Louis C.K. ‘SNL’ clown short criticized as Tig Notaro ‘rip-off’

When Louis C.K. Straight up rip-off. Oh wait I have when Tig Notaro made a short "Clown Service"
— Alexandra Gallant (@Gallantdesigner) April 9, 2017

If Tig Notaro didn't sign off on this Louie CK and SNL have a LOT of explaining to do. https://t.co/kP92yMqgKV
— Joe Rhodes (@earlkabong) April 9, 2017

Show Full Article returned to host   Saturday Night Live   for the fourth time this past weekend, he appeared in one sketch as a depressed man who orders a birthday clown to perform just for him. — cynthia hall (@chp35mm) April 9, 2017

SNL skit last night with a sad Louie CK hiring a clown is a rip-off of Tig Notaro's short film. promising to take Bobby Moynihan’s clown into the kitchen so he can “chop you up into little pieces and put you in the fridge”), but for some fans, it bore a strong resemblance to another comedian’s work: Tig Notaro’s short film Clown Service, below. Though the basic setup is similar, the execution is not: Whereas C.K.’s bit ends with serial killer undertones, Notaro’s piece has a happy ending where she and her clown bond over their miserable lives. Like “Birthday Clown,” Clown Service portrays a down-in-the-dumps protagonist ordering a clown to their house for some much-needed cheering up. #ideapoaching
— Lex Gjurasic (@gjurasicpark) April 9, 2017

Watching #SNL like…this clown sketch, it's almost like I've seen it before. What's with Louie CK doing Tig's clown bit on @nbcsnl? RELATED: Saturday Night Live‘s 25 All-Time Best Characters

Notaro and C.K. The bit, above, was funny and even a little creepy (it ends with C.K. have worked together before: He posted her legendary   2012 standup set   Live   on his website and is an executive producer for her show   One Mississippi. Nevertheless, some fans have called C.K.’s version   “a rip-off.” (Reps for SNL,   C.K., and   Notaro did not immediately reply to EW’s request for comment.) Although Notaro has not publicly commented on the matter, she did repost   Clown Service on her Twitter feed the day after   SNL   aired. Read on for more reactions to the SNL piece.