Tupac Shakur becomes revolutionary rapper in ‘All Eyez On Me’ trailer

Demetrius Shipp Jr. A new trailer for the film — named after the last album Tupac released while he was alive   — was released Thursday. All Eyez On Me   will hit theaters on June 16, which would have been Tupac’s 46th birthday. Directed by music video veteran Benny Boom, the film   traces Tupac’s life from the beginning. stars as Tupac on his journey from the scion of Black Panther activists to an artist with revolutionary aspirations to an embattled superstar losing his way. Watch the trailer above. More than 20 years after Tupac Shakur was shot to death in Las Vegas, the California rapper retains iconic status within pop culture. Show Full Article Although Tupac’s   career lasted less than a decade and was cut brutally short at its height, he produced a wide swath of music (from party records like “I Get Around” and “California Love” to deeply felt odes like “Dear Mama”) that left a lasting imprint on the hip-hop genre. Jamal Woolard reprises his role as Tupac’s friend and rival The Notorious B.I.G. from the 2009 biopic   Notorious   (where Anthony Mackie played Tupac). The trailer shows Tupac and Biggie’s early friendship (with Tupac even advising Biggie that they should “use their platform to make change”) and their later dissolution into a famously   fatal rivalry. The upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic   All Eyez On Me   aims separate truth   from myth.