‘SNL’: See Jimmy Fallon impersonate John Travolta — twice

So it was no surprise when the   Tonight Show host dug into his bag of tricks for his latest stint hosting   Saturday Night Live. Watch him (and Harry Styles as Mick Jagger) in action above. Only the real surprise of the sketch — a “time travel” travel edition of   Celebrity Family Feud   — was that Fallon was called upon to do his John Travolta impression   twice   as he played the actor post-Grease in 1977, and more recently after his recent run in   The People v. Simpson   in 2017. As noted by the audience’s laughter (and Fallon’s slight wig malfunction), part of the delight of the sketch was Fallon having to pull double duty as he scrambled from one part of the set to the other in an effort to play both parts, while capturing the nuance of each impression. It’s no secret that Jimmy Fallon is a master of celebrity impressions. O.J. Show Full Article