Game of Thrones characters sing ‘I Will Survive’ in new video

It’s that atmosphere that pervades a new YouTube video that edits together dialogue from across the series to make Game of Thrones   characters look like they’re singing Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.”
Almost everyone appears in the video, even long-departed characters like Joffrey. Show Full Article With each new episode of   Game of Thrones, fans never know if this might be the one where their favorite character might get decapitated, or eaten by dogs, or torn apart by ice zombies; just keeping track of the series’ body count is a formidable task. Game of Thrones   season 7 is set to premiere on HBO on July 16. We catch glimpses of all of Westeros, from Ramsay Bolton in the North to court scheming in King’s Landing and Daenerys Targaryen across the sea. For once, everyone on the show is united in professing their will to survive — even though, as we all know, they probably won’t. It’s hard to survive in Westeros. Watch the video above.