‘Switched at Birth’ family comes full circle in exclusive finale pictures

The blended Kennish-Vasquez family is living proof of that. ET on Freeform. [Toby is] married, with a child of his own. RANDY HOLMES/ABC FAMILY
“Family dinners were always a big theme on Switched at Birth,” says Vanessa Marano, who plays Bay Kennish. Be sure to watch the Switched at Birth series finale Tuesday, April 11 at 9 p.m. They’ve come a long way.”

In wrapping the series, Weiss felt it important to return to the show’s roots. Regina [has] two co-parents and a life partner. Eric McCandless/Freeform
The reason this might look familiar? Filming this   look back at the series   has given the cast and crew a chance to see their legacy. “I knew for the series finale that I wanted to revisit the switch, the reason that these two incredibly different families became one,” she says. A lot can happen in five years. And the girls, Daphne and Bay, who were once deeply envious of each other for inhabiting the life they felt they were supposed to have, end the show as sisters, and soulmates.”
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But as much as things change, things also stay the same. It’s what essentially kicked off the series in season 1, episode 2, after the Vasquezes moved into the Kennish’s guesthouse. The mood at that dinner party (pictured below) was quite different. Kathryn considers Regina — once a stranger she was deeply suspicious of — to be her best friend. “The final dinner scene shows how much these characters have grown and changed for the better. “It’s amazing to see how far we have come and what we have accomplished with this show,” says Katie Leclerc, who plays Daphne Vasquez. “I am so proud to be on a show with a fearless voice and clear, hopeful intentions.”
But don’t let all this nostalgia fool you — the series finale will still pack a punch: Doing her own dive into history, Kathryn will unearth a family secret that will change everything. Just consider what Switched at Birth creator Lizzy Weiss says has changed for this family of characters in the past five years: “John and Kathryn are fluent in both sign language and deaf culture. EW has your exclusive first look of the episode, and the dinner, below. That’s why in the series finale (airing Tuesday, April 11), Kathryn will be throwing one more   family dinner. Show Full Article