‘The Mummy’ trailer: Tom Cruise unearths a monster and faces ‘the ultimate evil’

“She’s got plans for you.”
The Mummy is directed by   Alex Kurtzman   as part of Universal’s monster movie universe   and also stars Courtney B. Hell hath no fury like a mummy scorned. Here, the good doctor tells Nick of “the ultimate evil,” an evil that chose him, using Nick to regain her powers. “She will not stop until she has remade our world into her own,” Dr. #TheMummy pic.twitter.com/w4NpaOjyAT
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The Mummy is scheduled for release on June 9. Cruise portrays Nick Morton, who helps unearth Ahmanet from her crypt. “You can’t run. Jekyll warns as footage shows Ahmanet   decimating building after building, destroying everything in her path. See the eye-splitting poster below. Universal Pictures unleashed the new trailer for The Mummy and with it comes the apocalyptic wrath of   Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), a vengeful Egyptian princess back from the dead to claim the world as her own. You can’t escape,” Jake Johnson’s   Sgt. Show Full Article Luckily, she’ll have to go through Tom Cruise first. Watch the trailer above. Jekyll   (played by Russell Crowe) and   archeologist Jenny Hasley (Peaky Blinders‘   Annabelle Wallis), he races across the globe to stop   Ahmanet’s power from swallowing the earth. Vail tells Nick, as we see Cruise in all his action star glory in a death-defying underwater chase, car accident, and face-to-face battle with the evil spirit. O.J. As we saw in the first trailer, Nick dies in a plane crash that occurs while trying to transport the mummy, only to return to the land of the living in a surprising resurrection of his own. She will not stop until she has remade our world into her own. Vance (American Crime Story: The People v. With the help of Dr. Simpson).