‘Imaginary Mary’ star Jenna Elfman reflects on her favorite roles

…   They just remember my big Scott Baio speech.”
The   movie   EDtv, meanwhile, was marked   for perks and pitfalls. “I always have to clarify that because nobody really knows what I was. The two things that were most memorable, Elfman said, were “making out with Matthew McConaughey daily — that was fun,” but also   dealing with the consequences of Woody Harrelson’s diet. In her new ABC series Imaginary Mary, Jenna Elfman   plays an   independent career woman whose imaginary childhood friend   reappears   just as she starts dating   a single dad. “You know Woody eats raw food, he’s like a real health nut, and it made him have gas a lot.”
Watch the video above for more anecdotes. “That was like five excellent years of my life,” Elfman   said —   except perhaps   for the equestrian-themed episode during which she was thrown from a giant horse and nearly trampled. “I was a stripper, but it was Halloween, so I was dressed like an angel,” Elfman explained. Catch this full episode of   Entertainment Weekly: The Show, available   here   and on the new   People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). First up was her breakthrough role in the sitcom Dharma & Greg. Show Full Article Download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile, and web devices. “It was wild.”
Another notable credit was the 1998 teen comedy Can’t Hardly Wait:   Elfman   made   a big impression   with her single   scene, even   if fans of the movie don’t always recollect   the finer points. It’s the latest in a series of memorably off-kilter roles for the veteran actress, and during a recent episode of   Entertainment Weekly: The Show, she   looked back at some of her personal favorites.