Ellen DeGeneres scolds United Airlines: ‘Don’t overbook your flights’

I told the truth.”

Show Full Article Here’s a better policy: Don’t overbook your flight.”
DeGeneres also commented on United’s controversy from March, when the airliner barred two girls from flying because they were wearing leggings. United Airlines has been criticized   by everyone from   Jimmy Kimmel   to Merriam-Webster, and now   Ellen DeGeneres is sandwiching some advice for the embattled airline   in between jokes. No, your first forcible removal is free.”
DeGeneres kept the hits coming. “There was a United Airlines flight in Chicago that was overbooked, and to make room for people, they forcibly removed one of the passengers — did y’all hear about this?” said   the comedian on Tuesday’s   The   Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Everyone on the flight was very upset by this,” she said, “and top of it all, the in-flight movie was   Manchester by the Sea. “It’s crazy, they charged him a $50 removal fee. “United said that yoga pants aren’t appropriate for flying, which is crazy because I’ve seen more yoga pants at airports than I’ve seen in yoga classes,” joked the host, who tied the incident to the latest United scandal. “They had a computer pick a random person and just took them off the plane,” she remarked. So it was very depressing, the whole flight — can you imagine?”
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But DeGeneres got serious as she discussed how the company handled the issue. That’s not true, that’s not true. “I think United didn’t want people to wear yoga pants because there’s nothing to grab on to.”
She   acknowledged the darkness of the joke, saying, “I took it too far. “That seems like a bad policy.