Watch VH1’s ‘Daytime Divas’ put on a ‘sh– show’ in exclusive trailer

The VH1 drama premieres on June 5. But as the exclusive teaser trailer above reveals, while the ladies are friends on screen, that’s   far from the truth when the cameras stop rolling. The show — which is based on former The View host Star Jones‘ book   Satan’s Sisters   —   follows Vanessa Williams’ character, Maxine, who is the creator and host of a popular daytime TV show,   The Lunch Hour, along with fellow co-hosts, Mo, Kibby, Nina, and Heather. Vh1’s   Daytime Divas are bringing the drama. And if things couldn’t get even more tenuous, Maxine’s former assistant-turned-magazine-editor-in-chief, Anna, wants to expose the truth about the show and the women on it. Show Full Article And the hosts don’t just have each other to contend with: Maddie, a former host, wants to return, while Cecile, a bestselling author, also wants to join cast.