Colbert pays tribute to ‘you ladies’ who helped oust Bill O’Reilly

A   day after ripping   Bill O’Reilly as a “self-righteous landfill of angry garbage,” Stephen Colbert once again trolled   the recently deposed conservative   pundit   by offering up “A Tribute to the People Who Changed Fox News.”
The so-called tribute, compiled   for Thursday’s episode of The Late Show, was actually a montage of O’Reilly repeatedly — some would say condescendingly — addressing his female guests on The O’Reilly Factor   as “you ladies.” It   culminated with a clip of O’Reilly saying he was “thinking about having all our female contributors [dress] in uniforms here.”
O’Reilly has long railed against the notion of political correctness, but   accusations   of inappropriate behavior toward women ultimately led to his dismissal   from Fox News. #LSSC
— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) April 20, 2017

The Late Show airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. Here's to those who helped you out (the door). Goodbye, Bill! Show Full Article He has denied the allegations. He   officially parted ways with the company   Wednesday, in the wake of multiple   sexual harassment allegations. ET on CBS. Watch Colbert’s tribute below.