Kesha learns the hard way: Jerry Seinfeld is not a hugger

So he didn’t accept a hug. “Well, I wish her the best.”   Guess the “Seinfeld” star still takes   Larry David’s “no hugging, no learning” policy seriously — but at least he acknowledged Kesha’s existence, which is more than Jessica Lange did when Lea Michele tried to greet her on the “American Horror Story: Freak Show” red carpet back in 2014. First she expressed her love for him, then asked   for a hug, then almost pleaded   for “a little one”   as she stepped toward him before giving up. Way to break Kesha’s heart, Jerry.”I don’t know who that was,” he told 94.7 Fresh FM interviewer Tommy McFly, who clued him in about his would-be hugger’s identity. (Skip to the 1-minute mark.)Incidentally, both Seinfeld and Kesha   later took the stage at Monday night’s event. “Oh, OK,” Seinfeld said. Not even a little one. For his part, Seinfeld was really polite — right up to the point where he tried to flee. Latest updates (Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)Kesha loves Jerry Seinfeld, but Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t love getting a hug from Kesha. The pop star hug-jacked the comic Monday night in the middle of an interview on the red carpet at   the National Night of   Laughter and Song in Washington, D.C. Maybe now he knows who she is.

Cyndi Lauper to write music and lyrics for Working Girl musical

Women are still fighting for fundamental rights and equal pay!” said Lauper. “Working Girl was a groundbreaking depiction of a working-class woman determined to succeed in the cutthroat, male-dominated corporate world of the 1980s,” the companies said in a statement. “Funny and smart, this now-iconic tale is just as relevant today – and who better to adapt it for Broadway than Cyndi Lauper, who’s been a change maker in music since the ‘80s, and Kim Rosenstock of the hit TV series New Girl?”
“I’m really excited for so many reasons to start composing the score for Working Girl. Working Girl   tells the story of Tess McGill, a working-class secretary who pretends to have her boss’ job to climb the corporate ladder in 1980s New York. Lauper will write the music and lyrics, while   New Girl   writer Kim Rosenstock will pen the book based on Kevin Wade’s original screenplay,   Fox Stage Productions and Aged in Wood Productions confirmed Tuesday. The Grammy winner has signed on to write the music and lyrics for Working Girl,   a Broadway-bound adaptation of the 1988 film starring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford. No word yet on whether Carly Simon’s iconic Oscar-winning anthem “Let the River Run” will be incorporated into the upcoming musical. RELATED:   Highest-Grossing Broadway Shows of All Time

Lauper is no stranger to screen-to-stage musical adaptations; the pop star made history in 2013 when she became the first woman to win the Tony Award for Best Original Score for a solo writing effort on   Kinky Boots   — her first musical   —   based on the   2005 British film. When Tess tries to claim what’s rightfully hers after her boss steals her idea, she finds herself scheming her way to success and romance. Show Full Article Looks like Cyndi Lauper has a head for business and a bod for sin. I love the film, and its story about a woman’s very unconventional road to success in the ‘80s is something I know a lot about.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba preview their new Apple Music reality show

I know it sounds a bit high and mighty, but it’s true. Because the world won’t coddle you. It’s really hard. But were we going after businesses that were just appealing to what we know? Both of your companies can appeal to anyone, but they appeal particularly to women; did the apps you were interested in or were looking to pursue fall within that demographic? You should really get into the nitty-gritty of what it actually takes. The new show,   which debuts on Apple Music on June 6 at 9 p.m. Because if your role is to mentor somebody, what you’re essentially doing is taking stock of what you’ve learned, the mistakes you’ve made, the successes you’ve had, and you kind of coalesce them and then you translate them back out, so that provided an interesting opportunity in terms of like, “Oh yeah, I made that mistake terribly, I figured this out.” So in terms of reflecting on my business and some of the mistakes, the wins and losses that I’ve had, it was illuminating. As you mentioned, representation is an issue that comes up a lot in tech. GWYNETH PALTROW:   I think Ben [Silverman] called me. I just wanted to make sure that Ben, when he was going out and casting, was aware they needed to make sure enough people were coming through the door that don’t all look the same. … I thought that this was a very contained way for me to do that without me having to completely have a third career. There’s tons of data that you can grab and understand — a niche market or a certain demo. … It kind of just happened naturally. Combining their star power with their skills as the entrepreneurs behind Goop and The Honest Company, the two women form half of the judging panel for Apple Music’s first original series,   Planet of the Apps. It was terrible, it was just awful. … I was very interested in the idea that the whole thing could happen end-to-end under the Apple umbrella — that it could be sort of contained within their ecosystem, that there was a real privacy element to it. No. PALTROW:   I really loved that. … ‘Cause you’re like, “You’re so good, and this is such a good idea, but I’m full. I mean you can do any kind of consumer insights or research. And then as far as just reflecting on what got you to where you are, there aren’t very many times where we have the space to sit and reflect and really understand the depth of what it took and the grit that we had to have to get to where we are. Yeah, we do. ALBA: But I mean all the rejection that we’ve been through only made us stronger, and it’s part of being an entrepreneur. And it’s just a different format. You only have 60 seconds to decide if you’re interested. Apple Music
From the footage I’ve seen, Jessica you generally seem to like to ask a lot of questions, whereas Gwyneth, you seem to like to sit back and take everything in and reflect. I didn’t mean to. ALBA: When it comes to diversity, women are still underrepresented in so many different places, but one place we’re not underrepresented is we hold a majority of the household income, and we control that. ALBA:   The time commitment, we’re still running the businesses and then wanting to give so much time to each entrepreneur, so that was for me, a challenge just trying to do that…
PALTROW:   And kids too…
ALBA:   Yeah, your family. We were very lucky; the apps that applied, it was a fantastic selection of really viable businesses, for the most part. PALTROW: It was way more challenging in terms of time commitment and engagement. You still need the same business skill sets, as far as like how do you tackle the issue? PT, follows aspiring app developers as they pitch their apps to the judging panel (which also includes and   Gary Vaynerchuk)   for a chance to earn a share in more than $10 million of venture capital investment, as well as featured placement on the Apple app store. Alba:   Relentless drive. Unlike a lot of other competition shows like this, like   The Voice   or   Shark Tank, you guys all seem so respectful of each other and very aware of what everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are and who people should go with for that reason, as opposed to being very competitive or creating drama for the camera. ALBA: [Laughing] I should probably ask fewer questions. And so do we understand that demo very well? Did you learn about yourself and your companies as well? So, it was really a way to celebrate content, creativity, entrepreneurship, and I felt there was a lot of kinship between the DNA of the show, which was to find someone great and amplify what they’re doing, to the DNA of Goop. What’s your purpose? They have just 60 seconds to convince at least one of the judges to hear the rest of their pitch. And I think that’s ultimately what technology is here to do, is to enhance our lives and make it better. For the first couple of days, we were like kids in candy stores just going green on anything, like “Oh fantastic!” And then as our rosters started to fill up, we got a lot more discerning. Ughhhh.”
PALTROW:   And then we couldn’t say that for TV. It was really fun, and actually from that, Jimmy ended up investing in my company, so I was like this is a win-win no matter what. So I actually believe in tough love, hard truths, black and white. … I realized about 15 minutes in, “This is my audition, they’re seeing if I know what I’m talking about.” It was like all these super hardcore business questions. And creativity and optimism. JESSICA ALBA:   I’ve known Ben [Silverman] for quite a while. Show Full Article And that’s what we do, try to connect people to whatever, the best hotdog stand, and amplify that guy’s business or whatever the case may be. So really, the people that we chose are people we just felt a connection to, a genuine connection to. It was hard. Everything is still happening. PALTROW:   Also, a bit of a difference is we’ve all been there. And control, from a supply chain kind of all the way from the beginning to the end, and that there weren’t going to be commercials. And if you were on the fence, were you more likely to go green (yes vote) or red (no vote)? And so that was pretty eye-opening for me. When you’re sitting in the room and hearing these pitches, is that something you are really looking for? If selected, the developers work with their mentor to refine their app and their pitch before presenting to a group of venture capitalists. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:   How did you guys get involved with the show, and what attracted you to the project? They don’t have a back-up plan, and so just being also cognizant of who’s going to be the best fit to help you take this idea to the next level and self-aware enough on our end to know where we fit and how that can be leveraged. If we did it again, we would do it differently. And then he said he had the idea, and then I went and met Howard [Owens] and we went to [Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine’s] house, and they asked me a lot about my business. I think it would be impossible. It’s not that difficult. You’re both very successful businesswomen in your own right; what do you think it takes to make a business or a product successful, and what do you look for in your collaborators? How did it factor in your decisions as judges? There is space for ideas right now and space for innovation. ALBA:   But   I don’t think it serves any minority or underrepresented group to be coddled. ALBA: I really let them have it. ALBA:   That’s that Hollywood thing that we wouldn’t do. We all have a mission and a purpose across all of our different industries that we’re in, and you can see that in every entrepreneur, certainly the ones that get through and get chosen. You couldn’t say, “You’re awesome, but I have no space,” so we just had to reject people. Did you feel like that was enough time? ALBA: We felt the gravity of people’s lives are kind of riding these businesses a lot of times. So I just thought it was such a great opportunity for people who have dreams, who want to create something that doesn’t exist in the world, and a lot of us entrepreneurs are trying to make the world a better place one way or another. The first episode will be available for free on and iTunes, and the remainder of the episodes will be available exclusively on Apple Music each week on Tuesday evenings. PALTROW: All of those. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba sat down with EW to talk about what it’s like to enter the world of reality television judging   and the unexpected challenges and rewards of the show. We’ve all done our version of that pitch, so we all genuinely understand what it is to be in that position and understand the balls that it takes to have an idea, articulate the idea, and say, “Does anybody want to get behind me?” And so we have that respect for the developers and each other. Was there anything unexpected from this process in terms of challenges or rewards? PALTROW:   Again, to her point, we were looking for viable businesses and businesses that had the potential to genuinely work, that we could bring in front of the [venture capital firms], and we also felt like “Oh, I could use this in my life!” or “This resonates with me.”And I think that that’s the beautiful thing about the show is really anybody can have an idea and articulate the idea and bring it forward. I mean, nothing is put on pause. … There were   a few times where, especially toward the end, where really our rosters were totally full, and we all went red, and it was horrifying. You kind of have to take the kid gloves off and let them feel it because it’s not going to be the first time that someone’s going to say “no” or close a door in your face. It was like once we took on these people, we felt a genuine responsibility to actually mentor them, and we spent a lot of time. How did that approach come into it, and was it something you all wanted from the get-go? So, I just felt like it was a really good fit, and I definitely wasn’t expecting or looking to do something like this, but the opportunity presented itself, and so I hopped onboard. He mentioned the show, and I basically said, “Hollywood doesn’t know how to do tech.” And if you’re going to do it, it should be done right, and it shouldn’t be glamorized. It was really hard. You’re going to have to figure out how to burst through it. PALTROW:   Probably, I mean, for me, I ask questions, but I am more of a feeler and a listener by nature, so that’s why I need to be with her on TV shows. Because we’ve all been through it, we have probably an innate understanding and respect that the rest of the judges, not that they don’t on The Voice, but that wasn’t going to be part of the thing. And he was very aware of that because it was important for all of us, in order for us to be involved, because we’re a pretty diverse group. I have an issue with that. ALBA:   It sucked. PALTROW: It changed throughout the course of the show. Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba are adding another hyphen to their resumes. I loved the moment where you, Jessica, told the guys with the dating app, Twist, that they’d only looked at it from the male perspective because it was so true. And I think really understanding what the values of the business are and making sure that the values always come first. There’s so many ups and downs, and there’s so many pieces to trying to build a business, and if the intention isn’t very, very clear and the business isn’t reflecting that intention, then it makes it much harder. It’s a personality flaw, thanks for pointing that out. Do you find that those are your approaches in life in general to decision-making? I actually, I still talk to them all the time. … And just relentlessness. From a commitment perspective, it was challenging and more than I had anticipated, but it was an amazing time. And then also, I just loved the instant gratification, that you can watch a show, you can download the app right away, and it really gives the entrepreneurs a platform that they would never be able to have without doing the show. Do you have the drive and the hustle? It could be a man, a woman, a child, any race.

Kevin Hart on Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin controversies: Comics ‘always take risks’

We always take risks, but sometimes it can be distasteful.”
He adds, “Kathy Griffin, I get that it was a joke — it wasn’t received well, you apologized, you should step away from it. Comedy has always been a risky business, but Kevin Hart says the stakes are even greater in the era of social media. … I think you have to use better judgment.”
Regarding Maher’s remark and Griffin’s photo (both of which they apologized for), Hart says, “You’re just looking at comics being comics. According to Hart, comedians have to be especially careful because negative sentiments proliferate so quickly these days. Bill Maher, I don’t think Bill Maher is a racist, but you know the consequences of using the word, you know how many people view your show. It was stupid.”
Watch the clip above for more, and catch Hart’s full appearance Wednesday on The View. In an excerpt from his Wednesday appearance on The View, Hart weighs in on the recent controversies sparked by Bill Maher uttering the N-word on the air and Kathy Griffin posing in a photo depicting a decapitated Donald Trump. Whatever happens after that, it happens. Show Full Article “Times are different now, and as a comedian, you have to understand and respect that,” he says. “If you put yourself in a position to be viewed in a negative way from the public, with social media being the way that it is, if it’s negative it’s going to spread.

Dr. Seuss gets his own museum — check out the whimsical world

On the first floor of the bilingual museum, visitors can play rhyming games, create stories, explore new sounds and vocabulary, and take part in activities that encourage teamwork and creative thinking. Dr. Show Full Article Check out images of The Amazing World of Dr. The garden is home to a bronze statue of Seuss, plus sculptures of some of his most beloved characters, including Horton (Horton Hears a Who),   the Grinch, Yertle the Turtle, and the Cat in the Hat. The second level contains memorabilia belonging to Geisel, including his collection of zany hats and bowties, original oil paintings, the original “Geisel Grove” sign that used to hang in Forest Park (where he’d once picnicked with his family), and furniture from his sitting room and studio   — including his breakfast table, sofa, armchair, and of course, drawing board. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, authorized by his wife Audrey following his death in 1991. Fans of   The Cat In the Hat,   The Lorax,   and   The Grinch Who   Stole Christmas   now have a place to celebrate their favorite Seussian characters. Steven Senne/AP
Steven Senne/AP
Steven Senne/AP

This museum is the second Geisel tribute in Springfield; in 2002, the town opened the Dr. The new museum The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss   has opened its doors in Springfield, Mass., the hometown of Theodor “Ted” Geisel (a.k.a. Seuss), the man responsible for those and so many other memorable stories and illustrations. Seuss’ exhibits, above.

Star Wars: Thandie Newton says Han Solo movie has defied her expectations

“I’m so thrilled, but I’ve signed a non-disclosure [agreement] and I can’t say a word.”
Newton is playing an undisclosed character in the untitled Star Wars spinoff (or “anthology” film), alongside Alden Ehrenreich as Han, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Woody Harrelson as a mentor figure, and Emilia Clarke as another mystery character. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing. Speaking with Oprah Winfrey for a recent installment of Variety‘s Actors on Actors series, Newton recalled her first impressions of the secretive Lucasfilm project and lamented that she’s contractually obligated not to give anything away. Show Full Article “I could have been in it for a brief little nothing and I would have been thrilled and delighted.” It was even more meaningful, she said, “to be taken seriously, a woman of color at 44 years old, to be in a dope-ass franchise.”

Newton also said it was important to diversify the Star Wars universe as it moves forward. “We need to let go; accept; not be so afraid; fight for the truth if we know it; if we don’t know it, ask questions until you do know.”
Watch Newton and Winfrey in the video above. “We are all in this together,” she said. “To be part of a legacy like Star Wars, it’s loved for a reason,” Newton told Winfrey. “I had these ideas of what it would be, and it was completely different to everything I imagined,” Newton said. Thandie Newton can’t say much about the upcoming Star Wars   Han Solo movie, except that she had no idea what she was getting into and is very excited to be on board.

Sam Smith is back in the recording studio

Recording x
A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on Jun 6, 2017 at 10:08am PDT

Recording x
A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on Jun 6, 2017 at 10:07am PDT

Recording x
A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on Jun 6, 2017 at 10:08am PDT

Recording x
A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on Jun 6, 2017 at 10:08am PDT

Apart from the Bond theme, Smith has not released any new music since his 2014 debut album, In the Lonely Hour, which earned him four Grammys, international accolades, and a sold-out concert tour. See all of the photos   here. These images are the first confirmation from the singer himself that he’s back in the studio. New Sam Smith music is on its way: On Tuesday, the English singer shared images from the recording studio via his Instagram. Show Full Article An April 6 Instagram post from Timbaland showed the famed music producer alongside Smith and Napes with the caption, “We’re just getting started.” This fueled speculation that the singer was back at work and suggests that Timbaland will play a role in Smith’s comeback album. Each of the nine photos is captioned, “Recording x.”
Along with photos of Smith and his band, the set includes a shot of Jimmy Napes, who co-wrote Smith’s Grammy-winning 2014 single “Stay With Me,” as well as “Writing’s on the Wall,” the   Oscar-winning Bond anthem   from 2015’s Spectre. He was forced to cancel some of his tour dates due to a vocal cord hemorrhage that required surgery   but was on the mend soon after. Smith has yet to confirm a release date for any new music. The musician largely retreated from public life and social media over the last year, leaving many wondering when the follow-up to his platinum debut would come to fruition.

James Corden on U.K. attacks: ‘This is not a country that feels afraid’

“We’re gonna bring you the silliest, stupidest, most fun-packed shows we’ve ever made, for you to celebrate London, and Britain, and everything it has to offer,” the host said. "I'm proud to show off [London's] beauty, its diversity, and its stoic British determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way."
— #LateLateLondon (@latelateshow) June 6, 2017

After the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester,   The Late Late Show host James Corden shared a video message on Tuesday explaining why the show is continuing with its plan to broadcast three episodes from the U.K. ET. This is not a country that feels afraid.”
Guests for the special U.K. airings will include Ed Sheeran, Emily Blunt, Kit Harington, and David Beckham, to name a few. “And you know what? I’m proud to show off its beauty, its diversity, and its stoic British determination to let nothing or anybody stand in our way. I’m so proud to be broadcasting here from my hometown. “Now some people might say it’s a strange time to do a variety show from this city,” said the Greater London native in the video, which was posted to Twitter. “I couldn’t disagree more.”
Though the attacks felt “incredibly close to home,” Corden said the show will move ahead with its plan to broadcast it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday episodes from across the pond. The people who carried out that attack, they would hate that too. The Late Late Show airs on CBS at 12:37 a.m. Show Full Article

Selena Gomez responds to 13 Reasons Why controversy

“But these kids today are so exposed to things that I would never even comprehend when I was 8. We’re going to take a little inspiration from the first, and bring it into the second.”
If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. The graphic nature of Hannah’s death has launched dozens of conversations, positive and negative. “It’s a very brutal sequence and very hard to watch, and we debated that at great length,” Yorkey said. Show Full Article “That stuff is uncomfortable for people to talk about, but it is happening and hopefully, it opened the door for people to actually accept what’s happening and actually go and change it, talk about it.”
The former   Wizards of Waverly Place actor also touched upon the show’s plans for its second season. It’s dark and it has moments that are honestly very hard to swallow, and I understood that we were doing something that is difficult,” Gomez said in the radio interview. Find more information about suicide here. So all the questions that came up, and all the talk about it is valid and I understand it,” Gomez said of the critique the show has received along those lines. “I feel like if this is what we’re going to talk about, we might as well as do it in a way that’s honest, is real, and stays true to the book. “This is happening every day,” said Gomez, who serves as executive producer of the show, having bought the rights to adapt Jay Asher’s best-selling novel seven years ago. The show also tackles depression, sexual assault, slut-shaming, teenage alcoholism and drug use — all things Gomez thinks is worth discussing further. “We had some wonderful doctors who helped us to understand what the experience would be like for Hannah and in what ways past depictions of suicide, especially by teenagers, had been aestheticized and made pretty. The “Bad Liar” singer addressed the controversy around some of the darker content of the show when she appeared on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Monday. In response to the uproar around 13 Reason Why,   Netflix has added multiple trigger warnings to the show, which already features an after-show special, Beyond the Reasons, where cast and creators and medical professionals talk about issues the series presents. We set about to do it as truthfully as we could.”
Teen suicide isn’t the only issue the series delves into. “In season 2 we’re going to answer a lot of questions, and a lot of resolution with the characters is going to come,” explained Gomez. “Whether or not you wanted to see it, that’s what’s happening.”
13 Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) a teenage girl who ends her life after leaving behind 13 tapes, each chronicling the ways in which the actions of 13 different people (mostly classmates) influenced her decision. My cousin teaches third grade and they’re doing things and saying things that I couldn’t even fathom.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, showrunner Brian Yorkey explained the decision to show Hannah’s death was not made without a great amount of conversation. I was freaking out about where they were going because it was really encouraging and empowering. Selena Gomez is the latest person to defend   13 Reasons Why from criticisms that the Netflix series glorifies teen suicide. “The content is complicated. “We go into the resolution of where these characters are going.

Highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time

2015, showcased the unforgettable pop songs of   ABBA. The musical had over 5,700 performances worldwide and grossed just under $625 million. Audiences are used to hearing about the millions movies make at the box office each weekend — and there are some blockbuster Broadway shows bringing in some big bucks too. It’s the third-longest running show on Broadway and has had over 6,700 performances on stage en route to racking up a whopping $1.3 billion. See which other popular shows have dazzled audiences to make the list of five highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time in the video above, courtesy of Coinage, Time Inc.’s personal finance video company. Among the five highest-grossing Broadways shows of all time is a production that was adapted into a 2008 movie:   Mamma Mia! The ever-popular Phantom of the Opera first hit the stage in 1988 and has been performed more than 12,000 times, making the musical opera not only one of the highest grossing Broadway shows of all time, with more than a billion dollars to date, but also the longest-running production on the Great White Way. Debuting in 2001, the show, which officially closed in Sept. Show Full Article The Lion King, however, takes the lion’s share and is the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time.

ABC announces Bachelor in Paradise cast, featuring Corinne and DeMario

(Hey, it worked for Jade and Tanner.)
ABC has just released the cast list — with more names to be revealed at a later date — for the upcoming fourth season, which kicks off on Tuesday, August 8 at 8 p.m. Nick” Benvenutti, JoJo’s season
Danielle Maltby, Nick’s season
Taylor Nolan, Nick’s season
Robby Hayes, JoJo’s season
Ben Zorn, Kaitlyn’s season
Jasmine Goode, Nick’s season
Vinny Ventiera, JoJo’s season (and Bachelor in Paradise season 3)
Alex Woytkiw, JoJo’s season

Show Full Article It’s officially summer, and for Bachelor Nation, that means one thing: It’s almost time for Bachelor in Paradise, in which contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette head to Mexico for six weeks to drink, tan, and attempt to find love. Check ’em out below:
Raven Gates, Nick’s season
Corinne Olympios, Nick’s season
Amanda Stanton, Ben’s season (and Bachelor in Paradise season 3)
Alexis Waters, Nick’s season (Let’s hope she can tell the difference between dolphins and sharks when in the ocean.)
Derek Peth, JoJo’s season
DeMario Jackson, Rachel’s season
Lacey Mark, Nick’s season
Kristina Schulman, Nick’s season
Nick “St. ET on ABC.

How The Moth podcast turned storytelling into a worldwide movement

The Moth has also attracted some celebrity guests over the years. That’s the Moth!”
Moth stories can also go on to inspire other creative endeavors. “People respond to personal stories. The participants behind the mic who are willing to share a part of their lives with strangers is what inspires a visceral reaction in the listeners themselves. “Storytelling has become so visual with film and television.  
“Most of the headliners that we have, they’re people that maybe their friend told them about [The Moth] or in some cases, we just cold call them and write to them,” says Burns of how the organization booked notable guests during the early years, something she credits to Green and his team. John Turturro opened up about his brother’s mental illness during a live show, Neil Gaiman shared how he’d learned the importance of having a passport, and Tig Notaro delved into rebuilding her relationship with her stepfather after her mother’s death, a tale featured in a recently published collection of Moth stories. But this is just a different way to experience a story. “Someone heard his story, quit her advertising job and moved to Africa to try and save baby gorillas.   “I told this story of my first love and my first heartbreak and Catherine Burns, the creative director of The Moth, saw it and was like, ‘Oh my god, that is incredible. A lot of that came out of the literary tradition in New York. But The Moth, a storytelling project that began as a local get-together and has grown into a worldwide organization, has done just that. Daily Show correspondent (and recent host of the White House Correspondents Dinner) Hasan Minhaj actually performed the story that would inspire his off-Broadway show, ensuing standup tour, and now, new Netflix comedy special, at a Moth StorySLAM. In its 20-year existence, The Moth has produced hundreds of live shows worldwide, transposing the intimacy across its Peabody Award-winning radio show and ever-popular podcast (44 million downloads last year alone) directly into listeners’ ears. They didn’t have to be funny, but the theme was love and heartbreak,” Minhaj told EW in May. … There’s nothing more human than being able to tell and hear stories.”
Ordinary people telling extraordinary stories is part of what makes The Moth was special. “They had people like [journalists] George Plimpton and Lewis Lapham who saw the beauty in what they were trying to do and said ‘yes.’ That really helped the whole organization get off the ground. “I thought it would be great to have nights where you could just listen to stories,” says Green of the spark that began what would be a movement within the storytelling art form. “With podcasting you feel like the person is speaking to you,” says Burns. You’re listening and you have to picture everything in your head.”

Show Full Article [But] even back then, there was also a huge emphasis on regular people. “I actually got invited to do a Moth StorySLAM where they wanted a bunch of comedians to tell true stories about their lives. “When people hear a story it makes you reflect on something in your own life and maybe gives you the courage to make the change you need to make. While Shonda Rhimes, Patti Smith, and Lin-Manuel Miranda remain on their wish list (Burns notes they’ve been pursuing Miranda pre–Hamilton fame), Aziz Ansari will make his Moth debut Tuesday night when he’s honored for his mastery of storytelling as an art form at the annual Moth Ball in New York City. There was one show I went to, before I even worked here, where it was an astronaut, a guy who, until very recently, had been homeless, and [Angela’s Ashes author] Frank McCourt. It’s thrilling,” shares The Moth’s Artistic Director Catherine Burns, who says one of her favorite stories is that of   zoologist Alan Rabinowitz, who overcame a debilitating childhood stutter and has since gone on to rescue animals from extinction. It’s such a primal communication. It’s not every day a story can change a person’s life. She’s been doing that for the last 10 years.”
The Moth is the brainchild of founder George Dawes Green, who grew up in Georgia, where he and his friends would gather on a porch, drink bourbon, and tell stories as moths flew in through broken screens and whirled around the porch lights (hence how the project got its name). It was an experience he’d begun to miss as a novelist residing in Manhattan. What ended up happening to you and this girl back in high school?’ She started helping me flush it out and then I met with my director, who helped me sort of build it out into this bigger show.”
With over 600 live shows a year worldwide (some as far as Australia and Antarctica) and the radio show playing on more than 450 stations across the globe, The Moth has more than a few opportunities to inspire an even larger audience — something the podcast lets the organization do on an even larger scale.

Broad City returns under a ‘cloud of doom,’ stars tease

So we get some successes and some failures, like we usually do, but I think we swung a little harder. Even him doing like normal shit in the show it is just titillating. He’s just so delicious and so omniscient or something, so omnipresent, and, like, a little godlike. So godlike, it’s just so funny. EW: What’s RuPaul going to be up to? And I think that the characters are going through that a little bit. Weed! JACOBSON: I think this season more than any, we got to talk about some things we wanted to talk about. ILANA GLAZER: Oh my goodness. ABBI JACOBSON: It was also the first season that we shot in the winter, so, you know, the look is a little bit different. We are so excited about it, and the writing was so hard. Whimsy! RuPaul Charles, hot off the presses. GLAZER: It was like a sadder season. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:   Let’s talk about the upcoming season. GLAZER: Yeah, and it’s such a different feel. As Ilana was saying, the characters are changing a little bit. In a general sense, what should viewers expect? Who’s in store for season 4? There are a lot more highs and lows. GLAZER: Seeing him in this show… it’s incredible. We’re excited to do that. How does the season change affect Abbi and Ilana? The video finds Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer up to their usual high jinks, but with a key change: The series now looks colder… and RuPaul-ier. I am not even kidding. It was a wild writing and a wild shooting season. The wardrobe is obviously different too, and some of the storylines are a little bit different to reflect that — because it’s primarily been a summer show so far. JACOBSON: Oh my goodness, we can’t reveal that. It seems to get harder every year, but what was hard about it I think is that we made more changes in the character storylines, because it’s been so much time. 23 on Comedy Central. Fully f—ing titillating. Because the winter’s like so sad here. All that and more was on display in the trailer for Broad City’s fourth season, debuting Aug. RuPaul is…it’s unbelievable. We spoke to Glazer and Jacobson on the phone to find out everything we could about the new season. GLAZER: And RuPaul! Wigs! There’s this carelessness in Broad City that…
JACBOSON: There’s more like a shadow of… a cloud of doom in winter in many ways. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years

EW: Summer does seem to suit the show’s manic vibe really well. Show Full Article EW: The show always brings on a lot of great special guests — the last season included the likes of Hillary Clinton and Vanessa Williams. It feels like it’s been years since the last season, so I think we made bolder changes to account for the time that’s gone by — in love and jobs and the condition that we live in. JACOBSON: Fran Drescher is one we’re really excited about. You know, after you’ve been in New York and lived in New York for a number of years, you sort of go through some shit and you kind of have to rethink what’s going on and what you want to do.

Tonys 2017: Watch performances from this year’s Best Musical nominees

Come From Away
On Sept. The 71st annual Tony Awards are coming to Radio City Music Hall this Sunday   on CBS at 8 p.m. With “For Forever,” he crafts a story of how Connor was present the day he fell out of a tree and broke his arm. Groban, fellow Tony nominee Denée Benton, and the entire ensemble perform the show’s two opening numbers “Prologue” and “Pierre.” The production features only one line of spoken dialogue and seamlessly moves between songs in the style of an opera. 11, 2001, 38 international aircraft were diverted to Gander Airport in a small Newfoundland town when U.S. This second act double punch of “Balaga” and “The Abduction” follows Anatole’s thwarted plans to elope with Natasha (Denée Benton). Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
Affectionately known as   The Great Comet,   this musical takes Volume 2, Part 5 of Leo Tolstoy’s   War and Peace   as its subject matter, focusing on Natasha’s affair with Anatole and Pierre’s search for meaning in life. The townspeople sprung into action to house, clothe, feed, and care for the nearly 7,000 stranded passengers. The score mixes Russian folk and classical music with more contemporary indie pop and rock sounds, while the majority of the cast does double duty playing instruments. “Waving through a Window” is Platt’s powerful opening anthem — through his interactions with his peers on his first day of his senior year of high school, Evan wonders if he’s doomed to live a life without connection, an ignored outcast. While Groban plays the piano throughout, he also has a go on the accordion. Transforming the theater into a Russian club, the show is notable for its immersive experience. If you want a sneak peek of the nominees beyond listening to the cast albums, watch the clips below. The socially awkward Evan uses the confusion to attempt to find connection and make desperately craved friends. Groban remains at the heart of the action playing the piano and singing with the company. Groundhog Day: The Musical
After crafting a whimsical and spunky score for 2013 Tony nominee   Matilda,   Tim Minchin composed this marvelous adaptation of the 1993 romantic comedy film   Groundhog Day. This musical tells their story. Originally premiering Off-Broadway at Ars Nova in 2012, the show has earned the most Tony nominations this season with 12, including one for Josh Groban making his Broadway debut as Pierre. With Tony nominee Andy Karl stepping into Bill Murray’s shoes, the musical follows cynical weatherman Phil Connors as he is forced to relive Groundhog Day in Punxsatawny, Pennsylvania over and over again until he finds a path of redemption, love, and generosity. “Philanthropy” takes the beloved montage where a newly reformed Phil Connors goes around town performing acts of charity and goodwill for the residents and turns it into a high-energy song and dance number. This rousing opening number introduces us to the homespun, down-to-earth townsfolk of Gander, as well as to the entire 12 person ensemble that carries the 100 minute musical. During previews, leading man Andy Karl tore his ACL during the fast-paced choreography of this number, but in the true spirit of “the show must go on,” he finished that performance and returned for the show’s opening night. Based on interviews with residents of Gander,   Come From Away   uses an ensemble cast of 12 playing multiple roles to deliver what EW called a “feel good night of theater.” The show made headlines when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau capitalized on its messages of unity, compassion, and understanding in frightening times by bringing first daughter Ivanka Trump as his guest to a performance. airspace was closed in the wake of terrorist attacks. Hosted by Tony winner Kevin Spacey, the show promises performances from nominees and some of Broadway’s biggest hits, as well as the usual award show speeches. When Evan’s letter is mistaken for his classmate Connor’s suicide note, he becomes overwhelmed and lies to try to ameliorate the grief of Connor’s parents. Show Full Article If you’re hurriedly filling out your Tonys ballot for your viewing party, but you weren’t able to make it to the Great White Way this season, here is your chance to check out some of the performances from this year’s four shows nominated for Best Musical:   Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away, Groundhog Day: The Musical,   and   Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812. Dear Evan Hansen
One of the buzziest musicals this season,   Dear Evan Hansen   features an original score from Oscar-winning   La La Land   songwriting duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Platt and his costar Laura Dreyfuss have earned raves for their emotionally affecting performances. Look out for the solo moments from Jenn Colella who earned a Tony nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role here. ET. The musical follows the titular Evan Hansen (Ben Platt, in a Tony-nominated role) who finds himself at the center of a lie when one of the letters he writes as part of his own therapy is believed to be penned by another student who died by suicide.

Watch Jerry Seinfeld refuse a hug from Kesha

“Can I give you a hug?”
Seinfeld’s response. “Please?
— Tommy McFLY (@TommyMcFLY) June 6, 2017

Show Full Article LAST NIGHT @KeshaRose found out @JerrySeinfeld is not a #Hugger — Is it hard to be a non-hugger in 2017? The singer-songwriter approached the 63-year-old comedy legend Monday night on the red carpet for a   National Night of Laughter and Song event at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., enthusiastically introducing herself and professing admiration for Seinfeld’s work. A little one?” Kesha asked again, though the Seinfeld   star ultimately shut her down after taking a step backward. “I’m Kesha, I love you so much!” she says in a video captured by 94.7 Fresh FM radio host Tommy McFly. “Okay, well, I wish her the best.”
Watch the footage below. He’ll share coffee with comedians, but Jerry Seinfeld isn’t as receptive of hugs from pop stars — and Kesha found out the hard way. “No thanks.” Twice. “Yeah, no thanks.”
“I don’t know who that was,” Seinfeld admitted to McFly, who informed the comic of the mystery hugger’s true identity.

Hollywood Game Night teaser: This Is Us, Veep, Walking Dead casts ready for battle

Plus, OG game “Smash the Buzzer” is back with a fancy facelift.  

Show Full Article Another ridiculous showdown has celebs competing on a giant record in a game called “Turn the Beat Around” where songs are played in reverse. Brown (This Is Us), declaring, “We’re not going to lose.”
Lynch finishes: “They come to have fun, and they know that there’s a really strong chance they might end up looking like an idiot and they come anyway.”
Watch the full clip above. In the preview clip   above, Lynch reveals one of the new challenges: a game called “Get in My Pants” where the contestants must don oversized slacks and use them to catch balls whenever the words “your pants” are the answer to a question. She adds, “They come to play; they come to win” as the screen cuts away to a determined Sterling K. All the fun and games kick off   Thursday, June 22 at 8 p.m. The show returns June 22 to a new backyard set, complete with a selection of fun games to keep the stars on their toes. ET on NBC. The new season sees the casts of hit shows, including This Is Us, Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, Veep,   and Superstore   battle it out without mercy. “I think what resonates with this show is the celebrities are not trying to be anything other than themselves,” says Lynch in the promo. There ain’t no game night like a   Hollywood Game Night and   when the fifth season of the Jane Lynch-hosted series   premieres later this month, the celebrities are taking the game seriously.

Bill Maher wants Milo Yiannopoulos back on Real Time

Shortly after his gig on Real Time, the Donald Trump supporter resigned from his Breitbart News post, lost his Simon & Schuster book deal, and was ousted from a list of presenters set to speak at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference   after   comments he   made about pedophilia   surfaced online. Yiannopoulos plans to self-publish his new book, Dangerous, on July 4. Maher later took credit for Yiannopoulos’ downfall, telling The New York Times:   “He   was just getting on my radar. As I say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Show Full Article “I don’t think he would be that hard to bring around to a much more reasonable position.”
A source confirms to EW that Yiannopoulos is one of many names Real Time is considering to feature on future episodes. And by the end of the weekend, by dinnertime Monday, he’s dropped as a speaker at CPAC. Then he’s dropped by Breitbart, and his book deal falls through. Representatives for Yiannopoulos and HBO did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment. During his guest spot on Real Time, Yiannopoulos criticized female comedians like Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, and Sarah Silverman for “contracting feminism.” He also took shots at Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones; his Twitter account was suspended in 2016 after he was accused of harassing Jones on Twitter. “I actually want to have him back,” Maher told Esquire. You’re welcome.”
Last weekend, Maher himself made headlines after using the N-word in a joke during Saturday’s   Real Time broadcast. I said, specifically, sunlight is the best disinfectant…   What I think people saw was an emotionally needy Ann Coulter wannabe, trying to make a buck off of the left’s propensity for outrage. Bill Maher is gearing up for his second round in the media ring with controversial conservative personality Milo Yiannopoulos. native for another appearance on his HBO talk series, which Yiannopoulos previously visited in February. The Real Time host told Esquire in an interview published Tuesday that he’s currently in the process of courting the 32-year-old U.K.

To Kill a Mockingbird to be adapted into a graphic novel

Atticus is called upon to defend Tom Robinson, a black man who is accused of sexually assaulting Mayella Ewell, a young white woman, in court. Fred’s work has a quality that surpasses time, just like the novel he will bring to life in a new way. The book has been praised for its exploration of race in small town   America. HarperCollins
Lee’s first novel,   To Kill a Mockingbird, sells   more than a million copies   worldwide each year, and has since been translated into more than 40 languages. You can see an illustration from the upcoming graphic novel below. The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Harper Lee   will be drawn and adapted by artist Fred Fordham, who most recently illustrated Philip Pullman’s graphic novel,   The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship. The book, which has since been cited as an American classic, tells the story of Scout, a young girl, as she grows up in Maycomb, Alabama, with her brother Jem and lawyer father, Atticus Finch (played by Gregory Peck in the Academy Award-winning film adaptation). “To Kill a Mockingbird regularly tops polls as the nation’s most loved book and we are delighted that readers will be able to revisit it, or discover it for the first time, in graphic novel form,” Jason Arthur of William Heinemann Publisher said in a statement. The   To Kill a Mockingbird graphic novel will be released November 2018. Show Full Article   We can’t wait to hear the reaction from old and new fans.”  
Harper Lee is also the author of the recent release, Go Set a Watchman. “Adapting a story that means so much to so many, and finding the appropriate art style to give it life in a long-form visual medium, is a great honor and responsibility, and, mercifully, also a great pleasure,” said Fordham in a statement. To Kill a Mockingbird will be getting the graphic novel treatment, it was announced Tuesday morning. “The art I’ve seen so far from Fred is stunning and his adaptation storyboard is utterly true to the original novel.”  
Adds the Estate of Harper Lee: “The Estate is very happy to be working with Fred Fordham on this wonderful project.

Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford joins final season of Kingdom

ET on DirecTV and DirecTV NOW. Erik Heinila/AT&T Audience Network
Erik Heinila/AT&T Audience Network
Erik Heinila/AT&T Audience Network
Erik Heinila/AT&T Audience Network
Kingdom airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EW has two exclusive first look clips at Gilford’s time on the show:

Additionally, EW has photos from the second episode, which will give us an update about what Christina’s been up to since we last saw her in season 2. Gilford will also appear in episode 3. Show Full Article Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford — who just so happens to be married to Kingdom star Kiele Sanchez — is set to guest-star in the MMA drama. Gilford, who first appears in this week’s episode, is playing Tim, a handsome man who meets Sanchez’s Lisa in a transcendental meditation class before asking her out on a date. With this week marking the second episode of Kingdom‘s final season, a new face will join the fold.

Sesame Street heads to Litchfield with ‘Orange Is The New Snack’ parody

Sesame Street is paying tribute to the ladies of Litchfield. The goofy 5-minute clip moves the action from Litchfield Penitentiary to Litchfield Academy, where a cheerful new girl named Piper Snackman introduces her fellow inmates students to the joys of eating healthy. Before   Orange Is The New Black season 5 premieres on Friday, Sesame Street has shared a (G-rated) parody of the Netflix show. Show Full Article In addition to the pitch-perfect parody of the show’s opening credits, the clip introduces characters like Morello, who’s obsessed with her boyfriend Christopher; Red, the strict Russian snack monitor; and the appropriately named “Googly Eyes.”
With “Orange Is The New Black,” OITNB joins the already long list of adult shows Sesame Street has poked fun at, including Game of Thrones, Mad Men, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire.