How Cynthia Lee Fontaine got a new lease on life, her cucu, and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Today I can say I'm blessed because I'm on remission for almost 7 months! That’s my biggest motivational message I can give to all the fans: You can make mistakes or have obstacles and inconveniences, but there is always a new horizon of opportunity in the future if you believe. There were other queens to choose from, so why do you think Ru chose you over them? It’s beautiful and encouraging to see me as the crazy, drunk Latina aunt character… but I click with season 9’s girls a little deeper because I’m their guidance. Thanks to my parents for been my guardians and angel true all this journey (maria and Rene on the pic) thanks to my sister @acidbetty for taking care of me and her friendship!!!! You’re going to see more glam, more haute couture, and more complete looks. We did it! Mama RuPaul actually doesn’t call me Cynthia Lee Fontaine anymore! She knew there was something missing! I knew she wanted more cucu. I think it’s going to be kind of annoying [laughs]. Blessings and Celebrate life !! I’m getting crazy with my new sisters in the work room! As special guest Lady Gaga watched from the judging panel, RuPaul brought the March 24 season 9 premiere   to a screeching halt after announcing that a former contestant would return to the competition, cutting out on a cliffhanger as a pair of sky-high stilettos clicked down the runway. But, maybe it’s going to be as much as my hashtag on my Instagram. I want it all the time. @misslailamcqueen you were an angel and friend support me in this experience te amo !!! How many times can we look forward to you saying that word in season 9? … Any great chance, any great opportunity that I get, I need to take it —   and not for granted. Show Full Article What made you want to return? Do you feel that going through such a difficult thing made you a stronger competitor? ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Everyone is super excited to see you and your cucu return, but, girl, I have to ask you: Have you burned those shorts that got you eliminated last season yet? I love to work with World of Wonder and RuPaul. … You will see the girls a little more prepared because of [me]. Cynthia is coming with an upgrade on makeup and hair and costumes! Because of them, because of my family and because of my brother —   who is not with me anymore because he passed away one year ago —   that’s why I’m so happy to be alive and so happy to… be back again in the game. I “shantay, you stayed” on my life! She tries not to involve her emotions and tries to be professional. I hashtag “cucu” about 77,000 times, all the time, on my social media! … Every time I see those pants, I don’t see a fail; I see an opportunity to motivate myself and inspire myself to be stronger! To my best friends Miguel, Jeremy , Gloria , Javier and Chris love you guys !!!! Uh… we never know! #misscongeniality #happycucu #letskickcancerinthecucu #rpdr 🎗🎗🎗
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You’ve also been very open about your battle with cancer in the past, and we’re all so glad you’re okay. I think we learn from our mistakes, and that’s exactly what I’m going to prove on season 9. So, what you’re saying is we’re not going to see the shorts on season 9? Hashtag #KickCancerintheCucu! We fought a good fight, and now we can say life is so precious, even if you feel that you’re depressed, even if you feel emotional distress… you can stand on your feet and move on. … If they call me for season 10, I will do it again! I think she thinks that because I’m a comedy drag queen, I’m a complete life joke, and I love it. I’m becoming a mentor for all the girls because I’ve been through this experience before. You’re going to see – from head-to-toe – a new Cynthia Lee Fontaine; more focused, healthier, and a more structured character! Unfortunately, we have heroes who’ve passed, and they don’t have the opportunity to still live it. No, I did not burn them! As long as you have life, everything else is possible, and, baby, season 9… it’s going to be amazing. I’ve been discharged from my oncologist, so that’s why I said yes to film season 9. Oh yes, I did see that! [Laughs.] A week ago it was a year since I was eliminated, and I posted a picture of me wearing the pants! More cucu personality and craziness everywhere! Whatever is coming in my career or whatever is coming in my life, I will accept it with open doors. The thing is, that’s a way to identify who I am… so it’s good in a certain way that she identified my character, and I hope she’s ready for the entire package that I’m presenting right now. You sound so excited about coming back, but I know there have been some queens in the past who’ve said they regretted their time on the show. Since then, Fontaine has gone into remission following a life-changing bout with stage 1 liver cancer, an unfortunate setback she says reframed her perspective on life and the Drag Race competition. Mama RuPaul gave me the opportunity for a second chance, and I have a second chance in life. I can’t get enough of you saying cucu. She wants to see the whole, entire, complete cucu! In EW’s exclusive interview with Fontaine below, the performer dishes on her new   lease on life, the dynamism of the word “cucu,”   and how those unflattering gym shorts that sent her packing last year have become a symbol of hope as she sashays into the future. What can we expect? Do not forget to help, support this cause and spread love !!! But, at the same time, you will see a more mature cucu. RuPaul is cuckoo for Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s cucu — enough so that, during Friday night’s episode, he invited   the previously eliminated season 8 stunner back for another shot at claiming the title of America’s Drag Superstar. That’s exactly what we want to hear. When we were filming the show, “Cucu” was my name! Viewers ultimately learned   the shoes belonged to Fontaine, a comedy queen from Puerto Rico whom viewers   elected as season 8’s Miss Congeniality in 2016. To my family , and drag family thank you !!! I’m ready, baby, just like Chi Chi DeVayne says! She knew I had a lot of potential and talent, but she wants to see a little bit more, especially with my looks because of the strong audition tape that I did. … and a lot more cucu. [Laughs.]
But you’ve stepped up your wardrobe for this season, right? She doesn’t give preference or special treatment. [Laughs.] And Michelle [Visage], when she was directing, she was like, “Cucu, can you move to the left?” And I’d be like “Okay, perfect.” In my mind, I’d be like [comically sinister voice] “My name is not Cynthia; Call me Cucu!” [Laughs.]
What did you think of Shea Couleé calling your comeback a joke? She treats all the girls equally. Good afternoon miss amores: Today marks one year I received my first Chemo treatment for my live cancer stage 1. To world of wonder and logo tv thank you for everything!!!!!!To all miss amores cucu fans you are amazing!!!