‘Big Little Lies’ author reveals what a season 2 would include

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“The obvious thing is, first of all, I think we could bring in more of Bonnie’s story from the book,” Moriarty says. That’s the question that’s also a really interesting thing, when you’ve been through a relationship like that, how do you feel now? “The producers have asked me to see if I can come up with some ideas,” the writer told Australian publication The Sydney Morning Herald. There are so many different ways to go with all of these women. The typically gentle Bonnie (Kravitz) ends up ultimately killing him, though the show doesn’t delve into her history with abusive men like the book does. This is such a small portion of their lives but I love that people have connected to them in such a deep way. She’s still grieving for the end of a terrible relationship and I think that would be a really interesting thing to explore. “We don’t have any plans for a season 2,” she said, “but the beauty of this is there are so many deep stories here that are ripe for mining. “And also what happens next [for Celeste]. So there’s a whole lot of different story lines.”

Kidman recently spoke to EW about the possibility of season 2, pointing out that because Bonnie’s backstory is “complicated” in the book and “not fully explored” on the show, another round of episodes could be good to flesh that out. “I wouldn’t write a new book but perhaps a new story and then we’ll see what happens.”
The show stars a powerhouse cast — including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz — and concluded with all five women banding together against Alexander Skarsgard’s Perry, Celeste’s (Kidman) abusive husband. She’s grieving. How would she feel? And everyone in different ways to different women.”
Read the   Sydney Morning Herald‘s   full Moriarty story here, and check out our Kidman interview here.  

Show Full Article Big Little Lies‘ director Jean-Marc Vallée has said he doesn’t see the HBO drama getting a second season, but Liane Moriarty — who wrote the novel the series was based on — is open to continuing the story.