Stephen Colbert ponders Bill O’Reilly’s next move after Fox News exit

“Bill’s broadcasting career may have hit a bit of a hiccup —   and then exploded in a hail of blood and bone,” he said. On Thursday’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert — who long studied The O’Reilly Factor to inform his alter ego on The Colbert Report — said he was   “still reeling from the loss.”   Launching into an exuberant dance routine, he quipped, “This is reeling, right?”
Nevertheless, Colbert noted   that O’Reilly has plenty of options. Show Full Article After reading an ominous passage, Colbert   looked into the camera nervously and said, “Bill, buddy … hello, handsome!”

Tonight! Bill O’Reilly is down but not out after being dismissed from Fox News in the wake of sexual harassment allegations, and   Stephen Colbert has some thoughts about what he might do next. Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed himself!”

Tonight! That is, if you do the math, that is twice as much as they paid his accusers.”
Colbert   paused, then added, “Oh my God, you know what that means? “But remember, Bill still has his books, he still has his rage, and his Fox News payout worth a reported $25 million. #LSSC
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For further insight into O’Reilly’s future, Colbert looked to his 1998 novel, Those Who Trespass, which tells the story of a TV news host who begins stalking and killing   his colleagues after he’s fired. Stephen Colbert wonders: what is #BillOReilly going to do now? Stephen is still reeling from the loss of #BillOReilly. ET on CBS. #LSSC
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