Jimmy Kimmel spoofs ‘Starbucks’ latest abomination,’ the Unicorn Frap

It’s got   everything but coffee in it.”
If you’re one of those coffee consumers disgusted by this creation, Kimmel has a beverage   “designed specifically to suit our troubled time,” the F–k-It-Ccino. Show Full Article According to the late-night host’s spoof ad, the drink is “made with Starbucks premium coffee, pancake batter, chocolate   frosting, french fries, vodka, and Lexapro — everything you need to forget about life for six minutes.”
Learn about the F–k-It-Ccino in the clip above. “It’s got pink powder, mango syrup, sour blue drizzle, and all sorts of other   stuff. “Who says America doesn’t invent anything anymore?” Jimmy Kimmel asked his audience on Thursday night as he railed against   “Starbucks’ latest abomination,” the Unicorn Frappuccino. “It’s the first frappuccino that looks like a   windbreaker from the ‘80s,” he said.