Woman sued for texting during movie confronts date, returns money

He claimed she left the theater without a ride home, and Vezmar subsequently texted Cruz to ask for a refund under threat of legal action. Cruz initially kept her name out of the press when the Austin American-Statesman published the initial report. I’m not paying you back for the date,’” Cruz, who met Vezmar through the Bumble dating app,   recalled. “I laughed it off because I didn’t believe that it would come to this.”

Show Full Article Vezmar   sued Cruz after their “first date from hell,” as he called it. During a screening of the Guardians of the Galaxy   sequel, he asked her to “take it outside” when her texting became a distraction. Time to withdraw this court case, absolutely,” he said, pointing to the camera. But the story has since become one of those viral oddities, even catching the attention of Alamo Drafthouse theater owner Tim League. The woman at the center of the movie theater texting suit   finally confronted her one-time date with the hope   of putting the situation   to bed. “I text him back, ‘This is insane. Vezmar accepted the apology, but counted the money   to make sure it was all there. “The date just didn’t work out and I would love to give you your $17.31 if you can just leave this alone,” she told Vezmar   in front of the scene of the crime, the   Barton Creek Square theater in Austin, Texas. 2 she allegedly   ruined by   texting during the movie. “It’s settled, man. Inside Edition brought Crystal Cruz face to face with Brandon Vezmar, who   filed a petition in small claims court   against her for $17.31, the price of a 3D screening of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.