July 4, 2017

A lovely home offers hospitality. Each member is a gift from God our Father, His love and grace and mercy to reflect. Her family has quality provisions; She helps the […]

Woo! STEVE AOKINight Call Lyrics Put your drinks in the air We don’t care who’s here We don’t care whose here ’cause we having fun in bedroom Give a f**k […]

NCT 127Running 2 U Lyrics See ya, last night I had a dream of this spot 맴도는 이 멜로딘 우연이 아냐 느낌이 뭔가 다른 너와의 eye contact 말 없이 빨라지는 […]

G-DRAGONSuper Star Lyrics I need some Things That I Want In My Life Now 가진 게 너무나 많아 잃을게 그보다 더 많아 I need some 큰 집 Super Car 돈 […]

Suddenly, i’m not half the man i used to be, There’s a shadow hanging over me. Now i need a place to hide away. Yesterday, love was such an easy […]