‘Quantico’ sneak peek: Caleb recruits himself into the task force’s ‘final showdown’

Watch the clip above. Show Full Article Quantico   airs Mondays at 10 p.m. What Caleb (Graham Rogers) wants, Caleb gets. Caleb can’t wait to help with the mission — even when Clay tells him he’s not a part of it. After all, he’s already got a great grasp on the looming showdown: “Think of it like the third act of a romantic comedy,” he tells Maxine, “except everybody might die at the end.” And Clay thinks of himself as a failing superhero already — “like Ben Affleck as Batman,” Caleb quips — so why not bring a sidekick on board? In Monday’s episode of Quantico, the Haas brother,   who returned last week,   tags along with Clay (Hunter Parrish) and ex-girlfriend Shelby (Johanna Braddy) when they   visit Clay’s fiancée Maxine (Krysta Rodriguez) to plan the task force’s next operation, one they hope to carry out during Clay and Maxine’s engagement party. The plan’s simple enough: They’ll round up collaborators by throwing a party, and then find a way to turn one to their side. ET on ABC.