Lea Michele, Darren Criss have a mini, music-filled ‘Glee’ reunion

So this next song is called ‘Getaway Car’ and it’s having that moment in the car.”

Next it was Criss’ turn to promote his music, partnering   with Michele on “Lost Boys Life,” the title track from an EP released March 8 by his   new band   Computer Games, which also includes his Chuck (who’s also a member of the band Freelance Whales). Former   Glee   stars Lea Michele and Darren Criss held a mini reunion Wednesday in a series of videos posted to their Facebook pages. Gleeks rejoice! She previously explained   the song was written as a tribute to former costar Cory Monteith, who she was dating at the time of his death in 2013. “Everything was getting big and popular with Glee   and it was sort of our escape. Me and the tall guy and it was like our getaway and it was so great,” Michele said before performing the song at a small show at L.A.’s Hotel Café. Criss and Michele performed The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me,” their first Glee   duet. For lovers   of the former Fox series, it was an opportunity to revisit a fan favorite. Tuesday night, Michele and Criss sat down together, wine in hand, for a Facebook Live, chatting about their careers, their Glee memories, which costar gave Michele the idea for her album title, and which cast members they still keep in touch with. In another video, Michele performed her new   single “Getaway Car” from her upcoming second album,   Places, debuting April 28. “We used to just get in the car and drive sometimes. Show Full Article In the video, the duo chat over wine as a nod to the episode in which the song originally appeared   (season 2’s “Blame It on the Alcohol”).

Eddie Murphy and family mourn Charlie Murphy: ‘Our hearts are heavy’

Thank you for the outpouring of condolences and prayers. Show Full Article We respectfully ask for privacy during this time of great loss for all of us.”
Best known for his work as a writer and performer on the sketch comedy series   Chappelle’s Show, Charlie Murphy also worked with younger   brother Eddie on   the script for 2007’s   Norbit   and   voiced Llyod the dog in the movie. Murphy’s death was also mourned by fellow comedians, actors, and friends on social media. “Charlie filled our family with love and laughter, and there won’t be a day that goes by that his presence will not be missed. More recently, he appeared   in the Adult Swim series   Black Jesus   and the comedy-horror film   Meet the Blacks, and he’ll   be featured on the upcoming season of the   Starz drama   Power. “Our hearts are heavy with the loss today of our son, brother, father, uncle, and friend Charlie,” the Murphy family said in a statement. Eddie Murphy and his family have addressed the loss of their loved one Charlie Murphy, who died of   leukemia Wednesday at age 57.

Tomi Lahren pleads with Glenn Beck, TheBlaze: ‘Let me go’

Watch the clip below. “I’m deeply hurt by what has happened, I’m disappointed in what has happened. “Without that, I feel lost. When your outlet is taken away from you, when your catharsis is stripped from you and you don’t understand why and you’re so disappointed and you’re so blindsided by it — it hurts.”
In her lawsuit, Lahren contests she has been terminated, but in a statement provided to Nightline, TheBlaze contests she is still employed and being paid. After filing a wrongful termination   lawsuit against Glenn Beck and TheBlaze, Tomi Lahren is now hoping her words will settle the dispute between her and her employer. ET. “Let me go. Lahren was suspended two days after the interview. “It’s my job, this is my life,” she said on Nightline. Appearing on Nightline, the conservative personality, who was suspended following her pro-choice comments on The View, sent a message directly to TheBlaze and its founder, Beck. Show Full Article Lahren’s full interview airs Thursday on ABC at 12:35 a.m. The remarks led to blowback from many conservative pundits, including Beck. I just want to work and have the freedom to put my voice out there and I want to interact with my fans and followers, that’s all I want out of this.”
Last month, Lahren was discussing her political beliefs on The View   when she voiced her opinion that the government should not dictate a woman’s right to get an abortion. Let me move on,” she said. But if this is the way that it is, let’s just part ways, cleanly.

Los Angeles makes it official: April 25 is ‘La La Land Day’

Open to the public, the dedication ceremony will take place on the steps of L.A. City Hall and will begin at 8:30 a.m. Latest updates A jazz band will open the ceremony   followed by the mayor’s dedication. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in “La La Land.” (Dale Robinette / Lionsgate via Associated Press)It turns out there’s a mutual love affair between Los Angeles and the film that recently immortalized it on screen.Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti   announced Wednesday   that he will declare   April 25 “La La Land”   Day   in honor of the Oscar-winning film. Aerial dance troupe BANDALOOP   will perform a dance medley inspired by the film, and then the jazz band will return to close the show.Director Damien Chazelle, composer   Justin Hurwitz,   production designers   David   and   Sandy Wasco, choreographer   Mandy Moore and   jewelry designer   Kyle Chan are all expected to attend the ceremony.”La La Land”   Day,   which coincides with the film’s release on DVD and Blu-ray, makes sense given how much of the city provided the   film’s backdrop.

The stars of ’13 Reasons Why’ have 13 tips for handling high school

13 Reasons Why tells one very tragic high school story — the story of Hannah Baker, a junior who decides to take her own life and leaves behind 13 tapes explaining why. But that’s only Hannah’s story, and the stars of the show, Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette, are here to give you some tips to help you get through high school (and/or life, really). 13 Reasons Why is available on Netflix now. Show Full Article After all, “we’re all figuring it out.” And by “it,” they mean life. In a new video released by Netflix, the stars advise viewers to be themselves, eat ice cream every day, learn to accept the consequences of their actions, let their feelings out, and of course, be kind to everyone. Watch the full video here.

Box office: ‘Fate of the Furious’ to speed into top spot

4. Fox Searchlight did not respond to EW’s request for an exact theater count, but it is expected to play at roughly 1,000 sites, according to Box Office Mojo. 3. 1. Having averaged a respectable $7,971 in limited release last weekend, expect Gifted to pull in around $3 million-$5 million in the coming days. The Boss Baby – $14.5 million
The reigning box office champion (that no one saw coming, mind you) heads into its third go-round on Friday, holding on a little stronger than usual as an effective, family-friendly   counter to F8. Gary Gray’s take on the beloved Vin Diesel-fronted franchise —   which launched 16 years ago —   will   burn rubber at the top of the domestic chart in the days ahead. Look for The Boss Baby to   be demoted to $13 million-$15 million through Sunday. Check out EW’s April 14-16 box office estimates below. After a red-hot run, expect Beauty and the Beast to hold steady in the top three this week, cooling off in the   $11 million-$14 million range. Look for Going in Style to take a soft tumble over its sophomore run. Day-and-date with its U.S. While such lofty awards season prospects might be a bit out of the retelling’s reach, the film is a legitimate hit with audiences   and will finish its theatrical tenure as one of the studio’s best performers of all time. Smurfs: The Lost Village – $7.4 million
Following its middling first weekend gross last week, the third in Sony / Columbia’s reimagined line of   Smurfs   movies should shed around half of its inaugural audience, likely sputtering out in the coming weeks as a lower-priority holdover in the wake of buzzier family films (The Boss Baby, Beauty and the Beast). The 2016 New York Film Festival closer stars Charlie Hunnam as   British Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett, an   explorer who went missing in 1925 while searching   for a lost city in the Amazon. 5. Most of its business will pour in from international markets, as Furious 7   netted almost $1.2 billion from foreign territories, making it the sixth highest-grossing film (unadjusted for inflation) in history. premiere, F8 drives into   63 territories   at over 20,000 locations in China, the U.K., Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Russia, and more,   priming it for one of the year’s top global openings thus far. Universal is releasing the eighth installment in its high-octane, auto-centric   action series as the   widest North American, non-summer release in its history, pushing the ensemble blockbuster to a staggering 4,311 theaters this Friday. The Bill Condon-directed fantasy stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the titular couple nearly 16 years after the original became the first animated film to nab a Best Picture nod from the Academy. Going in Style – $7.5 million  
Mature audiences turned out last week for Zach Braff’s latest directorial effort, about three older men (Oscar-winners Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin) plotting   revenge-fueled bank heists, and they’ll probably do it again   over the impending three-day frame — if historical trends repeat themselves. Beauty and the Beast – $12.5 million  
Disney’s live-action adaptation of the beloved animated classic will finally cross the $1 billion mark by the end of this week, as its current global total stands at $986.4 million after just 26 days in theaters. Show Full Article On the specialty scene, James Gray’s The Lost City of Z   bows at four theaters, hoping to attract   the prestige crowd that has catapulted Gray’s previous offerings to solid limited openings (The Immigrant   earned $14,688 per screen in 2014, while Two Lovers averaged $13,569 in 2009) in the past. 2. Just how high will it go, though? Since 2001, with the exception of Tokyo Drift,   each of the Fast and the Furious films have stacked opening grosses higher than their respective predecessors,   ballooning to the most recent installment’s   $147.2 million debut in 2015. While F8   is tracking below that number, it’s still pacing to bag over $110 million. The older crowd tends to spread itself out over several weeks versus flooding theaters over opening weekend, typically resulting in the low launches   posted by the   likes of   Hope Springs ($14.7 million opening, $63.5 million overall in 2012) and Florence Foster Jenkins ($6.6 million opening, $27.4 million overall in 2016). The Fate of the Furious – $120 million+
There’s no question F. Outside the top five, Chris Evans’ family drama Gifted — about a protective uncle who tries to forge a normal life for his niece, a child math prodigy — expands this week, seemingly getting a head start on Fate of the Furious as it hits theaters nationwide Wednesday. Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Biel, and Patrick Stewart head to the box office this weekend as well, having lent their voices to the animated comedy Spark,   which is poised for a modest tally at approximately 350 theaters. The Fate of the Furious is in pole position. With no other new wide releases revving their engines this weekend, the film will handily cross the finish line in first place, but how much of an impact will it   have on solid holdovers like The Boss Baby and Beauty and the Beast?

Robert De Niro transforms into Bernie Madoff in ‘The Wizard of Lies’ trailer


Show Full Article “For 16 years, I kept this secret from my wife, my sons,” says De Niro’s Madoff in the tension-filled trailer. Starring Robert De Niro as fraudster Bernie Madoff, HBO’s latest telefilm   tells the story of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in American history. Henriques and stars Michelle Pfeiffer as Ruth Madoff. Nathan Darrow (House of Cards) and Alessandro Nivola (American Hustle) plays Madoff’s sons Andrew and Mark, respectively. The Wizard of Lies   debuts Saturday, May 20 at 8 p.m. “How I was able to do that and maintain any degree of sanity, that worries me whenever I think about it.”
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Directed by Barry Levinson,   The Wizard of Lies   is based on the book of the same name by   New York Times   journalist Diana B. Are they accountable? Watch the trailer above. ET on HBO. How could Madoff have hidden this from them for so long? The movie is executive-produced by Levinson, De Niro,   Jane Rosenthal, Berry Welsh, and Tom Fontana. The new trailer, released Wednesday afternoon,   not only reveals the moment Madoff admitted to the   fraud, but also promises that the film will include a hefty bit of family drama as it examines how the scheme affected his family: Did they suspect anything? The full trailer for HBO’s   The Wizard of Lies is finally here!

Stephen Byrne talks satirizing ‘absurd’ Donald Trump and animating ‘Buffy’

There’s something particularly absurd about Trump and the various… absurdities is the best word I can think of for all the things that go on that are just completely nonsensical. But I don’t think I’ve actually ended up taking any of those because I do illustration work and comic books and that takes up vast quantities of time. Show Full Article So there are a couple of things in there that just happened… I was more interested in making the jokes and making points in this than I was in making a spectacular piece of animation. Every time I’ve put one of these videos out there’s been several hundred thousand views of it so that’s been nice. It doesn’t say what I want to say.” And then when the Trump villains image occurred to me I was like, “That’s the one.” Then I went and made it. Or is there no figure that you can really lampoon this way? Animation takes a lot of time, and some of the stuff in the video is very current. It still sold, but it had more of a depressing connotation because it reminded people of something that was very real. A lot of your fan art also does well on social media. Honestly, I hope it highlights the absurdity of what’s going on in the Trump administration to some people, and maybe just makes them cast a more critical eye over some of the things that they say and do. No, I’ve just been working on it, and then I finished it. If they weren’t so depressing or if there weren’t really intense consequences to it, they’d be hilarious. I’ve generally stuck to the day job because I really like it. It’s not really strategic in that sense. has got the President saying he’s being spied on through a microwave, so it’s different. I remember I had lots of ideas for things, but I didn’t do any of them. Getty
The latest issue of   Justice League/Power Rangers will be available for purchase May 5 — subscribe here —   while IDW’s Love Is Love is currently available for purchase now. What do you hope people take away from this latest video? STEPHEN BYRNE: Continuing exhaustion and depression about the state of U.S. Joss Whedon retweeted my animated Adventures of Buffy thing. I really wanted to do something but didn’t necessarily know what that was. And this isn’t the first time Byrne — whose work has appeared in IDW’s   Love Is Love   — has satirized Trump. It was months before I actually finally did that image because a bunch of ideas went through my head, but I was like, “No, that’s not right. The first time he did so was early last year with an illustration depicting the then-Presidential nominee backed by many well-known pop culture villains. I literally just had to draw the things that are happening, and that is funny in and of itself. And now, he’s turned his attention to animating a much   less fictional character: President Donald Trump. Has it led to any animation work? But no, he won, and so now that image has become a little more depressing than it used to be. When that kind of stuff happens that’s always fun. You’ve also done animated videos of Buffy, and Doctor Who, and Firefly. That’s how I do it because it’s my free time. I want to spend it doing things that I want to do and not things that I think other people want to see. You can see more of Byrne’s pop culture-inspired art above. Have you thought about tackling Brexit? In “The Adventures of DJ Trump” Byrne exercises his art and comedy skills by satirizing current events, including the recent Muslim ban, as well as different figures in the Trump administration. If it’s fan art it’s always exciting when the people it’s about respond. Was there something particular in the news last week that made you want to release it then? Order it here. It’s led to offers of animation work. I’m sure in a week’s time there’ll be five new ideas for things that I could eventually use. But Brexit doesn’t strike me in the same way. Now it’s like, “This is your actual President,” and so the image has taken on a slightly different meaning. What inspired that? I came up with an idea for another scene and another scene, and so it happened gradually. The man responsible for both videos is Stephen Byrne, the current artist of DC comics’   Justice League/Power Rangers crossover series. What are the abilities that I have, and how can I apply them to maybe making things a tiny bit better?” I don’t know if the video will have any dramatic effect, but I think satire has the power to make people think critically about politics by sort of shining a different light on it. It sold well, and then I had prints of it leftover and I had them at Emerald City Comic Con in March. That’s why it incorporates some stuff that went on over the last several months. I thought it would be that just before the election it would be the last time I’d have to do it, and after that, he would lose and he would at least disappear from politics and that would be the end of that. I’ve donated to some causes that I think are helpful, but then I was like, “Okay, what are the tools that I have? The Doctor Who one was featured on a documentary on the BBC about fans’ enthusiasm for Doctor Who, and stuff like that. How long did it take to make? Well, I didn’t think I would. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What inspired you to make “The Adventures of DJ Trump”? RELATED: Darth Vader, Voldemort, and 7 Other Pop Culture Comparisons to Donald Trump
I remember you kept tweeting   that you didn’t want to share it anymore. I didn’t have to change much. I was still thinking about it weeks after, and then I had the idea for a comic, and so I put it together. But just over the last few days, I found myself with a few days free, so I really went to town. politics at the moment. It’s mostly just what I’m interested in at the moment, what I’m excited about, and obsessed with. I don’t know. I don’t know exactly because I started the first scene, then I just chipped away at it when I had a free moment sitting around the house not doing much. EW caught up with the Irish artist to discuss his inspirations, both for satire and his social media viral fan art. If you’re a fan of   Buffy the Vampire Slayer   — or even   Doctor Who   — odds are you’ve watched (or someone you know has sent you the link to) a video featuring the “animated adventures” of either series. Although I seriously doubt Donald Trump will be retweeting this one. It’s not as absurd. With the Trump administration, there’s something in the news every few days that resets my bar for how insane things can get, so I was never worried about running out of material. When I did the Star Wars comic I saw Star Wars and was really excited about it. It was frustration with everything that was going on and wanting to say something about what was happening. I remember I was selling prints of it in New York Comic-Con last October, and people found it very amusing. If anybody wants to help they should donate to the ACLU. The U.S. Do you have a sense of what’s popular or are you just creating what you want to see? Stephen Byrne
You also created the image of Donald Trump being surrounded by all those villains from pop culture. It’s a relevant political event, but it just seems like two sides with different opinions and different ideas of the best thing to go about things.

Tig Notaro slams Louis C.K. ‘SNL’ clown sketch: ‘Extremely disappointing’

Here is what I can tell you:
First off, I have recently learned that a writer/director who was fully aware of Clown Service when I was making it, actually worked on Louis C.K.’s clown sketch that is in question. While I don’t know how all this actually happened, I did find it extremely disappointing. I hesitated to even address any of this, but I think it is only right to defend my work and ideas and moving forward, I plan to continue screening Clown Service with the joy and pride I always have.“

Show Full Article See both performances in the videos above, and read   Notaro’s full statement below. short. “It has been impossible for me to ignore the cacophony of voices reaching out personally and publicly about the potential plagiarizing of my film Clown Service (a film that I screened at Largo in Los Angeles for over a year and it premiered at Vulture’s Comedy Festival in NYC as well as numerous film festivals around the country and I am currently screening on my national tour). And finally, I never gave anyone permission to use anything from my film. Secondly, Louis C.K. Though Notaro and C.K. In a statement provided exclusively to EW,   Notaro says she found the sketch “extremely disappointing.” Notaro claims she learned that a “writer/director,” who she says was fully aware of   Clown Service,   also worked on the C.K. C.K. and Notaro, respectively) ordering a clown to their house to cheer them up. did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Tig Notaro is speaking out about Louis C.K.’s Saturday Night Live short   “Birthday Clown,”   which has been criticized for bearing a strong resemblance to   Notaro’s short film Clown Service. and I have not communicated in any way for nearly a year and a half. have worked together in the past, she says the two of them “have not communicated in any way for nearly a year and a half.”
Both   “Birthday Clown” and   Clown Service   focus on depressed characters (played by C.K. Although the results are slightly different (Notaro’s has a happy ending, while C.K.’s ends with a very dark joke), they contain strong similarities. previously posted Notaro’s   acclaimed   2012 standup set,   Live,   on his website, and is listed as an executive producer for her show   One Mississippi. Representatives for   SNL   and C.K.

‘Trial & Error’ retro mockumentary goes deep into John Lithgow’s past

But NBC has released a fun mini documentary that goes deep, as documentaries are wont to do, into the earlier unsolved case that faced Larry after the death of his first wife, Adelaide. Trial & Error   will air a new episode on April 13 at 8 p.m. Show Full Article For today, though, allow yourself to get lost in murderous whimsy on this ancient 2001 episode of Mystery Now. You may think that NBC’s painfully funny sitcom gem Trial & Error is just a silly mockumentary set in a small town, but never forget that at the heart of the story is a murder-mystery. And murder is generally a very bad thing. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years

The two are inextricably related, and may shed some clues on the actual verdict that will be delivered on Trial & Error’s April 18 finale. On the series, John Lithgow plays Larry Henderson, an eccentric poetry professor who may or may not have killed his wife, according to literally every sign that points to him. ET and its season finale on April 18 at   9.

His name is Albus, not Young Dumbledore, and here’s his drama

Friend, I ask myself the same question. (That said, Rowling has understandably been known to not stay wedded to   her speculations in interviews; that’s her prerogative, and fans should accept that.) But on   an entirely different level, consider for a   moment what the emotional and societal demands might have been on a gay character living in the 1930s and ’40s. But   actors of a certain pedigree come with load-bearing resumes   that can be hard to shake when they take on a role like this   in original territory; if   the established characters in the original Potter film series could be compared to   the book’s descriptions, Law is only working with   fresh material. By 1926, he was a Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts, having taught and developed a fondness for Newt. What about the gay thing? Will he have a beard? Presently, Law is 44 and Depp is 53. One of the defining chapters of Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s story is their first meeting at Godric’s Hollow, where a rebellious young Grindelwald moved in next door to a teenage Dumbledore after the former was expelled from Durmstrang. The first Beasts takes place in 1926 — when Dumbledore would have been about 45. Shouldn’t there by a young young   Dumbledore? In Half-Blood Prince, we saw Dumbledore in his youth when he visited   Tom Riddle in   the orphanage in 1938. Finally, the big question: Will we see McGonagall? Will he have a beard? No, not by any means. So, Johnny Depp will need to work doubly hard to be Grindelwald   and not “Johnny Depp as Grindelwald,” and Law—he of young popes and Dickie Greenleaves   and whatever else you consider to be Jude Law’s third signature role—must do the same. Still, they’re all temporarily rendered irrelevant because of the baggage we must unpack with Law. Rowling dropped in 2007 now has to come front and center: By promising to fill   in Dumbledore’s life story, Fantastic Beasts 2 will have to explore, whether lightly or largely, how Dumbledore fell in love with Grindelwald. While you clamor on about Law playing ‘young Dumbledore,’ consider the fact that there is one even younger. Show Full Article By now you’ve heard the news of the ‘Alohomora’ of casting decisions —   Jude Law is playing a young Albus Dumbledore in the next Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, which presently has no name and no plot but two A-list movie stars onboard to play juvenile versions of two iconic   characters from the Harry Potter series. McGonagall wasn’t born until 1935, so probably not. Let’s discuss it all. It’s such an important part of their history and something that the Beasts movies can’t possibly avoid flashing back to if the franchise wants to invite non-Potterhead audiences to empathize with the Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship. I’m not saying I’d like to see Godric’s Hollow Riverdale or anything, but if you want to say young Dumbledore, you better understand that he’s not the youngest Dumbledore. I could link to at least six separate thinkpieces that speculated on casting Law, who seems   like the first person a person   thinks of when they think of 40-something British actors. Their friendship was fast and fervent, but it culminated in a disastrous duel that killed Dumbledore’s sister, causing Grindelwald to flee and their relationship to crumble. Hair and make-up departments, go wild. Is he a safe   choice? Upon hearing the news, you may find yourself asking: Why Jude Law? Is he a bad choice? The relationship, as we know it, was not necessarily reciprocal;   Rowling has suggested Grindelwald may   have only returned Dumbldore’s   affection as a means of using him. It’s safe to assume   that the five-film series will take us through to Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s climactic duel, in 1945, when Dumbledore was 64. Or will Law take his acting cues from Michael Gambon’s Schoolhouse Rock interjection-episode Dumbledore, whose brutally unpleasant version of Harry’s mentor is more Walter White than Willy Wonka? Yeah, we absolutely did. But girl, didn’t we already see   young Dumbledore? How old is this “young” Dumbledore? Here’s what Albus   looked like there, at age 57. Also, Blake Lively has scheduling conflicts anyway. Based on the timeline of the Beasts   films,   Law should   be playing Dumbledore both   before and after this Pensieve scene, so   even if you retroactively replace   Gambon in your mind, you can’t deny that this is   Dumbledore’s   1950s canon aesthetic: a little beard action, a little high-fashion neckwear, and a distressing wizard version of The Rachel. We still know close to nothing   about what the next Beasts movie (out in 2018) will entail, save for the fact that it’ll involve some light globe-hopping (it’s rumored to be shooting in London and Paris) and Johnny Depp’s Grindelwald will presumably spend the movie sans Polyjuice. Should   Fantastic Beasts 2   choose to do so (and I hope they do), there’s   a deep story to tell here about what it meant for Dumbledore to live as a gay man during this era, wizard wunderkind or not. Here   comes the reckoning where that little revelation J.K. This drama went down when they were about 18, and while it’s usually the way of Hollywood movies to cast innocuous lookalike nobodies in young roles, there’s a chance that these could be some pretty involved flashbacks — so don’t discount seeing some tween hottie you saw on one episode of Skins   as a potential future Beasts   costar. Sure. Other such pressing questions — like whether we’ll visit Ilvermorny, whether Tina now has the Elder Wand, whether Jacob’s and Queenie’s bakery cliffhanger marks the end of their storyline, or what font Newt will use for his book — are important to ask (and you can read my theories about what happens in the second movie here). Where is Law’s Dumbledore at this time? Which Dumbledore will Law grow into? What does ‘young Dumbledore’ even mean? Personality-wise, are   we talking about him evolving into a friendly neighborhood Dumbledore, a la Richard Harris, the actor who died after   Chamber of Secrets but left a lasting impression on the series with his pitch-perfect, soft-spoken headmaster? Who put Jude Law in the goblet? Yes, Dumbledore is gay, and thanks for asking the question so delicately. The answer is, empirically, everyone on the Internet.

Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, and more stars pay tribute to Charlie Murphy

— Wendy Williams (@WendyWilliams) April 12, 2017

Rest in Paradise my brother @charliemurphy pic.twitter.com/pUfTXgqhao
— DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) April 12, 2017

I met Charlie Murphy after I won a contest to host a show. Sending love and light to his family and friends. Thank you for not only being a friend but for… https://t.co/wNLVLYdEi5
— Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4real) April 12, 2017

Rest In Peace to the legend that is Charlie Murphy, thank you for always bringing us joy and laughter🙏🏽🙌🏽 pic.twitter.com/TZ53R1FSJs
— Zendaya (@Zendaya) April 12, 2017

Darkness. Damn I loved Charlie Murphy ❤❤❤❤🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) April 12, 2017

Sad to hear about the passing of Charlie Murphy. You will be missed. We just lost one of the funniest most real brothers of all time. @charliemurphy was a bad man and funny af. — OldMan Ebro (@oldmanebro) April 12, 2017

Devastated to hear of Charlie Murphy's passing. Damn. My good friend Charlie Murphy died???! Murphy, who’d starred in   Chappelle’s Show   and   Meet the Blacks, was the elder brother of SNL   alum   Eddie and a comedian himself. God bless, we already miss you. RIP Charlie Murphy. In the wake of the announcement of Murphy’s passing, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, and other celebrities paid tribute on social media. Rest In Peace Charlie Murphy 💔💔🙏🏽🙏🏽 always so sweet and nice every time I've been in his presence. Rest in peace, Sir. — Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) April 12, 2017

Damn, sorry to hear about my friend Charlie Murphy. All I can say is RIP. 🙏🏾
— Raekwon Da Chef (@Raekwon) April 12, 2017

Rest in Peace Charlie Murphy. 1 ❤️ pic.twitter.com/BSOk9nNsHO
— Mike Epps (@TheRealMikeEpps) April 12, 2017

Wow….This is crazy. Fuck!!! Prayers to the family. ( I'm heartbroken at the passing of our brother Charlie. He was one funny, kind man. You will be miss! Incredible talent, even better man. Damn. Thanks for the laughs. pic.twitter.com/Hj0uj48ghb
— 🌸hrp🌸 (@hollyrpeete) April 12, 2017

And Charlie Murphy got me emotional… seriously. — Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) April 12, 2017

This one hurts. This Is Pic Is From JUNGLE FEVER, Charlie Was… https://t.co/0MT7mSrvVy
— Spike Lee (@SpikeLee) April 12, 2017

Sad to hear about Charlie Murphy. He took me out to dinner after and was as funny as you could imagine. I hope he and Prince are playing basketball and eating pancakes right now. So sorry 4 the loss of @charliemurphy he gave us gr8 comedy gifts 😪 pic.twitter.com/CXcksvUjm3
— Kim Fields (@KimVFields) April 12, 2017

Rest In Peace to my dear friend @charliemurphy
— John Witherspoon (@John_POPS_Spoon) April 12, 2017

Noooooooo! He was honest and… https://t.co/xArWUh7Eqh
— CedricTheEntertainer (@CedEntertainer) April 12, 2017

My Late Brother-The Very Funny Charlie Murphy. Keep his family in your thoughts and in your prayers and keep a space for Charlie in you're heart #Chingon I love you Charlie .#CHARLIEMURPHY 👊🏽
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Show Full Article He took a chance on a young director in The Player's Club. #RIP
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Sad news… #RIP #CharlieMurphy #ComedicLegend https://t.co/SBLMxtINaM
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This is a text message that Charlie sent us from a recent @comedygetdown Show @realdlhughley… https://t.co/STVoYiyeeW
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Rest in Power Charlie Murphy
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Fuck. In relationships you never want to leave anything unsaid , our conversations before shows and after shows we all told each other and Charlie how we felt! RIP to a disarmingly sweet guy who once threatened to cut bacon off my back pic.twitter.com/5cvzozFclz
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Rest in paradise Charlie Murphy. We did a movie together back in '07 and my god did he have amazing stories (one about Redd Foxx killed me)
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A story from Charlie Murphy. #CharlieMurphy. pic.twitter.com/GmR3RL7o9Z
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RIP Charlie Murphy 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
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RIP Charlie Murphy. RIP pic.twitter.com/yChjFtSDH4
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Today we lost a #RealOne. Goodbye Charlie. A true talent. #RIP
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Terribly saddened … Charlie
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Just came out of meditation and learned that one of my friends and my biggest comedy idol passed. — ICE T (@FINALLEVEL) April 12, 2017

"That Boy Got Stretch Pants" RIP CHARLIE x Roll Bounce pic.twitter.com/usushXkwoM
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#rip #charliemurphy 😢😢 https://t.co/o6DKOVcLn7
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Oh man. Always made me laugh. Always 💯 https://t.co/V9XfsEzXHu
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This is a text message that Charlie sent us from a recent @comedygetdown Show @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer " Great seeing you guys and living the magic last night. pic.twitter.com/AAwItp5AJC
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#RIP to my man #CharlieMurphy we will ride for you bro.. Great show brothers!!!!! https://t.co/BwItaxj6JR
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RIP Charlie Murphy!🙏🏾
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Charlie Murphy was such a kind, sweet, funny man. Stepping away for a sec. RIP ❤
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Charlie Murphy was a great man. Charlie Murphy RIP. — Debra Lee (@IamDebraLee) April 12, 2017

With heavy ❤️& sadness sending love & prayers to #EddieMurphy & family. The comedy world is mourning the loss of Charlie Murphy, who died Wednesday at the age of 57.

Josh Brolin cast as Cable for ‘Deadpool 2’

After being sent into a post-apocalyptic future as a child, Cable grew into a battle-hardened mutant warrior with a metal arm and all his mom’s psychic powers. Since Brolin has already been playing galactic warlord Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, this casting makes him the second actor after Chris Evans to play two different Marvel   characters for Marvel Studios and Fox. Deadpool 2   is currently set for release in March 2018. After several rumored castings have come and gone, Deadpool 2 finally has its Cable. Starting in 2004, he has starred in a series of   Cable and Deadpool   comics, where he provides the stern straight man to the Merc with the Mouth’s constant antics. Originally created by Louise Simonson and Deadpool   creator Robert Liefeld,   Cable is Nathan Summers, the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey. EW has confirmed that Josh Brolin has officially been cast as the time-displaced mutant for the much-anticipated superhero sequel. (Evans starred as Johnny Storm in the original   Fantastic Four   films and now plays Captain America.)
Both Nathan Fillion and Pierce Brosnan had been rumored for the part of Cable, whose inclusion in Deadpool 2   was first   announced by Deadpool himself (Ryan Reynolds) in an after-credits scene from the first film. Show Full Article The Hollywood Reporter   was the first to report the news, adding that Brolin has signed a four-picture deal. Zazie Beetz has also been cast as the mutant Domino.

Couple who allegedly killed son inspired by ‘Manchester by the Sea’: prosecutor

According to a transcript of a Friday bail review obtained by local station WBNG,   Chenango County District Attorney Joseph McBride alleged   that on the night of the murder, Heather Franklin watched the Oscar-nominated movie, Manchester by the Sea, in which the main character, played by Casey Affleck,   kills his children in an accidental fire. Affleck’s character   is told in the movie that one can’t be prosecuted for accidentally killing his children, McBride told the judge. 28, 16-year-old Jeffrey Franklin was found dead after a fire at the Mount Upton, New York, home he shared with his adoptive parents, Ernest Franklin, 35, and Heather Franklin, 33, who are now charged in his death. She deserves to be let free and work toward defending herself.”
Heather and Ernest Franklin   were indicted on March 24 on charges of second-degree murder, according to the Chenango County Sheriff’s Office in New York. “She’s a high-risk pregnancy. Shocking new allegations emerged in court Friday when prosecutors said the upstate New York parents accused of murdering their special needs son — and burning their house down to cover it   up – came up with the idea after watching the movie Manchester by the Sea. If convicted, both of the Franklins face up to 25 years to life in prison. “It later turned out, Judge, that after the examination of the — of the victim’s body, it was determined that the victim was killed before the fire and that there were no natural causes.”
Mother is Pregnant with Another Child
In speaking to the court, Heather Franklin’s attorney, Michael Trosset, said, according to the transcript, “She is innocent until proven guilty.”
Trosset tells PEOPLE that McBride admitted in court that Jeffrey’s cause of death is not known. The attorney for Ernest Franklin and the district attorney could not immediately be reached for comment. Addressing Ernest Franklin’s alleged role in the scheme, McBride said that “the defendant, with all due respect, was not injured in any way trying to save the alleged — the victim in this particular case.”
When police arrived, McBride said “the defendant was very calm, cool, collected and pointed to the room where Jeffrey was lying, and the defendant had no physical injuries from any attempt to try to save him. “Within two hours of that movie playing to this defendant and her husband, Jeffrey’s deceased,” McBride said. Heather Franklin told police she went to the Price Chopper in Sidney and then the Norwich Wal-Mart looking for a certain prescription drug, according to the transcript. Show Full Article Heather Franklin is being held on $125,000 or $250,000 bond. According to McBride, the boy, whom   the Franklins adopted in approximately 2012, had bowel issues and urine control issues. On Feb. She already lost one child to a miscarriage a year and a half ago. Prior to Jeffrey’s death, McBride alleged Heather Franklin “inexplicably left the house.”   She allegedly drove around Chenango County and Delaware County and didn’t return home “until the fire totally engulfs the house,” McBride said. An investigation after the fire revealed that Jeffrey, a special needs child who was deaf, did not have smoke or soot in his mouth, trachea or bronchi — which would have been present if he had died as a result of the fire, according to court records. They are both being held at the Chenango County Jail. The district attorney, Trosset said in court, is “charging her with murder without even knowing what caused the death.”
Since she is pregnant with another child, he said, according to the transcript, “We will post a reasonable amount of bail and she will stay in this county and she will be able to care for her child in her womb. This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com. Ernest Franklin, an Iraq War veteran, and his wife, a stay-at-home mom, were also charged with third-degree arson and tampering with physical evidence. But McBride said evidence shows she never went to the aisle in either store where the drug was located. “There was a very big strain in the family relationship because of Jeffrey’s special needs and that this defendant was complaining on Facebook about the strain that that was putting on her,” McBride said, according to CBS News. Ernest Franklin is being held on $250,000 cash or $500,000 bond.

Read an exclusive excerpt from Marcus Sedgwick’s US-Mexican border-set novel

Ephemeral yet eternal: the White Girl. Her arms are out to the side, her legs splay, and tiny fish dance around her toes. There’s no more than a hurried moment to look around this careworn land. Over here, they call it Río Bravo. Juárez is a new monster in an old land: Juárez is the laboratory of our future. Never mind the tape around her head. Juárez is the beast, the fulminating feast of violence and of the vastly unequal wielding of power; where the only true currencies are drugs, guns, and violence. One or two people emerge from hiding and rush to give her comfort when there is no comfort to be had. This is the Colonia de Anapra, a little less than a shantytown, trying hard to be a little bit more than a slum; poorest of all the poor colonias of Juárez. Juárez, from where the pickup truck approaches at pace, lies down the hill. As the truck disappears from view, Gabriel’s wife, whose name Arturo does not know, emerges into the street, screaming, her kids clinging to her legs, crying without really knowing why. She’s printed on a plastic banner that’s pinned to the wall of the house, right above the doorway. She picks up speed, and the far shore approaches, coming closer, until finally, a strong eddy takes her plump body and rolls her over, facedown in the water.  
Arturo too looks for somewhere to vanish, and quickly backs into the shaded doorway of a green house on the corner oppo- site, an unusual house, one of the very few with more than one floor. All six men stare at the cops, who make very, very sure that they do not look back. The men haul Gabriel into the bed of the pickup, and climb back in, two of them clinging to the sides and two of them lounging on an old sofa that’s been bolted to the floor. The book transports readers to Anapra, one of the poorest neighborhoods of Juarez, Mexico, and not too far from the Mexican-American border, as it tells the story of Arturo, a young man trying to make a living and keep his head low. Anapra is just a small feeder fish, clinging to the belly of the whale, and while it doesn’t look like the most dangerous place on earth, it is here as much as anywhere else where drugs are run and bodies are hanged from telegraph poles, where dogs bark at the sound of guns in the cold desert darkness, where people vanish in the night. She moves with the water, whispering through the bulrushes by the bank. * * *
The night is yet to come. He makes a pistol with his thumb and forefinger, cocking his thumb back, aiming the gun right at Arturo, who cannot look away as the man drops his thumb, and mouths something, some- thing Arturo cannot grasp. As if trying not to disturb the air, the cop carefully gets back in his patrol car and nods to his colleague, just as the truck reaches them, slowing right up, dropping to a crawl as it passes. But when his friend Faustino steals money from the drug-dealing gang he’s supposed to be working for so he can smuggle his girlfriend and her baby over the border, Arturo must step in to help. There are marks on the concrete, marks of chalk. So now Arturo realizes where he is, which doorway he has backed into. There’s even the new hospital, up the hill. They are lines and curves; there are arrows, and small crosses and circles within the curving lines. There is little left to show who she was; her body says she was a young woman, but it’s hard to judge her age; her head is wrapped in thick electrical tape, leaving only a thin slit for her nostrils. One or two have stolen electricity using hookups from the power lines, a dangerous trick in a world made of sun-baked cardboard and wood. The truck makes a turn across the median, heading back to Juárez, and Arturo starts to relax, but as it passes him, the driver of the truck looks over and sees him. The man’s head tilts back, his mouth open as he laughs. He doesn’t give them any money.  
Far, so very far away, on the other side of the street, Arturo looks down and sees what he has been standing on. He buys a couple of bottles and heads back to the car, ruffling the hair of one of the boys. The Del Rio store on the corner of Raya and Rancho Anapra, the main drag through the town. The spirit of Santa Muerte   is ever-present in three-time Printz honoree Marcus Sedgwick’s timely new novel. Some days he helps out in an auto shop and this is one of those days. The plastic has been in the full sun for years now; her blacks have become grays, the green globe of the earth is weakened and weary. The best have cinder-block walls. Two guys in the cab, another four clinging on in the bed. Pre-order it here, and continue on for the first two chapters. So it’s only fitting that it would be titled   Saint Death. It isn’t clear if she means the men who have taken her husband, or herself, her family. Santísima Muerte. She doesn’t react. In slow time, the driver straightens his left arm out of the cab window, and points at Arturo. Her only clothes are a stained tank top, and panties with Mickey Mouse on the front, a failed guardian angel. Handing one of the bottles through the window of his car to his colleague, he pulls the cap off his own. On Tiburón, the shark, a little girl and her friends watch her big brother wheeling his bike around in circles by the hardware store, showing off. He glances at the kids. It might be nothing, but better to be sure. The truck gets closer; a flashy dark-red body, tinted windows. The hot sun warms her body against the cool of the water, which ripples peacefully as she drifts. —¡Hijos de la chingada! Here, outside the green house, is something strange—a stretch of concrete sidewalk, where everywhere else the sidewalks are dirt. His head is shaven; he’s dressed, as are all the men, in a white wife-beater shirt; tattoos snake all down the muscles of both arms. A bus stops and a load of maquiladora workers climb out and stand around for a while, chatting. Don’t worry where you’re going; you will die where you have to. Her skull-gaze grinning, her stare unflinching. She looks down at Arturo; she looks down at everyone. The god was forgetful and has not returned to care for his creation, but other gods, pitiless ones, are approaching even now, in a speeding pickup truck. A patrol car crawls by, a rare enough sight in Anapra. There’s a smile inside him, a smile for their seriousness, and on another day he might have joked with them a little and made them laugh, but he’s too tired for that today, way too tired. A dozen of the roads are paved: cracked concrete and full of holes; the rest are just rutted strips of dirt. Never mind she was almost naked. When the police find her, if they find her, when they write a report, if they write a report, they’ll say she drowned, just another mojado, another “wetback,” and she drowned while trying to cross the river. Trucks come and go all the time, but the people know what this is. But these are exceptions, and all this, all of this, is founded on a belief that needs to ignore what is rapidly ap- proaching in the truck. It’s still warm. Another group hangs out by the twenty-four-hour automated water kiosk, hoping to beg a few pesos to buy some bottles. * * *
It’s over. Cautiously, he edges away, and looks up at Santa Muerte herself, Saint Death. It bowls into sight over the crest of the road and heads rapidly toward them. And the nights are long. The man’s face is tattooed, more ink than skin; markings of a narco gang, but at this range it’s hard to see which. A change in the current at the turn of the bend shifts her course and she floats out away from the bank, toward the center, uncaring, heedless. Then there’s Arturo. The truck cannot yet be heard, and on the corner of Rancho Anapra and Tiburón, where the paving stops and the road runs off toward the North as dirt, kids are playing in the street. ANAPRA
It doesn’t look like the most dangerous place on earth. And Juárez? Most of the houses aren’t houses at all, but jacales: shacks made of packing crates and sheets of corrugated iron, of cardboard and of crap, with roofs of plastic sheeting or tar paper held down with old car tires. Their eyes meet. It looks like somewhere half-made, it looks like an aborted thought. Now with only 36 hours to replace the missing money, Arturo must once again face his past   and descend into the world of drug and human trafficking in his attempt to help his friend survive. A gaggle of parents coming back from a workshop at Las Hormigas passes by, talking about what it means to be better mothers, better fathers. Then, as he tilts his head back to drink, the sound of the pickup comes down the street. She holds a set of scales in one hand; in the other, she holds the whole world. It’s so strong a sensation that Arturo reaches up and tries to rub it away. Everyone else has disappeared. With   Saint Death set to make its way to bookshelves on April 25, EW presents an exclusive excerpt from the cinematically-thrilling novel. —¡Hijos de la chingada! The man is called Gabriel. Thirteen hours of darkness in which all manner of evil can bloom, flowers that need no sun. Never mind the marks on her body. Left it to its own vices. One device, a pair of interlocking curving arrows, is intersected by seven more arrows that point into the house. The Beautiful Sister. The jacales are things that might, some distant day, be the ghostly ancestors of actual houses. It is something with immense power. Pure bone, and charcoal eye. La Flaquita, the Skinny Lady. The factory workers see the car and begin to disperse into the streets of fish, but they needn’t worry, the cops are just thirsty. He makes himself small in the doorway, as small as he can, and stands very still. Almost invisible, he steers his way steadily along Rancho Anapra.  
Above him, unseen, something hovers. She screams it over and over. The four men are dragging the owner of the shop into the street. Over there, they call it Rio Grande, for that is El Norte: America. The worst take more effort to imagine than is comfortable. Arturo can see the blood even from across the street. It looks like a three-year-old god threw together some cardboard boxes and empty coffee tins and Coke bottles in the sandpit of the Chihuahuan desert, and then forgot it. When those houses are finally built, they will be built on lines of hope—the grid that’s already been optimistically scratched far out into the desert in the belief that this place can become a thriving community. The policemen start their car and drive steadily away, back toward the city. It’s the end of October; the sun sets at six o’clock and will not rise again till seven the next morn- ing. The men are roughing him up, nothing too serious, but then, as Gabriel tries to fight back, one of them hits him on the side of his head with the heel of a pistol and he slumps to the dust, barely conscious. Few have running water. They’ve left, and the tattooed narco is gone, but Arturo can still feel that finger pointing at him, right at his face, as if the fingertip is pressing into his forehead. Now, tantalizing, her fingers stroke the northern shore of the river. So serious. The Bony Lady. So seriously they play, that as Arturo weaves between them, they have no idea he’s even there. The people scatter. The four men climb down from the bed and, pulling out pis- tols, head into the hardware store. The cops are long gone, and anyway, it’s not the police these men are scared of; they’re scared of the other pandillas, the other gangs, like the M-33, the gang whose turf this is, for now at least. Arturo doesn’t feel that frightened; this is, God knows, not something new, but suddenly he feels very visible. Her shroud ripples in the breeze, white wings of death. Here, far from the ocean, where water is so precious, nearly all of the streets have the names of fish. She lay at the bottom of the river for two days before the bloating brought her to the top, pushing her arms and legs away from her body. Already, there are attempts to make this a normal kind of place: whitewashed cinder-block houses with green tin roofs, the Pemex gas station, a primary school, a secondary school. It’s moving fast, it has the growl of a powerful engine. Cars come and go down the road. He’s been lugging old tires around the yard all after- noon and his shoulders ache from the effort of that while his brain aches from the effort of listening to José, the owner, complaining. He flattens his foot to the floor and the truck speeds away, back toward the city. Exclusive Excerpt From   Saint Death By Marcus Sedgewick
Not too far away from here, just over the horizon of our imagination, there’s a girl floating in the river. Their eyes meet, and as they do, Arturo feels something jolt, as if the world has shuddered underneath his feet. Arturo doesn’t really know him, nothing much beyond his name. One of the cops gets out and wanders over to the water shop. Show Full Article Above her, in a semicircle, it’s still just possible to make out some writing on the fading plastic: No temas a donde vayas que haz de morir donde debes.

‘Scandal’: Who has changed most in alternate-reality 100th episode?

It’s basically my bucket list opportunity, what goes down in this episode for me. “He’s a little bit more peaceful,” Diaz teases. “I can’t tell you what happens, but things happen that certainly go against what he would like to see happen. He ultimately is quite different.”
Mitch Haaseth/ABC
Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young)
Fitz and Mellie are not married in this alternate reality, which raises the question of why Mellie appears to be wearing a wedding ring in the photo above. David’s is less extreme, but it was a lot of fun to do. Scandal‘s world is about to get flipped upside down. For one, as the promo revealed, apparently getting married. “We’re all still the same at our core, but the circumstances of our lives are so different, so it’s a really fun exercise in nature vs. “Because it takes place around Fitz’s election, it happens in the past,” Foley says. His relationship with his daughter is very different. “It’s not exactly flashback, but if Olivia had not rigged the election, it is where all these people would’ve been, so think Abby, post-divorce, big hair, baking scones, nail polish in Olivia’s apartment, maybe on steroids.”
Huck (Guillermo Diaz)
Would Huck still be homeless, waiting to catch a glimpse of his child and estranged wife at the train station at 7:52 in this reality? I can’t say what it is, but it’s so insane.”
Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)
It sounds like Jake will still be the loyal soldier to B613 in the landmark hour. It’s something of a study of how the circumstances of our lives shape our identity, how we see ourselves, and how we present ourselves to the world. “Everyone is so different, it’s really extraordinary,” the actress says. It’s subtle, the difference, it’s just really interesting who he is and what he struggles with. nurture, actually.”
Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn)
If Olivia didn’t rig the election, then yes, Fitz would not end up in office. The cast cryptically teases what’s in store:
Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)
Without a job in the White House or a group of associates working under her, where would Olivia be now? “If only I could share that,” Malina says. But otherwise, Washington is staying mum. It’s really satisfying.”
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Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry)
Without his fearless leader in the White House, Cyrus’ life has changed in a very big way. “Wait until you see. “His circumstances are different, but his wiring is pretty similar,” Perry teases. “He’s not the president of the United States,” Goldwyn confirms. “So Jake is not as evolved as he is now, but his motivation and the actions that he takes in this episode are what people have wanted him to do for a long time. “It’s a very different thing,” Morton says. ET on ABC. “Mellie’s alternate reality is every bit as ambitious and every bit as flawed in   just wanting to be loved, just willing to try sacrificing parts of herself for love and success, and realizing that it doesn’t work, just like it doesn’t work in this present reality.”
Abby Whelan (Darby Stanchfield)
While Abby probably wasn’t given the opportunity to join OPA in this timeline, she was still able to leave her abusive husband with the help of Olivia. “It will be new all around. “I feel like our writers are geniuses because in as much as they stretch us in a million directions, they never lose our hearts,” Young says. “The circumstances are kind of shockingly different, but the inner Cyrus, people will go, ‘Oh, well, that’s Cyrus.’”

Rowan Pope (Joe Morton)
Without Fitz in office, Rowan’s position as Command of B613 is probably secure, though his goals are still murky. “He’s very different. It’s Sliding Doors, if we went left instead of right.”
David Rosen (Josh Malina)
It also sounds like David is not the Attorney General of the United States   in this timeline. I don’t know how I will ever top it in my career.” Despite what looks like a potential beauty pageant crowning in the promo, Lowes teases that’s not what’s happening. Still, Young says that Mellie is both utterly different and also not at all in this new world. The upcoming milestone 100th episode features an alternate reality in which Olivia (Kerry Washington), Mellie (Bellamy Young), and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) never rigged the election, and most of the events that have taken place over the last six seasons likely never happened. Show Full Article “Nope,” Lowes says. Could not rigging the election have had an effect on his eventual marriage to James (Dan Bucatinsky)? “I will say that there are some very extreme doppelgänger characters. How different is everyone in this alternate reality as a result? There’s one salient feature to his alternate-reality life that people will like, but I can’t really speak to what it is.”
Scandal‘s 100th episode airs Thursday at 9 p.m. “I can’t say who it is [that I’m playing],” Lowes says. “There’s a little bit more inner peace and a little bit more happiness in Huck than in regular Huck in this alternate reality, so that’s interesting.”
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Quinn Perkins (Katie Lowes)
In this reality, OPA wouldn’t have had to frame Lindsay Dwyer for the death of her boyfriend, who helped rig the election, hence Quinn Perkins probably doesn’t even exist.

‘Doctor Who’ stars give tour of TARDIS in behind-the-scenes clip

Watch the trailer for the new season and the behind-the-scenes clip above. Doctor Who costars Peter Capaldi as the titular Time Lord. One of the happiest half-hours of my professional life was spent pretending to operate the control console of the TARDIS during a tour of the Doctor Who studio in Cardiff a couple of years back. The premiere episode of the show’s new season screens on BBC America on April 15 at 9 p.m. Did I know what any of the various buttons I pushed and I pulled were supposed to do? But what the pair lack in expertise, they make up for with enthusiasm, and, if nothing else, the footage should help put fans in the right headspace for the return of the long-running time travel show this Saturday. Show Full Article And, to be honest, Doctor Who cast members Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas don’t really seem any more knowledgeable as they offer a tour of the famous blue box in a new behind-the-scenes clip. ET. I did not.

How the Up and Vanished podcast cracked a 2005 cold case

Just the sheer mystery behind this case is what intrigued me initially. He said he’d talk to Tara’s family about the podcast and was kind of like a line of communication for us. Did you ever speak with Tara’s family? LINDSEY:   It feels amazing, really. I approached it from a storytelling standpoint. Also, it’s the story of the healing process. Was there a way to have solved this 10 or 12 years ago? We can’t count on the police or anybody else to just tell us that. Once the dust settles a little bit, I plan on connecting with them. Are the roles switched? How did you know where to even start? That’s kind of how they found out about me. I was always very sensitive about that and I didn’t want to come in early on. In search of a more difficult next project, the documentarian sought to tackle the true-crime genre, crediting the success of Making a Murderer and The Jinx as inspirations. Duke’s former classmate, Bo Dukes, now 32, was also arrested and charged with concealing a death, hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal, and tampering with evidence. Few have matched its meteoric rise, and even fewer   have accomplished what Koening was never able to do: solve a murder mystery. Besides physical proximity, what attracted you to this case? Maurice Godwin, the private investigator hired by Grinstead’s family who   had been working on the case for over 10 years, reached out after Lindsey inquired about the case in a WebSleuths.com forum. How does anybody who’s been labeled a person of interest in this case feel? And just six months after the show launched, all of Lindsey’s hard work paid off. 22, 2017. No. But true crime was foreign territory. That was my motto throughout the whole thing. It was really helpful to have the investigator who worked this case personally. Not that I didn’t have confidence in myself, I just didn’t view myself as a podcaster. The easy way to put it right now is we’re going to continue to tell the story until we feel like we’ve told it. Statistically, that doesn’t happen. Duke, now 33, attended the high school where Grinstead worked but graduated three years prior to her disappearance and was arrested in February after police received an anonymous tip. I never really viewed myself as a journalist, per se, but technically I am. I felt like there was a lot of room for answers. Did I think I could do it? But what I tried to use to my advantage was my people skills. That is until Payne Lindsey came along. We’re working on that behind the scenes now and can announce it in the near future. I thought if I was persistent enough, went in there and put the blinders on, and wasn’t scared to do something, then maybe I could make a difference. But before that, I still plan on doing a visual TV or film version of this story, which would be sort of a recap of the podcast and a lot of stuff that I didn’t put out on the podcast. I almost didn’t do the podcast because I didn’t think I could do it. And if there was, let’s not cover that up. In February, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced an arrest in the case and credited the media for playing a “significant role” in the investigation. It’s not impossible to solve an unsolved case or make a difference as a journalist. I would love to have them on the podcast – only if it’s something they’d want to do. Outside   Tara Grinstead’s home in Ocilla, Ga.Elliott Minor/AP
In the first episode, you said you found the case when you were digging around for an idea for a documentary. As a documentarian, you obviously know how to tell a good story. And so really this whole time, as far as the professional side of things, that was always a learning curve. Let’s let that out there, let’s let the truth out. Are they more involved, less involved? With Wednesday’s indictment marking the end of the 11-year cold case, Lindsey is about to wrap up his work on Up and Vanished. How were you able to work around the Georgia Open Records Act? Show Full Article Did somebody know about this beforehand? It was different. Lindsey hosts Up and Vanished, an investigative podcast about the missing case of Tara Grinstead, a 30-year-old beauty queen and high school teacher who disappeared from her Ocilla, Georgia, home in October 2005. He was indicted on six charges, including   burglary, aggravated assault, malice murder, felony murder, and concealing a death. I could ask him off-the-cuff questions and not sound like I was stupid. Ever since Sarah Koening ended her last recorded phone call with Adnan Syed two years ago, a flurry of podcasts have attempted to replicate the appeal and success of Serial. What I do is not that so why am I trying to be that? Ryan Duke (left) was arrested Feb. Hopefully, it can inspire the right people to do something similar in the future and have a positive impact like this [podcast] has. 2 on the iTunes charts. I really didn’t know anything. It’s sort of like the refs hit the reset button [when the arrests were made] but I quickly found out that there’s a lot more to this story and it may not ever come out unless someone like me chooses to try to tell it. Are you still going to do one? So we’ll probably go after episode 18 for a little bit. That’s a tough question. Elliott Minor/AP
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:   How does it feel knowing your work contributed to the break in the case? So there’s still a lot left to tell in the story. We’re pitching it as a television docuseries right now, where it’s in episode form and it’s just basically a longform documentary of Tara’s disappearance. They supported the podcast 100 percent but they said they didn’t want to be a part of it because it’s been too painful. Eventually, I’ll do a season 2 of Up and Vanished on a cold case of another missing person. What are their stories? Really the biggest points are: What really happened here? Prior to the release of Up and Vanished last fall, Lindsey’s résumé listed only a handful of short films and music videos. The circumstances under which she disappeared were baffling to me and the fact that nobody had seemed to be any closer to the answers 10, 11 years later just blew my mind. You’ve talked to a number of people for this podcast. Bo Dukes (right) was taken into custody March 3.Georgia Bureau of Investigation via AP; Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office/WMAZ via AP
You haven’t been able to access any of the official criminal investigation files because the state still considered this case an open investigation (before the arrests were made). I think they want to but without me or you and anybody else we run the risk of never knowing the whole story and never being able to completely heal and move on. It was there that   he found Grinstead’s case and was immediately hooked. I wanted to paint this whole narrative of this bizarre unsolved mystery. It kind of gives me hope, it’s kind of inspiring to even myself that people can still make a difference. It felt like I was trying to be somebody I wasn’t. I didn’t know any more than anybody else did. That ended up being a really refreshing approach to people because I wasn’t coming at it like, “This document says this.” What I made sure I did do was use my moral compass the whole time with what I deemed appropriate and respectful and responsible. Each week, listeners follow Lindsey as he scours   through documents, retraces police steps, and earns the trust of locals in the small town of 3,414 people. I can find the answer to that!” It almost gets you pumped up, like, well let me take a stab at it. What’s left to tell? You have these professionals and that’s their thing. What’s their real story? Are the charges that are laid against them the right charges? One day, I pulled the trigger and said you know what, I’m just going to do it. One week later, a second arrest was made. At what point do you stop and move on to another case? How does [Tara’s ex-boyfriend] Marcus Harper feel? But I wanted to learn how. With Lindsey acting as Godwin’s fresh set of eyes on the investigation, the two sought out to solve one of the largest case files in Georgia history. What were their roles? Tenderfoot
On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted Ryan Duke, on murder charges. We have some truth but we don’t have the whole truth. Until then, the Atlanta-based filmmaker talks to EW about the podcast’s success, the future of Up and Vanished, and why he almost never did the show to begin with. My passion was always in telling other people’s stories in a way that they’ve never been told. Kind of ending the story the right way, and all the conclusions, and the healing of the town, and all the other truths that I feel still needs to come out. As a result, the podcast has gained a strong following, garnering 33 million downloads to date and reaching as high as No. We’re not going to drag it out unnecessarily but at the same time we don’t want to end it abruptly without telling what we think is the whole story. How do they explain some of the things that made them look guilty or cause suspicion over the years? To start, Payne searched through the GBI’s cold case files online. It’s this whole other chapter to this, the aftermath. Dukes is currently out on bail. Who is Ryan Duke, who is Bo Dukes? Early on I talked to the police chief in Ocilla and he’s still really close to Tara’s family. Before we took a break at episode 12, I said that we were going to do 18 episodes and it was during that break that the arrests happened. Now, I was aggressive about it a lot of times because at a certain point if I’m going to put this much time and effort into this I want to solve it. I did not have any sort of advantage when it came to figuring some of this stuff out. I assumed that the police and the GBI did their job but having a fresh look at it, just learning about this case for the first time, I was like, “There’s no way they don’t know the answers to some of this stuff. I didn’t want to come in and say, “Hey I’m some new podcaster guy and I’m making a story on your daughter’s disappearance.”   I didn’t want to come across like an opportunist or something. What I knew how to do was try to get people to talk to me like a person. … I’ve never talked to them directly. His first stroke of luck arrived when Dr. They haven’t told us anything for 12 years and now there’s a gag order so clearly it’s not something that they’re trying to do at this point in time. At first, I almost felt like I needed to gain their respect and put together a respectable product that people connected to and could see what’s different and refreshing and find new information and gain the trust and respect from people in the community.

‘Chappelle’s Show’ comedian Charlie Murphy dies at 57

Great show brothers!!!!! See those below. “In relationships you never want to leave anything unsaid, our conversations before shows and after shows we all told each other and Charlie how we felt! Habitual Line Stepper. Murphy’s most popular recurring sketch on Chappelle’s Show,   which he wrote for and appeared on,   was titled   “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” and featured him recalling real-life encounters with celebrities. Lopez paid tribute to Murphy in an Instagram posted Wednesday. God bless, we already miss you. So sad. Damn I loved Charlie Murphy ❤❤❤❤🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
— Russell Simmons (@UncleRUSH) April 12, 2017

We just lost one of the funniest most real brothers of all time. pic.twitter.com/MltwzHAR9v
— Neal Brennan (@nealbrennan) April 12, 2017

Show Full Article — Lil Chano From 79th (@chancetherapper) April 12, 2017

Charlie Murphy changed my life. Keep his family in your thoughts and in your prayers and keep a space for Charlie in you're heart #Chingon I love you Charlie .#CHARLIEMURPHY 👊🏽
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Just came out of meditation and learned that one of my friends and my biggest comedy idol passed. pic.twitter.com/AAwItp5AJC
— Chris Rock (@chrisrock) April 12, 2017

Charlie Murphy was such a kind, sweet, funny man. Hughley, and George Lopez. He was 57. Hilarious dude. “I’m heartbroken at the passing of our brother Charlie,” he wrote. Murphy will also be featured on the upcoming season of the   Starz drama   Power,   EW revealed in January. Damn. Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s brother and a comedian best known for his work on   Chappelle’s Show, has died after a battle with leukemia, EW has confirmed. Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers and keep a space for Charlie in [your] heart.”
Other comedians and actors, including Chris Rock and Chappelle’s Show   co-creator Neal Brennan, also honored Murphy with social media posts. In relationships you never want to leave anything unsaid , our conversations before shows and after shows we all told each other and Charlie how we felt! This is a text message that Charlie sent us from a recent @comedygetdown Show @realdlhughley @cedtheentertainer " Great seeing you guys and living the magic last night. This included one with Rick James, where Dave Chappelle’s portrayal of the musician repeatedly says “I’m Rick James, b—-!”

He later worked with his brother on writing the script for 2007’s   Norbit,   which featured him voicing the character of Llyod the dog. Charlie Murphy RIP. More recently, he starred on the Adult Swim series   Black Jesus   and appeared in the 2016 comedy-horror   Meet the Blacks. Incredible talent, even better man. One of the most original people I've ever met. ( I'm heartbroken at the passing of our brother Charlie. RIP ❤
— Gabrielle Union (@itsgabrielleu) April 12, 2017

Charlie Murphy was a great man. He was also part of the ongoing   Comedy Get Down Tour with Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, D.L.

Syfy renews ‘The Magicians’ for season 3

Based on Lev Grossman’s bestselling novels, The Magicians follows Quentin Goldwater (Jason Ralph) and his friends, who are all thrust into the mysterious and dangerous world of Fillory, where they draw upon their novice skills in a bid to save the existence of magic. Show Full Article Check out a sneak peek from the penultimate episode of The Magicians:

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. The Magicians has been renewed for a 13-episode third season, which is expected to debut in 2018, Syfy announced Wednesday. Currently in its second season, The Magicians also stars Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleton   Arjun Gupta, Summer Bishil, Rick Worthy, and Jade Tailor. ET on Syfy. The series hails from executive producers John McNamara, Sera Gamble, Chris Fisher, Michael London, and Janice Williams.