Katy Perry’s ‘Bon Appétit’ is a stupid-fun feast: EW Review

It takes more than two minutes for the song to hit its stride and approach the bona fide banger it could be. But when it finally gets there, though? In other words, the kind of songs she’s best at. B+

Show Full Article Yet like the multi-course Michelin-starred meals she compares herself   to, pop songs should have an arc, and that’s where Perry and top-notch collaborators (including Max Martin and Shellback) struggle a little. For the latest taste of Katy Perry’s upcoming fourth album, the pop star is pressing pause on the “purposeful pop” mission she introduced with her semi-socially conscious “Chained to the Rhythm.” Instead — perhaps with an eye on the looming Song of the Summer horserace — she’s back to garish, stupid-fun party jams that don’t even try to be subtle about cramming in as many sex metaphors as possible in three-and-a-half minutes. Now that’s a treat that’s worth a second helping. There’s a lot to be amused by with “Bon Appétit,” too, from her half-whispered shout-outs to Kobe beef to the unbridled personality of her featured guests, the ubiquitous rap trio Migos. The main   weakness   of “Bon Appétit” is its momentum: When the chorus hits after the first verse, the track seems to be building up to something — maybe a drop, maybe a bonus hook — but then scuttles quietly into the next verse while leaving listeners hanging. In the past, Perry   has melted boys’ popsicles, gone hunting for some peacocks, and made it feel like your birthday with slice after slice   of her, um, cake — all with great success.