Louis C.K. tackles racist chickens in ‘SNL’ monologue

said. Show Full Article “You don’t expect anything. But when your life gets good, you start expecting it to, so you get unhappy.” Examples include becoming annoyed at fancy hotels’ elaborate customer service — and then becoming annoyed when fancy hotels   don’t   have elaborate customer service. Louis C.K. “So he crossed the road, and the black guy went home. Watch the whole monologue above. The punchline? went on to point out that chickens are “very closed down, suspicious, and prejudiced,” partly because “their species murder rate is 100 percent.” After doing his impression of a chicken looking paranoid, he made even more animal jokes — “Every moose looks like a dude who just got turned into a moose right before you looked at him,” he said, referring to the constant surprised look on a moose’s face — and later, touched on how his life has changed now that he’s a successful comic who can stay at five-star hotels. “I was always happy when I was struggling   because when your life sucks, it just sucks,” he said before recalling sleeping at run-down highway motels. A lengthy explanation about how this chicken was racist for being afraid of a black man behind him. “He thought, ‘Maybe if I crossed the road, then if he crossed the road, then he’s definitely following me,’” C.K. And the chicken was like, ‘I’m such a racist.’ And he felt bad.”
C.K. kicked off his   Saturday Night Live   monologue this weekend with a well-known joke setup: “Why did the chicken cross the road?” he asked the audience. He’s living his life.