Sisqo remixed ‘Thong Song’ for LeBron James

Should James win the award, it’ll mark his first MVP honor since 2013. To bolster LeBron James’ case as he seeks his fifth NBA Most Valuable Player award, Sisqo released an updated version of 1999 smash “Thong Song” on Thursday. Show Full Article Appropriately titled “LeBron Song,” the track chronicles why James — and none of the NBA’s other elite players — are qualified for the honor. “K-D hurt his knee, knee / This year it won’t be Steph Curry.” And the tune inevitably builds to “Le-Bron-Bron-Bron-Bron-Bron.”
The singer debuted the track with Fox Sports host Colin Cowherd. The NBA will announce this year’s MVP during a televised awards show on TNT on June 26. “Westbrook been really hot, then again he missed a million shots / Some nights he can’t hit the parking lot, they try to say he’s freaking loco” Sisqo sings.