Bye-bye, Britney: Spears announces final dates of Las Vegas residency

(Caesars Entertainment)Britney Spears is leaving Las Vegas.The pop superstar   has set the final dates for her “Britney: Piece of Me” show, closing the curtain on her four-year residency as her   contract with Caesars Entertainment has come to an end.The high-octane production will return to the Axis at Planet Hollywood on Sept. She’ll then gear up for a summer tour of   Asia and Israel.Tickets   for the final dates will go on sale to the public on Friday. “We are still talking with Caesars Entertainment and other interested parties in Las Vegas.”Spears will end the show’s current run on Saturday and will return for performances between May 3 and May 20. 3 with 18 performances slated until her final show closes out 2017 on   New Year’s Eve.”As I prepare to say goodbye to ‘Piece of Me,’ I had no idea how magical this experience would be,” the 35-year-old entertainer said in a statement on Monday. “Having my fans from around the world come see my show has been amazing. Latest updates I love Las Vegas and will miss performing this show.”The “Slumber Party” singer continued her farewell on social media, adding, “Saying goodbye to this show is going to be SO hard.”The headliner has revamped the show several times since its debut in 2013. In February, the oft-sold out production   grossed more than $100 million in ticket sales, making it one of   Las Vegas’ most successful residencies, especially with   younger audiences.“We are done with this show, and our next move is undecided,” her manager, Larry Rudolph, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Britney Spears’ Vegas residency is coming to a close.

Celebrities slam United Airlines over passenger who was dragged off flight
— Zendaya (@Zendaya) April 10, 2017

The passive language here is how corporations deflect responsibility. One man declined to leave, saying he was a doctor who had to see patients in the morning. Only a few weeks after receiving backlash   for not allowing two girls to fly in leggings, United Airlines is again making headlines after a passenger was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight to make room for United employees to travel. Here's how they did it:
— Jayse D.
— Harry Shearer (@theharryshearer) April 10, 2017

*walks into dinner party, bloodied and bruised.*"Whoa, what happened to you?""United overbooked again."
— shannonwoodward (@shannonwoodward) April 10, 2017

Today, United Airlines became President. — Kat Dennings (@OfficialKat) April 10, 2017

This is deeply disturbing! This could be me or you next time. You did this. “This could be me or you next time,” Selma director Ava DuVernay wrote on Twitter. Our team is moving with a sense of urgency to work with the authorities and conduct our own detailed review of what happened. Anspach (@JayseDavid) April 10, 2017

Another video, recorded after the initial incident, shows the man bleeding and repeating, “Just kill me.”

#flythefriendlyskies @united no words. — Lizz Resistead (@lizzwinstead) April 10, 2017

I feel like Pepsi and United are pulling from the same employment agencies
— Whitney Cummings (@WhitneyCummings) April 10, 2017

Wow @united. — billy eichner (@billyeichner) April 10, 2017

cannot wait to use "i will re-accommodate your ass" in my next fight
— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 10, 2017

I am appalled and absolutely disgusted….this is unacceptable. When he refused to give up his seat, police officers boarded, pulled him screaming from his seat, and dragged him by his arms through the aisle — a scene that horrified other passengers, according to videos taken by witnesses and posted on the internet. — Jon Lovett (@jonlovett) April 10, 2017

Truth in advertising. The airline manager would not relent, and the man yelled that he was being targeted because he was Chinese, a passenger told the   Post. But the Chicago police who dragged the man off the flight are also monsters. Excited to, I don't know… stay on? — Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) April 10, 2017

I fly about 120,000 miles a year and you've pretty much lost my business @united
— roxane gay (@rgay) April 10, 2017

Show Full Article This poor man!! "Review of what happened." It didn't just happen. — David Schneider (@davidschneider) April 10, 2017

Am I only one wondering if United thing wouldn't happen if every airport employee w a badge hadn't been somehow emboldened since January? I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers. Do not accept this. Cowardly assault.”
Others to slam the airline included   Joss Whedon, Kumail Nanjiani, and Chrissy Teigen. — Andy Richter (@AndyRichter) April 10, 2017

United Airlines new slogan: “Fly the friendly skies once you get off the scary ground.”
— Albert Brooks (@AlbertBrooks) April 10, 2017

Ah, yes, the victim-blaming is right on schedule. — Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) April 10, 2017

Having flown #united last week, I feel very blessed to not be tweeting this message from a hospital bed.  

@United overbook #flight3411 and decided to force random passengers off the plane. Shame on the airport cops. Shame on the airport cops. “Shame on @United who broke customer trust + instigated this.
— Kumail Nanjiani (@kumailn) April 10, 2017

So @united sucks. Fly the Friendly Skies.
— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) April 10, 2017

Me: "I'm pretty sure that @united can't get any worse."@united: "Hold my tiny airplane bottle of booze."
— Wil Wheaton (@wilw) April 10, 2017

I bet 90 percent of today's calls between @United and the FAA are about the costs of enforcing a ban on handheld devices
— Dan Harmon (@danharmon) April 10, 2017

United we stand against United. — Michelle Beadle (@MichelleDBeadle) April 10, 2017

Congrats United, you now have all the volunteers you could ever want giving up their seats on your flights.
— Ava DuVernay (@ava) April 10, 2017

A thoughtful thread on the @United travesty that's worth your next two minutes. Another traveler told the Washington Post   that four passengers were asked to leave a flight from Chicago to St. We are also reaching out to this passenger to talk directly to him and further address and resolve this situation.”

United CEO response to United Express Flight 3411. #America
— Siddharth (@Actor_Siddharth) April 10, 2017

United. New low. 👇🏾
— Ava DuVernay (@ava) April 10, 2017

Getting on a United flight this morning. #Resist the slide into authoritarianism with everything you have. Cowardly assault. — Joss Whedon (@joss) April 10, 2017

"For the comfort and safety of the other passengers, please remember we will be resorting to cannibalism BY GROUP NUMBER" #united
— Joss Whedon (@joss) April 10, 2017

Jet Blue's new slogan – extra leg room and we won't physically drag you down the aisle screaming in pain. Louis on Sunday night to make room for four airline employees. Friendly…like this boot on your throat. Police using unnecessary force, again. — Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) April 10, 2017

After losing my job as head of ad content for Pepsi, I have to say my 1st day running customer services for United Airlines has been lively.
— shannonwoodward (@shannonwoodward) April 10, 2017

If Southwest Airlines doesn't jump on this United fiasco with a 'wanna getaway' spot, then what are we doing? Shame on @United who broke customer trust + instigated this. An Asian man dragged off a plane despite having a boarding pass. — Josh Gad (@joshgad) April 10, 2017

Dear #united, I had to "re-accommodate" someone once
— Joe Thomas (@joethomas73) April 10, 2017

Ironically, not enough seats in the conference room where United is having its crisis meeting. See more reactions below.
— United (@united) April 10, 2017

The news and troubling videos sparked widespread criticism of the airline, including by many in Hollywood.
— Kaylyn Davis (@kaylyn_davis) April 10, 2017

In a statement posted to Twitter, United CEO Oscar Munoz said, “This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United.

‘Arrow’: Manu Bennett returns as Slade Wilson

But will he still be when Slade returns? We’ll find out when Arrow airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. Details on Slade’s return are being kept under wraps, but the character was last seen in an A.R.G.U.S. EW has confirmed that the actor will reprise his role as Slade Wilson, otherwise known as Deathstroke. Stephen Amell first broke the news on Twitter. Show Full Article Manu Bennett has booked a return trip to Arrow! One of Oliver’s (Amell) greatest foes, Slade Wilson made his debut halfway through the first season as a fellow castaway on Lian Yu, who ultimately was injected with super-soldier serum Mirakuru in a bid to save his life. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” Amell wrote on Twitter in breaking the news of Bennett’s return. So yeah, he was a bad guy. prison cell on Lian Yu during the third season. ET on The CW. Slade eventually returned to then-Starling City to get vengeance on Oliver for choosing to let Ivo (Dylan Neal) kill Shado (Celina Jade) over Sara (Caity Lotz), eventually slaughtering Oliver’s mother (Susanna Thompson) and nearly destroying the town before being imprisoned. Could that mean Oliver will need to rely on an old enemy to take down a new one in Prometheus (Josh Segarra)?

‘Godfather’ actor reveals James Caan feud

“Sonny and I had a problem all through the movie, on and off the set,” Russo tells the People   and Entertainment Weekly Network, claiming that his familiarity with the neighborhood (and its residents) likely “pissed [Caan] off” before the cameras rolled. For all the beatings Caan did land on Russo, however, there is one that sticks out as an obviously staged move. “I asked Francis Ford Coppola at the 25th anniversary, ‘Why didn’t you fix that?’ Because we had cameras on the roof, cameras all over. Once you win an Oscar, you can’t touch that negative.”
Watch   Russo dish more about the untold stories behind The Godfather   — including how Marlon Brando helped him get through a particularly difficult day of shooting —   above. Show Full Article Sonny Corleone (James Caan) gave a memorable bruising to his brother-in-law, Carlo Rizzi, in the 1972 classic The Godfather, but according to the actor on the receiving end of the iconic beatdown, his character   wasn’t the only   thing that took a hit during the production of the Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece. The guy’s nuts.”
For more revelations from the past four decades of entertainment, visit We had every angle they needed to fix it, but they couldn’t touch it. “We choreographed that scene for about a day and a half… Jimmy got a little aggressive, I would say, and he improvised a few things like that little billy club he threw at me when I came off the stoop. “With this being my first film, I didn’t want to complain,” Russo explains. He hit me right in the head with that, and then he throws me over the railing and he’s biting my hands… when I crawl out, he literally lifted me up with his kick… none of that was supposed to happen.”
He also indicates Caan’s antics left him with a chipped elbow and two broken ribs. “That one miss when he throws that punch at me and I react… everybody knows [the punch is actually] about six inches away from me,” he recalls. Actor Gianni Russo — who portrayed the ill-fated, abusive husband of the only Corleone daughter   — says his relationship with Caan   had frayed as   filming commenced, though their tension came to a head   while shooting the violent   altercation (sparked by Rizzi’s mistreatment of Corleone’s sister) on the streets of Harlem in New York City. Still, he says he intended to leave the drama on the big screen. “Jimmy and I are not friends at all, believe me.

Kathy Griffin remembers friend Don Rickles: ‘We have lost an essential voice’

Don was fearless and peerless. Now, please,” Griffin wrote. Following Rickles’ April 6 death from kidney failure, Griffin   remembered him across several social media posts, including a photo of the 90-year-old posing next to another of Griffin’s mentors, Joan Rivers, who died in 2014. “Stylistically, he’s absolutely a hero for me because he has a great way of saying the things we’re all thinking, but really getting away with it. He really reminds me of my dad.”

Two years prior, the pair took the stage together at the 60th Emmy Awards to present the   trophy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program. “We have lost an essential voice in comedy. My pal. Now, four days after his death, Griffin is   sending him off with a sweet tribute that acknowledges his status as not only a friend and esteemed colleague,   but   an industry legend as well. A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on Apr 6, 2017 at 10:10pm PDT

Griffin is currently on a national tour to support her new book, Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins, which is available now. Show Full Article This guy. Rickles turned the appearance into a mini stand-up set of his own, cracking the audience up as he poked fun at everything from the telecast’s prewritten introductions to the show’s production staff   signaling him to wrap up. “He is inherently funny. Kathy Griffin has forged a   storied career telling hilarious stories about her run-ins with the Hollywood elite, and some of her most endearing interactions come   from her work with late comedian Don Rickles. #donrickles
A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on Apr 6, 2017 at 12:16pm PDT

Griffin has also included Rickles in her stand-up act over the years, recalling a memorable story about him lampooning   his Casino costar, Sharon Stone,   as part of   the 2010 special Kathy Griffin   Does the Bible Belt. “These two. There’s something about Don’s way of being a combination of crusty and out there and outrageous, but really, really sweet. Anyone who thought he was mean or an ‘insult comic’ didn’t get him,” the 56-year-old   said in a statement to EW. “He was a sweetheart, an artist, and a friend. They need to come back. Now, please. They need to come back. The legend. And oh, the gems that would roll off his tongue at a dinner party!”
Griffin previously allowed audiences to   experience   the chemistry   she   shared with Rickles while filming   a   2010 episode of her Bravo reality series Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List   titled “Maggie’s Bucket List,” during which she surprised her mother with an unexpected visit from the former Tonight Show   staple. These two. He can say things that on paper might look offensive, but when he says them, they’re funny,” Griffin said in a video confessional on the episode.

Hear Carly Rae Jepsen’s new music from Canadian film ‘Leap!’

One of such tracks,   “Cut to the Feeling,” leaked online over the weekend, teasing an addictive, sugary-sweet dance-pop ditty with a soaring chorus and upbeat production. That was actually a contender for [E·MO·TION: Side B] and, originally, the first album,” Jepsen previously told EW of the song. “It was almost too cinematic and theatrical. this fall, though it began a slow   overseas rollout at the tail end of last year. Carly Rae Jepsen once   drove   the pop conversation at the top of the mainstream charts with one of the biggest singles of the modern era; now, in a post-“Call Me Maybe” world, we’re living in a time   where the   31-year-old Canadian is settling firmly into a creative resurgence   despite a dramatic commercial decline, with a newfound uptick in quality that sees even her   rejected album cuts snatching the   wigs   of industry competition. Show Full Article “That was definitely from the era of E·MO·TION. “I was like, ‘Actually, this has been in my back pocket. “When Ballerina came along, I met with people as I was doing the voiceover for [the character Odette] and they were showing me a couple scenes. I’ve been saving it for the B-sides, but if this works for you guys, I’d be stoked to share it.’”
Ballerina will be released domestically under the title Leap! There was one in particular where they were like, ‘We’re looking for the right song for this, do you have anything?’” she   continued. I was like, ‘If I had my way with it, this would be great for a musical or movie!’”
In addition to contributing music to the film, Jepsen also voices one of its characters, Odette. The audio for “Cut to the Feeling” — which can be heard on SoundCloud here —   was likely   ripped from the film’s Blu-ray release. The song — which appears in the French-Canadian animated film Ballerina   — was cut from Jepsen’s 2016 compilation album   E•MO•TION: Side B, which features tunes that didn’t make the final track list   of her 2015 pop bible   E•MO•TION.

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ actors accepts the ‘Get Out’ Challenge in set video

Since actor Daniel Kaluuya also happens to have a role in   Black Panther,   some of Marvel’s cast and crew   offered their own take. Kaluuya looks up from his phone to see a line of people   sprinting towards him from behind one of the trailers. Watch the video below. #blackpanther cast #bts shenanigans #ChrisMakesACameo #ChrisFinallyGetsOutAtAppropriateMoment #cantgetenoughofit. “The Ultimate #getoutchallenge is when #danielkaluuya is down to play,” Lupita Nyong’o wrote in posting the set video to   Instagram in celebration of the film’s MTV Movie & TV Award nominations. Kaluuya will now feature in Black Panther, helmed   by Ryan Coogler. Brown, and Andy Serkis. Celebrating @getoutmovie @mtv awards nominations! Since   Get Out became a box office-busting milestone for first-time director Jordan Peele, more and more   fans have accepted the Get Out Challenge, in which people   recreate Marcus Henderson’s run towards the camera. A post shared by Lupita Nyong'o (@lupitanyongo) on Apr 8, 2017 at 2:41pm PDT

Get Out, which stars Kaluuya and Girls‘ Allison Williams, earned $176.6 million worldwide since its debut in February. The Ultimate #getoutchallenge is when #danielkaluuya is down to play! Jordan, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Sterling K. “F– this,” he says before walking briskly off the lot. On a budget of $4.5 million, that’s pretty impressive. The film also made Peele the first African-American writer-director to surpass $100 million with a feature film debut,   in addition to becoming the highest-grossing directorial debut from a writer-director. Show Full Article In addition to Nyong’o, the film stars Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, Michael B.

‘Nashville’ renewed for season 6 by CMT

Only this time, the number of   Nashville   are being cut back. “Nashville ranks as the network’s highest-rated and most-watched show in the network’s history, averaging 2.1 million weekly viewers.”  
CMT is also releasing this preview of the remainder of the season — watch above. And if that weren’t enough Nashville scoop, there’s also some casting news:   Jeff Nordling (Big Little Lies and Desperate Housewives) is coming on board in the recurring role of Brad Maitland, who’s described as an “extremely successful, charming, egotistical, narcissistic owner of the most successful record label in Nashville.” As previously announced,   Rachel Bilson (Hart of Dixie) and Kaitlin Doubleday (Empire) will join the series in the second half of season 5. CMT is rescuing Nashville — again! Episodes will continue to stream on Hulu the next day. Previous   cycles on ABC and CMT have all been either 21 or 22 episodes. “The devoted Nashie fan base has generated record-breaking numbers for CMT,”   CMT President Brian Philips said. The order reduction is not surprising given that most dramas on cable are 10-to-18 episodes; CMT initially ordering 22 hours for this year was considered unusual. The cable network is renewing the musical drama for a   second round in its new home and marking the show’s sixth season overall. Show Full Article Next year’s season will be 16 episodes. The Nashville midseason return date has now been set as well: Thursday, June 1.

Read an excerpt from Jennifer Armentrout’s ‘If There’s No Tomorrow’

Which was okay with me. Wiggling her fingers goodbye, Skylar turned and walked toward the door. But then spring happened…. Her mom was ridiculously organized, down to labeled baskets for gloves and scarfs. “Well, breaking up with him was one of my mistakes. Why? I played volleyball and even though I really wasn’t that good at it, our school sucked so I made the team. I just wanted to open my eyes. I tried to lift my arms, but they were weighed down, full of lead. What I wanted to do actually involved working in museums, so I would’ve loved a trip to D.C. Never. A strange look crossed her face. Why couldn’t I move? Right now her hair was black. Trust me. Skylar smiled then. If she wanted something to eat, Bobby was going to be pissed, and I was going to have to spend five minutes convincing him to cook whatever she wanted. I wish. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, why they thought my mom would be happy to hear this—
“Maybe I should drive?”
Warmth hit my veins, starting at the base of my skull and then washing over me, cascading through my body and then there were no dreams, no thoughts, and no voices. She’d left her BMW running, and I was willing to bet she had a car full of girls just as pretty and perfect as her. It was real, and made me feel like I should be a better person or something. “I thought I’d stop by and see if… if you knew when Sebastian was coming home.”
Of course. “His dad wanted him to check out some of the universities down there and he hadn’t seen his cousins in years.”
Someone out in the BMW slammed on the horn and Skylar looked over her shoulder. Not that anyone would blame her. Most people would ask what in the hell would you do with a degree in that, but there were a lot of opportunities like working in forensics, corporate gigs, teaching, and more. For the most part, the only time anyone under the age of sixty came into Joanna’s was on Friday nights after the football games, and sometimes Saturday evenings during the summer. Whipping her phone out of my face, she cocked her head to the side. I’m trying to erase all of that from my memory and you’re not helping.”
Leaning over the counter I was standing behind, she whispered, “I’ll never let you live that down.” She grinned when my eyes narrowed. A twisty pang lit up my chest, a mixture of yearning and panic—two feelings I was well acquainted with when it came to Sebastian. I wanted to go to college and study anthropology. “Your mouth was on his mouth and his hands—”
“All right.” I threw up my hands, warding off whatever else was about to say. “I guess I’ll see you at school in a week or so? Thought you were going to DC with your family this weekend?”
She sighed. I’d spent the last million years harboring a rabid case of bitter jealousy when it came to Skylar. A moment passed, and Skylar tucked bone-straight hair behind her ear as she turned back to face me. I actually wasn’t planning to stop here.” I silently added a sarcastic ‘Really?’ “The girls and I were heading out to the lake. “Does he know you’re in love with him?”

Show Full Article “You’re about to close, aren’t you?”
I nodded slowly. Jennifer Armentrout, author of   The Problem With Forever, is back with a new book this fall:   If There’s No Tomorrow   follows high school senior Lena Wise, who is finally about to tell her childhood best friend Sebastian her true feelings about him… when an accident that she helped cause derails that   plan entirely. But nowhere near as nice. She never came in here alone. I just…. She reached for the handle, but stopped and looked over her shoulder at me. “He’s basically humping a blow up dolphin.”
I pressed my lips together, because yep, that’s what it looked like. The restaurant was kind of stuck in the past, weirdly existing somewhere between big hair bands and the rise of Britney Spears, but it was clean and cozy, and practically everything that came out of the kitchen was fried. “Yeah. “And I didn’t have sex with him.”
She rolled dark brown eyes. Bright headlights pierced the darkness outside. Eye. Sign me up for that. “What were you thinking?”
“He’s cute—was cute,” I explained lamely as I glanced over my shoulder. Something was really wrong. “Is he with someone else?”
I stared at her, wondering if I lived through a different history of Sebastian and Skylar. “A weekend? Roll. Or at one of the parties?”
“Yep.” I fixed a smile on my face that felt brittle and probably looked half-crazed. Joanna’s made its bread and butter off of certified AARP members, which was one of the reasons why I started waitressing here during the summer. If I’m five minutes passed my curfew, she’ll call the cops, convinced I’ve been abducted.”
I grinned. Sebastian was supposed to come home from North Carolina on Saturday morning. Five of them. “In about ten minutes.”
Chapter 1
August 10th
“All I have to say is that you almost had sex with that.”
Scrunching my nose, I stared down at the phone Darynda Jones—Dary for short—had shoved in my face five seconds after walking into Joanna’s. I’ve texted and called, but….”
I wiped my hands along my shorts. “Can I ask you one more thing?”
“Sure.” Not like I was actually going to say no even though I was picturing a black hole appearing in the diner and sucking me into its vortex. “I don’t know.” That was a lie. “Really?” Surprise colored her tone. After wiping around the napkin dispensers, I lifted my chin and blew a strand of brown hair that had escaped my bun out of my face as the bell above the door rang and a slight figure stepped inside. Definitely not on Thursday nights. “I think he’s been really busy,” I said finally. “Anyway, if you see him, can you tell him that I stopped by?”
That was the last thing I wanted to do, but I nodded because I would tell him. A faint smile appeared. Part of me wanted to be a total bitch and point out that if Sebastian wanted to talk to her, he would’ve responded, but that just wasn’t me. “Whatever. Have you never made a huge mistake?”
“Tons,” I replied dryly. Honestly, I would’ve never started playing if it hadn’t been for Megan conniving me into it when we were freshman. My brain felt like it was full of cobwebs and fog. Then I was moving on to that sexy contemporary read I’d seen people talking about in the Facebook book club I lurked in, something about Royals and hot brothers. He and his parents were visiting his cousins for the summer. “I got to go before Mom freaks. Last month it was lavender. Something was wrong. You’re a nerd.”
“No point in denying that. It was easy and I needed the extra money. It should’ve been obvious the moment Skylar walked through those doors that she was here about Sebastian, because why else would she be talking to me? “Lena?”
Jarred out of my thoughts, I blinked. “Thanks,” she said. But it matters. Half of the time I was invisible to her and her friends. Mom can’t wait. As her guilt grows every day, she wonders whether she’ll ever be able to move on, especially when Sebastian might never forgive her. I think, at least.” She stepped back from the counter. “I’m guessing he’ll be back this weekend sometime. “Hell of a fighter. Yeah.” Dary hopped off the red-vinyl barstool. I had no idea what to say. I clenched my jaw shut. I could not wait to get home, shower off the scent of fried chicken tenders and burnt tomato soup, and finish reading the latest drama surrounding Feyre and the fae courts. 5 publication, EW exclusively reveals the cover and a sneak peek inside, below. “Hey, Lena.”
“Hey.” I straightened, hoping she wasn’t going to place an order. I thought I heard a steady beeping sound and voices, but all of it seemed far away, as if I was on one end of the tunnel and everything else was on the other. Harlequin TEEN
Excerpt from   If There’s No Tomorrow   by Jennifer Armentrout
I couldn’t move, and everything hurt—my skin felt stretched too tight, muscles burned like they’d been lit on fire, and my bones ached deep into the marrow. Hooking up with Cody was a mistake. Plus it had the best sweet tea in the entire state of Virginia. “The museums will be fun.”
“Of course you think that. “Oh man,” I murmured. We’re going to DC for the whole week. Her mother is going to be happy to hear that.”
Fighter? “You broke up with him,” I reminded her as gently as I could. Joanna’s had been a staple in downtown Clearbrook since I was knee high to a grasshopper. “What about me?”
She was quiet for a moment. There… there was something in my throat, in the back of my throat. Some of the guys are having a party, and we drove past here,” she explained. Luckily no one else was within hearing range. “I’m not trying to sound like a bitch, but what does it matter if he’s with someone else?”
Skylar curled a slender arm across her waist. I was the kind of person who thought things but never said them. Definitely mine, and the other…
“She’s starting to wake up,” a female voice interrupted my thoughts from somewhere on the other side of the tunnel. The list was longer than my leg and arm combined. “That has nothing to do with Sebastian.”
“Uh huh.”
“You’re so lucky I actually like you,” I shot back. “I know, I know. From the moment she moved to Clearbrook, population meh, she’d attached herself to Sebastian. Because I was that person. Pots clanged together, echoing out from the kitchen, signaling it was close to shutting down for the night. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing much.” She bit down on her glossy, bubble-gum pink lip. What was there to know about me that Sebastian didn’t already know? This was so incredibly awkward. But the worse part was that she was genuinely sweet, which made hating her a crime against humanity, puppies and rainbows. I dropped the lemony-scented rag with surprise. “Does he know about you?”
The corners of my lips started to turn down. My brows rose while I silently prayed that whoever was in the car stayed in that car. I swore half the money I made waitressing at Joanna’s went to buying books instead of my savings account, but I couldn’t help myself. Yeah, she was sugary sweet, but we didn’t operate in the same circles at school. I swear she actually has an itinerary for us, like which museums she wants to visit, the expected time in each one, and when we will have our lunches and dinners.”
My lips twitched. Why wouldn’t my eyes open? Stopping next to the red-vinyl barstools, she took a deep breath. “You’re working this weekend, right?”
“Yeah. I guess.” Her gaze dropped to the counter as she fidgeted with the hem of her slinky black tank top. “But I understand. I was legit boring. He’s kind of dumb-but-fun.”There was a dramatic pause,
Everything about Dary was dramatic, from the often abhorrently bright clothing she wore to the super short hair, cropped on the sides and a riot of curls on the top. He has muscles on top of muscles. I fixed a blank expression on my face. But I doubted that was what Skylar was talking about. I read more than I actually talked to people, And was obsessed with the History Channel and shows like Ancient Aliens. I wanted—
“I love you, Lena.”
“I love you, too.”
The voices echoed in my head, one of them mine. Sebastian came out of his mom’s womb stunning and charming everyone around him. It’s true.” And I had no problem admitting it. “What in the world is he doing?”
“What does it look like?” Dary’s eyes widened behind her white plastic framed glasses. You love me.” She smacked her hands down on the counter. Even in the horrible fluorescent lights, her summer tan was deep and flawless. We leave tomorrow morning. They were like rats with bushy tails, and they were mean.No one knew that, because that was super embarrassing. Footsteps neared and a male spoke, “Getting the propofol in now.”
“This is the second time she’s woken up,” the woman replied. Well, I was scared to death of squirrels. I couldn’t speak. In advance of the book’s Sept. Not that I didn’t have fun, but yeah, I was as stimulating as white bread. Maybe.”
“Yeah. Confusion swamped me. Those two got together in middle school and had dated all through high school, becoming the King and Queen of Coupledom. The fact that Skylar Welch was standing just inside of Joanna’s, ten minutes before closing, was a shock. A breeze could’ve knocked me flat on my face. Panic started to dig in. My arm twitched without warning, and there was a tug at the top of my hand. “I get it. “Text me later, okay?”
“Will do.”
Waving goodbye, I grabbed the damp rag and ran it along the narrow countertop. “And he’s Sebastian’s friend.”
I felt my stomach twist into knots. Tentatively walking forward like she expected the black and white linoleum floor to rip open and swallow her whole, she brushed her light brown, blonde at the end, hair over her shoulder. There were literally no hidden secrets to uncover. In two months, it would probably be pink. I won’t take long. I know. “He hasn’t…I haven’t heard from him. I’d resigned myself to the fact I’d have to force myself to attend their wedding at some point in the future.

Louis C.K. ‘SNL’ clown short criticized as Tig Notaro ‘rip-off’

When Louis C.K. Straight up rip-off. Oh wait I have when Tig Notaro made a short "Clown Service"
— Alexandra Gallant (@Gallantdesigner) April 9, 2017

If Tig Notaro didn't sign off on this Louie CK and SNL have a LOT of explaining to do.
— Joe Rhodes (@earlkabong) April 9, 2017

Show Full Article returned to host   Saturday Night Live   for the fourth time this past weekend, he appeared in one sketch as a depressed man who orders a birthday clown to perform just for him. — cynthia hall (@chp35mm) April 9, 2017

SNL skit last night with a sad Louie CK hiring a clown is a rip-off of Tig Notaro's short film. promising to take Bobby Moynihan’s clown into the kitchen so he can “chop you up into little pieces and put you in the fridge”), but for some fans, it bore a strong resemblance to another comedian’s work: Tig Notaro’s short film Clown Service, below. Though the basic setup is similar, the execution is not: Whereas C.K.’s bit ends with serial killer undertones, Notaro’s piece has a happy ending where she and her clown bond over their miserable lives. Like “Birthday Clown,” Clown Service portrays a down-in-the-dumps protagonist ordering a clown to their house for some much-needed cheering up. #ideapoaching
— Lex Gjurasic (@gjurasicpark) April 9, 2017

Watching #SNL like…this clown sketch, it's almost like I've seen it before. What's with Louie CK doing Tig's clown bit on @nbcsnl? RELATED: Saturday Night Live‘s 25 All-Time Best Characters

Notaro and C.K. The bit, above, was funny and even a little creepy (it ends with C.K. have worked together before: He posted her legendary   2012 standup set   Live   on his website and is an executive producer for her show   One Mississippi. Nevertheless, some fans have called C.K.’s version   “a rip-off.” (Reps for SNL,   C.K., and   Notaro did not immediately reply to EW’s request for comment.) Although Notaro has not publicly commented on the matter, she did repost   Clown Service on her Twitter feed the day after   SNL   aired. Read on for more reactions to the SNL piece.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ to take on racial profiling with stop-and-frisk episode

“They   want to know why their dad was arrested, so Jake and Amy have to talk about these issues with these kids,” says Goor. Show Full Article “It’s one of the funniest stories we’ve done.”
Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for its spring premiere tomorrow at 8 p.m. We’re NYPD detectives. The writers began working on an episode   but were having trouble around the halfway mark. Ice-T plays us on TV! It felt very natural and real, but at the same time, we’ve managed to make it as funny as any other Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.”
The idea for the story stemmed from   a conversation with Crews, who revealed a similar incident in which   he had been racially profiled. “He tries to work it out with the cop by going out to dinner with him, but   that doesn’t work out, and he has to decide whether or not to file a formal complaint,” series co-creator Dan Goor tells EW. It was   a conversation about the episode with a different cast member — Andre Braugher, a.k.a. “It’s Andre at the height of Andre and Terry really keeps up with him. Brooklyn Nine-Nine   tends   to   take a light-hearted approach when it comes to the long arm of the law: After all, it’s a comedy in which Andy Samberg effuses   lines like “Don’t worry, we can outsmart some small-town sheriff. In an episode airing May 2 on Fox, Terry (Terry Crews) — a sergeant in the Nine-Nine — is subjected to a stop-and-frisk (which, coincidentally, is also known as a “Terry stop“) by an officer when he’s on the street looking for his daughter’s blankie. And it’s the first time we’ve done an A story for anyone other than Jake.”

Speaking of Jake (Samberg), he and Amy (Melissa Fumero) will spend most of the episode   taking   care of Terry’s twins with Sharon (Merrin Dungey) out of town. Captain Holt — that led to a breakthrough moment. We caught the Son of Sam! It was so unexpected, but true to the character and honest, and made for an entire act’s worth of scenes.”
In the episode, after Terry hashes it out with other members of the Nine-Nine, “ultimately it comes down to a great set of scenes between Holt and [Terry],” says Goor. ET/PT, ready to resolve   that cliffhanger from the fall finale: Did Gina survive her collision with that bus? “To a certain extent, it’s the question of: Am I blue or am I black?”
It’s a subject matter   that the show’s writers   have been wanting to tackle for a long time, but “because our heroes are the police, it’s difficult to talk about the police in an abstract way,” says Goor. “And it was like the clouds parted and I could see for the first time. We keep the Tonys safe!” But an upcoming episode is   aiming to mine humor in a serious topic involving the police: Racial profiling via the controversial stop-and-frisk program, in which officers temporarily detain and search citizens for concealed weapons and illegal goods. “We’ve talked about a million different stories and I think this one really works. “Andre told me what he thought Captain Holt would do at that moment,” says Goor.

‘Girls’: Shoshanna and Jessa won’t be in series finale

Last night was their final episode of Girls. “And it’s true- even when they were battling, Jessa & Shoshanna had this insane Hepburn/Tracy Laverne/Shirley energy that just made us laugh so hard and feel so much. Last night was their final episode of Girls. Warning: This post contains spoilers about Sunday’s episode of Girls. #mondaymemory From the first day we paired them together in fall 2010, we knew these two TV cousins had something kinetic.  

Show Full Article See Dunham’s Instagram above. No words for how we'll miss writing for them, watching them, working alongside them #JessaAndShoshForever #CousinLove #ThankYou #GoodbyeGirls
A post shared by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on Apr 10, 2017 at 7:51am PDT

The series finale of   Girls   airs Sunday at 10 p.m. No words for how we’ll miss writing for them, watching them, working alongside them.”
RELATED: Girls and 19 Other HBO Original Series Gems

Shoshanna didn’t appear in most of this final season’s episodes, though it was revealed in Sunday’s installment that she’s been busy making a new life for herself. Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) and Jessa (Jemima Kirke) made their final appearance on   Girls‘ penultimate episode Sunday night, creator and star Lena Dunham revealed on Instagram Monday. But it’s not all bad: Jessa and Hannah make up after months of not talking, and eventually, all four of them dance together, putting aside their past for a night before Hannah moves away to upstate New York to teach at a college. ET on HBO. And it's true- even when they were battling, Jessa & Shoshanna had this insane Hepburn/Tracy Laverne/Shirley energy that just made us laugh so hard and feel so much. “From the first day we paired them together in fall 2010, we knew these two TV cousins had something kinetic,” Dunham wrote. She and the rest of the main foursome gather at her engagement party and soon realize that they just don’t get along.

Pulitzer Prize 2017 winners include ‘The Underground Railroad,’ ‘Evicted’

Big winners in the Letters and Drama segment included Colson Whitehead’s much-lauded   novel   The Underground Railroad   for Fiction and Matthew Desmond’s   Evicted for Non-Fiction. Jason Wambsgans, The Chicago Tribune
Letters and Drama
Fiction:   The Underground Railroad   by Colson Whitehead
Drama:   Sweat   Lynn Nottage
History:   Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising in 1971 and Its Legacy by   Heather Ann Thompson  
Biography or Autobiography:   The Return   Hisham Matar
Poetry: Olio by Tyehimba Jess
General Non-Fiction:   Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City   by Matthew Desmond
Music:   Angel’s Bone by   Du Yun

Show Full Article Last year’s notable winners included Lin-Manuel Miranda’s   Hamilton for Drama   and Viet Thanh Nguyen’s   The Sympathizerfor Fiction. Fahrenthold, The Washington Post
International Reporting: The New York Times
Feature Writing: C.J. Chivers, The New York Times
Commentary: Peggy Noonan, The Wall Street Journal
Criticism: Hilton Als, The New Yorker
Editorial Writing: Art Cullen, The Storm Lake Times
Editorial Cartooning: Jim Morin, The Miami Herald
Breaking News Photography: Daniel Berehulak
Feature Photography: E. This year’s Pulitzer Prize winners for excellence in literature, journalism, music, and photography were announced Monday via a live-stream on YouTube. Journalism
Public Service: The New York Daily News and ProPublica
Breaking News Reporting: The East Bay Times
Investigative Reporting: Eric Eyre of The Charleston Gazette Mail
Explanatory Reporting: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, McClatchy, The Miami Herald
Local Reporting: The Salt Lake Tribune
National Reporting: David A. Check out the full list of winners below, and watch the announcement video, above.

Janelle Monáe: ‘People have to start respecting the vagina’

“If you’re going to own this world and this is how you’re going to rule this world, I am not going to contribute anymore until you change it,”   Monáe continues. Marie Claire‘s Fresh Faces issues hits newsstands on April 18. “We have to realize our power and our magic. Show Full Article The issue features four other covers with How to Get Away with Murder‘s Aja Naomi King, Emily Ratajkowski, Zoey Deutch and Alexandra Daddario. But evil men? “Until every man is fighting for our rights, we should consider stopping having sex. The 31-year-old singer and actress graces   one of the covers of   Marie Claire‘s   May Fresh Faces issue, and opens up about the fight for gender equality, offering an attention-grabbing suggestion reminiscent of the Greek comedy to end the battle. This article originally appeared on I love men. Because I am all about black-girl magic, even though I’m standing with all women.”
She adds: “But this year? Is   Janelle Monáe looking to pull a Lysistrata? This year, I am so carefree black girl.”

Monáe is just one of five Fresh Faces for the publication. From working to destigmatize menstruation to taking to the stage at the Women’s March on Washington D.C.,   Monáe has long made her stance known, especially regarding issues that affect women. I will not tolerate that.”
The “Yoga” singer is no stranger to speaking out about social issues. “People have to start respecting the vagina,” Monáe tells the publication.

Lea Thompson reveals how she prefaces her movies to her kids

ET on Freeform. Thompson says, “It’s   a little awkward ‘cause I have a love scene with a duck.”
And for Some Kind of Wonderful, she advises, “It’s really not okay to hook up with your director — even though I did.”   Howard Deutch directed Thompson in the 1987 film, and the pair married in 1989. For her first role in Jaws 3-D, for example, she asks for their forgiveness “for just wearing a pink bathing suit for an entire movie.” As for   Howard the Duck, her kids haven’t watched the entire film. Watch the interview above and catch this full episode of Entertainment Weekly: The Show, available now on the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN). As a mom of two, Lea Thompson has had the pleasure — and also discomfort — of reliving   her past work with her kids, Madelyn and Zoey Deutch. But some of her roles, like   Back to the Future (where her character is attracted to her son) and Some Kind of Wonderful (on which Thompson   met her future husband, director Howard Deutch), need prefacing. For more revelations from the past four decades of entertainment, visit Show Full Article As a guest on Entertainment Weekly: The Show, Thompson revealed exactly how she explains her past work to her daughters. Watch Thompson in the series finale of   Switched at Birth on Tuesday at 9 p.m. “Thank you, because now I don’t have to mom-splain, I can just show them this,” she says of the video, shown above. Go to, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile, and web devices.

‘Prison Break’ star Wentworth Miller on future of Fox revival

ET on Fox. I feel like there’s more story there and now we’re talking about multiple generations. How has he changed since we last saw him? I think he is tortured by some of the things that he’s seen, that he’s participated in, and the question of how do I make that right, how I wash my hands clean, much like in the first go around, is front and center. How are you guys upping your game with this prison breakout? How are they dealing with that? I’m not sure how much we see it in flashbacks, but we do give the audience enough pieces of that puzzle that they can work out how this came to be. How crappy is it compared to Fox River? I think it helped make the show, it made us pop for a season, but it’s certainly time-consuming and I can tell you that the technology has not changed today versus when this whole thing got started back in 2005. Is there a returning character that you guys are keeping in your back pocket to surprise us? You’ve gone from 33 to 43, maybe you wait until 53 and see Michael trying to…
[Laughs] Break my grandkid out of prison. The writers, Fox, the cast, the producers have worked very hard to create what I hope are three-dimensional portraits so that we’re not feeding into stereotypes that don’t need feeding into, while also telling a great story, while also speaking to certain things that are alive and well in the world today. Who or what will they turn to for help escaping Yemen? That’s one of the interesting push-pulls about playing this character is that he’s constantly having to use people and caring for them at the same time. He’s always been a character that has put other people first, to sacrifice himself is part of his, “Who am I?” But in the years since we last saw him, he’s been a part of some deep, dark government funded plots and plans, and that’s left a mark on him. How much time do you spend getting the tattoos now versus on the original show? Because it’s essentially a western, bad guys versus good guys — who’s wearing the white hat, who’s wearing the dark hat —   you want to make sure the guy wearing the dark hat is fascinating and terrifying and multi-dimensional so that your heroes, Michael and Lincoln, are pitted against the most dangerous foes imaginable. How has the brother dynamic changed after all these years considering Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) thought Michael was dead? We’ve always had a Bellick, we’ve always had a T-Bag, and that’s what gives the show life, and spice, and depth. Show Full Article Would you want to do more Prison Break? We’ve got a couple surprises in store. I haven’t given a tremendous amount of thought to that bigger picture, because my part is so challenging, at least I’m finding it challenging — maybe that’s being 43 and not 33 [laughs]. RELATED: Prison Break‘s Sarah Wayne Callies reacts to Michael’s fate
There have been a lot of returning faces revealed even before the show debuted. I think that’s central to his nature, so he and Whip, they are in prison together in the prison in Yemen, do function like surrogate brothers, which is interesting once Lincoln joins the mix — that dynamic and how it’s made to evolve. At the moment, we’re shooting six-day weeks, 14-hour days, and if I’m not mistaken, we’ve got three or four episodes on each and every call sheet, so keeping all of that straight is really challenging in and of itself. He’s a social creature and he needs to have someone to care about and to look out for. I think he was a sold a bill of goods. And should fans be worried that Michael may therefore not survive the revival? It’s down and dirty and there’s danger around every corner, and that is palpable in the set design, in the way these scenes are shot. So even when he runs into someone who is potentially an ally, because he’s operating under this false identity, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t just shoot him on site. Michael, too, is now changed; he’s not the brother that Lincoln remembers necessarily. Once they’ve broken out of that prison, they find themselves in a different kind of prison — the country itself is what they need to escape from. He’s walked some dark roads and is capable of who knows what. All I can say is that official government agencies still play their part. He’s using them, but he also cares about their survival. I think that Michael discovers repeatedly throughout the series the individuals that he was hoping to use simply as pawns he comes to care about and then feels protective toward. All of it, like we had yet to go to Morocco to shoot the exteriors that will pass for Yemen. It did. When we meet him at the top of this new season, he’s a man who still feels that there are certain things that he needs to atone for, that in order to serve the greater good his hands have gotten even filthier than they had been. RELATED: Inside Fox’s Prison Break revival
Let’s talk about this new prison. No one is safe, that’s always been part of the show’s appeal. I think one of the things that Prison Break has always done very well is to balance clever plotting and characterization. Is there a happy ending this time around? But they don’t know who to trust and where to turn. It’s got a lot more in common with the prison in Panama in the third season. So maybe that parallel to a western – white hat, dark hat — doesn’t quite hold. It’s less of a blueprint and they serve a very specific purpose, which is only revealed at the very last moment. Let’s talk about some of these villains and how they compare to what we saw on the original show. Michael Scofield lives! He’s very good at what he does, he has a certain skill set and that has brought him a certain degree of attention from certain corners that seek to use those skills to achieve their own ends. Michael’s been brought back before, but should viewers still worry that he could die? So much like in Fox River, he assembles a group of inmates, each of whom will serve a specific purpose either in the prison or once they’ve escaped, that he has to look out for like a ringleader. We have such a limited time to shoot these nine very full, very complicated episodes. I will say that I appreciated how the original series ended. We will kill someone off; that is good TV, that does make for gripping storytelling. Part of that is just me being in survival mode. Some were more easily done than others as it turned out. But Michael’s tattoos, his MacGyverying of this and that, the crawling through drain tunnels, and getting into fights, all of that has been very challenging physically and mentally and emotionally, so early on in this process, I made the decision to keep my focus micro. The question that is central, especially to the first four or five episodes: Who is Michael now, what is he willing to do to get the job done, who is he willing to sacrifice, and has his experience breaking in and out of prisons hardened him? Maybe it’s a sea of gray hats. I wouldn’t rule it out. But that was not just out of my love of those characters, but the men that played them. In order to free his brother, he embarked on this plan that got a lot of people injured, people died so his brother could go free and the weight of that, the guilt stemming from that, I think has hung heavy on his head. He was promised if you do this thing, which may involve someone somewhere getting hurt, it is for the greater good. WENTWORTH MILLER: He’s walked a dark road. I think not only do we have Michael up to his usual unexpected seat-of-your-pants shenanigans, but their escape from prison is tied in directly with and happening simultaneous to the fall of a country, so it’s micro and macro at the same time; one impacts the other. Last time it was a blueprint, this time are they still functional in a way? Are you really saying that? His primary goal is getting back to his family, regaining what’s he lost, what he was made to sacrifice. How do I manipulate this individual to get what I want, but also keep them safe? He had a lot of blood on his hands and it did not feel satisfying or 100 percent appropriate to me that he got to ride off into the sunset with his bride and their unborn child after all the mayhem that he instigated. There is a through line and part of the struggle, Michael’s struggle, is that he has brought this down on himself from a certain perspective. I think he’s a marked man, which has always been the poetry of the show, that the tattoos on his skin are reflective of his journey, his progression. Is there still a vulnerability inside him? The tattoos don’t cover as much of my skin, but they do cover my hands and that has provided some logistical challenges for me since once they’re applied, I can’t really wash my hands properly for 14 hours at a stretch [Llaughs]. [Laughs] Right, this is a universe where nobody is really dead, but my pitch was that maybe there’s a dream sequence. Has Michael really betrayed his friends and family? That’s something that the writers have cooked up and made a specialty of. EW hit the set of Prison Break to get the scoop from Miller himself. As Kaniel Outis, Michael is apparently a renowned terrorist. When Prison Break returned on Fox, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) was revealed to be alive — not dead as a result of his brain tumor, or even a fatal electrocution, as The Final Break had indicated. I think we have done a thoughtful job of offering up different portrayals of the men you might meet in a Yemenian prison. I think we find Lincoln without a letter. (Plus: Check out an   exclusive sneak peek from Tuesday’s episode below.)
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How different is this Michael? To me, it looks like we’ve been shooting in Morocco all along so that’s fantastic. It’s a different beast, there’s less time in the chair. They’re two competing agendas. Does this plant any seeds for more? “One last break!”

Prison Break airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. It’s an amazing special effect. Happy as far as Prison Break would define happy ending [laughs]. They are functional in a different way. What does happen, where we do find these characters at the end of these nine episodes, is somewhere that feels right and earned and satisfying. But Michael has never held his son, he’s never met his child and he also knows that Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) believes he’s dead and has for years, so the weight of that guilt is considerable even though he knows he did what he had to do; he had to make the sacrifices that he felt he had to make, he had no other choice. Absolutely, I think that Michael has created for himself, specifically in terms of the Whip (Augustus Prew) character, a new family. These aren’t just paper cut outs; everyone is multi-dimensional up to and including the villains, so while I just said they are kind of tasty and malevolent and dangerous, we also spend enough time with them that we see their human side too. It’s no easy task. When I saw the trailer, which went online and racked up sizable number of views, I was amazed because all of that was shot in Vancouver. Complicating things is that Michael’s identity in Yemen for this particular gig that went wrong, which is why he’s in prison in the first place, is as this international terrorist; he’s a wanted man. Talk about some of the other characters in the prison. Can you talk about how the show is touching on issues like ISIS and having Michael come into contact with a Bin Laden type character? However, Michael is now behind bars in a Yemeni prison under the assumed name Kaniel Outis, who is a renowned terrorist with ties to ISIL. What? That’s a great question. There are a lot of different directions that we could go, but I’m not in favor of exploring any of that unless there’s something awesome that we can sink our teeth into. It did and I felt for that actress [Jaimie Alexander] when I first saw her image done up in those tats. Michael speaks to it. I actually lobbied for the return of Westmoreland and Bellick, easier said than done considering that they are deceased [laughs]. That’s been one of his challenges and stumbling blocks from the very beginning. Does this conspiracy he’s in now have any ties to the original conspiracy? It was my hope that we’d bring back as many old favorites as possible. It felt right to me that Michael had to atone, Michael had to make things right. What’s going on there? Will we go back and see Michael get recruited before his “death”? Did that make you chuckle when it came out? It makes Fox River look like the Four Seasons. Michael was dead, Sara was dead. Michael and those who have escaped with him are calling on old allies, some of them unexpected, like T-Bag (Robert Knepper), to help facilitate their escape, and what Michael hopes to achieve back home as far as settling old scores. You guys started the tattoo trend, and now you have a show like Blindspot built completely around it. I think Michael was a guiding force in his life, part of his moral conscience, which has been spinning in Michael’s absence.

Watch the trailer for Lina Wertmüller retrospective

Lina Wertmüller: Female Trouble runs at the Quad Cinema, April 14-April 30 and tickets are available from the cinema’s official website. Show Full Article The Quad will also be showing a documentary about Wertmüller called   Behind the White Glasses, which features interviews with Loren, Rutger Hauer, and Martin Scorsese, among others. The retrospective boasts   world premieres of new restorations from Kino Lorber and rare imported 35mm   prints. The retrospective begins on April 14 with a 930pm screening of Seven Beauties introduced by Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Clueless director Amy Heckerling. Filmmaker Lina Wertmüller was the first female director ever to be nominated for an Academy Award, thanks to her overseeing of 1975’s Seven Beauties, and in a 1976 New York magazine cover story, she was hailed as “the most important film director since Ingmar Bergman.” The Italian auteur became such a well-known figure that she was even impersonated by Laraine Newman on Saturday Night Live. Now, Manhattan’s newly relaunched Quad Cinema is paying tribute to   Wertmüller with a retrospective called Lina Wertmüller: Female Trouble. Other films being screened include 1974’s Swept Away (later remade by Guy Ritchie with Madonna in the lead role), and 1987’s Sophia Loren-starring Blood Feud. Watch the exclusive trailer for the retrospective, above.

Vin Diesel recalls emotional conversation with Paul Walker’s mother

“I said, ‘Why? But there would be no Dwayne Johnson, who we love, there would be no Jason Statham, who we love, there would be no Charlize, who we love, there would be no Scott Eastwood, who we love, there would be no Kurt Russell, who we love, if it wasn’t for the decades of work that my brother Pablo put into this franchise,” Diesel said. Before the film began, Diesel explained how much of an impact Walker had on the franchise. “We have a lot of great talent in this movie. “At that moment it   was like I had just realized she was telling me something I wasn’t even aware of. “When you see this movie, know that this is from love.”

The Fate of the Furious is out Friday. At the premiere of The Fate of the Furious in New York on Saturday night, Walker’s mother, Cheryl, and daughter, Meadow, were in attendance. Why are you saying you’re sorry to me?’ She said, ‘Because you lost your other half,’” Diesel said. In another powerful anecdote, he related the story of talking to Walker’s mother shortly after the actor’s   fatal crash. Show Full Article The Fate of the Furious continues the blockbuster franchise in the wake of Paul Walker’s death, and according to star Vin Diesel, the late actor was not far from the mind of Diesel during production. Speaking to Sirius XM’s Maria   Menounos in a recent interview, Diesel recalled that “there wasn’t a day, there wasn’t a scene, there wasn’t a second where I didn’t have Paul with me in the making of this movie.”
Diesel wasn’t kidding about his continuing connection to Walker, either. I wasn’t aware of how profound the loss was.”
Listen to the clip below. After expressing his condolences, Diesel was surprised to hear Walker’s mother repeat the words back to him.

In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ teaser, Chris Hemsworth’s superhero is having a really bad day

READ MORE: Thor is still the worst roommate in new ‘Team Thor’ short Latest updates Coming between Thor and saving the world is a gladiator-style competition that includes, among other things, a familiar green face. Thor without his hammer? Strange, Idris Elba as Heimdall   and Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster,   “Thor: Ragnarok” hits theaters Nov. 3. — the destruction of Asgardian civilization. If nothing else, it’s proof that “The Immigrant Song” makes everything awesome.With Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Jaimie Alexander as Sif, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner and the Hulk, Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. That can’t end well, can it?Chris Hemsworth’s superhero is having a seriously bad day in a new teaser trailer for   “Thor: Ragnarok.”   He’s stuck on the other side of the universe while a big problem brews back home in Asgard: New baddie-on-the-block Hela, played by Cate   Blanchett, is doing her best to bring about Ragnarok   — see what they’re doing here?

‘Homeland’ actor on his season 6 finale fate: ‘It’s a relief’

I’ve known what I’m doing the last five years. There’s   almost so much suffering you can go through on their behalf before you’re just kind of, “Can we euthanize this guy?”
We spoke before the season about your research for Quinn’s condition this season and your desire to portray his brain damage authentically. He’s sacrificing his life to save the life of a woman who has betrayed him and in effect caused his condition as well as an incumbent president who as it transpires is not particularly honorable either. We just did a repeat and Alex was laughing and he said, “As you know, my word isn’t really worth the paper it’s written on in this regard, but as it stands this is the end.” It was about a month before [we shot it]. And I think that’s an important thing for television to embrace. Quinn was   used a pawn the way in more traditional spycraft young women are used as honey traps. Were you concerned that could change how we feel about him saving her? Did you get any feedback during the season from veterans? That’s hard to stomach a while. But when were you told and how did that conversation go? One of the amazing things about this new save of communication with social media is I’ve been able to engage directly with not only fans of the show but specifically this season I’ve been able to read and engage with feedback from veterans, from stroke specialists and PTSD counselors and all of them have been incredibly positive about the idea of a mainstream character undergoing treatment and dealing with symptoms of this condition and being portrayed truthfully seems to have meant an awful lot to people who are in that world. For more, here’s our recap of the Homeland finale. To have the time to genuinely breathe out and take stock of where we are and see what interests and excites me is far better than having a full calendar. So I was happy for him, the character, you get very close to these [characters] when you play them for five years. What was your reaction to his ending, specifically how he goes out? Yeah, absolutely. The blissful unknown! To me, it’s more of a relief for him. When did you know for sure? There’s no “relationship.” But the idea is Quinn was preyed on not just by Dar but by cronies of Dar. Alex said this is a courtesy call and this will be the end of your character, and thank you for all you’ve contributed and it’s been great having you. There’s a   hint in one scene on the boat dock that Quinn and Dar Adal might have had some kind of sexual relationship in the past, is that a correct read on that? Were those your own personal photos of you as a kid that Carrie found? Is it a relief to shed this character considering how dark his storyline got? Oh man. Below Friend talks to EW about his character’s journey this season and Sunday night’s finale:
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So this time he’s really gone. How did you feel about saying goodbye to Peter Quinn? It’s so rarely the case that you know anything for sure. The saving-the-embassy sequence was amazing because it was very real, there really was two dozen AK-47s firing and it’s an incredibly daunting thing to have them all pointing at you. It was a very fitting send-off because it was so unglamorous. Peter Quinn has finally met his fate.   I’m sure, you know, I had a “for sure” ending last season which was then rescinded. Homeland‘s long-suffering casualty of the war on terror was killed off in the sixth season closer on Sunday night. Because we don’t see [stories like this]. Do you think Quinn and Carrie ever could have had a future together had his character not been killed off? We have characters in Western television shows who are in full health with shiny hair and shiny teeth and they go about their lives having minor problems. Show Full Article Well, no, because there’s no way for Quinn to know in the moment he saves her what she’s going to turn out to be so that’s a hindsight judgment. He behaved in a way that showed us what he’s really made of. The storyteller in me thought it was the right time for him to go bearing in mind he had been through so much and for him to just continue to defy death and suffer felt cruel and unrealistic and sadistic, actually. I’m very happy to not know. But that he puts — as the episode title suggests — “America fire” is a very Quinn thing to do. RUPERT FRIEND: Yes! I think Carrie’s actions at the end of season 5 betrayed something deeply disturbing in her psyche and when Quinn confronts her with the fact she was willing to risk his life to try and get answers she didn’t know he had she can’t really process that. What was your last day on set like? My wife came in for the occasion and we were at the bottom of a parking garage in a grimy exhaust fume-coated parking ticket office. I thought that somebody who has done that, even if he was a black ops guy and he can’t be celebrated or discussed, some private recognition of his sacrifice would have been rather moving. She doesn’t really understand how to take risk accountability for her actions. I   wouldn’t call it a “relationship.” Quinn was a minor [at the time] so there’s no doubt it was an act of abuse. No, the kid is supposed to be growing up through the late 2000s, I think 9, so any photos of me as a kid were from the early 80s and they looked like that. And I’m not sure that Carrie does. The nine lives have expired. The phrase “for sure” and this show are not really ever used. This, I’m told, is for sure — unless he’s coming back as a ghost, hallucination, or zombie. But way back, in the beginning, interrogating Brody — which was actually my second day on the job — and having put a knife through this guy’s hand. Wow, that’s a lot of scenes. The twist at the end of the episode is Keane is ushering in this new totalitarian era and that Dar Adal may have been right about her. What was your favorite scene of all the ones you’ve shot on Homeland? That sounds like some weird actor talk, but it’s sort of like somebody just when you think they couldn’t suffer anymore, they suffer some more. Quinn (Rupert Friend) was shot to death while helping Carrie Mathison (Clarie Danes) and president-elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) escape from an assassination squad. I was sad that he wasn’t given a send-off. It was kind of a deja vu conversation given that [showrunner Alex Gansa] and I had the same conversation a year previously. And I think one of the things Quinn absolutely understands is the cause and effect   of what he’s done — whether that’s shooting a child by mistake or becoming a ruthless assassin — he takes responsibility and has a moral code. I never want to overstay my welcome for any character. I would rather people are excited by the ideas a character generates in them rather than feeling bored and wishing he would just go away. We did look at [my photos], and in the end, they just felt too dated. Damien Lewis is such a great actor and from the same country as me, so we had this bizarre realization that there were two Brits pretending to be Americans in a big aircraft hanger pretending to be the CIA and it was kind of a head-spin. There’s a sense of peace
What’s next for you? We had champagne while covered in sweat and grime and blood. Warning: Spoilers about the season 6 finale of Homeland. And here we have somebody we feel like we know going through something none of us can imagine — mentally and physically — and succeeding   to some degree. It was bittersweet.