‘Once Upon a Time’: Details on potential vignette episode

“We mulled it, and we hope someday we get to it,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells EW. In the meantime, OUAT fans can look forward to the upcoming musical episode, which will feature Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) wedding! Not that we don’t love the minor characters, but we have to honor our main cast.”

Horowitz adds: “If we were doing 22 episodes and you were bringing all of them, you could almost get away with it more, because you could get right on to the next one, but if you have to wait a couple of weeks to get back to the main plot of what’s going on, it’s a tough balancing act. While the show has not yet been renewed for a seventh season, EW hears it’s a near-lock to return — though probably not without a big shake-up in Storybrooke. Executive producer Adam Horowitz explains that the problem with dedicating an entire hour to these secondary characters is that it takes away from the main storyline. While we would love to tell you what’s going on with Kathryn [Anastasia Griffith] or the Red Queen, if we can find ways to slip in bits of it, or to tell you what’s going on with Lily, we’ll do it, but to give over a whole episode to it — as much as we love the idea on a conceptual level — it’s such precious real estate. “It ultimately comes down to: Where do you want to spend your time?” Horowitz says. It’s just hard.”
“The truth is we’re not going to get to it this year,” Kitsis confirms. Hoping for answers about your favorite secondary characters before Once Upon a Time‘s sixth season ends? That said, the vignette episode could still happen in the future. “There’s so much we want to explore with our core characters. Rumor has it, the idea was to open on Henry (Jared Gilmore) and a storybook as he recounted tales about Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Lily (Agnes Bruckner), Will (Michael Socha) and Anastasia (Emma Rigby), and others. Alas, the hour didn’t make it into the lineup this year. ET on ABC. Show Full Article Well, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Get the details here, here and here. EW can reveal that there were very early plans to do a vignette-style episode that would have   provided an update, or even some closure, on secondary characters whose stories haven’t been touched upon in a while. Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m.

Come celebrate with The Village Chorale, ‘Why We Sing’

The concert will reprise several audience favorites from the past 20 years, and introduce many selections sure to make the next favorites list.Gifted instrumentalists always add color and content to performances, and this concert is no exception.  Flutist Susan Antonetti, who performed with the Chorale in December 2015, adds her talent to “Song of the Tall Ship.” Antonetti is the flute instructor at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and performs with wind ensembles in both Little Rock and Hot Springs.  Richard Jorgensen, principle trumpet with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and long-time Villager, will be featured on “What A Wonderful World.” His trumpet genius was heard on this same selection when it was performed during the Chorale’s spring 2015 concert. A 20th-anniversary celebration, with special music, special guests, several surprises and, prior to the concert, a cake and punch reception for all, compliments of ReMax of Hot Springs Village, is coming soon to the Village.The Village Chorale is polishing its impressive repertoire for “Why We Sing,” 7:30 p.m. Tuesday May 2, in Woodlands Auditorium. Remember to come to the Woodlands Auditorium porte cochere any time after 6 that evening to enjoy punch, cake and conversation before the concert.  Long-time Chorale percussionist Leland Beach will add his rhythmic style to several pieces, including a favorite Mark Hayes arrangement of the Josh Groban hit, “You Raise Me Up.” These exceptional musicians will combine their talents for the presentation of another Hayes arrangement and Chorale favorite, “Refuge and Strength.” The piano virtuosity of aaccompanist Kristen La Madrid supports every selection.To buy $12 open-seating tickets for this special evening, contact any Village Chorale member or visit www.hsvticketsales.com.

Dr. Luke still has a relationship with Sony despite reports

Kesha has been trying to get out of her contract with   Kemosabe since   2014,   when she filed a complaint against Dr. Despite reports that Sony has cut its ties with Dr. Luke, who has denied the allegations, responded by filing a defamation suit, which is still ongoing. In February of 2016, a New York judge denied Kesha’s request for an injunction, which would have allowed her to record new music outside of Kemosabe; she is currently locked in appeals. Luke, EW has learned that Sony Music “still has a relationship” with the producer although his contract with the company expired in March and he is no longer the CEO of Kemosabe Records, a Sony imprint he launched in 2011. He notably collaborated with Kelly Clarkson on 2004’s “Since U Been Gone,” and the   American Idol   winner has been outspoken about her experience with him. He’s difficult to work with, kind of demeaning, it’s kind of unfortunate. Obviously, the dude is a talented guy but character-wise, no.”
Dr. Luke is also known for   working with other big names in pop music including Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Rihanna. “He’s a talented dude, but he’s just lied a lot,” she said in 2016. Luke’s attorney didn’t respond to request for comment; Kesha’s rep declined   to   comment. “I’ve run into a couple of really bad situations. Musically, it’s been really hard for me because he will just lie to people. Aside from his work with Kesha, Dr. Show Full Article People are like, well, you’ve worked with Max [Martin] and Luke and I’m like, Max and Luke are very different. Luke   claiming he emotionally, physically, and sexually abused her throughout their years-long working relationship. It’s like ‘What?’ It makes the artist look bad.

Adam Sandler and Chris Rock reteam for Netflix comedy ‘The Week Of’

Robert Smigel, a Saturday Night Live alum and frequent Sandler collaborator, will direct from a script he wrote with Sandler. Rock   is no stranger to Netflix either, having partnered with the company   for two stand-up   specials. Slated to debut next year, the film will chronicle the seven   days   leading up to nuptials in which Sandler’s daughter is marrying Rock’s son. Adam Sandler and Chris Rock are buddying up once again. Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said in a statement that Sandler and Rock “are cornerstones of the Netflix comedy family, and we are over the moon about these two legends reuniting to give our members worldwide a healthy dose of the hilarity that they have been creating together for years.”

Show Full Article The Grown Ups   and Grown Ups 2   costars will   reunite   to topline   Netflix’s   wedding comedy The Week Of, the streaming service announced Tuesday. Production is set to begin this summer on Long Island. He   also makes a cameo in Sandler’s latest Netflix release, Sandy Wexler. The Week Of represents the fourth entry in   Sandler’s original four-picture deal with Netflix, which was re-upped for   another quartet of   movies   last month.

Shania Twain reveals new album coming in September

Show Full Article I did so many of my backing vocal arrangements — just being able to have all these multitracks and moving them around and experimenting that way. Earlier this year, Twain took EW behind the scenes of her new record; she revealed that she drew upon years of stored-up musical ideas that she collected on various recording devices. “So if it’s a rainy day or I’m bored, I’ll go through my electronics and listen to things. It’s not like it’s not fun, but the joy comes in watching the whole thing grow and getting locked into that creative mode — that’s so indulgent for me.”
As she gears up to release her new album, Twain also will be hitting the road to headline Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California on April 29. They’ll have titles like ‘Fun beat’ or ‘Fab memory.’ … It’s really fun to experiment with arrangements. “I’m forever backing things up,” she said. By the time I got into the studio, I was already quite familiar with what I wanted to do.”

For the first time in years, Twain is no longer collaborating with Mutt Lange, her ex-husband and the producer who helmed blockbusters like 1997’s Come on Over. After a 15-year wait, one of the biggest-selling music stars is finally ready for her comeback: Shania Twain will return this September with her anticipated follow-up to 2002’s   Up!, she announced Tuesday. The singer also plans to debut her single live at the fest. The Grammy-winning singer will also release the album’s lead single, “Life’s About to Get Good,” in June. “And I’m a very focused person in the studio. Instead, Twain has   partnered with producers Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, One Direction), Ron Aniello (Bruce Springsteen), Jacquire King (Kings of Leon), and songwriter-producer Matthew Koma. “They’re all very different from each other,” she said   of her collaborators.

Who should play Madonna in the ‘Blond Ambition’ biopic?

Before the film gets deeper and deeper into production, read on for a list of actresses   we think should   play the queen of pop   (in alphabetical order), and make your own suggestions in the comments section below. Needless to say, she pulled it off, and would go on to blow the other contestants out of the water   during an acting challenge. It might not have the blessing of the music legend it’s based on, but Universal’s Blond Ambition has the potential to provide a game-changing role to a young actress in Hollywood. Since then, she’s worked with renowned auteurs (Olivier Assayas on Personal Shopper, Woody Allen in Café Society) and held her own against screen vets like Juliette Binoche (Clouds of Sils Maria) and Julianne Moore (Still Alice). The film   saw the 30-year-old actress tapping into her dramatic side as a troubled college student who   becomes entangled in a mysterious, life-altering relationship with a peer (Lerman) at a conservative college in 1950s Ohio. specialty crowd with her starring turn in James Schamus’ brilliant   Indignation   opposite Logan Lerman. Chloë Grace Moretz

Though she found her stride at a young age, Moretz has never been defined by her status as a “child actress,” having garnered the attention of the masses in adult-oriented, R-rated flicks (Kick-Ass, Let Me In, and Carrie, to name a few) over the years. Lily Collins

Friday night lights — and stripes…
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While Collins has a more commercial look than Madonna did at the time she broke into the mainstream, her   Golden Globe-nominated acting chops —   coupled with a lifelong exposure to the music industry (she’s the daughter of musician   Phil Collins) — make the Rules Don’t Apply star an ideal candidate to explore the grittier aspects of Madonna’s heyday. Courtney Nelson

#CourtneyANTM channeling her inner edgy material girl ala Madonna. She’s since proven her range in high-profile comedies (Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising) and YA romances   (If I Stay), but it’s her work playing a hardened starlet in 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria   — a role that required her to channel a young woman   forced to grow wise beyond her years to combat the cutthroat world of moviemaking that was threatening to swallow her whole — that sells her ability to embody recording artist royalty like Madonna. An essential part of the fabric of indie hits It Follows and The Guest, the 23-year-old’s fearlessness deserves   to strike a pose in front of a wider audience, even if she hasn’t   had   the proper chance yet. Momsen embodies the rebellious spirit that made Madonna a superstar and the   musical inclination (she fronts The Pretty Reckless, a rock band formed in 2009) to match. Cara Delevingne

She’s got the disposition (and the thick eyebrows) to keep up with Madonna’s likeness, and, after taking smaller roles in bigger productions (Suicide Squad, Pan) she’s primed for a major hit of her own. Imogen Poots

If you were casting Blond Ambition solely   based on physicality, few actresses seem better suited for the part than Imogen Poots. Maika Monroe

Monroe is light-years ahead of   the supporting part she played in last year’s Independence Day: Resurgence. The London native has a keen ability to excel in roles where she’s fighting back against seemingly insurmountable odds, whether it’s hordes of zombies in 28 Weeks Later or murderous neo-Nazi skinheads in Green Room, and she’d be suited to challenge the patriarchy — just like Madonna did at the dawn of her career — amid the backdrop of New York City grit in Blond Ambition. Sarah Gadon

Time for more #indignation press @elevation_pics props and love to the glam team @matthewstylist @samcomptonmakeup #nowhereeverywhere @aritzia 😘🇨🇦
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Gadon wowed the U.S. Kristen Stewart

It’s been nearly a decade since Stewart first helped translate the   Twilight   book series into a worldwide cinematic success, even if the role of Bella Swan didn’t do much to sell the public on her skills as an actress, which had already been put to good use in movies like In the Land of Women, Into the Wild, and Panic Room in years prior. Nelson has   the look, the swag, and the performative talent to take her own career to the next level at the center of Blond Ambition. Frances Bean Cobain

A post shared by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on Jan 9, 2017 at 7:37pm PST

Though she’s never acted in a major production, Cobain’s tenacity would add a palpable edge to the   refreshingly bold   attitude that largely punctuated Madonna’s blossoming   image in the 1980s. Leading Blond Ambition could be the perfect way for her to transition from supporting player to Hollywood’s center stage. #ANTM 📸: @vijatm
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Known primarily for her appearance on the 23rd cycle of VH1’s America’s Next Top Model, the 25-year-old high fashion stunner’s thick eyebrows immediately drew comparisons to Madonna — enough so that Nelson was assigned to portray the singer-songwriter for a celebrity look-alike photoshoot. Taylor Momsen

If there’s one thing people remember about Madonna in the 1980s, it’s her unwillingness to conform to standards. Stewart’s versatility could be a perfect match for Blond Ambition, even if her   overall aesthetic is a little more 1994 David Letterman interview than    “Lucky Star” music video. Aside from 2012’s Snow White & the Huntsman, Stewart’s reinvention tour as a serious actress has notably failed to generate a major mainstream hit, and Blond Ambition   could reposition her at the peak of the box office without sacrificing her commitment to the art of the craft   in the process, given that we already know she’s capable of doing justice to a music figure (she portrayed Joan Jett in 2010’s The Runaways). Much of her performance came alive in its subtleties, but   Blond Ambition could be the right opportunity for Gadon to unabashedly show off her wild side on a much bigger scale. EW confirmed Monday that the studio was in the early stages of developing a biopic chronicling the rise of Madonna throughout the formative years of her burgeoning pop career, charting the inspiration for — and subsequent success of — her 1983 debut album, which laid the foundation for her ascension into the   pop cultural stratosphere.


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‘The Lion King’: Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen in talks for Timon and Pumbaa

Eichner would play Timon, the tall, smooth-tongued, sarcastic meerkat, opposite Rogen as his closest friend, the good-hearted albeit   gassy warthog Pumbaa. Timon and Pumbaa   have never been tied only to the original   Lion King film or its sequel; the duo featured in a successful 1995-1999 afternoon cartoon series, the 2004 spin-off feature   The Lion King 1 1/2,   the current   Disney Channel series   The Lion Guard, and a slew of other appearances throughout the Disney family. Fresh on the savanna is another piece of intel from The Lion King’s morning report: The 3-D film will arrive in theaters on July 19, 2019. Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen are in talks to join Disney’s upcoming remake of The Lion King, playing the   beloved comic duo Timon and Pumbaa, who birthed “Hakuna Matata” into the world. Show Full Article The news of talks with Rogen and Eichner was first reported by The Wrap. Following in the vocal footsteps of Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella in the original 1994 film, Eichner and Rogen would voice the wilderness companions of exiled Simba (Donald Glover) following the death of his father, Mufasa (James Earl Jones). Pumbaa, not in front of the kids. Jon Favreau   is directing the movie, which features technology similar to the CGI hybrid techniques on display in his 2016 live-action remake of The Jungle Book.

Whitney Houston documentary directors: ‘We wanted to tell Whitney’s story from Whitney herself’

And I find looking at the movie, especially the ending, to be an incredibly heartbreaking experience.”
Dolezal agrees. Show Full Article “We shot some stuff with me in it,” he says, “but the film only started working when it was a very intimate portrait of Whitney. It just breaks my heart.”
Whitney: Can I Be Me   screens three times   at the Tribeca Film Festival ahead of its scheduled premiere on Showtime this August. The result is an experience that, not unlike a miniature version of the Oscar-winning O.J.: Made in America, tells a much larger story of American culture, celebrity, race, gender, and self-destruction through the prism of one famous person. “I love the intimacy of Rudi’s footage,” Broomfield says. There’s an emotion on her face that I almost can’t   believe.”

Broomfield, who often narrates and appears on camera in his documentaries (like 2014’s stunning Tales of the Grim Sleeper), decided to melt into the background for Whitney. “The long scene with Whitney’s bodyguard,” he says, referring to an interview in the film with David Roberts, a Scottish security expert who was hired to protect Houston in the mid-1990s and ultimately wrote a confidential letter to her managers, begging them to   intervene as   Houston was spiraling out of control. When you see Whintey Houston after having sung ‘I Will Always Love You,’ coming off that stage, you suddenly realize there’s tears streaming   down her face. Dolezal’s footage has never been seen before and ranges from the startlingly personal   to the morbidly hilarious — including one lengthy scene in a hotel room (shot by Dolezal) where Houston and husband Bobby Brown vividly mimic a scene from What’s Love Got to Do With It, casting themselves as Tina and Ike Turner. How is this affecting her? But that took its toll, and   she paid this price for it.”
Erik Tanner/Getty Images
Dolezal, who was friends with Houston up until her death, had recorded more than 500 hours of footage of the singer both onstage and in private moments   during her 1999 world tour. The film also offers a sensitive, trenchant examination of Houston’s relationship with her friend Robyn Crawford, long a topic of innuendo, and points convincingly to signs (via multiple talking heads) that Crawford’s exile from Houston’s life   was an overt factor in   the singer’s undoing. I couldn’t release a tour film in my name where we are not touching on the main theme that the whole world is talking about.”
For years, he had refused offers from many people (including Clive Davis) to buy   the footage   but agreed after a meeting with Broomfield   last May. We wanted to tell Whitney’s story from Whitney herself.”
In fact, Broomfield and editor   Hoeferlin admit to getting overwhelmed with emotion while working on the film. “I’m not often very affected in that way, but there is something so emotional about Whitney Houston’s story. The concert film was shelved after Dolezal asked Houston to address the rumors of drug addiction   on camera. “He shot with a teeny little camcorder, but it doesn’t matter the quality. Clive Davis’ genius was to market her to white teenage girls, and she eventually paved the way for Beyoncé. Co-directed by veteran documentarians Nick Broomfield (Kurt &   Courtney) and Rudi Dolezal (Freddie Mercury, The Untold Story), the film combines spectacular, sing-your-heart-out concert footage of Houston with intimate private videos of the singer and testimonials from those who knew her. “But I became more obsessed with   the fact that she was this incredible crossover artist. The film consciously steers away from the MadTV stereotype of Houston and instead focuses on the forces that shaped her — including her mother Cissy Houston and producer Clive Davis, the subject of his own documentary that premiered at Tribeca, who saw in the teenage Houston an opportunity to mold America’s first black female pop superstar. What is she going through?’ And the more we answered that and told the story subjectively through her, the stronger and more moving it became. We would ask ourselves, ‘What does Whitney feel in this particular scene? “For me, the letter that we see in the film is one of the most important   moments,” Dolezal says. Why couldn’t anybody help her?’ To find out that somebody tried and was ignored is very tragic. “There’s been a lot of stuff done on Whitney, but if you look at them, they’re pretty much the same story,” says Broomfield,   joined by Dolezal and the movie’s producer and editor Marc Hoeferlin on the roof of the Tribeca Film Festival hub. Long before her death in 2012 at age 48, Whitney Houston had become a cultural icon as recognized   for her personal downfall as her success. The dazzling yet tender new documentary Whitney: Can I Be Me — which is receiving its world premiere on April 26 at the Tribeca Film Festival — reconciles both her tragic spiral and her astonishing talent. “She said, ‘No, no, no, I don’t have a drug problem.’ So we let the footage sit. “Because for anybody who witnessed Whitney’s   tragic downfall, we all say, ‘Why didn’t anybody do anything? One sequence in the film   surprised Dolezal most of all. Where is her head at? “We both denied it for a while, busily looking out the window when in fact we were both crying,” Broomfield says. And she’s looking into that camera. Despite all the time he had spent with Houston, the film shattered him by offering a deeper emotional glimpse into her life. My voice became irrelevant.

Comedy Central’s ‘President Show’ star on crafting the perfect Trump impression

So then you got Prompter Trump, who is like a grandmother reading Goodnight Moon to somebody. Fortunately, I’ve been doing him for so long that’s not an issue. We’re taking this and expanding it to the idea that had been percolating before the election that Trump was planning on having a TV network, or some show that would be a Breitbart-y or Fox News-y type network where he would either host a show or be a part of a show. You’d think he’s been president for 17 years based on the way his voice sounds now. What I get to do is pick and choose. How has your impression of him changed over time? I think people don’t realize how similar the fear was. This is really learning on the job, because I first improvised him on August 24 of 2015. Then I started to learn him, and what I’ll say has changed is that for a long time there was Freeform Rally Trump, and Freeform Rally Trump mixed with Reality Show Apprentice Trump. So now he’s gone from this loud barking to very serious, “we need to do these things and we need to do them now.” It sounds very tired, like he’s already worn out. It’s inspired by the Fireside Chats. He says if FDR did it, then I can do it too. It’s human nature to both mock power and also speak truth to it. I studied it like an actor. It’s the combination of what I’m bringing to it and I’m just lucky. I like to modulate him. Although we like to paint him in two-dimensional terms, even though he has very little self-reflection, I think he has some. Even if it’s just this narcissistic desire to appear better to everybody, the hope is that we can shuttle him in that direction somehow. You’ve been impersonating Trump since the campaign. He has phrases, refrains, melodies – he’s actually very musical in the way he speaks. It’s even in Back to the Future, which summarized this idea that had happened for four years prior to his re-election: This B-movie actor, this Bedtime for Bonzo guy, is the president and he’s in charge of nukes?? A great advantage for me is I write my own material, and although I have an incredible group of writers now who work together with me and write for me and open it up to so much more, I have both improvised as him and written as him for over a year and a half. You can’t be worried about someone being mad about it. I want to give you the sense that he’s there, but my intelligence is behind that, so that you’re in fake hands. We thought,   what if he still wanted to do a show in the Oval Office? There’s a long tradition of satirizing the president, all the way back to the formation of the union. If I could ask you to not be humble for a moment, why do you think your Trump impression is best? The idea was also inspired by, where’s Trump’s zeitgeist? Then he got elected, and now his press conferences are like a lower version of Rally Trump. In fact, Benjamin Franklin was the source of numerous satirical pieces that were disgusting about friends of his. This is not a new thing. I know that if someone mocks me, I might get bruised by it, but I might also in a private moment actually think about it. What if this is his one release during the week? ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you describe the format of the show? ANTHONY ATAMANUIK: The genesis of this was Trump vs. I do him well physically and his voice, but I also worked hard on emulating how he is and having the satirical bent behind that. I really wanted to know how to play him. The idea that this is a new thing, it’s actually as old as time. He couldn’t resist commenting. This notion of it being beyond satire is a very dangerous idea. Anyone who grew up in that era knew Reagan was a disingenuous old fool, and the idea now that he’s lionized as a great leader … I think he did transform into a leader with the help of Gorbachev, and you hope that with another ego like that with Trump, maybe a person who comes along could stroke him the correct way and something happens that would be mystifying to everybody. That’s one thing I can say that I know nobody else who does this can do. Will you be mixing these different versions of him on the show? He’ll probably go through other permutations. Check that out below, along with an exclusive promo clip in which Atamanuik’s Trump explains why he’s basically the new FDR. That’s sort of what he is. In his mind, it’s what he thinks is presidential. I think the difference in portraying him or doing him, I hope that if he got miffed by it or upset by it, which he probably would, you always hope that maybe it’s both angry but ashamed. When James and I got into it, I had to really do my research because now we were doing a tour and people are paying money to see it, this is no longer just a free show at UCB. Then when I started doing the weekly show, I started sketching him as I saw him. I’m a big fan of immersion – I like immersive video games, I like immersive theater like Sleep No More, I think things where you feel a part of it and in the world is so cool. There was so much Reagan stuff. President” and I walked out and did some ham-fisted Trump-y thing, probably informed by other people’s impressions. I’ve done this many times, where big reporters and people in DC or so on will have this moment where they say it feels like being in the room with him. Every tragic time in history, including of course Sean Spicer’s total misunderstanding of the Holocaust and what happened in Europe 75 years ago, humor is what got people through those camps to some degree. He gets intense and then reframes or gets serious. Bernie   live show and even occasionally arguing   with fellow presidential impersonator Alec Baldwin on Twitter. He certainly doesn’t want to do the president part. I always say he’s like C3PO and the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. In a way, it’s the luxurious draft of what I originally started with, which was a press conference from the future where he won. That era of mocking Reagan, people don’t realize Not Necessarily The News on HBO and Spitting Image with the puppets was created out of that. The way we resolve that feeling is through analysis, news, information, but also through humor. I did my due diligence in studying him. For me, what I like to believe is that I’m trying to do an impression of the interior of who he is. Depending on the circumstance. It’s a mix of desperation for approval that is masked with this element of Frank Sinatra if his body had been thrown into a bog for three months. It’s done from the Oval Office and what we’re hopefully doing is upgrading everything, from the appearance of Trump to the location of Oval Office, and hopefully maintaining a combo of comedic activism, satire, and UCB comedy. There’s no one else, even at the upmost top tier, who is writing the material, performing it, and doing something with some complexity to it, and I own that space. In first-person interviews, he does a lot of clasped hands, leaning forward, lips pouted. This is not a retro show by any means, but if you’ve ever gone on YouTube and watched   Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise bits on Carson, there is some level of that play with Mike Pence as the sidekick. It was just on a lark, someone said “Mr. I’m very worried about where we are as a culture if what we do is cut the legs out of the one thing that usually takes humanity through its worst places, which is humor. In terms of the physicality, I really worked hard on how he stands, how he moves his body, where his center of gravity is, and I think that work paid off. He would always start with “there were 17” and he would tell the story of the primary. What is the key to really nailing a good Trump impression? But then at rallies, he was just sort of an open mic comic trying out new material. It’s sort of like playing Modern Warfare or something, you know you’re playing a first-person shooter but you know you’re not getting shot. Unfortunately, this is the response to the national psyche and the global psyche: This clownish, obviously vulnerable and uninformed figure is now the leader of the free world, so of course it’s the thing on everyone’s mind. The President Show   premieres April 27 on Comedy Central. The rote answer is like a Shatner or Elvis or Woody Allen or any kind of impression that’s done a bunch, there are key physical components to doing it – how you hold your face, how you hold your body, how you do your voice. In an EW interview ahead of   The President Show‘s premiere this week, Atamanuik explains his vision for the show and how he’s honed his Trump impression down to a science. This very grandmotherly voice, quiet, not into reading it, just getting through it and then commenting on it. Show Full Article I think when Reagan was elected there was also this incredulous feeling. I’m trying to take who I see him as, how I see his brain work, how I see his ego desperate for approval. I think underneath that is a very deep fear of what’s gonna happen. Back before the presidential election, when most political prognosticators   thought Donald Trump was going to lose, there was speculation that Trump would segue the loss into his own Fox News-type TV show. But I would also say this is most akin to the Reagan era. How do you think of this new era and the role of satire in a world where the president might actually get mad about it? He is sort of like a poor man’s Sinatra, he’s a Rat Pack member that no one wanted around. So I’m very happy about that. Atamanuik has been honing his Trump impression since nearly the beginning of The Donald’s presidential campaign, touring the country alongside James Adomian for the   Trump vs. He was a storyteller for such a long time, and then once he got the nomination and Kellyanne Conway and those folks came in, and the prompter speeches started happening, I remember being very bummed out, like where’s the crazy guy I was watching? That’s where I’m trying to approach him, that gives it a unique signature. Bernie, and this is almost coming home again. There’s basically Rally Trump, Prompter Trump, Quiet Grandma Trump, and then there are a couple variations of Dismissive Trump or Irritated Trump, but they don’t show up as much. I always say that doing him is like composing a song while you’re playing it. The new show will feature master Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik in the title role, with Peter Grosz paying Vice President Mike Pence as a goofy late-night sidekick. You can’t ever be afraid. Trump’s zeitgeist is probably Carson, The Dinosaur Show, Mike Douglas. That to me is the highest compliment. I’ve done a lot of hours as him and studied him. I want people to watch on TV and feel like here’s a well-produced, immersive show hosted by the president, but with   the edge of being in New York and seeing a comedy show in a black box theater. I think the most fun is to modulate him and move from a very intense moment to a very low moment, which he does a lot. That’s not what happened, of course, but Comedy Central’s   The President Show   imagines what would have happened if Trump had gone through with that idea even after winning the White House. In that sense, I can communicate his mind and intent and think at his speed really effectively, which can be disturbing sometimes. Trump is everywhere now, and it feels like everyone and their uncle has an impression of him. I’m glad there isn’t a tape when I first improvised it because I’m sure it was terrible. Humor is what gets people through the Depression and different periods. I think it’s the same volume now.

ABC announces season finale dates

Sunday, April 30
American Crime 10:00–11:00 p.m. Scandal 9:00–11:00 p.m. Thursday, May 18
Grey’s Anatomy 8:00–9:00 p.m. Modern Family 9:00–9:30 p.m. 10:00–11:00 p.m. Monday, May 15
Quantico 10:00–11:00 p.m. ABC has set the official dates for the season and (possible series) finales of its spring scripted and unscripted series. Thursday, May 11
The Catch 10:00–11:00 p.m. While Scandal and fellow Shonda Rhimes’-created hit Grey’s Anatomy, which both also wrap on May 18, have already been renewed, the future of Once Upon a Time   is still unknown. Friday, May 12
Shark Tank 9:00–10:00 p.m. Designated Survivor 10:00–11:00 p.m. See the full finale schedule below (all times ET). Sunday, May 14
Once Upon a Time 8:00–10:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 16
The Middle 8:00–8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 21
America’s Funniest Home Videos 7:00–8:00 p.m. Show Full Article Wednesday, May 10
Black-ish 9:30–10:00 p.m. Imaginary Mary 9:30–10:00 p.m. American Housewife 8:30–9:00 p.m. Speechless 8:30–9:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 23
Dancing with the Stars 8:30–11:00 p.m. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Friday, May 19
The Toy Box 8:00–10:00 p.m. Fresh Off the Boat 9:00–9:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 17
The Goldbergs 8:00–8:30 p.m. Once Upon a Time and Scandal will each get extended two-hour season 6 finales, airing respectively on May 14 and 18. To get the update on other yet-to-be-renewed ABC series such as Fresh Off the Boat, Speechless, and Designated Survivor, check EW’s Deathwatch 2017.

‘Arrow’ boss teases trials ahead before ultimate Prometheus showdown

But Ollie and Felicity will be forced to face their divide head on next week when the duo gets trapped in the bunker together. He’s questioning his legacy; he’s been doing it all season. How might this actually bring Oliver and Felicity closer? I think Josh Segarra has done an amazing job at really making Chase one of the scariest villains that we’ve seen on the show. Everyone is going to be on the same page of wanting to take this guy down. Because she’s gone down this rabbit hole with Helix, she’s going to find out that — as per usual when people get themselves involved with these organizations — things aren’t always as they seem. She’s going to be working that out. They’ve gone down these different roads. [Laughs.] That said, I think that part of the fun of having the team there is it’s going to create theses different dynamics. When Arrow returns after its long hiatus, Felicity will find herself going up against Team Arrow. Slade is definitely coming back. We will definitely see the Green Arrow again, but in what capacity? And will we get more info on Helix? It’s interesting because there was an episode where Diggle and Dinah were working really closely together, and fans noticed some   chemistry between them. Is that true? Needless to say, Oliver (Stephen Amell) & Co. She sees that, so when she comes back, it’s not going to be because she’s ready, it’s going to be because she has to. With Chase still on the loose, how much danger is the team in? What’s going on there? Malcolm is going to be doing exactly what he’s always done. That’s a really good question. They’re stuck in a bunker together, and they’re not in a good place. We’re definitely going to be thinking he might be on Oliver’s side. Oliver’s tries to pull her back from this brink and has failed. And if not, what does that mean for the future of the show? EW turned to executive producer Wendy Mericle to get the scoop:
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tease of what Felicity has gotten herself into? We haven’t done a lot of bottle [episodes], and this is one of the few that we’ve done. Does that play into this at all, or was that just two good actors working off each other? Eventually, she’s going to get to a place where she can put the past behind her, but it’s going to be a pretty hard road for her. It’s rich territory because they’ve always been such a solid couple. Part of the fun of him is that you never know exactly where he stands. He and Thea are going to have some pretty cool scenes together because she’s going to come back and he’s going to be there. We’re not going to wrap it up here, but we’re definitely going to take her to one of the darkest places we’ve ever seen her character go. Show Full Article If, down the road, there’s a little misunderstanding here or there, I’m not saying that might not happen. But right now, that’s not the case. We’re super psyched about this episode because it is really Felicity’s Dark Night of the Soul. Stay tuned for much more scoop on the Arrow finale from Wendy Mericle. Oliver is going to be pulling at any possible help, whether he can trust that help or not; he’s going to be calling in every reinforcement he has to take down Chase. Dig’s going to find out about some of these things that she’s been doing, and he’s going to really wonder where did his wife go? Nobody has really been left unscathed by Adrian Chase. The people who have potential for collateral damage, if you will, the people with families who have more at stake are going to have different attitudes about that. How will the team — most of whom are relatively new and have not faced an ultimate showdown with a big bad before — deal with heading into the final battle with Prometheus? Are we going to see a new legacy for him? One thing that is absolutely clear is he’s always there for Thea. The fact that we’ve put the Green Arrow under the microscope to such an extent, we are definitely setting some stuff up for season 6. That’s a premiere question. There’s no doubt that Oliver is going to have a much more profound sense of the dangers ahead, but by the same token, he’s come to rely on this team and he needs them. What role will he be playing in these last episodes? The last time we saw her, she was going away to try to figure herself out, because she had gone down this very Moira-esque road and started to pull these antics that were really morally questionable. WENDY MERICLE: We will definitely get more info on Helix. With Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) still on the loose, mysterious hacker organization Helix offers Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) a way to track him down in exchange for her services involving something illegal. ET on The CW. All that fallout is going to happen right there in the bunker where they have nowhere to run and there’s no escaping that conflict. I think it turned out so well. Thea is going to be going through a very similar emotional journey — Oliver’s going to maybe arrive at his conclusion emotionally a little bit sooner than she does, but it’s the same idea of really grappling. Each character is going to have a different reaction to it. We’ve always wondered, ever since Lyla stepped up and took over A.R.G.U.S., the interesting thing about her character is she, in a lot of ways, is very similar to Oliver in that she’s now in the position of making some really hard decisions and having to constantly justify the means by the end. That’s a great question. It has to. It’s safe to say, without teasing too much, they’re in the most danger they’ve ever been in. They are definitely on the road toward — well, the interesting thing about taking her down this road with Helix is she is going to come out of it with this, the same way Diggle came out of it when he killed his brother — new understanding and appreciation for where Oliver’s been and what he’s been through. No matter whether they end up together or not (sorry, all Olicity Twitter fans), this is going to absolutely deepen the relationship. [Director] Wendey Stanzler hit it out of the park. They’re going to be all in, and all in in a way that newbies would be. She’s not happy to see him. RELATED: The Best CW Shows of All Time
And yet the sizzle trailer seems to indicate they’re on the road to reconciliation. Speaking of Diggle, an upcoming episode features Diggle and Lyla dealing with some marital issues. We’re also very excited about next week’s episode. Dinah is very much on the page of, “This guy just needs to be taken down.” Rene is too, but he’s going to have other stakes; we’ve met his daughter before in episode 513. That’s all I’m going to say about that, to quote Forrest Gump. Will this actually bring them closer together? Even though she has been really blinded by her drive to get Adrian Chase, I think she’s going to come out of this asking some pretty tough questions about herself and her moral decisions, and there’s a pretty big fight with Oliver, too. won’t be happy. Will Oliver ever be able to operate as Green Arrow again? With Deathstroke, you never really know who you’re dealing with, in a similar way with Malcolm, but with a little bit more of an edge, because the history between Slade and Oliver is as deep and troubled as the one between him and Malcolm. She’s now gone through her own island in a way. It’s two great actors working off each other. [Laughs.]

What’s next for Thea? They’ve had their ups and downs, but I think this is the first time where Dig has looked at her and wondered that this person that he sees in front of him doesn’t really resemble the person that he fell in love with. They’ve taken their individual paths, which is was exactly what they wanted at the top of the season. Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Are Oliver and Slade actually aligning then? That’s an interesting question for anyone in a marriage situation to be asking themselves. Malcolm Merlyn popped up in the sizzle reel.

‘Patti Cake$’ star on how she found the swagger for her breakout role

Don’t forget to   subscribe   for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. Newcomer Danielle Macdonald wowed Sundance audiences with her self-assured portrayal of Patricia Dombrowski, an aspiring rapper from a dilapidated New Jersey town, in Geremy Jasper’s directorial debut,   Patti Cake$. However, that swagger took time, because the role required the Australian actress to learn not only how to rap in a Jersey accent but also how to perform. To read more from EW’s Summer Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here. Show Full Article Patti Cake$   — which also stars Bridget Everett and Cathy Moriarty — hits theaters July 7. “He just got me out of my head and helped me find how I move to the rhythm of it. A lot of it was just finding the confidence.”

Jersey Strong forever. “I really understood [the character], but I didn’t know how to physically be her,” says Macdonald, who studied rap with Brooklyn-based performer Skyzoo.

‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ gets release date, ‘Indiana Jones 5’ gets pushed back

In addition to Summer 2018’s   Ready Player One, which he has already shot and is currently in postproduction, he’ll be starting the Pentagon Papers movie with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep in a few weeks, with plans to have it in theaters by the end of the year. Part of the reason for that is Spielberg keeps letting other new projects cut in line. Show Full Article He’s also planning The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara, about the Vatican baptism of a young Jewish boy in the 1850s, before returning to his bullwhip-cracking archaeologist. The young Han Solo movie, starring Alden Ehrenreich, is already breaking the winter cycle for the Star Wars stand-alones, with its release of May 25, 2018, but now we see the saga films will shift back to that traditional springtime berth with Episode 9. The other major move in the announcement was the untitled fifth Indiana Jones movie, which director Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford have promised fans. Instead of July 19, 2019, it will be in theaters July 10, 2020. The Star Wars saga is moving from December to May, and the fifth Indiana Jones movie will be pushed back a year from July 2019 to 2020, according to a new rundown of release dates from Walt Disney Studios. That follow-up to this December’s The Last Jedi will be in theaters on May 24, 2019. 15. For a full rundown of all the scheduling changes for Disney’s animation division, check out EW’s story here. Star Wars: The Last Jedi   is out Dec.

Madonna rebukes ‘Blond Ambition’ biopic: ‘Only I can tell my story’

Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) and Michael De Luca (Fifty Shades of Grey)   are reportedly set to produce the project at Universal, which found critical and commercial success (plus an Academy Award win) in 2015 with   Straight Outta Compton, a dramatization of the rise of   N.W.A., a rap supergroup that featured   Ice Cube, Dr. Only I can tell my story,” Madonna captioned a throwback photo of herself on the social media site. Dre, and Eazy-E, among others. Only I can tell my story. ✍️🙃
A post shared by Madonna (@madonna) on Apr 25, 2017 at 10:26am PDT

Blond Ambition was written by   Elyse Hollander, who topped the 2016 Black List with what was deemed by roughly 500 studio executives as the best unproduced screenplay in Hollywood. 🤡. 📚Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. If produced, the film will chronicle the industry icon’s rise to fame in 1980s New York City, where she spent the formative years of her career cutting her teeth on the underground music scene before splashing into the mainstream with an eponymous debut album. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society.”

Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. This is a disease in our society. “Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Show Full Article Madonna doesn’t seem to be getting into the groove of the planned movie   about her life. On Instagram Tuesday, the queen of pop expressed her distaste with the biopic, which EW previously confirmed is   currently in the early stages of development at Universal under the title   Blond Ambition. “Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool [who’s looking]   for instant gratification without doing the work.

Disney sets release dates for ‘Frozen 2,’ ‘Lion King’

Directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee will return for the 2013 blockbuster’s sequel, which was announced in March 2015 by Disney creative chief John Lasseter, CEO Bob Iger, and the voice of Olaf himself, Josh Gad (whose Frozen   costars Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel are expected, although   not officially confirmed, to reprise their roles). Here it stands, and here it’ll stay. In its stead, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 will get an extra few months to power up, moving to the Nov. Disney’s Frozen 2 has received its official release date — Nov. 18, 2021). 21 slot instead of its previously announced March 9 date. 27, 2019 — confirming what had previously been announced as just an “Untitled Disney Animation” slot. Meanwhile, Disney has also updated a handful of other movie release dates, notably in its animated division: Disney Animation’s Gigantic, the retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, has been pushed back by more than two years (from Nov. Show Full Article Jon Favreau’s new take on The Lion King has also been set for July 19, 2019 (replacing the next Indiana Jones film, now July 2020); A Wrinkle in Time moves up a month to March 9, 2018 rather than April 6, which Magic Camp will now take rather than its August 2018 release; and two untitled animated features have also selected   dates — one from Disney (Nov. Prior to the 3D sequel’s release, a stage musical adaptation of Frozen   will make its debut on Broadway in the spring of 2018. 24, 2021) and another from Pixar (Nov. 21, 2018 to November 25, 2020).

‘Isle of Dogs’ poster drops into Wes Anderson’s stop-motion animated film

Take a look at Wes Anderson’s next movie. Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Tilda Swinton, and Bob Balaban are Andersonian regulars at this point. There’s still a ways away before the film hits theaters —   after all, the stop-motion animation process takes a heck of a long time —   but the new one-sheet reveals the kid and some of the canines at the center of this tale. During a lengthy discussion about his career at ARTE Cinema (via IndieWire), Anderson said of the film’s inspiration,   “I really liked these TV Christmas specials in America. Show Full Article Immense. I always liked the creatures in the Harryhausen-type films, but really these American Christmas specials were probably the thing that really made me want to do it.” He added, “The new film is less influenced by stop-motion movies than it is by Akira Kurosawa.”
Isle of Dogs is scheduled for theaters on April 20, 2018. As Isle of Dogs is set in Japan, the poster features both English and Japanese text in name-dropping the project’s immense cast. But then there’s Bryan Cranston, Frances McDormand, Greta Gerwig, Scarlett Johansson, Liev Schreiber, Fisher Stevens, Courtney B. Check out the poster above. See? Fox Searchlight revealed the first poster for Isle of Dogs, the illustrious filmmaker’s animated story about a boy’s odyssey to find his pup. Vance, Frank Wood,   Harvey Keitel,   Yoko Ono,   Akira Ito, Mari Natsuki, Yojiro Noda, Kunichi Nomura, Koyu Rankin, and   Akira Takayama.  
Written, directed, and produced by Anderson, Isle of Dogs began   production last December and Fox Searchlight revealed a first look at a dog named Rex, voiced by Norton.

‘Shadowhunters’ season 2B promo introduces Sebastian

When Shadowhunters returns for the back half of its second season, the race to win Clary’s heart is on with both Simon and Jace fighting for the woman they love. “The entrance of Sebastian in the show in 2B is awesome,” showrunner Todd Slavkin previously told EW. Show Full Article For more on the season — and a first look at Sebastian’s introduction — watch the new promo above. So that’s a huge part of 2B moving forward.”
Also a big part of 2B? But it’s a new face that will get even more attention: Sebastian. Valentine, who was last seen being captured by Jace. “It complicates everybody’s relationship on the show and Will Tudor is an incredible actor and he brings a level on the show that we haven’t seen before. Shadowhunters season 2B premieres Monday, June 5 on Freeform. He’s the big bad villain of the books, really.

‘Lowriders’ director hopes film ‘shows a different side of who Latinos are in the States’

To read more from EW’s Summer Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here. Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) stars as Danny’s love interest, and Eva Longoria plays Miguel’s wife. For more on the film, check back closer to its release. Show Full Article “Sometimes people forget that Mexican-Americans are really American,” he continues. Lowriders drives into theaters on May 12. Don’t forget to   subscribe   for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. Why not, right?” Plus, we see Danny   fighting to pursue his art, while his father struggles to mend his relationship with his sons. “Yeah, we eat tacos. He adds that he agrees   that his aim to show Latinos and lowriders   in a new   light   is especially important considering the current political climate. In Lowriders,   an   intergenerational drama set in East Los Angeles, a gifted teenage street artist, Danny (Gabriel Chavarria), is torn between his father, Miguel (Demian Bichir), and ex-con brother Ghost (Theo Rossi) as they square off in a lowrider competition. “A lot of them don’t speak Spanish or have never been to Mexico, so somehow I want to demystify that and show that they are a very important part of the American cultural fabric.” The trailer below has Danny discussing just that. “Me and my homies, we’ve never been to Mexico and no, our Spanish ain’t perfect, but you could find us partying with the hipsters in Echo Park, chillin’ at the skatepark in Venice, or doing karaoke in K-Town, but for kids like me, sometimes we do end up the night at Taco Zone,” Danny says. “I hope that the film shows a different side of who Latinos are in the States,” Peruvian director Ricardo de Montreuil (Máncora) says, “and that people understand that lowriders should be considered part of American folklore, such as jazz or rock.”
Part of the reason for the latter   being, De Montreuil explains, that the lowrider tradition was created in California in the ’40s.

Stephen Colbert thanks Donald Trump for boosting his ratings during first 100 days in office

“I’ve got to say, Donald Trump has done a lot for me in the first 100 days,” Colbert said with a grin and a salute. “This Saturday he will reach 100 days in office and, boy, it sure seems longer,” the host joked. President.”And then, with a laugh: “And now   I feel dirty.” Latest updates During his monologue Monday night, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert took a look at   Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president.Colbert had a quip for every development, from Trump’s recent interview with the Associated Press — in which he compared ratings for his appearances on recent Sunday morning news programs to those for the shows in the wake of Sept. (He then showed a gag photo of himself as a young boy hosting the show at the start of the 100 days.)Trump has tweeted complaints about the “ridiculous standard” of the 100-day benchmark, and   Colbert noted that he has yet to make good on some of his campaign promises. 11 —   to the campaign promises he hasn’t kept. “Thank you for your service, Mr. But   he did point out   that at least one person has benefited   from Trump’s presidency: Colbert himself.He was referring, of course, to the bump in ratings for “The Late Show,” which has been on a winning streak for nearly three months.

Why Goldie Hawn wanted to do Snatched with Amy Schumer

It’s a great coup.” For us, the audience, too. But at its core, it’s a tender relationship study of the often complicated bonds between mothers and daughters. Show Full Article Sure, there’s plenty of bawdy laughs, high jinks, and pratfalls in   Snatched   (in theaters May 12), about a recently dumped woman (Amy Schumer) whose vacation to South America with her scaredy-cat mother (Goldie Hawn) turns into a zany kidnapping adventure. To read more from EW’s Summer Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here. I didn’t care about doing something that doesn’t stimulate me. “I loved it,” Hawn says. “As a new parent, it’s what got me excited to make this movie,” says Jonathan Levine (The Night Before). But this is Amy. “It’s what I gravitate towards — real character stuff in the midst of funny.”
Justina Mintz/Fox
The script and its subject similarly held appeal for Hawn, who hadn’t been in a film since 2002’s The Banger Sisters, but the real lure was her costar, whom she’d come to admire after seeing Trainwreck. Don’t forget to   subscribe   for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. She’s a funny, smart person who can also make you cry. Think prison breaks, outrunning bad guys through a jungle, and a particularly lethal dance move. “I saw Amy’s range and her brilliance. To be matched with someone so deeply instinctive, naturally funny, and incredibly brilliant?