’13 Reasons Why’ star challenges Hollywood whitewashing with viral T-shirt

You’re wrong! Interest skyrocketed so much over the weekend that Choi has now made the shirt available online at $25, with proceeds going toward the cost of staging the “Asian AF Show” — the first Asian American variety show hosted at UCB.His friendly advice to studio execs developing future projects that borrow from Asian or Asian American stories, settings, characters, and culture?“Hollywood just needs to try a little bit harder to include us in stories that take from Asian elements,” he said. I hope things will change. It’s more, ‘You think there are no Asian or Asian American stars out there? They’re all members of what some are calling the Hollywood whitewashing club, and the Asian American community is not having it.A T-shirt emblazoned with the names of “Ghost in the Shell” star Scarlett Johansson, “Aloha’s”   Emma Stone,” “Doctor Strange’s”   Tilda Swinton, and “The Great Wall’s”   Matt Damon went viral over the weekend when a photo of it modeled by actress Michele Selene Ang, one of the stars of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” blew up on Twitter.Ang first posted the pic to her Instagram account back in February, but the release of Paramount’s big-budget “Ghost in the Shell” adaptation prompted renewed social media interest months later as the   conversation around representation in Hollywood returned to the spotlight.The whitewashing shirts were originally made by L.A.-based comedian and performer Will Choi for a comedy showcase for Asian performers he created in response to Johansson being cast as the Major, a character who is Asian in the original “Ghost in the Shell” manga and anime.The comedy show, co-hosted by “Gilmore Girls”‘ Keiko Agena at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater and dubbed “Scarlett Johansson Presents: Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month,” was so popular that the creators turned it into a series. We have so many at these shows.’“The hunger is there. New installments have been timed to the release of subsequent Hollywood blockbusters with whitewashing issues, including Marvel’s “Doctor Strange,” Universal’s “The Great Wall” and Paramount’s “Ghost in the Shell.”Will Choi, comedian and creator of “The Asian AF Show” and “Scarlett Johansson Presents” (Rebecca Aranda)“The purpose of [the shirt] was to address the whitewashing issue in a comedic way,” Choi, who also runs the “Asian AF Show,” told the Times on Monday. This is a way to address it in a way that’s not just me yelling at someone. “Scarlett & Emma & Tilda & Matt.” Four names; one instantly recognizable message.   “I’m not angry about it,” Choi   added. People really want representation — especially Asian Americans.” Latest updates What do these A-listers have in common? “But this is a thing that’s happening and I’m going to call it out, because that’s what we have to do to be heard. To approach it in a way that’s fun and clever, I think, gets more traction than just being angry about it by going off on Twitter. “You’re using our culture as set pieces or accessories, and that is unfortunate.

Tobey Maguire to make directorial debut with ‘Blood on Snow’ adaptation

After   the crime boss instructs Olav to murder   his adulteress spouse, the hitman finds himself at a crossroads when he falls for his target. EW has confirmed the Golden Globe-nominated Spider-Man   star will adapt the 2015 novella from Norwegian author Jo Nesbo as his debut directorial effort. His last major on screen appearance in a live action production was back in 2014, when   his chess drama Pawn Sacrifice   bowed at the Toronto International Film Festival ahead of a limited premiere in September 2015. Grey Matter Productions — behind the recent horror hit Lights Out   and future titles like Steven Soderbergh’s Panama Papers drama   — has reportedly acquired the screen rights to the planned film, with Lawrence Grey, Maguire and   Matthew Plouffe   producing. Maguire’s voice is featured in Fox’s animated comedy   The Boss Baby, currently   the No. Deadline, which first reported the news, notes Nesbo will pen the upcoming romantic   thriller’s   screenplay, which revolves around a gifted criminal named   Olav, whose   employer is one   of Norway’s most revered figures on the criminal underworld. Tobey Maguire is bringing Blood on Snow from the page to the big screen. 1 movie on the domestic box office chart. Show Full Article

Christopher Nolan explains ‘Dunkirk’ rating

“Dunkirk is not a war film. Ahead of the film’s summer premiere, Nolan is explaining the decision to shy away from depicting   the gruesome realities of combat in the upcoming drama. I would really like lots of different types of people to get something out of the experience,” Nolan said of the project, which follows   a band of Allied   soldiers from Europe and Canada who, after being   surrounded by the German army, embark on an intense   evacuation   as WWII rages around them. Christopher Nolan is a modern master of suspense, and his decision to craft a PG-13 film set during the bloody battles of WWII has some fans scratching their heads. “While there is a high level of intensity to it, it does not necessarily concern itself with the bloody aspects of combat, which have been so well done in so many films. Dunkirk   invades theaters July 21. It’s a rating I feel comfortable working with totally,” the three-time Oscar nominee told the Associated Press during a recent interview at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Show Full Article Watch the film’s trailer above, and check out his full Q&A with the AP here. We were really trying to take a different approach and achieve intensity in a different way. It’s a survival story and first and foremost a suspense film.”

Though other films that recreate war-era action – like Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan –   include graphic scenes of gory violence, Nolan explained his film will work to shock the audience with   such jarring images. “All of my big blockbuster films have been PG-13.

‘Get Out’ had an alternate ending, and you can see it next month

Get Out   hits digital HD on May 9, then arrives in   Blu-ray, DVD, and on demand form on May 23. Among other things, the Blu-Ray and DVD editions of   Get Out   will feature deleted scenes and an alternate ending, all with commentary from Peele. There will also be a feature commentary and a behind-the-scenes making-of feature, along with a Q&A discussion of the film with Peele and the cast hosted by Chance the Rapper. Get Out   earned critical   aplomb for its interweaving of horror and racial commentary, but the DVD and Blu-ray have even more surprises for viewers. Fans of the film know that its ending strikes a very delicate balance, so it should be interesting to see what else Peele had in mind at another point. Peele has also been active in engaging the movie’s fans, putting his stamp on jokes   and explaining tidbits about the film’s mythology. After making bank at the box office, Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out   is headed for home release   next month. Chance has made no bones about his love for   Get Out, even buying out an entire theater in Chicago during its release weekend so others could see it   for free. — Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) March 17, 2017

Show Full Article “We were so hurt to see our family secrets exposed in this documentary,” she joked. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya as a young black man who accompanies his white girlfriend (Allison Williams) on a visit to her parents’ house that starts out awkward and gets viscerally horrific. No matter how hard we scream, the system silences us. we all cried for weeks we were so hurt to see our family secrets exposed in this documentary https://t.co/b95KZ4ldxk
— Chelsea Peretti (@chelseaperetti) April 4, 2017

We're all in the Sunken Place. — Jordan Peele (@JordanPeele) March 17, 2017

The Sunken Place means we're marginalized. Peele’s   wife, Chelsea Peretti, also had an amazing response to a question about whether   Get Out   was informed by their real-life experiences.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: Reunion secrets revealed

This time we had…”
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“One week,” jumps in Romero. “People   were pumped,” says Leong. “We had a code name for this project because it was super top secret,” says Leong. “Maybe it was five days; a traumatic five days.” (That’s about the same turn around for Buffy and Co. But in the end, all the secrets and stress were more than worth it. To read more on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer   reunion, pick up the new issue of   Entertainment Weekly on stands now or buy it right here. Considering the scale, it wasn’t always easy to keep the project a secret. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week, you’re aware that Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast of   Buffy the Vampire Slayer for an epic Untold Stories issue. To make things even more difficult, paparazzi swarmed the area on the day of the shoot. “We’re working on them for a half a year. Don’t forget to   subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. “Because this reunion was such a big deal for us, we really wanted to lock it down and keep things under wraps,” explains Leong. “We’ve had shoots where we’ve had 13 people on them before,” says Leong, “but not 13 main cast members.”
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The big day saw   the show’s creator Joss Whedon join stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy), David Boreanaz (Angel), James Marsters (Spike), Alyson Hannigan (Willow), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia), Seth Green (Oz), Emma Caulfield (Anya), Amber Benson (Tara), Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn), Alexis Denisof (Wesley), and Kristine Sutherland (Joyce) on two different sets for ensemble photos and solos taken by photographer James White. “They wanted to get it out into the world as soon as possible.”
Watch the clip above and catch our exclusive   People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) special,   EW Reunites: Buffy the Vampire Slayer,   here   or download the free app on your favorite device. An EW assistant was tasked with dispersing the photographers, only to discover that they were actually nearby for a Kardashian or Jenner (“It was a Kar-Jenner,” as Leong calls them). When James Marsters (Spike) walked onto the library set EW had built for the shoot, he looked around and said, “Wow, you guys really went all out.” Leong responded, “Yeah, it’s Buffy.”

Show Full Article to   find a way to stop the apocalypse, so at least it’s fitting.)
The shoot featured 13 people and “like, 25 demons,” Romero jokes, making it was one the largest reunions the magazine has captured. “I thought that was clever,” quips Romero. “Normally, for a big reunion like this, these things take months,” begins Leong. The winning code name:   Fluffy the King Slayer. For more revelations from the past four decades of entertainment, visit ew.com/untoldstories. And now creative director   Tim Leong and senior photo editor Michele Romero are here to take you inside the top-secret shoot and share insider   details on how it all went down. “So it was closed set — that meant no tweeting, no selfies, no social media.”
“We found that this was a very difficult task for some people,” adds Romero.

Academy announces Oscars ceremony dates through 2021

27, 2018 – Finals voting closes
Wednesday, Feb. The roughly 7,000-strong Hollywood organization announced Tuesday the broadcast dates for three   of its upcoming ceremonies. 25, which likely explains the Academy’s decision to stage the Oscars the following month. The 2018 Winter Olympics’ closing ceremony is slated for Sunday, Feb. Continuing the modern tradition of airing   during the second month of the year, the 91st, 92nd and 93rd   Oscars will   be televised   live on ABC on   Feb. 23, 2018 – Oscar Nominations Announcement
Monday, Feb. 10, 2018 – Scientific and Technical Awards
Tuesday, Feb. RELATED: Oscar Nominees Before They Were Stars
Additionally, the Academy unveiled other key dates for the 2017-18 awards season as follows:
Saturday, Nov. As they have since 2002, the Oscars will take place at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in California for their 90th edition. A date for the   90th Academy Awards was previously confirmed for March   4, 2018 — the first time the Oscars have been handed out after February since 2014, when AMPAS shifted the date to Sunday, March 2 to avoid competition with coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics. With this year’s best picture controversy seemingly behind it, the Academy is trucking on into the future. Show Full Article 23, 2020, and Feb. 20, 2018 – Finals voting opens
Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2017 – Governors Awards
Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 – Nominations voting opens
Friday, Jan. 24, 2019, Feb. 12, 2018 – Nominations voting closes
Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2018 –   The Oscar Concert
Despite the headline-making mix-up during the 89th Oscars telecast — which saw presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty announce the wrong film for Best Picture winner after they were handed the wrong envelope — the Academy will retain   the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which tabulates the votes and handles the envelopes, for the season ahead. 28, 2021, respectively. 5, 2018 – Oscar Nominees Luncheon
Saturday, Feb.

Comedy Central announces new late-night series starring Jordan Klepper from ‘The Daily Show’

time slot is both incredibly humbling and deeply disturbing,” Klepper said   in the statement. (Comedy Central)Comedy Central has — for the second consecutive day —   announced a new show to fill its post-“Daily Show” time slot.Jordan Klepper, with his goofy, overconfident “Daily Show” persona, has been tapped to host his own late-night talk show to air at 11:30 p.m. “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper is getting his own show this fall. slot has seen a lot of upheaval since the departure of Stephen Colbert and “The Colbert Report” in 2014.Former “Daily Show” correspondent Larry Wilmore originally took over the space with “The Nightly Show,” which debuted in January 2015 but was canceled that August because of declining ratings. Dear God, now I have to work with these fools.”Klepper joined “The Daily Show” in 2014 under Jon Stewart and has risen in the ranks to senior correspondent.under new host Trevor Noah, who took over in September 2015.In its statement, the network said the new show “will look to embrace and define the chaos of our country   by channeling Klepper’s steadfast attitude that institutions are to be trusted less than the lies of the mainstream media.”Comedy Central’s 11:30 p.m. Latest updates “Without a doubt, it has utterly destroyed my confidence in Comedy Central’s decision-making acumen. Rather than find a dedicated replacement for “The Nightly Show,” Comedy Central moved Chris Hardwick’s “@midnight” up a half hour, though neglected to rename it “@eleventhirty.”Now the network seems determined to find something that will stick   after “The Daily Show.”On Monday, Comedy Central announced “The President Show,” a new program to air at 11:30 p.m. Eastern.”Jordan’s talent has become so increasingly obvious it would take a real fool to not offer him this opportunity,” Kent Alterman, Comedy Central president, said in a statement Tuesday.”The choice to entrust me with the 11:30 p.m. Thursdays featuring Anthony Atamanuik as President Trump   hosting a late-night show from the Oval Office.”The President Show” premieres April 27.Klepper’s show premieres this fall.

Marvel’s ‘Defenders’ release date revealed in teaser video

It’s going down 8/18. 18, 2017.MORE:First look at ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ and ‘Defenders’ seriesMike Colter, Marvel’s new Luke Cage, talks about the soul of his new Netflix seriesWatch Marvel’s Defenders gather together for the first time at New York Comic Con’Smile!’ How a villain’s phrase in ‘Jessica Jones’ exposes modern-day sexism Latest updates #DEFEND pic.twitter.com/ALzi0WdELY— The Defenders (@TheDefenders) April 4, 2017Netflix has revealed the release date of the Marvel superhero team-up show “The Defenders,” bringing together the four heroes   who have already anchored their own solo shows.The new teaser features   surveillance footage showing   Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter), Daredevil (Charlie Cox) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones) riding in an elevator together at Midland Circle Financial, before Jones angrily takes out the camera.The video’s time code then freezes on “08:18:20:17,” a fun way to indicate the show’s release date of Aug.

Outside Lands 2017 lineup includes Metallica, The Who, Gorillaz

Show Full Article Head over to the festival’s site for a complete lineup and information about tickets, which go on sale April 6 at 10 a.m. 11 through 13. When Outside Lands returns to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park this August for a   10th   consecutive year,   it’ll do so with one of its most impressive lineups yet. Radiohead, LCD Soundsystem, and Lionel Richie headlined Outside Lands in 2016. PT. The eclectic festival announced Tuesday that Metallica, The Who, Gorillaz, Lorde, and A Tribe Called Quest will top the bill for   2017’s event, slated for Aug. Alt-J, Queens of the Stone Age, Above & Beyond, Fleet Foxes, Empire of the Sun, The Avett Brothers, Belle and Sebastian, Solange, Future Islands, Schoolboy Q, Kaytranada, Bleachers, Tove Lo, Dawes, Thundercat, Maggie Rogers, Real Estate, and   many more will perform at Outside Lands 2017.

Titan Comics announces date for ‘Doctor Who’ Comics Day

Time to circle   another date on your calendars fellow Whovians! This year’s big comic event will focus on a story that crosses over that sees each of the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors join forces in an   Alpha issue, which will be drawn by Rachael Stott (Twelfth Doctor). 2 this year, EW has exclusively learned. 2. The global event will focus not just on the   Doctor Who comics   — which currently see four different series, each following the adventures of one of the Doctor’s recent regenerations   — but also on different (and often exclusive) variant covers, signings, and new merchandise. Titan Comics has announced that   Doctor Who Comics Day will be taking place Saturday, Sept. Doctor Who   Comics Day takes place Saturday, Sept. You can see some of Stott’s art from the most recent issue of Twelfth Doctor   below. Titan Comics
Titan Comics
Titan Comics
Titan Comics

Show Full Article Sign up here to host your own Who-themed   events.

With ‘Trial & Error,’ Nicholas D’Agosto makes his strongest case

This really   is his perfect role.”)
Part of D’Agosto’s   intense instant connection to the series, which gingerly   celebrates a certain kind of parochial innocence, is that the actor   grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was nurtured in comedy by Steve Martin and The Kids in the Hall   and in humanity by a “very pure” Catholic upbringing. Nobody can stop laughing. “The most fun person to watch crack is John, who’s undoubtedly the most fun because he’s just so comfortable in his own skin at this point,” D’Agosto says. “I think I’ve done eight failed pilots? But, eschewing the nerves of running an entire season in   one make-or-break month, D’Agosto isn’t sweating the verdict   either way. It’s wonderful.”
D’Agosto’s   hope is that Trial & Error —   which airs back-to-back on Tuesdays and will conclude its brief run on April 18 — manages to seize upon that same curious nationwide interest in true-crime which was memorably captured by Serial and Making a Murderer (which, if you can believe it, hit the zeitgeist long after Astrof and Miller first conceived the show). “I’ve had very few projects in my career that I would say are charmed, but this was a charmed experience from the beginning,” he continues. I think the show is so funny because if you do break, it’s not because you’re chickening out on the scene, but because genuinely what you’re doing is so right.”
Between the laughter,   D’Agosto miraculously maintained   his sense of humor even with a rocky surprise during production in November: The baby he and his wife had been expecting arrived six weeks early and spent weeks in neonatal intensive care while D’Agosto was still filming the back half of the season. He’s passionate and funny, but if you think of all the character traits of Nick, his earnestness is the first thing to come to mind. “It’s a certain perspective that unfortunately comes from disappointments and losses, but I think it’s a healthy perspective, and one where you don’t worry as much about the result as much as you relish every day of the work. “I’ve probably only had this happen on maybe two or three roles before, but sometimes a part comes across your plate and you just know when it’s yours,” says the 36-year-old. On   paper, all that looks great — meaty, memorable roles throughout   the past 16 years to elevate him to “That Guy” adulation — but it’s D’Agosto himself who would also gleefully remind you of the projects that didn’t quite make it onto the IMDb. That’s   where I’ve learned to put my   focus now.” Through   Trial & Error,   a solution. “If Trial & Error is working, it’s because the audience trusts in that aspect of Josh, despite the fact that he’s running into failure at every turn, and that’s one of the gifts my parents gave me: A sort of genuine faith that, ‘We’re down nine to nothing in a game to 10, but damn it, we could score 10 in a row.’”
Optimism aside, the   best comedy writers will tell you that failure is funny, and D’Agosto’s unlucky Josh is subject to scores of comically charmed set-backs that offer real character-defining opportunities   for the actor. So I’m really thankful that that impulse was right.” (To that point, Astrof corroborates: “Nick is a unicorn. He’s hilarious just because he’s so nice. “It was a pretty big shock and actually really rough to balance in the middle of shooting,” he recalls. “One of the greatest things about this format is that you get 15 to 20 takes, which allows me to take lots of weird chances, and thankfully the editors are so good at sculpting the   performance,” he says of Josh’s endless exasperation. Nine? “My parents are generous and hard-working people who have a genuine belief that they make a difference in the world — and they really do — and so my siblings and I were raised with that same feeling, which I think is the core of everything Josh does,” says the   middle child of a “very chatty, very funny” five. “In fact, I’m still hesitant to believe it.”
That cautious optimism and history of humility is a large reason why D’Agosto meshes so well with his character on Jeff Astrof and Matthew Miller’s genius mock-doc. To say D’Agosto simply identifies with Josh would underserve   the magnitude of the connection the actor   says he felt towards the role, as it first arrived in his hands like all the others — in 12-point Courier. That’s   where I’ve learned to put my   focus now.”   Through
“This working experience was truly singular and such a great joy, and I’m happy that the show is doing well, but what I’ve learned more than anything is to be thankful for just the work alone,” he concedes. “From the minute that I read it, I knew all of this guy’s strengths and I knew all of his insecurities. And after a while, you really begin to understand what it’s like to be in a pilot that’s not working, but I’ve not had many experiences being on a pilot that was working, so this is my first time ever being a part of something that felt like it’s worked the whole way through,” says D’Agosto, referring to his successful new   gig as an amateur   litigator in NBC’s mockumentary Trial & Error, a nascent sitcom gem on the network’s Tuesday night schedule. There’s just something I really get   about Josh internally. He plays a slick (or, slick-adjacent) city lawyer named Josh Segal who’s sent southward to crack his very first murder case in one-horse East Peck, South Carolina, a lazy time-warped town that makes Parks and Recreation look like The Jetsons. Exciting, promising things with names like Eden and Orpheus and How I Met Your Dad. Haas on Masters of Sex, probably; Claire’s boyfriend on Heroes, if you think   back far enough; or, why not, the protagonist prognosticator on Final Destination 5. “But he’s doing great now, and my wife, who’s a food photographer, is working quite a bit now that she’s back on her feet, and so I get to stay home and write and read and rest and raise this little baby boy. “It’s a certain perspective that unfortunately comes from disappointments and losses, but I think it’s a healthy perspective, and one where you don’t worry as much about the result as much as you relish every day of the work. “They give him the most absurd lines to say seriously, so the real delight is watching him say it all with   a straight face, and inevitably there are so many moments when the whole room just can’t get past it. This working experience was truly singular and such a great joy, and I’m happy that the show is doing well, but what I’ve learned more than anything is to be thankful for just the work alone,” he concedes. If you’re keeping score via mockumentary measures, Josh is   more Leslie Knope than Michael Scott, to be sure, but his constant   ire is deeply   informed by the eccentricities of the members of his   defense team: Multimorbid   assistant Anne (Sherri Shepherd), jubilantly unpolished   investigator Dwayne (Steven Boyer), and the wholesome murder suspect himself, poetry professor Larry Henderson (played with delirious ditz by John Lithgow). Your introduction to Nicholas D’Agosto could have come from any number of sources: Two-faced Harvey Dent on Gotham, perhaps; Dr. Show Full Article

‘SNL’ tackles Trump’s Muslim ban in Snapchat Story sketch

The “Inside SoCal” party boys   are back to   investigate   President Donald Trump’s “travelers ban on Muslims.”
Saturday Night Live‘s series of Snapchat   Discover   sketches continued Tuesday with Todd and Casey (cast members Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett) anchoring another installment of their   web show. Watch "Inside SoCal" on @Snapchat Discover before it disappears! “It’s super interesting.”
The segment continues with breaking news about Lindsay Dunlap (Scarlett Johansson),   “the finest girl in our school,” now single and   back home after failing to make it in fashion school. Show Full Article I think this is a bad idea and actually a discrimination like Jackie Robinson in baseball, the old negro leagues.”
To find out what people really think about Trump’s ban, Todd went to a local mall   to ask a shopper, whom he identified as Muslim, for her take   — only she wasn’t actually Muslim. “Oh, that’s crazy,” he awkwardly responds. “What makes Muslims so bad? Is it just ’cause they’re of a different religion and might not always smoke or skate like us? https://t.co/BHqcd91JMR #SNL pic.twitter.com/9mmid7QIYm
— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) April 4, 2017

Watch the full sketch on Snapchat. That’s not fair to judge. “As   many of you know, we have a new president of the country or whatever, and he has recently did a travelers’ ban for — against muslims,” stumbles Todd. When   “Inside SoCal” correspondent KP tries asking her out, she vomits up her drink, but agrees, “Yeah, I’m down.”

SNL Stories is back!

‘Schitt’s Creek’: Alexis and David compete for attention in exclusive finale sneak peek

Be sure to watch the full sneak peek   above and tune in to the Schitt’s Creek season 3 finale at 8 p.m. In fact, in the exclusive Schitt’s Creek clip above, Alexis (Annie Murphy) doesn’t even really understand the concept of her dad Johnny (Eugene Levy) asking her for one. ET on PopTV. (She thinks he’s asking if he can do her a favor instead.)
Wednesday’s season 3 finale features big days for both Alexis and David (Dan Levy). “They can’t say we didn’t try,” quips Moira. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years
The portrait   of perfect parents, Johnny and Moira decide to attend neither. The Rose family could never be accused of doing favors for one another. Alexis is graduating from high school — for the second time, but she does plan to show at this ceremony — while David is celebrating his birthday, which is news to Johnny and Moira (Catherine O’Hara). Show Full Article

‘Seven’ producer recalls debate over shock ending

Also considered and even storyboarded (video below) was that Somerset would execute Doe himself — that Doe wouldn’t get exactly he wanted and Mills wouldn’t go to prison, softening the blow somewhat.   “The scores were only at 70 percent,” said   Kopelson, whose previous film The Fugitive had tested at 98 percent. “You know, he would be much more heroic if he didn’t shoot John Doe — and it’s too unsettling with the head in the box,” Pitt recalled being told by the studio. “What’s in the box?!” Brad Pitt’s agonized wail is still haunting 22 years after the release of Seven which devastated audiences with its brutal climactic twist of having Det. As you might expect, getting a major studio to embrace writer Andrew Kevin Walker’s bleak ending wasn’t easy — especially after early test audiences didn’t like the conclusion. Mills (Pitt) unwrapping a special delivery of his pregnant wife’s (Gwyneth Paltrow) severed head, provoking him to execute the sadistic-yet-unarmed John Doe (Kevin Spacey) — and unwittingly fulfilling the serial killer’s epic sin tableau in the process. For many weeks throughout the world, it played to packed theaters and it went on and on.”

Show Full Article “I was concerned that the film would be a disaster.”
Other possible endings were debated:
— Kopelson says director David Fincher (who declined to comment for this story) wanted the final scene to be even bleaker, cutting right to   black right after Mills pulls the trigger. — The team considered having Mill’s partner Somerset (Morgan Freeman) successfully prevent Doe’s execution entirely. “We think maybe if it was the dog’s head in the box…” But Kopelson doesn’t recall that option being discussed (“Perhaps this was a casual conversation between Pitt and Fincher but it never reached me for my approval”). “The issue was always that the studio thought Doe needed to be thwarted some way,” Fincher said on the Seven DVD commentary. The   double-edged sword of the movie is you give the vengeance-crazed audience their blood lust and what they come to movies for but at the same time you’ve spelled it out for them for the three minutes before the trigger gets pulled that [Doe wants to be executed] … and there are not enough bullets — you can’t do enough damage to him for it to ever be even.”
Ultimately, Walker’s originally scripted outcome was, despite its darkness, too perfect to change — it pays off every character’s arc. “If he was going to take this guy’s wife and kill her and thereby kill the unborn child within her that he needed to not get the thrill of being killed by the person that he wanted to be killed by — which is a compelling argument, but I think you’re splitting hairs at that point. — Pitt once told EW the studio wanted Mills’ dog’s head in the box instead. Kopelson insisted on adding a denouement to give the audience a hint of the future, a scene where Mills is arrested and Somerset is assured he will be cared for, which also gave Somerset some words to tie up the film. Executive producer Arnold Kopelson recalls the internal hand-wringing over the ending after the studio did two preview screenings that delivered poor numbers. “My concerns [about the ending] were diminished by the fourth day of release,” Kopelson recalls. “There was a huge audience reaction which grew every day. The result was   a true rarity — a very dark R-rated critical and box office hit, delivering $327 million worldwide.

‘The Daily Show’ correspondent Jordan Klepper scores spinoff

The Daily Show senior correspondent   Jordan Klepper is stepping out on his own! Dear God, now I have to work with these fools.”
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Currently in the beginning stages of development, the new series will be a vehicle for Klepper to express his staunch belief   that “institutions are to be trusted less than the lies of the mainstream media.”   And the group of handpicked contributors for the show will be contractually obligated to reinforce the aforementioned world view, per the press release. Do it.”

The currently untitled series will be executive-produced by Klepper, Noah, and Stuart Miller (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). Klepper joined   The Daily Show   in 2014 when Stewart was the behind the desk. Show Full Article He ascended to the position of senior correspondent once Noah took over in 2015. “The choice to entrust me with the 11:30 p.m. This is The   Daily Show‘s first spinoff since Larry Wilmore’s   The Nightly Show   was   canceled in August. “Jordan’s talent has become so increasingly obvious it would take a real fool to not offer him this opportunity,” said Comedy Central president Kent Alterman. Jordan Klepper’s show will air Monday through Thursday at 11:30 p.m. ET on Comedy Central. “Watch – 11:30’s in the fall on Comedy Central. “Finally, there’s a show on TV that’s not didactic and is   NOT GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO,” said Klepper. “Without a doubt, it has utterly destroyed my confidence in Comedy Central’s decision making acumen. timeslot is both incredibly humbling and deeply disturbing,” said Klepper in a statement. He most recently attended one of Trump’s 2020 campaign rallies to find out why the   former   Celebrity Apprentice host is already campaigning again. His coverage of President Donald Trump rallies continues to be some of the show’s stand-out segments. Beginning this fall, Klepper will take his   Daily Show persona to his own late night talk show, which will serve as a companion series to   The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and air weeknights at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Nickelodeon reviving ‘Invader Zim’ for TV movie

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Zim’s return is significant for a couple reasons, one of which being its healthy second life in the zeitgeist as something of an animated cult classic despite just two seasons of story (which, really, is the crux of the whole “cult classic” part). Wildly ineffective but hilariously earnest, Zim and his robot companion GIR attempted to blend in and study the human race while simultaneously trying to enslave it. Moreover, Zim joins Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life as the third title in Nickelodeon’s animated vault to be re-booted for TV: Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie will air this year, and a Rocko’s Modern Life TV special is also currently in production. Show Full Article First Arnold. Four key original voice cast members — Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (GIR), Andy Berman (Dib), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) — will return for the 90-minute movie, which picks up on a “perpetually desperate and delusional” Zim hatching a new plan to achieve his goal. Jhonen Vasquez’s seminal societal satire Invader Zim will return to Nickelodeon, as the network has just announced greenlight plans for an Invader Zim television movie. Then Rocko. The series, which debuted on Nick in 2001, followed an alien named Zim who arrived on Earth with imperialistic intentions of conquering the planet (in order to gain favor with his home race). Now Zim.

‘13 Reasons Why’ star Katherine Langford opens up about ‘tough’ scenes

When we did it, I felt super supported and absolutely comfortable on set, but it was very strange because that act makes me sick to my stomach. “Episodes 12 and 13 made me a little bit nervous because as a young adult playing a young adult, these issues are so relevant.”
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The issues she’s speaking about in the final episodes are Hannah’s rape in episode 12 and her suicide in episode 13. After all, the show   tells the story of Hannah Baker’s life, and more specifically, why she decided to commit suicide. I spoke to Rebecca Kaplan from It’s On Us and I spoke to a psychiatrist who deals with adolescent development and there was a lot of conversation about why things happen in the way they happen, things like why Hannah doesn’t say no.”

Langford adds: “There was a lot of discussion that went into that about how we were going to shoot it. And also the acts that happen are increasingly harsh,” Langford tells EW. While the beginning of the show focuses on things like high school bullying and friendship gone wrong, the later episodes deal with things like death and rape. “12 was difficult because I put a lot of research into it. I wanted this story to be truthful,” Langford continues. It’s so sickening and it’s uncomfortable and it’s ugly, but that’s also why we needed to show it.”
As for Hannah’s suicide, Langford says the acting wasn’t as difficult as the goodbye. The story is so personal that when it came to that scene, not so much the acting side of it, but more the having to let her go was really difficult.”
13 Reasons Why is available on Netflix now. In the show’s 13-episode season, Hannah’s struggle grows, with each designated “reason” for her death only getting more intense. When Katherine Langford took on the role of Hannah Baker in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, she knew she would have to go to some dark places. Spoiler alert: This post contains details about the final episodes of 13 Reasons Why. “That final scene with Hannah in a bathtub, that was tough and that stuck with me because it was the last day that Hannah lived,” she says. Show Full Article “The further you go along, the more involved you become with Hannah and the closer I felt to her. And for Langford, the final two episodes presented her with her greatest challenges. “Playing her for six months, you develop a memory and a history for what she’s gone through and by that point, I felt very close to her and I felt like she was a person. “I just wanted them to be told right because I feel so many TV shows and movies that have shown these issues either romanticize them or they use them as a plot device.

‘New Girl’ season finale clip: Schmidt leads Nick to a long-awaited revelation

Watch the clip above. New Girl has yet to be renewed for season 7, but executive producer   Brett Baer promises a “satisfactory conclusion” for fans either way. New Girl is putting a cap on season 6 (and maybe   even the series) with Tuesday’s   episode, so it’s time for old feelings to rise to the surface. Show Full Article RELATED:   New Girl‘s 15 Best Love Stories

“I think it would be really disappointing to have the show go off the air and not give the audience a satisfactory conclusion to a story line that’s been the engine of the show since season 1,” Baer   told TV Line. “That said, we’re obviously hoping [for a season 7]. “I have never seen you look at anyone else like that in my entire life —   except maybe, on a few occasions, me.”
Yes, it looks like Nick will finally be admitting that he’s in love with his longtime roomie and ex-girlfriend, but not before a few of his classic   stalling tactics. “Nick, you have been in love with this girl from the moment you opened the door and you first laid eyes on her,” Schmidt says of Jess. In a new clip   shared exclusively with   EW, Schmidt gets Nick to admit something fans have been waiting for since the Reagan return. ET on Fox. We have ideas for how to propel the show into the future, but we didn’t want to go off the air without answering this question [of Nick and Jess].”
The season 6 finale of New Girl will air Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Read an excerpt from the sequel to Kimberly McCreight’s ‘The Outliers’

And fear can make a person do anything. “But I won’t be mad if you don’t come. How sharp and clear it can be. There’s a big white bedsheet tacked to
the opposite wall with the game board spray-painted below the
words: Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. I look over my shoulder at Jasper. And you won’t be abandoning me. The book will hit shelves May 2. Level99. “Riel, you didn’t have to come out here,” the blond guy growls
at her. There is a distant
rumble of thunder, and the air feels heavy and wet, even
inside the car. I feel how
much he wants to hear that. But nothing happens. And I realize then that it doesn’t even matter
if we were told to come here. And I know it’s stupid to
delay the inevitable, but I do anyway. Trust me.”
“Oh, please,” comes the snorted response. He was
so happy that I’d agreed to leave the hospital that he probably
would have gone anywhere. My feeling. He’s too worried
about bothering them. I
brace myself against the walls as I make my way down, feeling
both better and worse with every step. Maybe
someday when my dad gets all his research done there will even
be some way to measure it. I have seen something like that before. But
I would prefer to have somebody with me when I knock on this
door. You specifically
because I trust you and you make me feel… Huge, scattered drops
plunk to the ground as Jasper and I lift our hoods and follow
the little blue dot on his shielded phone through several more
rights and lefts, deeper still into the maze of narrow Cambridge
streets. It’s the blond guy from the camp with the beaked
nose and the dark circles under his eyes. He’s wearing oversized clothes—a green denim army jacket
and super-low, baggy jeans. This will not end well. “Get
down there now or get the fuck out.”
Jasper makes a noise then: something between a huff and a
laugh. He needs me to say it: that I want
him with me. Then he closes the space between them and I think: don’t
Jasper. “Shit,” he says, annoyed, exhausted. And in a way I suppose it does. “Who are you?” she asks finally. Her eyebrows bunch sharply
when I stay silent. Then: stillness. I can and I will do this on my
Jasper looks up at me out of the corner of his eye, then ahead
again through the windshield. “Hurry up,” comes a voice to our right in front of the blotted out
windows. Level99 were the
ones combing through all our personal data, heading off my dad’s
texts. He heads past us toward the back of
the room and jerks open a door. It is stuffy and
dim down there, and there’s a distinctly sour smell—too many
pairs of jeans worn too many times. I’m shaky as I step forward to the panel of buzzers stacked
up in a row, each with a small number taped alongside. Beyond him there are a dozen young women and men sitting
at a long table in the center of the room, headphones and
hooded sweatshirts on, hunched over laptops. Finally we spot 323, about halfway down the block. Like he and the girl are already in a fight about something else. “Yeah, I got that part. And he is angry. Concentrate. I nod, though I am not sure that I am sure, and motion for
Jasper to close the door. But
he is scared. Where? And so
fast and sudden that I have to blink to believe what I am seeing. Amelia
Earhart. Finally, he loosens his grip a little and the kid starts to
cough. “And thanks for telling her my name,
asshole. It’s not working. The
smell hits me first. How Jasper
would. He’s waving us toward the back of the
room. By the time we park in an alley a few blocks off Harvard
Square, a full-blown summer storm is overhead. The kid leans in. “Jasper,” I whisper. He has him lifted, too. Angry
because he is worried. “To be clear, I would like you to come with me. Massive black gauges stretch out
his earlobes. “You can ask them. They might know more about me than I know about myself. On the upside,
at least he didn’t come charging out the door. My finger
is still on the last button when the door finally opens. “Do you think this is some kind of joke?” he snaps. Whoever is inside has left the chain across. And warmth. And there it is: the
first time that I’ve used what I know from being an Outlier to
make someone feel good, to make things better. It’s amazing how she and I could look so similar
and yet the gulf between us is infinite. “What?” A male voice, deep and aggravated. For a second, it gives me hope. “Yeah,” he says, more angry than I had expected. The stormy blue-black sky makes it seem much later
than four p.m. It is not the first
time that Jasper has done this either. Permanent maybe, too, I
am beginning to realize. The kid has his arm outstretched, a short knife only inches
from Jasper’s neck. They’re down there.”
Jasper peers in the direction of the stairs without taking
another step. I try not
to think about what will happen. “Try it again,” Jasper says, which surprises me. “They who?”
“Fuck off,” the kid spits back, like he’s sure Jasper is messing
with him. Well done.”
The blond guy frowns and looks down. “That’s where we’re going.”
He rolls his eyes. “Let’s go. There are voices inside,
followed by other sounds: cabinets opening and closing, footsteps. Let’s go. “Hello?” he snaps, waving us toward the steps. Behind me, Jasper is breathing hard. “We’re supposed to be here. I take a deep breath as I step into the darkness inside. They’re waiting.”
THE STAIRS ARE narrow and uneven and creak hard underfoot. Did I realize that when I made Jasper drive
me here? She even has a backpack like the one I
used to carry. Contempt, that’s what I read
when she’s done. He is too good at it. Both the clothes and his angry voice seem meant
to make up for his size. Jasper tucks his phone into his jeans, trying
to protect it from the rain as we dash down the street looking for
number 323. No one had any way of knowing exactly what would happen once we got here. “Listen, you don’t even have to come—”
“Don’t give me that bullshit,” he says. Better that the knife is
farther away, worse that we are getting more and more trapped
inside this house. “Her dad’s the scientist. “What ‘comes straight from her’?” a girl shouts from behind
the partial wall. “And close the goddamn door.”
In the dim light, I can make out only a short, slight outline. “What did you just say?” Jasper asks. Stupidly unintimidated. Then it comes to me. I can’t do that
without telling him what’s going on. “I told you not to come out here.”
Of course they’ve got opinions about me. We knew the
code. That comes straight from her.”
I am close enough now to read the newspaper clippings taped
above his desk—Emails Surface Proving FDA Fast-tracked Profitable
Painkillers over Lifesaving Cancer Meds and Servers Down at
Oil Giant Following Spill. The book’s sequel,   The Scattering,   picks up shortly after the conclusion of its predecessor, with Wylie aware that she’s nowhere near home free. But instead of answering there’s a flash of movement as the
kid’s arm jerks back and then forward. I have to think. No one jumps
out. That’s what this kid wants, to
prove to Level99 that he should get promoted off the door. “Does she
not talk?”
“She’s the one from the camp,” he says, like this alone explains
everything. They’ll be pissed if we don’t show up.”
The kid keeps his eyes locked on Jasper, knife still right at his
throat. Despite the note, I seriously doubt
they’re expecting us. He has messy, shoulder-length hair and a bony face. Or taller. “Asshole, do you not fucking see that I am the one with the
goddamn knife?”
It’s when the kid readjusts his grip on the knife that I notice
the tattoo on his hand. “Um, we’re here to see Joseph Conrad,” I say. It feels reckless, like I’m taping a target to our backs. In one hand. A narrow,
run-down, pale-blue Victorian divided—judging from the
buzzers—into five apartments, the lower windows covered from
inside in some kind of brown paper. Show Full Article On the neck of one of the
two men we passed coming out of the main cabin up at the camp. “What’s wrong with you? I mean what’s at this
Really, I shouldn’t drag Jasper into—well, that’s just it. The door snaps shut without a reply. But only a
crack. “I said: get down
there or—”
Jasper has grabbed him by the throat. Not to fuck it up. And I would prefer for that person to be Jasper. “I’m so sorry,” I manage. “Who is down there?” Jasper barks. He is afraid now, I can
feel it. Check out the exclusive excerpt from chapter 17 of   The Scattering below. “Joseph Conrad?” I offer again. Excerpt from The Scattering by Kimberly McCreight
Harvard and the packs of jostling students so filled with all that
promise and possibility. They don’t even look up. If the people at the laptops notice
us, they pretend not to. But I could feel him getting more
anxious the farther we went into the Cambridge side streets. “Obviously, I’m going to come. “I don’t know why the hell you’re here,” the blond guy says,
sizing Jasper up as he comes into view, “but we’re done with you. But he nods a little—go ahead—and so I push
open the door with one spread-fingered hand all the way until
it bumps back against the wall to be sure there is no one hiding
back there. I will do this on my own, there’s no question about that. I have use what I can feel to help Jasper. “It’s the address that was on the note.” Even
without looking at him, I can already feel Jasper’s anger in my
toes. That’s when she glances up and notices my
hair—I can only imagine how bad it looks like now. I fixate on one girl walking alone. Maybe I will ring all those
buzzers in the order the note says, and everyone in the building
will burst angrily to the door. To hold it up for everyone to see. But it is so complete that it seems weirdly
suspect. “Come on,
let’s go. What that kid would do. Wow, for someone who can feel everyone else’s feelings,
I am still shit at talking about my own. “But at least it’s a good feeling right now. “Okay, man, I
“Shut the fuck up!” the kid screams, his voice shrieky and
wild. Why aren’t you talking?” She’s still
pointing at me when she turns back to the blond guy. The paperback version of   The Outliers is out now. Finally, he nods. Maybe. This time I hold each number for longer. Outlier Rule #4: Someone telling the truth—isn’t the same
thing as them being right about what will happen. How I would respond. The door doesn’t open. My throat clamps shut and I try not to gag. That was exactly what he needed me to say. People have newspapers over their heads, jackets
pulled up as they sprint for cover. A grid of nine black circles arranged in
a perfect square. I’m glad for the rain, though. Period. Now everyone is running from something. What is it that he
actually wants? “This is my fault.”
Though the choking is on Jasper, that’s for sure. You know, she’s the ‘Outlier.’” He hooks quotes in the air as
he shakes his head. Most people usually feel more than one thing at any
given time. We hover under the short
awning as I dig out the note with the code. “It is.”
Eventually, the stairwell opens up on one side, and when my
head clears the ceiling, I lock eyes with the person seated at the
desk below. She comes to realize that her ability is the answer, and finds herself torn between self-preservation and   putting herself at risk to help others. On his toes. I can see now he is even younger than I
thought. Even the ones that I am
willing to admit, which—I am beginning to realize—may be far
less than their true sum. I try to see past his fear to what lies beneath. “Come on, come on,” the small guy says, stepping from
directly in front of the window so we can see something of his
face now. What is it that this kid is worried about? That’s something.” I smile, trying
to lighten the mood. And I can’t promise you
that it’s right.” I turn to look at Jasper. When the girl finally emerges, she is petite but muscular,
wearing boyfriend jeans and a snug white tank top that sets off
her crimson lace bra and her olive skin. Hacktivists, that’s what Quentin called them. “What?” the voice barks. But he is already looming over the
jittery kid with the stretched-out ears. But more like someone forgot to be sure
that it was all the way closed than an actual invitation. She
is tall and slim with short jaggedy hair, but cut intentionally
that way unlike mine. Kimberly McCreight (Reconstructing Amelia,   Where They Found Her) made her mark on the YA world with her debut,   The Outliers, the first in the trilogy of the same name. And who could they be? “To the address I gave you,” I say. But there is Jasper, this small kid’s neck locked under the fingers
of one hand. “Then go,” he says. He sounds super pissed, but at least he isn’t huge. Mildew and dust and something else, thick
and rotten. I’d have
thought he’d be happy for any excuse to turn around. What can I do to get Jasper away from him in
one piece? Concentrate. My name
is Wylie.” It’s a risk. Near her collarbone, she has the same game
board tattoo. Like I am yet another
human spill he will now be forced to clean up. “Okay, now you have to tell me where we’re going,” Jasper
says as he turns off the engine. He pulls himself tall, too, for emphasis. And not in a good way. This is all my fault. “Level99 is expecting us,” I say. Without pressing for details, Jasper drove all the way to the
address I gave him following the GPS on his phone, pulling into
one of the only open parking spots a couple blocks away. Then I wait for the door to
spring open, for some terrible possibility I haven’t even considered. When? And
yet—a bigger part of me is pushing onward. His anger has
vanished, replaced by a faint twinge of satisfaction. “You don’t want to come out here. A complete
and terrifying natural. It’s obvious he recognizes me, too. I hold my breath until I am done. If he tries to stop us again
I might listen. Jasper raises his hands in surrender. But
right now, it’s only a feeling. And beyond them
is a partial wall, a light in the corner as though there might be
another desk there out of view. When we finally turn onto Gullbright Lane, the sky opens
and it begins to pour. A beat later the door opens again, this time a little wider
and without the chain. Dim light from a stairway down
brightens the room. And you
know it.”
Do I know that? Hurry up.”
He was expecting us—or somebody like us—but he’s also
annoyed that we’re there. Who? But not nearly as afraid as he should be. And smaller. For a moment it
lifts the heaviness off everything. “I’m handling it.”
“Handling it,” she snorts again, like that’s the most absurd
thing she’s ever heard. “Get the hell downstairs.”
I tug gently on Jasper’s arm, trying to get him to move. Her black hair is held
up in a high, thick ponytail, and she has piercings that run the
length of one ear. The one with the game
board on his pale, ashen arm. There is only silence. But this kid won’t check. “I’m handling it!” the blond guy shouts back with an edge. And so I press the buttons again in the order the note
instructed. I
don’t even know what I’m dragging him into. “Stop!” I shout, staring at that knife so close to Jasper’s skin. “I get it, you want to help the other girls, Wylie, but this is—”
“Listen, I can try to explain what it’s like to
have this Outlier thing. “You sure?” Jasper asks. “Come on, Jasper. My
fingers are trembling as I punch the first button and then the
next. When Riel turns in my direction, her eyes search my face
so intensely that it feels like she’s climbed inside me and is busy
inspecting my internal organs. better.” I
wince. IT STARTS TO rain as we climb out of the car.

April Concert Calendar: The 20 top shows to see this month

Tickets:   Visit The xx’s site for more information and buy here. Like the show documented on his 2008 live album,   Where The Light Is, Mayer has promised to pack his upcoming gigs with three sets: a full band session, a solo acoustic performance, and an outing with the blues-heavy John Mayer Trio. Sigur Rós
Dates: April 7 –   June 17
Details:   What better way to stay cool as the days start getting warmer than with the   chilly post-rock from Iceland? Bob Weir
Dates: April   13 – April   22
Details:   Despite trekking the continent last summer with Dead & Company, the former Grateful Dead singer-guitarist   only played a handful of gigs   in October after releasing his first solo album in decades,   Blue Mountain, earlier in the fall. The 1975
Dates: April   15 – June 3
Details:   The Brits continue to ride the wave of success earned from last year’s   I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It as they headline arenas including Madison Square Garden on their epic   spring trek. Jeff Kravitz/ACMA2017/FilmMagic for ACM
Tim McGraw &   Faith Hill
Dates: April 7 – October 27
Details: Country’s first couple will revive their   Soul2Soul Tour for the first time in a decade ahead of their forthcoming collaborative album. Four years have elapsed   since 2013’s   Kveikur, and when the band launched a casting call for L.A. Diamond’s most recent release was last year’s   Acoustic Christmas, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer should   draw on material from across his 33 studio albums. 1 on Billboard’s albums chart with last October’s   WALLS, Kings of Leon will bring their sweaty Southern rock to outdoor venues this summer — and prepare for plenty of it, as they’ve routinely played 25 songs or more at recent concerts. John Mayer
Dates: Present –   April 22
Details: The pop-rocker embarked on his The Search For Everything Tour   before releasing   the entirety of the album from which it takes his name — he shared   two-thirds of the songs off his upcoming seventh full-length in four track “waves” earlier this year. Kings of Leon
Dates: April   28 – August 26
Details: After scoring their first No. The Chainsmokers
Dates: April   13 – June   24
Details:   Get a little   closer to the chart-topping EDM   duo on their spring tour, which will feature support from Kiiara and Emily Warren. Tickets:   Visit the Soul2Soul Tour site for more information and buy here. This month,   Radiohead return to the States for a limited run of dates, Tom Petty launches a 40th anniversary trek, and Prince’s longtime band The Revolution are honoring His Purpleness’ legacy with a tour. Tickets:   Visit Diamond’s site for more information and buy here. And non-Minnesotans are in luck: The Revolution will also   hit major cities from coast to coast. Tickets:   Visit Mayer’s site for more information and buy here. Be sure to   check your local listings: A varied slate of buzzy acts   including Jon Pardi, Brent Cobb, Brandy Clark, Brothers Osborne, and Margo Price have been tapped as openers. Jimmy Eat World
Dates: April 21   – May 20
Details:   For their spring tour, the beloved pop-punk outfit will bring along one of the genre’s rising acts, Philly’s Beach Slang. Tickets:   Visit The Chainsmokers’ site for more information and buy here. Poison are also tagging along for the ride. They’ll hit Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and San Diego during a West Coast co-headlining tour organized around their Coachella appearances. fans willing to be filmed for a “short documentary,” speculation that Sigur Rós has new music in the works ramped up. Among their upcoming dates are a series of three gigs with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, which will feature string arrangements from artists including Dan Deacon, Owen Pallett, and Nico Muhly. Hinds & Twin Peaks
Dates: April 9 – April 23
Details:   The two groups hail from opposite sides of the Atlantic — Hinds from Madrid, Twin Peaks from Chicago — but they both turn out a thrilling   brand of punk-tinged garage rock. Tickets:   Visit Cage the Elephant’s site for more information and buy here. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Cage the Elephant
Dates: April 8 –   August 6
Details:   Fresh off their Best Rock Album Grammys win for 2015’s   Tell Me I’m Pretty, the rowdy Kentucky rockers will hit theaters and festivals including Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza in the coming months. Idina Menzel
Dates: April 7 –   September 3
Details:   No other Tony winner has also charted in the Hot 100’s top 10 — and Menzel will bring her Frozen hit   “Letting Go” and tunes off her five studio albums, including last year’s   Idina, to venues across the country   this spring and summer. They’re set to release their full-length debut,   Memories…Do Not Open, this Friday. Weir will   traverse Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida for another short string of shows   with his Campfire Band; expect two sets that mix   Mountain‘s pastoral cowboy tunes with Dead classics like “Cassidy” and “The Other One.”
Tickets:   Visit Weir’s site for more information and buy here. They’ll trot out cuts from their excellent ninth album,   Hot Thoughts, along with highlights from their expansive back catalog as they hit theaters and festivals in the coming months. Don’t let Coachella overshadow all the major tours kicking off in April. Tickets:   Visit Sigur Rós’ site for more information and buy here. Tickets:   Visit Hinds‘   and Twin Peaks‘ sites for more information and buy here. Tickets: Visit Spoon’s site for more information and buy tickets here. Emerging Texan singer Khalid — who guested on Lamar’s recent “The Heart Part 4” — will open Scott’s spring tour. Tickets: Visit Sutherland’s site for more information and buy here. The   Revolution
Dates: April 20   –   July 15
Details:   Prince’s stellar   Purple Rain-era backing band — comprised of Wendy Melvoin, Brownmark, Matt Fink, Lisa Coleman, and Bobby Z — will honor the late legend’s legacy at Celebration 2017, a festival slated to take place from April 20 to 23 at Paisley Park to commemorate   the one-year anniversary of his passing. Andrew Benge/Redferns
The xx
Dates: April 14 –   June 9
Details:   The trio’s Jamie xx has been a festival circuit fixture the past two summers, but his primary band hasn’t performed stateside since 2014. Neil Diamond
Dates: April 7 –   August 12
Details: The crooner will celebrate a half-century in music — he   notched his first Hot 100 hit, “Solitary Man,” in 1966 — with a world tour. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Dates: April   20 – August 19
Details: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers will honor four decades in the game — they released their self-titled debut in 1978 — with a continent-spanning tour with support from Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. Tickets:   Visit The 1975’s site for more information and buy here. Scott Dudelson/WireImage
Dates: April   27 – September 16
Details:   The Austin indie-rockers are one of the genre’s most consistently great bands, both in and out of the studio. Tickets: Buy here. Tickets:   Visit Def Leppard’s site for more information and buy here. Tickets: Visit Menzel’s   site for more information and buy here. Following the release of their excellent third album,   I See You, earlier this year, they’ll right that wrong this spring, with assistance from   electro-soul phenom Sampha. Tickets:   Visit Scott’s site for more information and buy here. Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Travis Scott
Dates: April   12 – June 11
Details:   The rising rapper made waves with his 2016 sophomore album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, which featured André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Kid Cudi, Young Thug, Quavo, and many more. Tickets:   Visit Jimmy Eat World’s site for more information and buy here. Show Full Article Kiefer Sutherland
Dates: April   30 – May 27
Details: The actor will continue his foray into country music with his Not Enough Whiskey 2017 Tour, where he’ll perform tunes from his 2016 debut   Down In a Hole. Live rarities from 1997’s   OK Computer   could be in the mix, too:   Radiohead played “Let Down” for the first time in a decade last July, and   they revived “The Tourist” after a nine-year absence at their March 31 tour opener in Miami. In the summer, Chris Stapleton and The Lumineers will join Petty for select dates. EW has rounded up all the must-see shows you need to see this month. Tickets: Visit Kings of Leon’s site for more information and buy tickets here. Radiohead
Dates: Present – April 21
Details:   The alt-rock luminaries played seven North American shows last summer to support their 2016 album, A Moon Shaped Pool, and they’re crossing the Atlantic once again this spring to play a handful of gigs surrounding their headlining sets at Coachella. Tickets:   Visit Radiohead’s site for more information and buy here. Def Leppard
Dates: April 8 –   June   25
Details:   Spandex, Aquanet   an Marshall stacks jacked to 11: the hair-metal icons   will rekindle the spirit of ’80s hard rock with a 38-show itinerary focused   on cities they missed during their 2016 tour. Tickets:   Visit Petty’s site for more information and buy here.