‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln had no idea about the big finale twist

I thin it’s much, much stronger. He sees a man with nothing. Nope. Gene Page/AMC
Was what it like getting everyone together for that one big action spectacular scene? It was such a thrilling atmosphere with the cavalry returning to push them out and save the day. It’s hilarious. He was a fan before he did this and he said there’s something weird about being attacked by all these people I’m rooting for as a fan. I went back to set with a little spring in my step because I knew a tiger was showing up at the party! And you want that, because it’s been a rough season for these characters and there was that huge payoff and relief and joy and verve in sharing this air with these old friends. It turns out star Andrew Lincoln had no idea either —   not when he did earlier episodes with the group, not when he spoke with showrunner Scott M. They got a little bit more than they bargained for. What is happening?!? Nope. I’m there baring my soul in Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s face and then this guy gets in my eye-line and he’s six-foot-three and blue! It was just great to see Lennie and see Melissa and to be able to hang with them on set and be able to watch their scenes. To me the moment of the episode is when Negan is about to take off Carl’s head and you just get all up in his face and tell him “You’re all already dead.” What a 180 from last time Rick was on his knees. It was the first time that I got to push back a little bit. I hope they don’t show a couple of takes on the DVD or Blu-ray. Did you know all along, even when you were filming episodes 709 and 710, that Jadis and the Scavengers were going to eventually turn on you guys? You could feel it. I’m not going to say anything, but there were a couple of comments thrown around. It was fun. And you don’t have to work too hard for it. Because you know what the writers did is they put that really good joke in before and it diffuses, and it’s such a smart way of going, oh they’re never do that, because you just think, oh, they’re funny. And then he calls him on it. And to be able to give him a bit of energy the other way was a relief and also kind of exciting. Obviously if there are things like his relationship with Michonne I would prefer to know that there are seeds being sown, but with big reveals like this, I love learning on the day. He sees a coward. Jeffrey Dean Morgan! It was so painful losing Glenn and Abraham, and it was a very pivotal point in his leadership. That’s pretty much the arc of the entire season right there, right? There was a real excitement on set. I was the same! (Make sure to also read our Q&As with Sonequa Martin-Green, showrunner Scott M. I actually gasped out loud when they turned on you. The man behind Rick Grimes shares what it was like on set for that huge confrontation with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan, how he feels about being saved by a tiger, and what we can expect to see coming up in season 8. Everybody felt it was like an all-star game. He sees a bully. I don’t want to know. He doesn’t have anything. Gimple and finale director Greg Nicotero.)
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Well, that was exciting. Make sure to also read our Q&As with Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), showrunner Scott M. And I love the line “You’re all already dead.” Because he is. And it was absolutely bizarre. It had been a season —   certainly from my view of things —   of one-way traffic. To see the big bad wolf on the run was particularly enjoyable. It’s so good because it deflects and then it reveals. That’s the realization is that unless you have love, unless you have friendship, unless you have something worth fighting for, you’re dead. Yeah, I think so. That’s what excited everybody that I think where we’re heading is much more of that — that sort of unspoken history between these friends and warriors and survivors. ANDREW LINCOLN: Yeah, everyone can breathe again. We had a lot taken out of this season and I know the audience has as well, so it was kind of nice to begin to push back. And it smashed him and pulled apart the leader. And also being reunited with really good friends. When everybody read the script everyone said, “How are we going to manage to do this again,” and everybody just charged all the way through that episode. Also, follow @DaltonRoss on Twitter for all the latest Walking Dead updates. Show Full Article Even for Jeffrey. This is what you’ve got now, my friend, now that I’ve got a little bit of bite back! And what happened during the course of the first 8 episodes is you see him be diminished, and the back 8 was him being rebuilt, largely a lot by Michonne and the strong women in the community. It’s already there. At that point he said it was enough. No clue. For everybody there was a real sense that we had earned this moment, and this episode, and possibly season 8. I read it and I went, ooooooh, it’s so smart! He assumes he has everything but he looks him square in the eyes and he goes, I know what you are. There had been too much death on his watch. He was carrying a lot of story this season. Well, it was neat not just to have old friends reunited but have characters like Ezekiel and Maggie —   who had never even met —   all together in one spot. The tiger comes and saves the day! That’s just one of the nuggets The Walking Dead star spilled to us when we spoke about the action-packed season-ender. That’s true! The crew was excited to see us back together again and get a flavor, a taste of Rick returning and not bowing down anymore. SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched the season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.”
Perhaps the biggest shock of The Walking Dead season 7 finale was when Jadis and the Scavengers turned their guns on Alexandria, having struck a secret deal with the Saviors. I never thought I would be saying that. Gimple and finale director Greg Nicotero. And I think that’s the victory already, and he sees it in his eyes. Everybody felt it. It got a little testy. Because no matter how good you are, there’s an inherent sense that you might play something that may signal. And I wont speak for Jeffrey, but I think we’re going to get a little bit more texture in the relationship in season 8, if you know what I’m saying. It was nice to give a little bit back to Mr. Seven seasons in and it’s a tiger that saves my ass! I’m serious when I say that I don’t ask for any information. Nope. Tell me about filming that scene where you get in Negan’s face because I know you were pretty excited about it. Gimple about the episode, not until he sat down and read the finale script right before filming it. Hey, better a tiger than a dude in a giant blue unitard. He had such a spring on him. That was the feeling in the air among the crew and the cast. I can only imagine what was going on between you and Jeffrey in between takes on that scene. Viewers where stunned, and they weren’t the only ones. One of the weirdest experiences. It was quite fun. All the EPs asked me, “Did you see it coming?” And I went “I didn’t see it.”
You also have that one very quick but significant moment with Morgan where he kills that guy next to you and a simple nod is exchanged but it kind of says everything.