High schooler asks Emma Stone to prom with ‘La La Land’ recreation

With the help of friends,   Jacob Staudenmaier went for a grand gesture, recreating the opening scene from La La Land to send the invite to the best actress winner.  

Show Full Article Stone is from nearby Scottsdale, so maybe it’s possible and Staudenmaier isn’t just one of   “The Fools Who Dream.”

Watch the video above. Move over all other promposals, you’ve met your match. Crafting his own version of “Another Day of Sun,” the 17-year-old danced and sang his way through his high school parking lot, trying to appeal to Stone with promises of Olive Garden and his “far-fetched” resemblance to Ryan Gosling. A Phoenix high school student has his eyes set on Emma Stone for his prom date and he’s using her own Oscar-nominated film to land her.