Liev Schreiber plays ‘the real Rocky’ in ‘Chuck’ trailer

Morgan Spector is spotted in the trailer as   Sylvester Stallone, presenting the script for Rocky. The couple would split up a year later. Mad Men   alum and   The Handmaid’s Tale   star Elisabeth Moss   also features alongside Ron Perlman and Jim Gaffigan in the film. Directed by   Philippe Falardeau (The Good Lie), Chuck chronicles the boxer’s   15 minutes of fame and his struggles to stay relevant in the aftermath. Show Full Article That boxer is   Chuck Wepner, once   the Heavyweight Champion of New Jersey. Chuck will hit theaters on May 5. Well, you do know me, but you don’t know you know me,” Liev Schreiber says in the trailer for Chuck, a movie where he plays the real-life boxer who inspired the Rocky films. He used to work as a liquor salesman before he skyrocketed to fame by duking it out with Muhammad Ali for 15 rounds in the ring in 1975. I was like, ‘What?’” Schreiber-as-Chuck recalls in the new clip. “Then some guy named Stallone wrote a screenplay inspired by me. “You don’t know me. Schreiber and his ex   Naomi Watts (playing Chuck’s wife, Linda) were announced   for   the film in 2015, back when it was called The Bleeder. Watch the trailer above.