Revisit John Landis’ 2007 movie about Don Rickles

Warmth   is currently streaming on Netflix, and is available to rent or buy via   outlets like Amazon and iTunes. Mr. Legendary comedian Don Rickles died Thursday at the age of 90, but his legacy lives on   in   his many television appearances and film roles — as well as the   documentary   Mr. Rickles himself won a Emmy for individual performance for his appearance in the film. Show Full Article You can watch   the trailer for the documentary above. The touching portrait of the curmudgeonly comedian who could fire off insults better than any other also contains some surprising tidbits — find out   how   Rickles gave Clint Eastwood the idea to register in hotels under the name “Larry Dickman” — and pays great tribute to one of the most iconic faces of comedy for more than six decades. Warmth: The Don Rickles Project
Directed   by legendary comedy producer John Landis (Animal House), the 2007 doc is made up of hilarious performance clips from Rickles’ career, including his stand-up routines   and TV cameos   (including routine spots on   The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson), with interviews from Rickles woven throughout.