10 adorable photos of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris at Walk of Fame Ceremony

2   press tour, and they made Pratt’s Walk of Fame ceremony on Friday a family affair when their son Jack, 4, joined them to watch his dad receive his star. Here are 10 wonderful photos from Friday’s ceremony:
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Show Full Article Pratt was also joined by members of his   Guardians of the Galaxy   cast and director James Gunn. Though it’s no secret that Chris Pratt has transformed from lovable schlub to Hollywood hunk over the last several years, he’s always looked his most adorable alongside his wife, Anna Faris. Faris introduced her husband with an emotional speech. Star-Lord is here to vanquish you with cuteness. The   hilarious duo have been glamming it up as a couple on red carpets for the   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

Chelsea Handler trashes ‘unf—able’ Steve Bannon

“Now that Bannon’s bloated, gin-soaked face is on the chopping block, I finally understand why Trump likes having him around,” Handler said on this week’s episode of Chelsea. Next to Bannon, Trump seems slightly less unf‑‑‑able.”
Speaking to   the White House infighting, Handler added, “Trump told Bannon and Kushner [that] if they don’t take care of this, he will — which means he’s going to go golfing and let someone else figure it out.”

Handler, who   kicked off the second season of her Netflix talk show last   Friday, has emerged   as a   vocal Trump detractor. Show Full Article Now in the wake of   reports that Bannon is locked in a power struggle with Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, comedian Chelsea Handler has offered her profane take   on Bannon’s true role in the West Wing. “He’s Trump’s DUFF: designated ugly fat friend. Because he’s such a bad person, and the people who are around him are so bad. She recently told EW,   “Watching this administration go down and fall apart at the seams is one of the most enjoyable times of my life. To watch bad people get their   comeuppance is a really, really satisfying feeling.”
Watch Handler   go to town in the clip above. In the first months of   the Trump administration, many critics have complained that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon wields outsize influence, and even serves as a sort of shadow president.

Margot Robbie in talks to play Queen Elizabeth in ‘Mary Queen of Scots’

Variety first reported the news. This is the latest project for the busy Australian actress, who   stole the show in Suicide Squad as Harley Quinn. Forced to flee her own land in Scotland, Stuart was eventually imprisoned in England and executed for plotting to assassinate Elizabeth. The Suicide Squad breakout is in talks to star as   Queen Elizabeth in Mary Queen of Scots, EW has confirmed. A Quinn spin-off is among Robbie’s upcoming projects, which also includes portraying disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding in I, Tonya and Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Directed by Josie Rourke, the film is based on the true story of Stuart’s attempted usurping of her cousin’s   throne. Show Full Article Milne’s wife in Goodbye Christopher Robin. Margot Robbie has found herself a royal squad. If she officially signs on, Robbie will join two-time Academy Award nominee   Saoirse Ronan, who will play Mary Stuart.

Steven Spielberg, Jordan Peele toast new Universal movie theater

Watch his comments above. Filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Jordan Peele, Will Packer, and Jason Blum were among the inaugural crowd at the grand opening of Universal CityWalk’s newly renovated movie theater, Universal Cinema. Though already a mainstay of Hollywood movie theaters, the multi-million dollar renovation comes with a new tagline in mind: See movies where movies are made. “Universal Studios has been a part of my life for as long as I could actually remember my life,” Spielberg remarked to the audience before discussing his experience going from a backlot boy to one of Universal’s top VIPs. Spielberg joined NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer in addressing the crowd at the refurbished movie theater, which boasts state-of-the-art technology and all those fun bells and whistles of next-gen sound and 4K laser projection, which is something that’s more appreciated the less you actually know about it. To that end, a director like Spielberg was an all-star choice to officiate the cinema’s April 20 opening, as the movie-making legend has enjoyed a slew of his greatest successes through Universal, including E.T., Jaws and Jurassic Park (all of which became rides at the studio’s theme parks). Show Full Article

’13 Reasons Why’ is already 2017’s most tweeted-about show

Other rising stars on social media are Alisha Boe (Jessica), Larracuente, Michele Selene Ang (Courtney), and Devin Druid (Tyler), all jumping more than 1795 percent. The social media popularity of the Selena Gomez-produced drama has spread to the stars as well, with many of the previously unknown actors seeing an enormous bump in their Twitter impact. If it seems like everyone is talking about Netflix’s new high school drama, it’s because they are. While some argue that the series shouldn’t return for a potential second season, Asher and the cast seem more than open to a second go-round. Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, Clay’s own personal Yoda, has seen his number of followers skyrocket from 625 to 83,518 since the show’s release. Show Full Article Only three weeks after the series was released, the adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel has been tweeted about more than 11 million times. There are 11 million reasons why 13 Reasons Why is the most tweeted-about show of 2017. The show, which boasts a large ensemble, offers plenty of characters to discuss, but in order, the most tweeted-about have been Hannah (Katherine Langford), Clay (Logan Lerman Dylan Minnette), Jeff (Brandon Larracuente), Alex (Miles Heizer), and Justin (Brandon Flynn).

Does the feud of the ‘Furious’ rage on? Universal plans Diesel-less spinoff

I think it was a hard shoot,” Diesel said.The spinoff is still in the early stages   but will be written by Chris Morgan, who penned the last six of the franchise’s installments.”The Fate of the Furious” opened in theaters April 12 and has grossed more than   $685 million globally. Though never confirmed officially, reports maintained that Diesel was the target of Johnson’s ire.In an April interview with The Times, Diesel called himself “a good scapegoat” with regard   to Johnson’s displeasure on-set, but he added, “You can’t really feud with me too much if I’m hiring you, right?”After Johnson’s posts, Diesel visited his trailer to try to clear the air.”People are all human. Latest updates In a twist that might suggest all is not well among   the “Fast and the Furious” family, Deadline reported Friday that Universal is entertaining the idea of a spinoff from the series featuring Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson.The plan to expand the universe through a film anchored by Johnson comes after a summer of speculation about bad blood between the former WWE superstar and “Fast and the Furious” star and executive producer Vin Diesel.Last August, Johnson took to social media with an expletive-laden rant about some of his male co-stars on “The Fate of the Furious,” the eighth film in the franchise.

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ changes the scope of the Marvel Universe

They’re such great actors and they have doing it so you’re able to have fun   with   them.”

After finishing production — with hometown locales such as the Staten Island Ferry — Watts says this was the biggest surprise in shooting a massive Marvel movie: “It’s still just one frame, one shot at a time. “It was all lit, we could see it from our dorm window. To read more from EW’s Summer Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here. “We were really in it together.” With such acting heavyweights as Downey and Michael Keaton involved in this film, Watts had to remind himself a movie is still a movie. “To now be on the other side and be the one making a Spider-Man movie feels pretty surreal.”
His movie about our friendly neighborhood webslinger sees a tonal shift — more wisecracks, more high school — that hearkens back to the ’60s-era comics. The same things that are important to a small movie are just as important on a big one.”
Spider-Man: Homecoming   is out July 7. is always on time and always prepared — it gave me a blueprint of what to do and how to act.”
Watts says that he and Holland both felt the with-great-power-comes-great-responsibility of it all when it came to undertaking such a big studio project and beloved property. “I was able to see how professional Chris Evans behaves, how Robert Downey Jr. “We were in the same boat,” says Watts. “It looked pretty well-lit for a student film.” He laughs. Holland (The Impossible), 20, says that his time on   the set of   Captain America: Civil War was great training. “I had to ignore it and go back to work. “Every once in a while there’d be a moment when you sort of accidentally step back from the situation and realize who you are talking to,” he says with a laugh. At the end of the day, it’s still just two hours, it’s still the fundamentals of storytelling even though the names are bigger and the budgets are higher. In 2002,   Jon Watts (Cop Car) was a sophomore at NYU and could look out his window   to see the bright lights on the Brooklyn Bridge. Show Full Article “We’ve seen the Marvel Universe from the very dramatic penthouse perspective of Tony Stark; now we see what it looks like on the ground through the eyes of a 15-year-old,” Watts says. We went down and shot one of our projects nearby,” Watts says. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. They were particularly brilliant because Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was being filmed.

‘Bull’: Here’s a first look at ‘Buffy’ star Eliza Dushku as an uber-lawyer

A new partnership, perhaps? In exchange for defending Benny, Nunnelly pushes Bull to consult for her on future cases. ET on CBS. Nunnelly, and EW has an exclusive first look. In May, Eliza Dushku will join the action as super attorney J.P. Dushku — perhaps best known for playing Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel — plays a courtroom fixer who   is brought on by Bull (Michael Weatherly) to represent Benny Colon (series regular Freddy Rodriguez), who’s going on trial for prosecutorial misconduct.  

Show Full Article Bull is ready to have some Faith! Bull airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Dushku’s three-episode arc begins May 9.

‘American Gods’: Everything you need to know about Starz’ epic new series

No. How do I watch it? Neil Gaiman previously told EW: “This is a story about immigrants… It’s about America being built of people who have come from elsewhere, who have left their culture behind them, and it’s a way of talking about that difference between old and new, about future shock for immigration, for technology. EW TV critic Jeff Jensen gave the visually stunning show an A- and said that the characters, the concept, and the deeply considered filmmaking captured his imagination. This is a question that’s popping up in the news, and this show is asking all of the little questions around that question, and showing the journey for people who come here and try to find themselves, which I think is so important to ask now because everyone seems a little lost. This change has led to the manifestation of new gods embodying these consumerist   concerns; for example, Media, the goddess of TV. To understand series? We’re almost one week away from the series premiere of   “the most important show on TV,” a.k.a. (In all seriousness, the show, at least in the first four episodes given to the media, remains pretty faithful Gaiman’s tome and even includes his Somewhere in America asides which do a great job of developing the show’s world). Wednesday, a mysterious grifter who opens Shadow’s eyes to   the mythical nature of the world around him. Accompanied by Shadow, Mr. They actually had to class it psychologically — they call us TCKs now, third culture kids — because we’re no longer completely of the old culture but also not completely of this new culture. In fact, there are two types of gods. And on the opposing side, we have the new gods: Gillian Anderson’s   Media,   the embodiment of #PeakTV who appears as different stars throughout the series (here’s a first look at her as Judy Garland); Technical Boy (newcomer Bruce Langley), the impulsive god of technology; and their leader Mr. Wednesday, Zorya Utrennyaya (Martha Kelly), and Zorya Polunochnaya (Erika Kaar); The Jinn   (Mousa Kraish); Mr. The old, mythical gods — like Anansi, Odin, Easter — who   arrived in America when their believers emigrated here years ago via Viking ships, slave ships, or what have you. Gods are fed by worship (not croissants, as some rappers may have led you to believe), which means the modern age hasn’t been nice on these old ones since   belief in them has waned and, in many places, has been supplanted by our devotion to technology and celebrities. ET on Starz beginning April 30. The non-deity cast includes:   Emily Browning (Sucker Punch)   as   Laura Moon, Shadow’s recently-deceased wife who finds out that there is indeed life after death; Dane Cook as Shadow’s best friend   Robbie;   GLOW‘s Betty Gilpin as Robbie’s wife Audrey; and Jonathan Tucker as   Low Key Lyesmith, Shadow’s fast talking, wise, and only friend in prison. And the combination creates another culture. American Gods will Sundays at 9 p.m. World, played by Crispin Glover. Ibis (Demore Barnes), the keeper of stories;   Anubis (Chris Obi), the Egyptian god of the dead;   and   Vulcan   (Psych‘s Corbin Bernsen), the Roman God of fire who isn’t struggling thanks to the nation’s love of firearms (here’s a first look at Vulcan). We’re introduced to this burgeoning conflict through Shadow, a convict who’s released from jail the same day his wife dies. And at the time that we wrote the scripts to start shooting, it did not feel like anything had really changed.”
Cast member   Yetide Badaki, who plays one of the old gods (more on her later), said: “We are literally asking now, what is America? American Gods. The 100‘s Ricky Whittles plays Shadow Moon, the skeptical ex-convict who starts working for the con-artist and de-facto leader of the old gods,   Mr. Is it any good? Wednesday embarks on an odyssey across our beautiful land of the free   to recruit other old gods so that they can defend their position in America. So, do I need to read the book? And thank goodness they gave it a name because I know so many people, kids growing up, who ask, ‘Who am I in all this?’ So, God or not, this search for identity is so relevant.”
Who is in it? Developed for television by TV auteur   Bryan Fuller and   screenwriter-du-jour Michael Green (Logan,   Murder on the Orient Express),   American Gods is based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel of the same name that begins with the premise that gods live among us in America. Without any other options, he accepts a job working for Mr. Don’t worry if you’re somehow still a non-believer or completely ignorant of this divine series because we’ve put together this handy-dandy cheat sheet to prepare you. Fine. First thing’s first: What is ‘American Gods’? Okay, I understand the show’s plot, but tell me, what is the show actually *about*? Wednesday, here are the other old gods we’ll encounter on this journey through America:   Mad Sweeney   (Orange Is the New Black‘s Pablo Schreiber), a down-on-his-luck leprechaun who crosses paths with the above odd couple; the Germanic goddess   Easter,   played by Kristin Chenoweth;   Bilquis, an ancient goddess of love played by newcomer   Yetide Badaki; the African trickster god Mr. Sorry, is that enough information? But you should because Gaiman’s novel is fantastic and, despite what the current wave of anti-intellectualism says, reading is good for you. Yes, it is! We’ll let the show’s cast and producers answer this question. Thus, the stage is set for the main conflict in the series: A war between the old gods and the new gods. Well, it’s a television show. For his insightful review of the series, click here. Wednesday, Mad Sweeney
• First Look: Laura and Shadow Reunite
• First Look: Bruce Langley as Technical Boy
• Worship the new   American Gods   title sequence  
• See the 10 new character posters

Show Full Article He was especially fond of episode four, which focuses on Laura and is where he went from liking the series to loving it. Further reading: EW’s complete coverage of   American Gods

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• Gillian Anderson talks Judy Garland,   Hannibal   reunion
• Neil Gaiman on when you can expect   American Gods 2
• Meet Vulcan,   American Gods’   god guns
• First Look: Meet Shadow, Mr. Okay, I’m sold. For more information about watching the show — including what to do if you don’t already subscribe to Starz or live outside of the U.S., click here. In addition to Mr. Wednesday, here played by   Deadwood‘s Ian McShane. Nancy   (Orlando Jones);    Jesus (Lost   alum Jeremy Davies), one of many Jesuses; the Slavic god of darkness and evil Czernobog (Peter Stormare); the three guardians of the constellations, Zorya Vechernyaya (Cloris Leachman), who   shares an intimate moment with Mr.

Here’s a first look at Hot Rod in ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

The robots-in-disguise series is actually expanding, with a Bumblebee solo film planned for next year and endless spin-offs and sequels in the works. The character (pictured at the top, left) returns to the screen   in this summer’s Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth entry in the live-action ‘bot-bashing franchise from Michael Bay. So yeah, she gets kind of taken [by surprise] in a really funny, dramatic way by this Hot Rod.”
The revelation also reshapes how she viewed her dad. It’s also the song Wahlberg sang in Boogie Nights when Dirk Diggler tried to transform from porn star to rock star – a scene that’s almost as cringeworthy as the name “Rodimus Prime (which shows no hint of returning in the new film.)

There’s got to be an homage to this, right? She’s freaked out — and not planning to go quietly. Probably not. Every time Bay and Paramount Pictures turn on their Transformers moviemaking machine, it cranks out   a billion dollars. “It’s still in the works,” di Bonaventura says. So a lot of the robots are not being voiced or we’re just in the process of casting them now.”
Also unclear – whether The Last Knight will feature any version of the not-so-classic ‘80s power ballad “The Touch,” which served as the triumphant soundtrack to the scene in 1986’s   Transformers: The Movie   when Hot Rod accepts the mantle of leadership. “[The humans] are empowered in a way that is very different than we’ve experienced before and honestly, it’s not easy figuring out how to empower the six foot human versus the 35- or 45-foot robot,” says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. To paraphrase Chinatown: “Politicians, ugly buildings, and Cybertronians   all get respectable if they last long enough.”
Now he’s part of the family. In the image here, Wembly comes face to face with the longtime friend she didn’t even know she had —   the Autobot covert agent Hot Rod. Come on. “This car has actually been put there to watch her and feedback information to Anthony Hopkins’s character about what she’s up to and her life. Show Full Article ♫ You’ve got the pow-ERRRR! “She’s not had a very good relationship with her father, but this is one thing that her father has done that makes her realize that maybe he cared than she thought.”
So far, the new robot doesn’t have an actor attached. …YEAH! (I know … I know….)
If you were a little kid who loved Transformers back then, Hot Rod was the well-meaning stepfather you didn’t want. Optimus is out of commission at the start of this film, but it would be madness to eliminate him completely. In The Last Knight, out June 23, the Transformers are about to go medieval. But that means the franchise to have to shift gears if it wants to stay engaging. That cleared   the way for a new wave   of characters —   and Hasbro toys, the real motive for the pop culture crime —   but for many   kids, it was the end of their fandom. Hot Rod and Wahlberg in the same movie? She has no idea she harbors a genetic secret that could destroy (or save) the world. Don’t expect them to go with, say, Nelson; The Last Night is looking for an overseas star to voice Hot Rod. So why kill off the stars   who are laying golden energon cubes? Does this signal doom for Optimus and the others? Sony BMG
But … over the years, as Transformers   evolved and was   handed down to new generations of children, Hot Rod   has earned a newfound legitimacy. To read more from EW’s Summer Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here. Alongside Mark Wahlberg’s salt-of-the-earth mechanic, Anthony Hopkins is joining the cast as Sir Edmund Burton, an astronomer who —   with the help of Hot Rod — has tracked these long-forgotten connections to another scholar, Oxford professor of English literature Viviane Wembly (Laura Haddock, who played Star-Lord’s mother in Guardians of the Galaxy). Hot Rod   has secretly been serving as her protector in the guise of   her father’s 1963   Citroën DS. When the 1986 animated Transformers movie hit theaters, it also gut-punched millions of young fans by killing off Optimus Prime and   nearly every other beloved hero and villain from the series. “It’s a rickety old thing, but she can’t part with it because she adores it,” Haddock says of the vintage   vehicle. The dude is divisive. Come on. Hot Rod was just one of the newcomers, a brash young Autobot soldier (voiced by The Breakfast Club’s Judd Nelson) who despite his maverick ways was granted the Matrix of Leadership to become the new good-guy commander under the title Rodimus Prime. “We’re trying to make our cast as international as we can,” di Bonaventura says. It seems strange to describe a shapeshifting alien robot as “controversial,” but there’s no other word for Hot Rod. “We think it’s fun for the characters, it’s fun for the series, it’s fun for the fans in the different countries. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. And   it’s time for a Hot Rod   renaissance. BACK IN TIME
It turns out the war between shapeshifting alien robots extends all the way back to Arthurian legend.

Harry Styles maybe revealed whether he auditioned to play young Han Solo

Among the wild queries were whether he had a romantic relationship with President Barack Obama and if he and fellow One Directioner Liam Payne contracted a disease from a koala bear. Watch the video above. His initial reaction got Norton and the audience excited, which quickly caused Styles to shake his head and yell at comedian Rob Brydon’s assertion that the answer was yes. During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the One Direction alum and Dunkirk star was asked to respond to rumors about him by only using facial expressions. The singer will make his big screen acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic Dunkirk, set for a July 21 release. While the mystery of Styles’ possible audition is far from solved, Alden Ehrenreich did score the role in Christopher Miller and Phil Lord’s Star Wars   standalone film. But, the most interesting and possibly realistic topic was when Styles was asked if he auditioned to play young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars   spin-off. Harry Styles has already gone solo, but did he almost become Han Solo? Show Full Article

Check out a clip from documentary whodunit The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Police deemed her death   a suicide but many of her friends   and members of the community were skeptical of that ruling. Johnson, cofounder of the activist   group   Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries and a veteran of the Stonewall uprising, was found floating in the Hudson River off of the Christopher Street pier in NYC’s Greenwich Village. In 1992, Marsha P. Stay tuned here for more details on the film. France could be on track for more awards attention this year with his timely, fascinating new documentary   The Death and Life of Marsha P. The Death and Life of Marsha P. In the clip above, activist   Victoria Cruz inquires about Johnson’s case with a former NYPD detective — with suspiciously gruff and uncooperative results. Johnson   counts Tony winner Sara   Ramirez (Spamalot, Grey’s Anatomy) among its executive producers. Click here for tickets and more info. Show Full Article The doc   receives its world premiere Friday   at the Tribeca Film Festival. Johnson, a compelling detective story about a New York City transgender icon   who died 25 years ago. Documentary filmmaker David France scored an Oscar nomination in 2013 for his debut film, How to Survive a Plague, which focused on   the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

Disney star Ross Lynch on playing Jeffrey Dahmer: ‘I was excited to do something unexpected’

I had done a lot of work with Disney, and sort of a younger demographic, and I was excited to do something that maybe people didn’t expect from me. Watch Lynch talk about My Friend Dahmer, above. “I play Jeffrey Dahmer around his high school years. I just love to do all sorts of work.”
My Friend Dahmer is written and directed by Marc Meyers, based on the graphic novel by the serial killer’s actual high school acquaintance Derf Backderf, and costars Alex Wolff, Anne Heche, Dallas Roberts, and Vincent Kartheiser. “My Friend Dahmer is basically the coming of age story of Jeffrey Dahmer,” says Lynch. There comes a point in the career of every young Disney star when they start looking around for a more adult project on which they can showcase their maturing skills. “If Disney would take me, I’d love to go back,” he says. But few have pulled quite as hard a 180 as Austin & Ally and Teen Beach Movie   actor Ross Lynch, whose new film, My Friend Dahmer, finds him playing infamous mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. I was looking for a role that would somewhat be a challenge for me. “I love variety. The film receives its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight. And I had a really good time doing it.”
Not that Lynch has turned his back on the idea of working further for the House of the Mouse.  

Show Full Article [It’s about] how he became the serial killer that we know him to be.

How big of a stoner was Anne Hathaway? ‘Not a little one!’

Believe me, at that point, I would’ve been happy to see any of them up there giving a speech instead of me.”
When Cohen asked why, Hathaway laughed and said, “You know why,” referring to her infamous speech. When asked who she was most excited to beat at the awards ceremony, she replied, “None of them, none of them. “Here’s the thing though,” she continued. During an appearance on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Hathaway dished on her smoking habits in honor of   4/20 during a game of “Plead the Fifth.”
When Cohen asked the actress how big of a stoner she was, Hathaway replied, “Not a little one!”
But considering the fact that she was on national television,   the new mother,   34, claimed she was on the straight and narrow. Anne Hathaway’s days of smoking pot are a thing of the past — or so she claims. This article originally appeared in People.com

Show Full Article “I’m a parent and I don’t feel like getting arrested, so I’m gonna say zero. I guess I just should’ve pleaded the 5th on that one, but I don’t have a card or anything.”

While she played coy about her smoking habits, Hathaway wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself when discussing her 2013 Oscar win.

5 high-grossing page-to-screen adaptations

Book-to-movie adaptations are commonplace in Hollywood as studios turn to popular titles with built-in audiences when deciding which projects to greenlight. Take a look to see which five are among the high-grossing adaptations — one ran all the way to the top of the box office when it opened in 1994 and earned nearly $680 million worldwide, and the top earner is pure magic. Show Full Article These and more — like   Jurassic Park, based on the classic Michael Crichton novel from 1990   — are well known page-to-screen projects, as examined in the Coinage video above. The desired end goal, of course, is to have a franchise like   The Hunger Games   or   Lord of the Rings on your hands — both of which were based on popular novel series, and both of which became billion-dollar international film franchises.

Kendrick Lamar reveals what he learned from meeting Barack Obama

is focused more on self-reflection and looking beyond any one moment in time. “Being a kid when he was elected,   I got the idea that it was all gonna shift 360, like that. That was something I’ll always hold dear, just the idea that in the moment of time I have to think farther than this year, or last year. I believe and know that’s what this album reflects.”
Watch the full interview below. Though Lamar’s newest album,   DAMN., is barely a week old, it has yet to produce a similar protest anthem. Show Full Article You see different nationalities and cultures are coming together and actually standing up for themselves. So having a conversation with him and him sitting me down, he said, ‘Change doesn’t start while I’m here, it starts once we leave the space that we’re in.’ That was the idea. Now we see we can’t control what’s going on out there, it’s a whole other power that be, so what we do now, we can start coming together and figuring out our own problems and our own solutions. That’s a lesson he learned from former President Barack Obama himself after their meeting in early 2016. But as Lamar explained to Zane Lowe in a new Apple Music interview,   that may be because DAMN. One of the standout tracks from that album, “Alright,” even became a powerful anthem for protestors and activists   battling racism and police violence   across the country. “What I took from that experience was the idea of knowing that it’s gonna take more than just a eight-year or four-year idea of change,” Lamar told Lowe. I think that’s a pure reflection of this record, prior to it even happening or   coming out. Subconsciously, that goes to the idea of me self-evaluating my own personal thoughts, the way I think, and what I’m gonna take from this meeting when I go outside the building. “We’re not focusing on him,” Lamar said. You gotta prep yourself for the next decade of what you’re gonna do that’s going to change an idea or the thoughts that we have consuming us for so many years.”
(Lamar also playfully challenged Obama to a basketball game, saying he’ll keep putting it out because “I gotta see that left hand in person.”)
President Donald Trump does get at least one name check   on   DAMN., during the song “XXX.” But though the emotions roused by Trump’s   dramatic political upset reverberate throughout the album, Lamar told Lowe that his focus was elsewhere. With his 2015 album   To Pimp a Butterfly, rapper Kendrick Lamar firmly established himself as the voice of a generation. “What’s gong on now, we’re focusing on self.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel: ‘Assassin’s Creed’ actor in talks to play Newt’s brother

16, 2018. News of Turner’s talks on the project was first reported by   Variety. Show Full Article Green Room   and Assassin’s Creed star Callum Turner is in talks to play Scamander’s brother in the next installment in J.K. Warner Bros. Rowling’s wizarding world saga, EW has learned. Jude Law is attached to play young Dumbledore in the follow-up to last fall’s   Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, while Redmayne is expected to return as Scamander — as is Johnny Depp, who played the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald. is conjuring up a sibling to join Eddie Redmayne in the next Fantastic Beasts film. Plot details have been kept under wraps aside from the studio teasing that the story will “move deeper into an increasingly dark time for the wizarding world, where Newt and our other heroes have to decide on their allegiances.”
Shooting is set to begin this summer for the as-yet-untitled film, which will arrive in theaters on Nov. David Yates will also be back to direct the sequel. Rowling made her screenwriting debut on the first Fantastic Beasts   and returned to write the screenplay for the next installment.

‘Dunkirk’ is changing how movies use IMAX camera

“Hoyte hand-held the [IMAX] camera for a few sections of Interstellar very effectively, and then on this I had to break the news to him that he was going to be doing it for a massive amount of the film,” Nolan says. “We definitely bought him a lot of massages along the way.”
The large-format cameras were able to follow the cast wherever they went — whether it was newcomer Fionn Whitehead lugging a wounded comrade on a stretcher across the beach, as in the scene shown above, or Tom Hardy inside the cockpit of an actual Spitfire fighter plane. When Heath Ledger’s Joker blows up a hospital in The Dark Knight, the filmmaker found an actual building his crew could demolish in Chicago. Nolan set out to tell a survival story, one where the danger and immense scale of the evacuation were baked into the filmmaking. It sounds beyond intense, and for a Christopher Nolan film, that’s saying something. Christopher Nolan doesn’t do things halfway. So for Nolan’s movie about the 1940 evacuation of Dunkirk, France — a crucial moment in World War II when more than 300,000 cornered Allied soldiers retreated safely across the English Channel — the typical war-story treatment wasn’t going to do. To read more from EW’s Summer Movie Preview, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday, or buy it here. “I think the confusion, not knowing what’s really going on, was one of the most frightening and disturbing things for people.”

Beyond hiring thousands of extras to stand on the actual Dunkirk beaches, Nolan and his director of photography Hoyte Van Hoytema used unwieldy 54-pound IMAX cameras in ways that had never been done on a feature film. The shooting style allowed for an intimacy not typically associated with IMAX. “I kept coming back to the firsthand accounts, with people describing the sights and sounds of being on that beach, or being up in a plane above that beach, or being on a boat coming across to help the situation,” Nolan says. Dunkirk   opens in theaters on July 21. Show Full Article “We could get on a small boat with a number of characters and just shoot IMAX as if we were shooting with a GoPro camera,”   Nolan says. Don’t forget to subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW.

Celebrities honor Prince on one-year anniversary of his death

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Show Full Article R.I.P. Can't believe it's been a year. #Prince wrote so many hits but my favorite is definitely Adore. #RickJamesBiatch #PancakesVsBlouses…!!! Legendary musician   Prince died one year ago today at the age of 57 following a fentanyl overdose. ☂️💜💜💜 #RIPPrince #PurpleRain pic.twitter.com/KTGgL5eAlD
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Endless sauce. A Gift From My Late Brother To Me. #Prince we will always love you! See some of the most heartfelt tributes below. “Any music that I do is really going to honor [Prince’s] legacy because that’s where it all started for me,” he said. Purple One. “Whether it’s directly related or not, it’ll still be in his honor.”

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We had an all purple morning today on @SteveHarveyFM. Numerous celebrities took to social media on Friday to honor The   Purple One on the first anniversary of his passing. May We All Learn, That Perfect… https://t.co/wJBvLVAgvD
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— Taraji P. In an interview with EW, Prince’s longtime collaborator Morris Day   discussed the late icon. This Guitar Will Be Handed Down Through Generations Of The Lee's (Will Be Put In My Will)
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Prince Rogers Nelson June 7th 1958- April 21st 2016 #RIPPrince.

Oprah Winfrey admits she worried about embarrassing herself in ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks’

Up until that time she was like, “No I’m not ready to talk about it. So I would meditate before going into that space. OPRAH WINFREY: I lived in Baltimore as a reporter for eight years. This was my opportunity to work with George. I actually went back and looked at some tapes of people. The thing about mania is it plays itself differently in every person. It is not by design or strategy. So I talked to her family members about how it showed up in her. Did you meet with people with mania? I traveled the same streets that Henrietta walked on, her family. Absolutely not. By the time she actually reaches the state where she’s’ breaking out in hives, she’s literally jumping from thought to thought to thought. But the icon admits that taking on the starring role in HBO’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was intimidating. George and I were trying to do a play on Broadway together. I had two really specific people in mind who I can’t tell you now because they would say, “Well why didn’t you call me, Oprah?” But I did say to [HBO Films President] Len Amato for five years that I had these other actresses in line to do it and he was like, “You should do it.” And then George said, “You have to do it.” I had wanted to work with George. I am not her. While the book is a family saga mixed with history and science, Wolfe centered the film on Deborah’s unrelenting quest to connect to her mother, who died when she was just a child. [Laughs]
Quantrell Colbert/HBO
It’s such a physical performance, especially with the manic episodes. I am here to represent the essence and in every way I can the spirit and energy of her. So in the end, when you judge it, it can’t be judged by, ‘Oh mama wouldn’t have done that.’ I’m just here to represent the essence of it.”
With Greenleaf, A   Wrinkle in Time, and this, you’re acting more. I grew up abused by my grandmother but my grandmother wasn’t mean. Did you always imagine playing Deborah? Particularly in the scene in the slave cabin where she’s recalling her brother being beaten. On the day I was going to do that scene, I called one of my South African daughters who’s in school in the United States. [Note: Some of Lacks’ relatives have publicly expressed displeasure at their portrayals in the book plus are seeking compensation for HeLa]
I would say that a majority of the family members, certainly the ones I had spoken to, are pleased and actually thrilled that this story is being told, being told by me, by HBO. Though Lacks died that year, her cells, referred to as HeLa, became the backbone of the microbiology industry and are still vital components in the fight against diseases like cancer and AIDS — but Henrietta’s family was never told, nor were they given any money or credit for this contribution. It’s different when you grow up in a house with somebody who every day is out to get you. It was a big moment for us. There were a couple of those scenes where I thought, “I think I’ve raised my blood pressure so much that I think I need to sit down.”
The scene in the cabin where she’s recalling all the bad memories, I used my own stuff and other people’s stuff. It’s in my nature to want to share stuff. I pray it won’t be the last time because he’s a hoot and a holler to work for. Your memories are yours to cherish. Explains Wolfe: “I instantly responded to Deborah. Is that because the talk show is over? The film, directed by Tony winner George C. I dealt with some manic people. “I was really anxious about this character,” says Winfrey. They could see the acceleration start to happen in her eyes and in her movements. [Laughs.] Whatever I’ve found that I think you don’t know about, I wanna tell you about it! Wolfe (Angels in America), pivots back and forth between flashbacks of Henrietta and modern day, as her grown daughter Deborah (Winfrey) and Skloot (Rose Byrne) piece together what happened. We were trying to do ‘night, Mother and it wasn’t working out. I had other people in mind. Juices. Even though it’s a complicated story to try and get on film, I thought HBO was certainly the best place in the world to do it because they let you paint your dreams over there and really give you the freedom to create as you choose. Information. So it’s a heightened way of being that I have no relatability to because I live in the cool, chill space. He’s great as a therapist or a director! Adapted from the 2010 best-seller by journalist Rebecca Skloot,   The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks   tells of the titular Baltimore woman, played by Hamilton‘s Renée Elise Goldsberry, who unknowingly had her cells harvested after being treated for cervical cancer at Johns Hopkins in 1951. What drew you to this? One of my girls in my school grew up with an aunt who flogged her daily. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You optioned this book in 2010. Not all of us have cells that revolutionized medicine, but we all want to know who our parents are.”
EW talked to Winfrey about this incredible performance, the legacy of HeLa, and why she’s acting more now. I’m not ready to deal with it.”

How were the Lacks family? But I would do specific meditations to get myself to that peak to literally raise the blood pressure. on HBO, and will likely be a major contender in the awards races this year. Wolfe, ‘Don’t let me embarrass myself.’” All the worrying was for nothing: Winfrey gives a tour-de-force performance in Lacks, which premieres Saturday night at 8 p.m. I never once in eight years heard the name HeLa or Henrietta Lacks. “The whole time I kept saying to [director] George C. Would you be willing to share with me?” So I was crying on the phone. If I haven’t heard of her then I’m sure there are lots of other people who haven’t heard. Great pajamas. I’ve been in the neighborhood where Deborah lived. I couldn’t believe it. One of the things I said to them is, “Look, when this movie is done, everyone is going to have their own memories of Deborah. I can’t be her. Were they thrilled Oprah was playing Deborah? It’s not like I said, “Oh gee I wanna do more acting.” If you see me in something else, it will because someone said, “Hey, Oprah, wanna do this?!”

Show Full Article So I actually sat down and talked with her about some of those stories and asked her if she would share them with me for this specific purpose of taking in the energy of that. I was quite frankly afraid of the science because science is like spinach — people don’t want to take it in, hard to convey it. As a result, we agreed to go into therapy for it. How did you prepare for this? I was a real community engaged person in Baltimore. So I was like how is it possible that I, a student of African American history, lived in the community, never even heard of this person. Croissants. I said, “I’m on my way to do this scene and obviously I have my own memories. George found the way in to tell the story that felt like it connected to the lives of the family in a way that wasn’t just about the science of it. It’s hard to imagine Oprah Winfrey being nervous. My grandmother really loved me. This gives validation to the legacy of their grandmother and mother and aunt in a way that nothing could.