Transgender teen drama ‘3 Generations’ unveils new trailer

“Authentic is what he wants to be,” declares Maggie, defending her son’s choice amid her mother wondering why Ray can’t just be a lesbian, like her. RELATED:   ‘The Advocate’ ranks the best films for LGBT viewers
The film was originally slated to be released in September 2015, only to be pulled from the schedule days before it was to land in theaters. Show Full Article As Weinstein awaits the result of its rating appeal, 3 Generations is now set to bow May 5. A day after announcing plans to fight the MPAA’s decision to give 3 Generations an R rating, The Weinstein Company has debuted a new trailer for the transgender teen drama. Watch the trailer above. The story centers on Ray (Elle Fanning), a teen trying to move forward with gender confirmation surgery, with the varying support of his mother (Naomi Watts), grandmother (Susan Sarandon), and previously absent father (Tate Donovan).