Louis C.K. and Kate McKinnon crack up during ‘SNL’ sketch

The comedian continuously broke character with Kate McKinnon during a tenement museum sketch, thanks to his hilariously off-the-mark Polish accent. The sketch centered on a school field trip to a tenement museum in New York where historically trained re-enactors (played by C.K. closed out the sketch with another racist joke, all of which   the tour guide (Cecily Strong) promised the uncomfortable students   to be   “100 percent historically accurate.”
Watch the full sketch in the clip above. and McKinnon)   embodied a Polish immigrant family living in an apartment in 1913. It didn’t take long before McKinnon had to   bury her laughter in her fist as C.K. The pair broke again   as they joked   about “filthy, greasy Italians” at the dinner table and again as C.K. lamented his   harsh warehouse work. Show Full Article What could’ve been a standard sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend turned into one of host Louis C.K.’s standout moments.