‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant seeks redemption on ‘Ellen’ after viral fail

Sometimes it pays to   go viral. “I chose one of the two options in the English dictionary and I chose ‘naked,’” he told   DeGeneres. While   Kevin Haas’ embarrassing moment on Wheel of Fortune didn’t earn him the recognition he probably wanted, it did land him an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he redeemed himself and won $5,000 in the process. “See, it pays to lose on my show,” DeGeneres   said. To win back some cred, Haas played Catapult of Fortune. Watch Haas on Ellen in the clip above. “So here’s what’s gonna happen: I’m gonna read a statement and you fill in the blank, and it’s really, really simple,” the talk show host explained. Show Full Article Haas went viral when he appeared on Wheel of Fortune   in March and   failed   to guess the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire   with just one missing letter. “And if you get it right, you’ll probably win a prize, and if not, something will be catapulted at you, okay?”
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The three phrases were “The Phantom of the…,” the British series “Downton…,” and the   13th vice president of the United States, “William…” While Haas guessed the first two correctly, he failed the final round. But it all worked out in his favor: A   stage hand   revealed the catapult bucket was   filled with $5,000 from Shutterfly.

First Look at Mondo’s line of ‘Colossal’ merchandise — exclusive

You can exclusively see Mondo’s line of Colossal merchandise below and you can find out more information at the official Mondo website. From April 13, you will be able to purchase another limited edition poster, this one designed by We Buy Kids. In director Nacho Viagalondo’s new film Colossal, Anne Hathaway plays a boozy wastrel who discovers she has some kind of psychic link with a giant monster which seems hellbent on destroying the South Korean capital of Seoul. Artwork by Akiko Sterehnberger
Artist: Ramirez Studios, Jason Wires, Paul Hanley at Jason Wires Productions, Magical Illusion Factory
Designed by We Buy Your Kids
Designed by We Buy Your Kids
Artwork by We Buy Your Kids
Artwork by We Buy Your Kids

Colossal is being released in theaters by Neon this Friday. As of right now, you can buy a limited edition   Colossal poster by artist   Akiko Sterehnberger; an enamel pin designed by We Buy Your Kids; the vinyl version of Bear McCreary’s soundtrack, with artwork by We Buy Your Kids; and a Kaiju maquette of Hathaway’s monster, which can be purchased with a Blu-ray of the film signed by Vigalondo. Show Full Article So, it is appropriate that the movie merchandise company Mondo is unveiling a sizable line of items on Wednesday to commemorate the release of the movie, which also stars Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson.

Squirrel Girl fans, unite: Marvel and Freeform to team up for ‘Marvel’s New Warriors’

(Freeform)Freeform now has two Marvel shows in the works, according to Wednesday’s announcement that “Marvel’s New Warriors,” a live-action   adaptation of the eponymously titled comic, is headed to the channel formerly known as ABC Family.”New Warriors” centers around six young people struggling to make a difference and learn how to harness their powers, making it an appropriate fit for Freeform’s mission to deliver quality content to young adults.Though the complete cast of characters has yet to be announced, the project will prominently feature comic fan favorite Squirrel Girl, whom several Hollywood actresses, including Anna Kendrick, have lobbied to play.”’Marvel’s New Warriors’ have always been fan favorites, and now particularly with the addition of Squirrel Girl, they are Marvel Television favorites as well,” said Marvel’s head of television, Jeph Loeb. Latest updates “After the amazing experience we’ve had with Freeform on ‘Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger,’ we can’t think of a better place for our young heroes.””Cloak & Dagger,” the tale of an interracial teenage couple who fall in love while acquiring superpowers, is scheduled for release in 2018.”New Warriors” marks Marvel’s first venture into television comedy, with DC beating it   to the punch in February with NBC’s “Powerless.”Though not a part of Wednesday’s official announcement, Karey Burke, executive vice president of programming and development at Freeform, told the Hollywood Reporter that Kevin Biegel (“Enlisted, “Cougar Town”) is nearing a deal to write the script and serve as show runner on “New Warriors.”The first season of “New Warriors,”   featuring 10, 30-minute episodes, is scheduled for release in 2018. “Marvel’s New Warriors,” a live-action comedy adaptation of the comic of the same name, is headed to Freeform in 2018.

TLC’s next album arrives this summer

The new collection, TLC’s first since 2002’s   3D,   arrives June 30. At this point, the page has raised over $430,000, which will go toward writing and recording sessions along with booking producers and other related costs. See those tour dates here. TLC launched a Kickstarter to fund a new album back in January 2015, and now that record is finally becoming a reality. “We just continue to come up with different creative ways to do that, whether it’s guest appearances or some type of image, whatever.”
Soon after releasing this next album — which is still untitled, though TLC are urging fans to send in suggestions — Chilli and T-Boz will hit the road on the I Love the ’90s—The Party Continues Tour along with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, Naughty by Nature, Biz Markie, and more ’90s favorites. Within 48 hours of its launch, fans donated $150,000 — the original goal — to the Kickstarter. Show Full Article “While major labels offer artists multimillion dollar recording and marketing budgets, they don’t often give artists complete control of their own music,” the duo said on the website, “It is ESSENTIAL that we create our final album completely on our own terms, without any restrictions, with   YOU.”

This is also TLC’s first album without founding member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who died in 2002 at age 30 — but Chilli promises Lopes will still be included on new songs. “Even though you cannot physically see her, you will always feel her presence and we make sure of it,” she told EW in 2015.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joins ‘Rampage’ opposite Dwayne Johnson

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Deadline, which first reported Morgan’s casting, indicates he’s tackling the supporting role of   Agent Russell, “who works for a covert government division called OGA and rolls with serious swagger and attitude.”
Johnson, also set to executive-produce the project, teams once again   with New Line, producer Beau Flynn, and filmmaker   Brad Peyton on Rampage after working together on the earthquake blockbuster   San Andreas   and the adventure fantasy   Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Plot details are scarce, though the 1980s arcade games upon which Rampage is based revolve around a giant lizard, gorilla, and werewolf that wreak havoc on cities around the world. The film’s monsters are slated to terrorize theaters on April 20, 2018. Rampage‘s   screenplay was written   by Non-Stop writer Ryan Engle, while   Carlton Cuse, Ryan Condal, and Adam Sztykiel reportedly provided revisions. After wielding his barbed wire-covered bat during season 7 of the AMC television series   The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan will soon   take another crack at a big-screen Hollywood production. Show Full Article EW can confirm the actor   has landed a part in the New Line’s upcoming adaptation of the Rampage video game series opposite Dwayne Johnson, Malin Åkerman, Joe Manganiello, Jake Lacy, and Moonlight Oscar nominee Naomie Harris.

Pepsi pulls controversial Kendall Jenner protest ad after backlash

Seeing a crowd of protestors from a diverse set of backgrounds marching in the streets, Jenner ditched   her wig, smeared her lipstick, and joined the cause. Show Full Article In one of the more heavily criticized moments from the ad, Jenner handed one of the police officers a can of Pepsi, which many deemed exploitive of the Black Lives Matter movement. In fact, just before the ad was yanked, Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter Bernice King mocked the brand via Twitter:

If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi. pic.twitter.com/FA6JPrY72V
— Be A King (@BerniceKing) April 5, 2017

“The worst thing about that Pepsi ad, beyond the blatant disrespect and disregard, is the amount of people who greenlit that advertisement,” another Twitter user wrote in response. Clearly, we missed the mark, and we apologize,” the company said in a statement. The spot, which hit the airwaves on Tuesday, was   set to the tones of Skip Marley’s “Lion” as Jenner posed for a photo shoot. After Pepsi’s protest-themed ad with Kendall Jenner sparked a widespread backlash over social media, the brand announced on Wednesday that it is pulling the commercial altogether. “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey.”
Thus far, Jenner has not publicly responded to the backlash. “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace, and understanding. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”
The ad has since been pulled from YouTube. Shortly after the ad aired, Pepsi released a statement to clarify its intentions. “We are pulling the content and halting any further rollout.

John Mayer releases video he previously defended against cultural appropriation claims

Show Full Article The musician dropped the clip for “Still Feel Like Your Man,” a track he’s said was inspired by his relationship with Katy Perry, Wednesday. Watch the video above. He’s been releasing songs off the record in waves, and the entire collection is set to drop April 14. “I’m on the right side of the line because it’s an idea for the video that has a very multiethnic casting, and nobody who is white or non-Asian is playing an Asian person.”

“Still Feel Like Your Man” is off Mayer’s upcoming seventh   album,   The Search for Everything. Mayer preemptively defended the music video against claims of cultural appropriation in a March   New York Times   story, where he said, “I think we were as sensitive as we could possibly be.”
“Part of cultural appropriation is blindness,” he continued. The video includes bamboo decorations, kimonos, Kendo, and dancing pandas. John Mayer previously said his next music video would be set at what he calls a “disco dojo” — and now, you can see for yourself what he means by that.

‘Salt and Fire’: EW review

Would you also believe that Krauss comes off as the most natural performer, in a film full of actual actors gone wooden? If Salt and Fire   were just Michael Shannon saying “Uturunku,” it wouldn’t be any better, but it would be powers of ten more enjoyable. It’s Werner Herzog, and he’s asleep. There are, at last, compelling visuals here, and they feel like reality captured. She’s been sent by the UN on a mission of great vague importance: Some sort of disaster at Lake Diablo Blanco. It made suburban San Diego look like the eternal battleground between madness and chaos, and it ended with Shannon saying one of the great total-nonsense final lines in cinema. But Herzog’s “documentaries”—true-ish essay-films like Cave of Forgotten Dreams and last year’s droll Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World—are imbued with the filmmaker’s unique personality: That penetrating intelligence, the oddly childish glee of discovery. Oh, twist! On the plane bearing Laura and her team to their destination, you may spot a familiar man sitting one row behind them. Bernal’s not in the film much; truthfully, nobody’s really here at all. “Seriously,” asks the film, “Why is this film happening?”
There may be an answer, hidden in plain sight early in the film. Riley asks Laura what she thinks about Nostradamus, and he quotes Ecclesiastes, and he says things like “Truth is the only daughter of time” and “There is no reality, only views of reality.” Laura asks him questions like “What do you want from me?” and demands explanations by exclaiming “I want an explanation!”
Herzog must love Shannon. “Here lies a monster on the verge of waking,” says Shannon, offhandedly. Salt and Fire is most obviously about the pairing of Ferres and Shannon, a mysterious philosopher-capitalist who kidnaps the scientists for reasons that are fearsome, impenetrable, and inevitably silly. But Shannon is obviously channeling the film’s director, Werner Herzog, when he muses on the (semi-real) possibility of the volcano blasting human civilization into the void beyond history. She has two colleagues, one a randy hedonist played by Gael García Bernal. Herzog can be gleefully obtuse, but the film’s concepts are weirdly obvious and on-the-nose; people say things like   “Big Data and Analytics doesn’t care about Renaissance predictions!”   There’s some fun to be had with theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, more or less playing himself as a smiling crony   who only uses a wheelchair when he’s tired of life. At 74, Herzog is working at the productive pace of a hungry young filmmaker, but that also means he’s writing dialogue worthy of an artily pretentious film student. (No context is required, as none really exists: “Whatever happened to my basketball???”)
Salt and Fire is meandering, too, but painfully slow. It’s a perfect shot. “Uturunku,” he says again. Like a lot of Herzog’s recent work, Salt and Fire seems to move at whatever pace the filmmaker’s wandering intellect demands, cycling through myriad interests like books pulled at random off a library shelf. The film around it feels half-considered, yet weirdly too justified. C–

Show Full Article Maybe Salt and Fire would have benefited from more clarity, or maybe it should have just been a documentary. “It’s okay to be afraid of the dark, but the real tragedy in life is when they are afraid of the light,” says Shannon. The movie builds to a great venture into a wasteland, with Laura stranded in the midst of a salty nowhere with two blind children. Ferres, a German actress, plays an ecologist named Laura. But   they also drive across the remote salt flats of Bolivia, and they talk about the salt flats of Bolivia, and they stare at the dormant volcano Uturunku, and they talk about the destructive possibilities of Uturunku. My Son was meandering, inexplicable, and unforgettable. “My guess is one day soon, everyone will know how to pronounce ‘Uturunku.’”
He pauses. (He’s also an executive producer, but expect no vanity.) He spends the movie sitting on an airplane, standing in an airport, sitting on another airplane, and getting diarrhea. Herzog never shoots nature in a way that one could readily call beautiful; his camera lingers on trash littered across a desert plain, an image that starts depressing (“What hath man wrought?”) and becomes oddly optimistic (“At least man wrought something.”) Late in the film, the two blind children play with LEGO-ish blocks, and the camera pulls back to capture the vast salt expanse all around them. Salt and Fire suggests the drowsiness of an airplane nap, too tired to keep its eyes open but too uncomfortable to start really dreaming. In Salt and Fire, a bad movie but an intriguing vacation slideshow, Michael Shannon and Veronica Ferres play “characters” (unconvincing, undimensional) and speak “dialogue” (expository, flat). Although Salt and Fire adapted from a Tom Bissell short story, Shannon and Ferres throw out random factoids and philosophical koans. The mystery of why, precisely, Riley has taken Laura captive—why Riley is doing any of the strange things he does—start to feel dangerously meta. I guess you could say it’s a duel of wits, although they’re not really fighting, and there’s not much wit. He cast the looming, wild-eyed actor in 2009’s My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?, a boldly thrill-free hostage thriller about matricide, Machu Picchu, sequoia trees, the Calgary theater scene, and flamingoes. I realize I just wrote   “fun” and “theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss” in the same sentence. Shannon’s character, “Matt Riley,” is CEO of “The Consortium,” the kind of name corporations always have in Off-Broadway plays and dystopian Young Adult novels.

‘X-Men Gold’ writer discusses reinventing Marvel’s mutants

The other thing influencing my approach to him and his relationship with Kitty is the Kitty Pryde and Wolverine miniseries from the 1980s. Not just because I love her, but I have her voice in my head now. They’ve either been up in Westchester, which is not a hot bed of activity, or even more extremely they’ve been away in Utopia off the coast of San Francisco or even out in Limbo. New York is the center of Marvel Universe and they’re in the center of New York, right there in the thick of it. X-Men Gold   #1 is on sale this week. For Kitty, it’s nice to have someone she’s had all these profound experiences with sort of backstopping her. Marvel’s   “ResurreXion” initiative seeks to revamp the X-brand with a whole squadron of new X-Men books. One of the runs that has actually been very instructive to me, it’s not even an X-Men run but done by someone with a lot of X-Men street credit, was John Byrne’s run on Fantastic Four. There’s a part of him that feels very justifiably proud of the leader she’s become. I’ve basically been living with this character as a reader for decades. When they do interact with other Marvel superhero groups it’s usually violent — see   Avengers vs. But now it’s a brand new day. The success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made the Avengers ascendant within pop culture, and as a result, the X-Men have been mostly kept out of recent big Marvel events like   Secret Wars   and   Civil War II. This is a strong statement that those days are over. The   approach he took is very similar to the one I’m trying to take with the X-Men. Plus Logan just came out and was greeted very positively, so this version of the character is popular in the culture right now. Show Full Article How will you be using him? To me, that’s the seminal story as far as their relationship is concerned. We’ve seen her come back to the school as a   teacher, we’ve seen her as a Guardian of the Galaxy, but the idea of the new recruit who returns to the army to become the general was very appealing to me. I’m writing Logan from that kind of perspective, without making it necessary for the reader to know what those experiences were. The approach I’m taking is that sometimes you have to go back to go forward. In an interview with EW,   X-Men Gold   writer (and erstwhile Arrow   producer)   Marc Guggenheim discussed Kitty’s new role and how the series balances new and old X-Men elements. They’re going to be right there in the middle of the action. With the school reestablished in New York after years away and a classic lineup of X-Men behind her (Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Rachel Summers, and the “Old Man Logan” version of Wolverine), Kitty is determined to bring the X-Men back to what they do best: fighting to protect a world that hates and fears them. In keeping with this notion of the book appealing to new readers as well as veterans, I didn’t want to stake my characterization of Logan too much on the “alternate future” of it all. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:   Kitty Pryde has always been a beloved member of the X-Men, but now for the first time, she’s in a leadership role, as both the visionary mentor and tactical field leader for these new X-Men (basically combining the traditional Professor X and Cyclops roles). Marvel

The X-Men have one of the most storied continuities in comics, but you’re clearly trying to grab new readers as well as old fans. Placing the X-Men in Central Park is the most profound indication of Kitty’s mission statement: The X-Men are no longer going to segregate themselves from world they’re trying to protect. So the way I’m really approaching Logan is actually very similar to the way he’s portrayed in the Logan movie, incidentally. You just need to know that he’s lived through a lot of stuff, and he’s seen some serious sh–. In the movie, you don’t know a lot about what’s happened to Logan in the intervening years between X-Men movies, nor do you need to know. Kitty is using her phasing power a lot in my run obviously, but her real superpower is how tactically intelligent she is. Guggenheim:   My first issue of X-Men was issue 139, which the issue where Kitty Pryde joins the X-Men. Kitty basically makes the case that if the X-Men are going to reincorporate themselves into society, they can no longer self-segregate. His first issue, like the X-Men Gold first arc, was called “Back to the Basics.” It was a really good demonstration of returning a book to its roots and then from that foundation moving forward and introducing a lot of cool new concepts. I’ve been reading   X-Men ever since, so in many ways, Kitty is the easiest character for me to write. He’s the Leo McGarry to her President Bartlett, except even grumpier. What’s it like taking Kitty to the next stage of her life and development? The flagship series,   X-Men Gold, finds Kitty Pryde return to Professor Xavier’s school to finally lead the team herself. Things are never exactly “good” for the X-Men, the Marvel Universe’s team of superhero outcasts who face public distrust at every turn, but even for them the last few years have been particularly rough. How do you balance new and old elements   here? I think Logan really respects that in Kitty. When I pitched Marvel the idea of bringing her back but making her the leader, it was based upon my desire to do something new with Kitty. I like the fact that it is in keeping with Kitty’s mission statement. X-Men   or the mutants’ more recent war with the Inhumans. Kitty is really good at this, and she’s really smart, and the ways she calls the plays out in the field is so different, more strategic and deliberate, than when Storm and Cyclops were leading the team. What can you tease about the new X-Men locale in Central Park? In many ways, he becomes her senior aide. I think that’s a good feeling for X-Men fans who feel they’ve been marginalized over the last few years. One character who embodies that new/old balance well is Old Man Logan, a version of Wolverine whose advanced age allows him to maintain that mentor relationship he had with Kitty when she was just starting out. They have a lot of history together, and   as you get older, you work with someone who used to not know anything   but is now old enough to demonstrate capacities you didn’t know they had.

Peabody Awards finalists include ‘Stranger Things,’ Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade,’ ‘This Is Us’

Lemonade,   HBO Entertainment in association with Parkwood Entertainment (HBO)
Marvel’s Luke Cage, Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix (Netflix)
National Treasure,   The Forge (Channel 4)
Stranger Things, 21 Laps for Netflix (Netflix)
This Is Us, Rhode Island Ave. On May 20, Rashida Jones (who won a Peabody Award for her work on   Parks and Recreation) will host the awards ceremony in New York. ET/PT. Other highlights on this year’s list of contenders include   Veep,   Atlanta, Ava DuVernay’s   13th, and the PBS special   Great Performances: Hamilton’s America, which focused on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical   Hamilton. Netflix hit   Stranger Things, Beyoncé’s transformative   Lemonade, NBC breakout   This Is Us, and the Oscar-winning documentary   O.J.: Made in America are among the 60 finalists for the 76th annual Peabody Awards, which selects the best in electronic storytelling across genre and platform. Studios (Netflix)
Tumble Leaf, Amazon Studios and Bix Pix Entertainment (Amazon)
A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness,   HBO Documentary Films and SOC Films (HBO)
Audrie & Daisy,   AfterImage Public Media in association with Actual Films (Netflix)
Chasing Heroin,   FRONTLINE (PBS/WGBH)
4.1 Miles,   The New York Times Op-Docs (NYTimes.com)
Great Performances: Hamilton’s America, A RadicalMedia Production in association with THIRTEENTH PRODUCTIONS LLC for WNET (PBS)
Hip-Hop Evolution,   Banger Films (Netflix, HBO Canada)
Independent Lens: The Armor of Light,   Purple Mickey Productions, in association with Fork Films (PBS)
Independent Lens: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,   Firelight Films, Inc. Esquenazi Productions, LLC (Investigation Discovery)
The Forger,   The New York Times (Video)
The Secret Life of Muslims, Seftel Productions (Vox, The USA Today Network, PRI’s The World, CBS Sunday Morning)
13th,   Forward Movement LLC and Kandoo Films (Netflix)
Zero Days, Magnolia Pictures and Participant Media, in association with Showtime Documentary Films, Global Produce/Jigsaw Productions (Showtime)  
American Crime, ABC Studios (ABC)
Atlanta, FX Productions (FX Networks)
Better Things, FX Productions (FX Networks)
Cleverman, Goalpost Pictures and Pukeko Pictures for ABC-TV Australia in co-production with SundanceTV and Red Arrow International, with the assistance of Screen Australia, Screen NSW and The New Zealand Screen Production Grant (SundanceTV)
Happy Valley, BBC One (BBC One, Netflix)
Horace and Pete, Pig Newton, Inc. Supporting sponsors of the 76th Annual Peabody Awards Ceremony include the Emerson Collective, The Coca-Cola Co.; Entertainment Weekly is the official media sponsor. Productions, Zaftig Films, 20th Century Fox Television (NBC)
The Night Of, HBO Entertainment in association with BBC, Bad Wolf Productions and Film Rites (HBO)
VEEP, HBO Entertainment (HBO)
“Arrested at School: Criminalizing Classroom Misbehavior,” KNTV Bay Area (NBC)
“Battle for Mosul,” (CNN)
“Big Buses, Bigger Problems: Investigating DCS,” KXAS-TV Dallas-Fort Worth (NBC)
CBS News 60 Minutes: “The White Helmets,” (CBS)
“Charity Caught on Camera,” WTHR-TV Indianapolis (NBC)
“Dangerous Exposure,” WTHR-TV Indianapolis (NBC)
“Heart of an Epidemic, West Virginia’s Opioid Addiction,”   The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley (CBS)
“ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” (CNN)
“Student Debt,” HBO, VICE, Bill Maher (HBO)
“Undercover in Syria,” (CNN)
“#MoreThanMean-Women in Sports ‘Face’ Harassment,” Just Not Sports & One Tree Forest Films (YouTube/Twitter/Facebook)
“100 Women,” BBC World Service (BBC World Network)
A Life Sentence: Victims, Offenders, Justice, and My Mother, Transom.org
Homecoming, Gimlet Media
How to Be a Girl, Marlo Mack, in partnership with KUOW Seattle
In The Dark, APM Reports
The Heart: Silent Evidence Series, The Heart
This American Life: Anatomy of Doubt, This American Life, PBC in collaboration with The Marshall Project and ProPublica (Multiple stations/platforms)
The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel   (Panoply)
“Unprisoned,” WWNO and AIR
“Wells Fargo Hurts Whistleblowers” (NPR)
“Hell and High Water,” ProPublica and The Texas Tribune

Show Full Article and the Independent Television Service (ITVS) (PBS)
Independent Lens: Trapped,   Trilogy Films LLC Bigmouth Productions, Cedar Creek Productions and the Independent Television Service (ITVS) (PBS)
Islamic State’s Most Wanted,   BBC World Service (BBC News Online)
Last Chance U,   A Netflix production in association with Conde Nast Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment and One Potato Productions (Netflix)
Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing,   HBO Documentary Films and Break Thru Films in association with The Boston Globe (HBO)
MAVIS!,   Film First and HBO Documentary Films (HBO)
O.J.: Made in America, ESPN Films and Laylow Films (ESPN)
POV: Hooligan Sparrow,   POV | American Documentary (PBS)
POV: The Look of Silence, POV | American Documentary (PBS)
POV: The Return, POV | American Documentary (PBS)
POV: What Tomorrow Brings, POV | American Documentary (PBS)
Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four, Deborah S. This year’s jurors selected the 60 finalists out of 1,200 entries from film, TV, radio, and the internet. CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING
Ask the Storybots, JibJab Bros. The event will air June 2 on PBS and Fusion at 9 p.m. Below, the 60 finalists for the Peabody Awards, listed by category and in alphabetical order. From here, 30 programs will be selected as winners, with the announcements made by category: Individual/Institutional on April 12; Documentary on April 18; Entertainment on April 20; and News/Radio/Public Service/Web/Education programming on April 25.

‘The Blair Witch Project’ directors explain the endings you never saw

However, that unexplained element caused some problems come test screening time. Show Full Article Sanchez directs for the series Lucifer (Fox) and Queen of the South (USA). “They wanted us to do something more definitive,”   says Sanchez. We felt that if we stuck it in early in the movie there was going to be some audience members that would connect it to the ending.”
When they took footage back to executives, the directors expressed their preference for the original ending. Michael faces the corner of an abandoned house while Heather screams hysterically and drops the camera. “When we screened it, people were overwhelmingly confused,” says Myrick. “We went back to that house with a skeleton crew and basically just shot all the endings that Ed and I threw out when we were dreaming up the script,” says Myrick. We thought it was great — kind of unexplained, but it gave you the idea that something supernatural was happening.”
For more revelations from the past four decades of entertainment, visit ew.com/untoldstories. “The first ending kept the audience off balance; it challenged our real world conventions and that’s what really made it   scary.”
Sanchez remembers an exec telling them, “Okay, but it’s going to cost us millions at the box office.’’ The film grossed $248.6 million worldwide, roughly 4,000 times its initial budget. “We shot an interview with   a guy where he explains a little bit of the mythology of the killer Rustin Parr; how he would make one kid stand in the corner while he killed the others. “There was   one additional pick up,” says Sanchez. The image is iconic now. And so they sent Myrick and Sanchez back to the trees to film several possible endings, which included Mike hanging from a noose, crucified on a wooden stick man, and with a bloodied chest. “When we came up with that ending we had been   agonizing over making sure there was a pay-off,” says The Blair Witch Project   co-director Dan Myrick. “What makes us fearful is something that’s out of the ordinary, unexplained,” says Myrick. We came up with the idea three days before we shot it. Illustration by Tim McDonagh for EW
While they were at it, the directors also shot an interview to explain Mike’s wall stare-down. To read more Untold Stories, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here — and   subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. “However, when asked if they were scared, 19 out of 20 hands went up.” But the distributor, Artisan, was spooked in a will-this-movie-flop kind of way. The 1999 horror faux-doc about three college students — Heather, Michael, and Joshua — searching for the fabled Blair Witch in the Maryland woods was always supposed to end unexpectedly. Myrick’s film Under the Bed premiered on Lifetime in January. “We didn’t have any money, so we couldn’t do any special effects so we had to figure out how to end it   without ruining the rest of the film. “We didn’t want to lead the audience on this entire build-up and then just cut to black; there needed to be some kind of what-the-f–k moment at the end, but at the same time we didn’t want to see a person in a bad witch costume come out and grab them.”
“Our big struggle with the movie was always how to   end it,” agrees co-director Eduardo Sanchez.

See the cover and read an exclusive excerpt from Anna Faris’ memoir

Show Full Article 24, but fans can preorder it here. In Unqualified, the actress will share stories about her rise from awkward teen in the suburbs of Washington to that of a Hollywood darling landing lead roles in big screen hits like Scary Movie, Just Friends, and The House Bunny. The Mom star will also include advice inspired by her podcast, as well as highlights from her own relationship failures and successes, including her marriage to Chris Pratt, who is also writing the book’s foreword. Dutton, Penguin Random House
Excerpt from Unqualified   by   Anna Faris
I’ve been doling out romantic advice my whole life. I’ve been reminded that whether you’re in LA or Atlanta or Dubuque, your pride will be wounded after a breakup, you’ll struggle to tell a friend when you can’t stand her boyfriend, and when you’re truly happy, you’ll know it.  
Unqualified isn’t available for purchase until Oct. This   fall will mark two years since Anna Faris launched her popular podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, and began doling out sage advice to listeners. Well, apparently, after two years of hearing other people’s stories, I’ve learned a few things. I know what you’re thinking: That all sounds great for a podcast, where that girl who looks like Mena Suvari can take callers and have a conversation, but what’s going on with this book? About myself, about dating, and about the commonality of lust and heartbreak and desire and rejection and giddiness. Most recently, and most publicly, on the podcast I cohost with my friend Sim Sarna (Anna Faris Is Unqualified). It will also be a time when her opinions are forever memorialized when they appear in the pages of her forthcoming comedic memoir. Until then, check out the exclusive cover reveal below, along with an excerpt from the book’s introduction chapter. I’ve learned that no matter where you live, there are some universal truths: If your closest friends stop showing up to your barbecues, you’re probably in a bad relationship. And if you opt for kindness over teasing, you’re probably in a good one.

Read an exclusive excerpt from Victoria Jamieson’s Renaissance Fair-themed graphic novel

In   All’s Faire In Middle School, the Roller Girl author   introduces readers to Impy (a.k.a. Victoria Jamieson
Victoria Jamieson
Victoria Jamieson

Show Full Article With   All’s Faire In Middle School   making its way to bookshelves on Sept. 5, EW presents an exclusive look at the cover of the upcoming graphic novel as well as an exclusive excerpt. You can preorder the book here. Imogene) an 11-year-old girl who’s grown up at the renaissance fairs where her parents work. Impy’s life undergoes a bit of a change when the formerly homeschooled middle schooler begins attending school. Middle school is about to get a lot more   Faire   thanks to Victoria Jamieson’s latest graphic novel. And complicating matters is the fact that her new friends want her to do something mean, forcing Impy to wonder if she’s the hero, or maybe even the monster, of her own story.

Hilaria Baldwin offers advice on how to read Alec’s new book

Click through the album to read   the rest of Hilaria’s words below:

My husband's book comes it today…I hope you enjoy it. And so should you.”

Nevertheless is currently out for purchase. He gets lost in love, hate, frustration… sorting out his feelings through unleashing and weaving words.”
She continued: “Don’t overly dramatize it. There is no secret story that needs to be pried into. There are 7 slides 💖
A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on Apr 4, 2017 at 8:26am PDT

Show Full Article “Don’t read it with your glasses on, try on his to get into the mind of this amazing man. Knowing that   readers are eager to make their way through the actor’s tales of celeb life (and memorable turns of phrase), his wife, Hilaria, offered a brief guide on how to read her husband’s new book. Then the book closes, and he leaves the story, returns to a stable home and space. Alec Baldwin’s recent memoir   — and one of EW’s most anticipated April reads   — has made its way to bookshelves and into fans’ hands. It simply was how he was feeling as he typed the words on the page. Here are my thoughts and insights into this man we all love. Order it here. In a seven-part album post on Instagram (which you can see below), the fitness expert noted not only how proud she was of Alec for writing the memoir, which sees the actor get candid about his childhood and acting career thus far, but also the attitude with which people interested in reading it should approach the work. “Read his memoir, knowing that he means what he says, but uses words more strongly than maybe you do,” she began.

Pepsi defends Kendall Jenner ad amid widespread outrage

It depicts various groups of people embracing a spontaneous moment, and showcasing Pepsi’s brand rallying cry to ‘Live for Now,’ in an exploration of what that truly means to live life unbounded, unfiltered and uninhibited,” the brand reiterated.Twitter remains underwhelmed. Latest updates Pepsi has come out in defense of its new ad that ignited a firestorm on Tuesday.The multinational beverage company launched what’s been called a tone-deaf   advertisement in which Kendall Jenner solves   the American racial divide — an issue that predates the union — with a can of Pepsi Max and a smile.The commercial features Jenner walking out of a photo shoot to join a nearby demonstration rife with imagery lifted from the Black Lives Matter movement, before calming the unrest with carbonated aspartame water.While the Internet burned in reaction, Pepsi said in a statement to Adweek, “This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony, and we think that’s an important message to convey.”The company had a similar message in a statement to Teen Vogue.”The creative showcases a moment of unity, and a point where multiple story lines converge in the final advert.

The Beatles announce anniversary edition of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

Show Full Article Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band this spring. Pepper’s   has achieved its sterling reputation not just because of epochal songs like “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” but also because it arrived exactly on June 1, 1967 and provided an immortal soundtrack to that year’s Summer of Love. There will be deluxe CD and vinyl editions, with previously unreleased takes of the album included. Sgt. The “super deluxe” edition will be a six-disc set including a stereo mix, original mono mix, additional session recordings, plus DVDs with some of the album’s original promotional   material and a previously unreleased documentary film   The Making of Sgt. Pepper’s seemed to capture the mood of that year, and it also allowed a lot of other people to kick off from there and to really go for it,” Starr said in the anniversary edition’s accompanying book. Pepper taught the band to play, and 50 since Paul McCartney first introduced Billy Shears to an adoring audience. To mark the 50th anniversary of perhaps their most famous album, The Beatles are releasing several anniversary edition packages of   Sgt. The first of these will arrive on Record Store Day April 22: a limited edition vinyl single of “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “Penny Lane,” two of the first songs recorded during the Sgt. Pepper’s   sessions but ultimately held off the album. It’s been 70 years since Sgt. “Sgt. May 26 will see the release of various anniversary editions of the album itself. Pepper   that features   interviews with McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr in addition to in-studio footage.

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Shag, Marry, Kill with her ‘Buffy’ men

“You shag Spike, obviously,” she stated. Watch the clip above to see the full round of Shag, Marry, Kill, and also hear Gellar discuss why Anthony Stewart   Head and Eliza Dushku weren’t at the reunion. Presented with the options to wed, sleep with, or murder Spike, Angel, or Xander, Gellar’s natural first answer was to marry Angel — whom the actress favored over Spike during EW’s reunion   — but she still had some reservations. “Yas!” Cohen assured her. “I don’t want to kill Xander, though,” she protested, to which Cohen simply replied, “You have to.”
Watch   our exclusive   People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) special,   EW Reunites: Buffy the Vampire Slayer,   here   or download the free app on   on your favorite device. Nicholas Brendon got the short end of the stick Tuesday night, when the Buffster herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar, stopped by   Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen   to play Marry, Shag, Kill and discuss EW’s exclusive   Buffy reunion. Her next answer came without hesitation, though. “I know, I can’t make Buffy do anything, as it turns out,” he replied. “Can you really marry the undead?” she wondered. Gellar then laid down the law, though, informing Cohen, “I don’t have to do anything, you can’t make me!” Cohen, to his credit, relented and agreed. Show Full Article RELATED:   Buffy the Vampire Slayer Reunion Exclusive   Photos

But, by process of elimination, that meant six feet under for Brendon’s character Xander (who it should be noted was present in all 145 episodes of the series run, just like Gellar). Poor, well-meaning Xander. To read more on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now, or buy it here now   — and subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW.

David Letterman to induct Pearl Jam at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony

David Letterman will now be inducting Pearl Jam into the Rock & Hall of Fame at its upcoming induction ceremony, the Rock Hall announced Wednesday. Tupac Shakur, Joan Baez, Yes, ELO, and Journey will also be inducted at this year’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which takes place April 7 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. In a recent interview with Vulture, he talked about the pros and cons of leaving late night television — and his newfound   chattiness. Neil Young was originally scheduled to pay tribute to the band, but he had to back out due to illness. Lead singer Eddie Vedder, meanwhile, appeared during Letterman’s final week of shows in 2015, performing the band’s track   “Better Man.”

Letterman has mostly stayed out of the spotlight since retiring from   The Late Show   in 2015, though he returned to the small screen in 2016 to host one episode of National Geographic’s   Years of Living Dangerously,   an Emmy-winning documentary series about climate change. If you could just keep it to an hour, we’d all appreciate that, because we have big stars who’ve flown in from Hollywood to be here,’” he said. Show Full Article Pearl Jam performed on   The Late Show   seven times throughout Letterman’s reign as host of the CBS series: Their first performance was in 1996, soon after that year’s   No Code   dropped, and their most recent appearance on the show was in 2006 when they were promoting their self-titled eighth studio album. “I’m afraid if I still had a show, it would be a lot of, ‘We’re spending quite a lot of money on editing, Dave.

Elijah Wood shares hilarious ‘Lord of the Rings’ fart story for first time

“Yeah, so, first day of filming Lord of the Rings, it’s the four hobbits rolling down the hill, landing on the wooded road and then hiding behind the tree as the ringwraith came by,” said Wood. Show Full Article “We did that over the course of two days, and the first thing we did was rolling down the hill and, either on a take or a rehearsal, there was an impact fart.”
While host Chris Hardwick laughed, Wood added: “It was loud and everyone laughed. It seems like   Lord of The Rings   has a little in common with   Blazing Saddles   when it comes to flatulence. It was the fart heard round the shire.”
Talking with Chris Hardwick   is an extension of Hardwick’s The Walking Dead aftershow, The Talking Dead. Watch the clip above and check out the premiere episode featuring Elijah Wood when it airs Sunday, April 9 at 11 p.m. In the exclusive clip from the debut of   AMC’s upcoming talk show,   Talking with Chris Hardwick,   Rings   star   Elijah Wood recalled a particularly memorable day on location in New Zealand   when apparently the Dead Marshes weren’t the only thing making a stink.

Exes Chris Evans and Jenny Slate reunited at the ‘Gifted’ premiere

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate continue to prove there are no hard feelings post-split at the   Los Angeles premiere of their new film   Gifted. Slate, who plays the young prodigy’s teacher and Evans’s love interest in the film, recently   expressed similar sentiments,   praising the Captain America star’s kindness, joyful energy and “beautiful, big, strong emotions.”
FROM COINAGE:   You Don’t Need Superpowers to be Batman – Just This Much Money

“I remember him saying to me, ‘You’re going to be one of my closest friends.’ I was just like, ‘Man, I f—— hope this isn’t a lie   because I’m going to be devastated if this guy isn’t my friend,’” she said. “I’ve never ever ever met someone in my life who has a mastery of the English language the way she does. You’re like, ‘You just chose such an unbelievable collection of words that beautifully articulate what you say.’”
Evans and Slate, both 35, met while filming   Gifted, a drama about a man who struggles with how to parent his niece, a child prodigy. “She’s so vulnerable, so honest, so interested in other people more than herself, she’s incredibly compassionate, there’s just nothing to not love about her.”
Gifted opens in select theaters April 7 and expands nationwide April 21. This article originally appeared in People.com

Show Full Article “It’s like an art form talking with her   because the visuals associated with her expression are   just so colorful,” Evans told PEOPLE. Evans recently told PEOPLE that Slate was his “favorite human.”
“She’s the best,” he said. The two exes reunited on the red carpet for photos, smiling as they stood side-by-side. She’ll give you one sentence and there’s no fat to it. Despite calling it quits after less than a year of dating, they both look back on their past relationship fondly.