How the 2016 election affected Katy Perry and her new album

Yes, maybe at that moment she lost. To say the 2016 presidential election changed the entire world is an understatement. “I came into the room and it was like a week after the election and [Max and Sia] were somehow okay and I was definitely not okay. Don’t forget to subscribe   for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. I think you have to think about long-term, long gain. The superstar was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and her campaign and readily admits that it is part of the transformation fans will see on her new album, Witness, out June 9. “There was a lot of noise about me taking a stand because I was a neutral girl for a while. My friend DeRay [Mckessen, a prominent civil rights activist] says, ‘Don’t focus on the king — focus on the kingdom.’ The people are the ones that are going to change the situation — I really, really believe that.”
Apropos of her newfound voice, the first single off Witness was Perry’s most political song to date, “Chained to the Rhythm.” The song, which Perry worked on with Max Martin and Sia, and was written a week after Donald Trump won. I couldn’t write a happy-go-lucky song. I was okay when someone told me ‘Oh just shut up and sing.’”
In response to Clinton’s loss, Perry’s album includes the song “Bigger Than Me” which she says discusses “that something is happening that’s bigger than [Clinton]. I think it woke up a sleeping giant that was so petrified that is now getting its strength back and breathing and about to just slay! Something’s happening bigger than me.” Perry   adds that while Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump in the election, the loss is part of a larger battle. But that might have been a battle and we’re looking at a war here. To read more from the Summer Music Preview,   pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now — or buy it here. The results — and continuing drama — have galvanized many, including Katy Perry. Show Full Article I wasn’t in that place but I also don’t want to preach to people because I’m not that person either. I want to empower people and lift people up.”
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“I don’t know when we’ll see the fruits of our labor. “Now that I look at it, I was so grateful for the experience of the election to be able to find my voice and be able to test my voice,” says Perry.