James Gunn’s deranged directorial debut ‘Slither’ finally getting Blu-ray release

“The wonderful folks from Scream Factory will be distributing a brand new edition on July 25 of this year. And Slither is how they did it.”
Slither can now be pre-ordered at the Shout! Although a box office failure at its time of release, Gunn’s directorial debut is now widely acknowledged as a cult classic by horror fans. Slither stars Nathan Fillion as a small town cop who faces off against an extraterrestrial parasite which grossly mutates a character played by Michael Rooker. The film would also find him working with a number of people who would play pivotal roles in Gunn’s Guardian of the Galaxy films, including Rooker and composer Tyler Bates. Show Full Article It will have lots of cool extras including a NEW COMMENTARY FROM ME AND THE CAST. It’s like ‘When Harry Met Sally’ only it’s ‘When Gunn Met Rooker (and Fillion and Banks and Henry).’ These people all changed my life. Factory website. The film costars Elizabeth Banks and Gregg Henry, among others. “I’d like to officially announce that after MANY YEARS of waiting, and me endlessly bitching to the rights holders, FINALLY my directorial debut Slither will be available on Blu-Ray,” Gunn wrote on Facebook. Universal Pictures
You can see the cover of the Scream Factory Blu-ray and a vintage Slither trailer, both above. Filmmaker James Gunn has announced that his blissfully berserk directorial debut, the 2006 horror film Slither, will finally be released by Scream Factory on Blu-ray, July 25.