Listen to Dave Grohl and his mom discuss the ‘most embarrassing thing ever’

In EW’s exclusive clip from the recording session below,   the Grohls recall a supremely embarrassing story (for Dave, at least) in which Virginia begged him to get up on stage and play drums at a jazz club for her birthday. Dre’s mother Verna Griffin, Michael Stipe’s mother Marianne Stipe, Amy Winehouse’s mother Janis Winehouse, Adam Levine’s mother Patsy Noah, the Haim sisters’ mother Donna Haim, and The Beastie Boys’ Mike D’s mother, Hester Diamond. From Cradle to Stage,   available now,   also features stories from Dr. Grohl’s son, of course, is Nirvana and   Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, who contributed the foreword to her book   and   joined his mother in the studio while recording the audiobook. Show Full Article Listen to it below. With her new book   From Cradle to Stage,   Virginia Hanlon Grohl joins a list of musician mamas (like Kanye West’s late mother, Donda) who have written books about raising   superstars.