Coachella 2017: Radiohead set interrupted by sound issues

Finished 5th song…stopping to fix the issue? This sucks so bad for them. They continue to play… #pros
— Gerrad Hall (@gerradhall) April 15, 2017

@cynicole78 Aw man. The technical difficulties began three songs into the band’s set, and included both sound dropout and episodes of audio feedback. Silence for live crowd. #audioproblemsbedamned #coachella
— Gerrad Hall (@gerradhall) April 15, 2017

Radiohead's console just went out. I'm losing count. Kennedy (@GerrickKennedy) April 15, 2017

And Radiohead's sound is out for I think the seventh time now? The sound issues also reportedly affected the live stream of the performance. Feel terrible #coachella
— Gerrick D. Looks like it……
— Gerrad Hall (@gerradhall) April 15, 2017

Annnnd #Radiohead is back! They returned to the stage, but left again after the audio dropped out again during the In Rainbows opener “15 Step.” Sound problems also happened as the band was playing “Let Down.”

“Can you actually hear me now?” frontman Thom Yorke asked the crowd. Kennedy (@GerrickKennedy) April 15, 2017

Sound keeps cutting out during #radiohead at coachella 😢 #someonesgettingfired
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Despite the technical issues, the band powered through the rest of the set, which included performances of “Creep,” “Paranoid Android,” and “Karma Police.”

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— Gerrick D. But this is   Radiohead, so f— it.”

Is audio working on #Radiohead #coachella livestream? According to Billboard, Radiohead first left the stage after the sound from the main speakers cut out during the end of “Ful Stop,” off their latest release A Moon Shaped Pool. How tragic. Radiohead’s performance Friday night at this year’s Coachella festival was plagued by audio issues that prompted the band to leave the stage twice during their headlining set. “I’d love to tell you   a joke, lighten the mood, something like that.