Frank Ocean collaborates with Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator on ‘Biking’

— Golf Media (@GoIfMedia) April 8, 2017

"BIKING" By Frank, Jay and I. Frank Ocean had another treat for listeners of Blonded   on Friday: “Biking.”
The new track, featuring Jay Z and Tyler, the Creator, debuted on the third episode of Ocean’s Beats 1 radio show   ahead of   the   full release. A portion of the song was also featured in a teaser video for Blonded,   while   Tyler, the Creator posted lyrics from   his verse on social media.
— Tyler, The Creator (@tylerthecreator) April 8, 2017

Ocean previously collaborated with Jay Z for “No Church in the Wild” and “Made in America” off Jay and Kanye West’s 2011 album   Watch the Throne. Show Full Article Along with “Biking,”   Blonded   also   hosted the premiere of “Chanel”   before it went wide in March, along with   a remix of the   single   featuring   A$AP Rocky. Hear a snippet of “Biking” — which isn’t streaming yet — above. “Nobody f—ing with me / My accolades hang from my neck / Pedal I drown in the heat / My sapphires drown in my sweat/ White mags but I jet / Jackson I’m saving the streets / I’m Roger Rabbit in the air,” Tyler raps. My Lyrics. His history with Tyler, the Creator goes back to 2010, when Ocean joined the rapper’s hip-hop collective Odd Future.