Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard on the violence in ‘Big Little Lies’

And I would go home and have a shower or have a bath and I would weep,” she says. Plus, I had a big target,” she says, laughing. “My aim had to be so accurate.”
She went on to break down how that scene actually worked. I thought, Oh my gosh, what is happening to me? “There were days and days of doing a lot of aggressive, really violent scenes. While that allowed a lot of freedom for the actors, it also meant they were doing the complete scenes over and over again. But I was thinking, oops. “I would say, ‘Yeah, yeah, don’t worry. “Those days were horrible,” says Skarsgard. She howled with laughter at the news. We will be posting their full interviews after the show airs, but we wanted to give you some highlights ahead of time. And we’d check in with each other and make sure everything was okay. “And then one day, I just got a rock and I threw it through a glass door! The Big Little Lies finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m. “But having a partner like Nicole was extraordinary. I must had a lot of pent-up [stress] because I was trying to hold it all in.”
Skarsgard adds that the violent scenes were really tough to shoot. ET on HBO. Show Full Article And then we’d check in again at the end of the day because it’s tough to do that for 8-10 hours and then jump in your car and go home to your family. We had an opportunity to get to know each other and build trust. Per director Jean-Marc Vallee’s style, the scenes were shot from beginning to end with no break. Kidman admits that filming the violence affected her in ways she wasn’t prepared for. “No Way!” she exclaimed. I do play tennis so I knew that I’d be okay. “Alex would say, ‘Are you sure you know exactly what your mark is that you’re hitting,” she says with a laugh. Kidman, for one, was surprised when she found out Skarsgard’s big reveal in episode 6 generated Internet memes and even screenshots. “Well, it was a strange scene,” she admitted. In advance of tonight’s finale, we talked to Big Little Lies stars Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard. They are also thrilled the show has generated so much attention. It’s intense.”
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But the two are also very proud of the work and the light it shined on domestic abuse.