David Letterman honors mother, Dorothy Mengering, with touching eulogy

“We didn’t want for anything because of my mom,” Letterman said of her work ethic, according to   The Indianapolis Star. Born in Linton, Indiana,   Mengering was the eldest of three. In 1942, she married Harry Letterman, with whom she had Jan, David, and Gretchen. Recalling a time when she chopped off a snake’s head in the garden of their home, Letterman quipped,   “My mother is Grizzly Adams for God’s sake.”
Mengering, who died   last week at the age of 95,   occasionally appeared from the kitchen of her Indiana home on her son’s long-running CBS program and served as the show’s Olympics correspondent. David Letterman took the mic at the funeral for his mother Dorothy Mengering in   Indianapolis on Saturday, delivering a touching and humorous eulogy. “People like her better than you,”   Letterman said he remembered being told. In addition to Letterman, Mengering is survived by   her two daughters. Show Full Article After his death in 1973, she remarried Hans Mengering, a structural engineer, in 1983; he died in March 2013. The funeral was held Saturday at the Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. Reflecting on her classic on-air appearances as “Dave’s Mom,” Letterman explained that executives told him they wanted to have her on the show more often.