‘Captain Marvel’ finds its pair of directors

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are set to helm “Captain Marvel.” (Elizabeth Torque / Marvel; Evan Agostini / Invision/AP)”Captain Marvel” has found not one but two directors to help shape the movie into the star it was always meant to be. The Times has confirmed that “Mississippi Grind” directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have been tapped to helm the upcoming Marvel feature. The news was first reported by Variety.Although part of a team,   Boden   would be the first woman to direct a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.Boden and Fleck’s joint film credits also include 2006’s “Half Nelson” and 2008’s “Sugar.” Most recently the two have worked on TV shows including “Billions” and “The Affair.”   Starring Brie Larson, “Captain Marvel” is the first MCU standalone film   focused on a sole female title character. Larson will be playing Carol Danvers, an Air Force officer who gains superpowers after her human DNA becomes fused with alien genes.Written by Nicole Perlman (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Meg LeFauve (“Inside Out”),   “Captain Marvel” is scheduled for a March 18, 2019, release. Latest updates