Hulu: What’s coming and going in May

If it’s been awhile, invite a few friends over to enjoy Tim Curry in the nostalgic ’80s gem   Clue,   or rewatch   Coming to America   before the potential sequel. No   (1963)
Fatal Instinct   (1993)
For Your Eyes Only   (1981)
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home   (1995)
Free Willy 3: The Rescue   (1997)
From Russia with Love   (1964)
Gladiator   (2000)
Goldeneye   (1995)
Law of the Lawless   (1964)
License to Kill   (1989)
Life is Beautiful   (1997)
Maximum Security   (1990)
Monkey Shines: An Experiment in Fear   (1988)
Moonraker   (1979)
Naked Gun 2 & 1Ž2: The Smell of Fear   (1991)
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult   (1994)
Naked Gun from the Flies of Police Squad   (1988)
Nick of Time   (1995)
No Way Out   (1987)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service   (1969)
Planes, Trains and Automobiles   (1987)
Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown   (1977)
Repo! Other finds from the batch of new material on Hulu include   writer   Mike White’s (of   Enlightened fame) underrated and twisted   Chuck &   Buck, Tim Burton’s much-loved   Big Fish, as well as Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-winning WWII drama   Life is Beautiful. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years
On the TV front, Hulu brings you the second half of   Vikings’   season 4, along with the season 3 premiere of the streaming service’s original series   Casual. Look below for the full list of what’s coming   and going on Hulu next month, and note that the titles with an asterisk are available with a subscription to   the Showtime premium add-on. If you’re in the mood for a martini shaken, not stirred, flick on one (or all) of the 10 Bond movies, featuring five   different 007’s to cover everyone’s tastes. (1990)
Arrowhead   (1952)
A View to a Kill   (1985)
The Bad News Bears   (1976)
Bad Influence   (1990)
Bait Shop   (2008)
Barbershop   (2002)
Barbershop 2: Back in Business   (2004)
Beauty Shop   (2005)
Big Fish   (2003)
Cabin Fever   (2003)
Cabin Fever 2   (2009)
Catacombs   (2007)
Cecil B. The Genetic Opera   (2008)
School Ties   (1992)
Small Soldiers   (1998)
Star Kid   (1998)
Sucker Punch   (2008)
Thunderball   (1965)
Tomorrow Never Dies   (1997)
Winter’s Bone   (2010)
Available May 2
Vikings: Complete Season 4B (History)
Jackson:   Documentary (*Showtime)
Bodyguards: Secret Lives of the Watchtower Men   (2016)
Available May 3  
Outsiders:   Complete Season 2 (WGN)
Available May 4
A Fistful of Dollars   (1967)
Available May 5  
Flubber   (1997)
The Recruit   (2003)
What About Bob? Available May 1
Line of Duty:   Complete Season 4 (BBC One)
South Park en Español:   Complete Season 20 (Comedy Central)
48 Hrs. While spring is here and summer might be fast approaching, Hulu is planning to keep you on the couch during the month of May with a slew of new titles soon to be   available. (1991)
Available May 6
Batman & Bill:   Documentary (Hulu Original)
Hardcore Henry   (2015) (*Showtime)
The Red Pill   (2016)
Available May 7
Billions:   Season 2 Finale (*Showtime)
Available May 9
All We Had   (2016)
Available May 12
A Hologram for the King   (2016)
Extraterrestrial   (2014)
Available May 13  
Bad Moms   (2016) (*Showtime)
Me Before You   (2016)
Available May 14
Blue Caprice   (2013)
Available May 15
The Next Step:   Complete Seasons 3 & 4 (BBC)
He Got Game   (1998)
Available May 18
Downward Dog:   Series Premiere (ABC)
Underground: Complete Season 2 (WGN)
Available May 19
The Last Ship:   Complete Season 3 (TNT)
Before I Disappear   (2014)
Available May 20  
Becoming Bond:   Documentary (Hulu Original)
Bakery in Brooklyn   (2016)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows   (2016)
Available May 21
Twin Peaks:   Season 3 Premiere (*Showtime)
Firestorm   (2013)
Available May 23
Casual:   Season 3 Premiere (Hulu Original)
Available May 28
American Muscle   (2014)
A Perfect Man   (2013)
The Duel   (2016)
Available May 30  
Sex & Drugs & Rock&Roll: Complete Season 2 (FX)
Here’s what’s leaving Hulu in May:  
May 31
A Simple Plan   (1998)
Battle Ground   (2013)
The Big Kahuna   (2000)
Curse of the Zodiac   (2007)
Care Bears Movie   (1985)
Dangerous Curves   (1989)
Eight Below   (2006)
Gang Related   (1997)
Ides of March   (2011)
Hostel   (2005)
Hostel: Part 2   (2007)
The Hours   (2002)
Judgement Day   (1999)
King of the Mountain   (1981)
Kiss the Bride   (2002)
Man in the Moon   (1991)
The Phantom of the Opera   (2004)
Sister Act   (1992)
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit   (1993)
Up in the Air   (2009)

Show Full Article Demented   (2000)
Chuck & Buck   (2000)
Clue   (1985)
Coming to America   (1988)
Dark Blue   (2003)
The Doors   (1991)
Dr. (1982)
Another 48 Hrs. With new arrivals, of course, come some departures, including   The Hours, Up in the Air, Hostel, and the Sister Act films, so soak them up while you still can.