the keys tonight Just get on your flight [Chorus Ty Dolla $ign] Baby, you gon’ get this work Yeah, baby […]

BUSTEDLate Night Sauna Lyrics Saw you sittin in the corner Something crossed my mind And i couldnt hide A feeling deep inside Brain starts tickin Then i saw what u […]

MORIAH PETERSBrave Lyrics No one ever told me this would be easy But I never knew it could be this hard Oh the worry, the worry, the worry is weighing […]

HENRY METALSuccubus Lyrics Succubus… you come out crawling from the deeps giving all men the creeps you are the one that was foretold the one more tempting than gold horny […]

DJ KHALEDHallelujah Lyrics Hey, I got the world on my shoulder For real, I got to stay up on my toes, for real God bless me, glory, please protect me, […]