Who should play George W. Bush in Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney movie?

In The Big Short, Adam McKay   chronicled the Wall Street misfits who predicted the 2008 financial collapse. His candidacy might be a bit too on-the-nose, but it’s worth acknowledging. Michael Fassbender doesn’t look much like Bush, but that didn’t stop him from excelling at portraying   Steve Jobs for Aaron Sorkin. Bush. Tell us what you think in the poll below, and share your own suggestions in the comments. It would hard to play Bush   entirely with a   straight face —   just ask Josh Brolin, who wore a bemused smirk for most of Oliver Stone’s W. Then, of course, there’s Will Ferrell, longtime McKay collaborator and legendary George W. Bradley Cooper has demonstrated an ability to both embody conservative American icons (in   American Sniper) and work alongside Bale (in   American Hustle); so long as the movie has “American” in the title, he’s probably good. Will Arnett demonstrated excellence at mocking the Bush family in Arrested Development   (where his character’s name, G.O.B. Bush impersonator. Show Full Article In the absence of any news about casting Bush, EW has taken it upon ourselves to make some suggestions. Woody Harrelson never met a roguish character he couldn’t make entertaining and likable. Though still untitled, McKay’s film will focus on former Vice President   Dick Cheney, a primary engineer of the Iraq invasion who also infamously shot his friend in the face while hunting once. Christian Bale is currently in talks for the lead role, while erstwhile   The Big Short   costar Steve Carell has emerged as a contender for Cheney’s most important   partner on the Iraq War, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. With his next film, he’s jumping to the other side of the fence to tell the stories of the men in power who oversaw that crisis. If the 43rd President of the United States does factor into McKay’s film, who should play him? Bluth, was a joke about the president’s brother Jeb). Comedians seem like a good fit, given McKay’s experience in the genre   and also the demands of playing a president who often misspoke to a comical degree. So far, though, no one has been mentioned for another important role: Cheney’s one-time boss, President George W. Michael Keaton is a bit on the older side (especially if the 43-year-old Bale is playing Cheney) but is one the best at balancing drama and comedy.