Mayim Bialik retraces her career from Beaches to Blossom to Big Bang Theory

First turning heads as the showbiz-ready, street-talking young CC Bloom in 1988’s   Beaches, Mayim   Bialik has gone on to defy expectations: Here is a child actor who managed not only to sidestep scandal, but also find significant success as an adult. Show Full Article 1 sitcom,   The Big Bang Theory, Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience in real life and has a new book, Girling Up. In addition to playing a scientist on TV’s No. “I assumed that it was a game show, like I was the answer to something,” she says. “I didn’t even know that my character was a lesbian, which was kind of a major plot point,” she reminisces about Curb. Go to, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. And then there’s   The Big Bang Theory. The rest, of course, is history. When Bialik auditioned for the show, she’d never seen it, knew she had been mentioned on it. Catch more of Mayim Bialik in the full episode of   Entertainment Weekly: The Show, available now on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). Bialik stopped by Entertainment Weekly: The Show to reflect on her career highlights and share tidbits from   Beaches, Blossom (in which Johnny Galecki guest-starred, and gave Bialik her second-ever kiss), and Curb Your Enthusiasm.