‘SNL’ mocks slacktivism in fake music video

Show Full Article “He couldn’t sit by and do nothing,” Kenan Thompson sings as Scott taps away on his phone. “You’re the hero that we waited for / We won’t ever forget that you fight for our rights from your phone while you’re on the toilet,” Thompson continues. Watch the whole tongue-in-cheek ode to slacktivism above. “He had to act before it was too late / He shared an article on Facebook / And then everything changed.”
Alex Moffat later comes in for a rap verse, where he praises Scott for using emoji above these news articles to tell his 84 Facebook friends how to feel: He adds the clapping emoji for things like the Women’s March and writes “RESIST” next to a fist emoji for a story about the government surveilling citizens. Scott (Louis C.K.) does a lot to help the world — if you count posting Facebook statuses about news stories as “a lot,” that is. In a fake music video on   SNL,   a group of grateful singers thanks Scott for bringing “the struggle to an end” by sharing articles about things like the refugee crisis, war, and Black Lives Matter.