Ursula’s daughter makes her debut in new ‘Descendants 2’ trailer

Only as she soon discovers, her old nemesis Ursula’s daughter Uma (China Anne McClain) is in charge, along with her own pals, Harry and Gil, the sons of Captain Hook and Gaston, is in charge… and close to breaking the barrier around the island. Watch below. Mal and the rest of her reformed villain kid crew may have figured out they’re not as rotten to the core, but as the   Descendants 2 trailer (above) reveals, Mal’s (Dove Cameron) not quite adjusted to her new life in Auradon   — as revealed in the trailer that aired during the Radio Disney Music Awards on Sunday night. Descendants 2 premieres   Friday, July 21 at 8 p.m. With the rest of the villains close to being freed, it’s up to Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos to try and restore order. Show Full Article ET on Disney Channel, ABC, Freeform, Disney XD, and Lifetime. Also making its world premiere is the music video for “Ways to Be Wicked,” one of the tracks from the upcoming movie. When the pressure to be royal gets too much for her, Maleficent’s daughter decides to head back home to the Isle of the Lost. And that’s not the only surprise that fans caught a glimpse of at the award ceremony.

A breakdown of what it’s like to walk, ride and glide through Disney World’s new Pandora park

Pandora — the World of Avatar, which was inspired by the Cameron film but does not feature   any of its main characters, aims to put a true-to-life spin on the fantasy universe. The effect is akin to floating through an above-ground coral reef.Elsewhere, the more thrilling Avatar Flight of Passage aims to simulate the effect of riding a banshee, one of “Avatar’s” winged, dragon-like animals. Midway through James Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi action film “Avatar,” set on the distant planet of Pandora, lead character Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) observes, “Out there is the true world. The cave eventually reveals itself to be a science center, where humans are working with the Na’Vi   to protect the banshees from extinction.In Flight of Passage, guests are matched with an alien body. We’ll have more on Pandora for you today, and in the weeks to come.What do the Na’vi eat? At night, the ground will glow beneath guests’ feet.If you rush through the land just to hit the two rides, Joe Rohde, the Imagineer behind the project, cautions that you’re “wasting your time.” Once it opens, for instance, Disney will have cast members act as Pandora expats who will chat up guests on Pandora wildlife. Some plants, for instance, will allow guests to interact with them — acting as drums that affect the lighting of the land or release spores into the air. I attribute that to the variation in ride pace, but also the crispness of the effects. Pandora is big, about 12 acres, and everything in it is billed as an attraction. Yet Disney, at its Animal Kingdom park in Orlando, Fla., will on May 27 attempt to transport guests to an otherworldly reality — a place not inhabited by princesses and castles and singing ghosts but by   floating mountains, a bioluminescent forest and mysterious creatures who rustle plants just out of sight of guests. Set about a generation after the conflict of the film, much of Pandora, which we visited as part of a preview today, conveys a tranquil setting. After boarding a solitary, stationary-bike-like ride system, a back support will rise and push guests forward. Along the journey, guests will encounter flowing jellyfish, pulsating orange plants and the wolf-like creatures that   haunt Pandora. Once the ride begins, a screen is revealed and, with the help of 3-D glasses, attendees will soar amid Pandora’s flying mountains.The first half of the 4 1/2-minute ride is rather thrilling, as the banshee careens down mountains, through waterfalls and nearly gets into a tussle with a Great Leonopteryx,   a bigger, more orange-hued dragon. The aim is to create the illusion of becoming a Na’Vi, who can train and tame the banshees. As someone who doesn’t fare too well on motion simulators — I cannot ride Star Tours: The Adventure Continues without getting sick   — I experienced no such nausea on Flight of Passage. In here is the dream.”He’s referring to his ability in the film to inhabit an alien body, and not, of course,   a theme park. After traversing up a small mountain — consider it a very moderate hike — guests   enter a cave and see ancient Na’Vi   drawings. Situated in Animal Kingdom, Pandora will play up themes of conservation   as it presents a fragile world on the road to rehabilitation. The Na’Vi River Journey boat ride is an   intimate (the boats seat   about eight   people each) and calming trip through a bioluminescent forest, culminating in a visit with the Shaman of Songs, a   Na’Vi   relaxing and serenading guests amid the glowing fauna.The Shaman of Songs also happens to be one of Disney’s most impressive audio-animatronics to date, possessing almost human-like fluidity. A look at the food inside Disney World’s new Pandora parkBonding with a shoulder banshee at Disney World’s Pandora: Warning, don’t call it a ‘baby’ Latest updates The second half slows down, as guests again visit some of Pandora’s glowing forests.The ride was longer than I expected, and also far smoother.

Kelly Ripa teases ‘Live!’ is getting a new co-host this week

As you can see from the clip (below), the host not only took a sip from a mug bearing a big question mark below her name   but also addressed the camera, telling viewers, “Tune in tomorrow. On Sunday, the Live! to take a position hosting   Good Morning America, surprising fans and Ripa herself. Since then, the show’s been working to find a replacement, trying out a cadre of guest hosts in order to find a good fit, including Fred Savage, and Jerry O’Connell, as well as close friends   Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper. #TuneInToLive #BigAnnouncement #LiveKellyCohost pic.twitter.com/QRKQ9S9NGn
— Kelly Ripa (@KellyRipa) April 30, 2017

Show Full Article Kelly Ripa’s co-host chair is about to get filled on a more permanent basis. host posted a video on Twitter teasing that she’ll be announcing her new co-host this week. However, four years into the job, Strahan then announced that he’d be leaving Live! Trust me.”
Ripa formerly shared hosting duties with former NFL player Michael Strahan   following the departure of Regis Philbin. We're going to need a bigger mug.

Barbra Streisand: ‘Not enough women are directing now’

You start [creating art] because you don’t feel good enough. Put it that way. “We went into Barbra’s dressing room after the show — and Barbra sat and basically interviewed my parents for 45 minutes. So I felt kind of familiar with being with the men. I loved the make-believe world, the world of color. To begin, the 48-year-old Texas-based director explained the reason behind his anomalous presence onstage with the singing and acting icon: “This speaks volumes about the widespread appeal of Barbra Streisand. I had final cut over that movie, so I said, ‘Look, you can have all the credit, but you have to allow my vision.’ I’m like a straight-shooter, I tell you what I think. I saw that he doesn’t see the truthful moment. The reviews must have hurt me because I didn’t want to direct for years after that.”
Is it hard to direct herself in a movie? It was Barbra After Hours.”
After a preamble in which Rodriguez   declared Streisand the greatest   entertainer of all time, their loose, spirited hour-long conversation eschewed Streisand’s musical career and focused on her movie work (specifically four major films) and her position as an opinionated woman in the male-dominated film industry. And why is this psychiatrist singing?’”

Omission impossible
The Prince of Tides nabbed seven Oscar nominations, including one for Best Picture, but not for Streisand’s directing. I think that fear is like an engine to create.”
Tear down this wall
“That’s so great that you use [fear] as an engine and not a wall,” Rodriguez said. I love when I see a woman’s name on a film. My mom talked to us 10 children about God and about Barbra Streisand. “I would be in the middle of a song and he would yell, ‘Cut!’ I’d say, ‘Why did you cut?’ He says, ‘Your head went out of frame.’ I said, “My head will come back!’ It was insane to me. Because every time I had a suggestion, it was put in the paper as if we were fighting or something. Inside the theater was cool and they had great ice cream. “Oh, it’s good to have a man speak,” Streisand declared   upon hearing his voice. That’s part of the artistic process. After all these years, I don’t remember any bible stories, but I remember all the Barbra Streisand stories.”
Rodriguez, whose friendship with Streisand developed a few years ago,   confessed   that he’s never been as starstruck by another human being in his life. And on the stage, so without close-ups.” Though she waxed on about the pleasure she receives from gardening, the activity that she’d been engaged in for the four days leading up to Saturday’s interview, Streisand did not rule anything out. “I’m glad I sound like one,” the man responded, drawing a big laugh from the legend. But she made abundantly clear that theirs was not a joyful collaboration. “None of them talked about what the movie was trying to say. Streisand explained, “There was a lot of older directors who didn’t want to see a woman director, I don’t think. Then you get into competition and a bit of jealousy.”
Though she added, “Not enough women are directing now. “The first time I sat through two movies to see the first one again was to see Marlon Brando. But she explained in specific detail two scenes that Pollack cut from the finished movie   — and her vociferous disagreement with him over those decisions. “But I remember learning how to dislike the press. Then I pray that it’s good.”
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images
Nothing to fear but…
“I have fear,” said Streisand, who’s suffered   lifelong bouts with stage fright, “but I do it anyway. I always had opinions and opinions in the ’60s were not popular for women.”
A director is born
Streisand described her fruitful and collaborative relationship with Sydney Pollack, who directed her opposite Robert Redford in The Way We Were. “We told each other secrets that no one will ever know,” she said. And these movies! “Don’t mention a wall to me,” she exclaimed, an obvious reference to the current president. I had hired him to write. Recently, in Texas, he took his mother to see Streisand perform. “No, no,” she said. When discussing her childhood in Williamsburg, her   voice betrayed a bit more of that   fantastic NYC accent than usual: pure Brooklynese. That was tough.”

The movie was filmed with music recorded live on set — Streisand’s idea — and one shot was emblematic of her   frustration with Pierson. And in our household, there simply was no bigger star than Barbra Streisand. “Because there’s less people to argue with.”
The singing psychiatrist
Rodriguez pointed out that Streisand chose not to record a song for the end credits of her second film as a director, The Prince of Tides, in which she played a New York therapist counseling an adrift family man (Nick Nolte). The line garnered the loudest applause of the night. He was like, ‘I agree with that, I agree with that,’ and then I’d come on the set and the camera’s in a completely other position. “Of course it’s a f—ing snub,” Rodriguez said. “The studio wanted an Academy Award nomination for a new song. I thought, ‘I can’t do it. Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic
Brooklyn babe
The crowd whooped at Streisand’s first mention of Brooklyn. I remember leaving the theater and going back into the drab, hot summer days. “In a sense, I was blackmailed into hiring the director. And then there’s the whole notion of, I don’t know how many women wanted to see a movie with a woman director. Grabbing the bullhorn
After filming wrapped on her first film Funny Girl, for which Streisand would win a Best Actress Oscar in 1969, the movie’s director William Wyler presented her with a megaphone   and a note that read, “Congratulations on directing your first film.”
“I loved every minute of working on that movie,” she said. “I forget the good reviews. “And I would sit with him in the men’s section. When she was done, Streisand pointed a finger at Rodriguez with a big smile on her face and said, “That’s when I decided to be a director.”
Frank discussion
Streisand never mentioned Frank Pierson, her director on A Star is Born, by name. She described spending the whole day at her local movie theater as a child. You have to have both qualities: the self-doubt and the confidence.”
Though Yentl received five Oscar nominations, she was broadsided by some of the film’s bad reviews — and particularly irked by female critics who slammed her directorial debut. Even Juliet. Streisand has not acted onscreen since 2012’s Seth Rogen-starring   The Guilt Trip. And who knows what that has to do with me eventually choosing Yentl.”
Power ballad
Streisand talked about reading George Bernard Shaw’s book The Quintessence of Ibsenism. Five days after her 75th birthday, Barbra Streisand strode onstage to a raucous standing ovation at the Tribeca Film Festival. Show Full Article I grew up in a large Hispanic family of 10 kids in San Antonio, Texas. Where art thou Juliet? But responding to an audience member’s question about taking on the lead role in Romeo and Juliet, Streisand said, “You know what, Sarah Bernhardt played her at 74. Here are the 13 best moments from the evening. So…he yelled action, but I yelled cut.”
Critical eyes
“What I remember are the bad reviews,” Streisand said. There was also time for audience questions, an idea that immediately descended into entertaining   chaos as the first three   questioners, all   female Streisand superfans, were so breathless with emotion that two were lightly heckled by the crowd for stalling. These movie stars!”
The men’s section
In an anecdote that set the table for a   deeper discussion to come, she described going to a synagogue with her grandfather as a child. “Well, hello gorgeous,” Rodriguez meowed to start   the conversation. On her arm was Robert Rodriguez, the action and horror director of El Mariachi,   From Dusk Til Dawn, Spy Kids, Sin City — and on this evening, Streisand’s   self-appointed choice   to interview her onstage for the last of 2017 Tribeca’s Storytellers series. The fourth   questioner was a gentleman   fan. “The one sentence I remember outta that book was, ‘Thoughts can transcend matter.’ And then later on when I had a career as a singer, people would say, ‘How do you hold the notes so long?’ Because I want to.”
Speaking of holding notes long, even non-superfans of Streisand (raises hand) should   be plastered by this: In 1980’s hit record “Woman in Love,” the singer   belts out the last word of   the line “But I give you it   all” (at 2:20) for what seems like the length of evolutionary epoch. I wasn’t alienated with the women upstairs. So it’s a funny thing. And yet there’s also the other end of the scale, which is confidence.

See the Chainsmokers crash a high school prom

And the band may not be done with their party crashing. That was awesome! Watch this amazing videohttps://t.co/z4vA8jS4fV
— Bradley Aney (@MrAneyHHS) April 30, 2017

When chainsmokers show up at your prom! “Crashed this prom just now,” they captioned the snap. @TheChainsmokers pic.twitter.com/yx7fJ12HWC
— Mckenzie Krich (@246kenzie) April 30, 2017

@mrallenmath27 that'll teach you to not come to prom! Scott Rowe (@ScottRowe158) April 30, 2017

He continued, “It was probably the toughest secret I’ve ever kept, because I knew the kids were going to go crazy for it.”
Rowe said The Chainsmokers started their performance soon after the dance began at 7 p.m. The Chainsmokers   treated teens to a surprise 10-minute performance ahead of their gig at the   Allstate Arena on Saturday night, according to the   Chicago Daily Herald. Show Full Article pic.twitter.com/I07D1LDkue
— Dr. “It was across the street from our arena show, so why not.”
Students also took out their phones to document the surprise, sharing photos and videos to social media as the duo performed hits like “Closer” to the private show. “It says a lot about those guys and how cool they are to their fans,” Rowe said of the free gig. This article originally appeared on PEOPLE.com. Turns out, it all started when a student who was a fan of The Chainsmokers sent them   an email. The hitmakers, made up of   Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, even shared a photo with the stunned crowd on Twitter. It was across the street from our arena show, so why not 🙂 pic.twitter.com/BIOdSrfMKd
— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) April 30, 2017

Chainsmokers decided to crash prom HHS. “About two weeks ago I got this random phone call that I happened to answer, and on the other end this person said ‘This is going to be the strangest call you’ve ever received, but one of your students actually sent an email to the manager of the band,’ ” Huntley High School Principal Scott Rowe told the   Daily Herald   about getting the call from a filmographer with the band. Prom is supposed to be a night to remember, and students at   Huntley High School near Chicago certainly won’t be forgetting their big night anytime soon. ❤️ have a good rest of prom
— THE CHAINSMOKERS (@TheChainsmokers) April 30, 2017

Crashed this prom just now. Just crashed Huntley High schools prom! “Your prom could be next,” they tweeted. but   it took students a minute to realize what was happening.

‘Supergirl’: Will Lena Luthor turn on the Girl of Steel?

Lena is uniquely vulnerable to what Rhea is offering.”
But Rhea might also find solace in this potential new partnership. “So as much as Rhea has her ulterior motives, in Lena, she’s looking at the daughter she never had, because this is somebody who is smart, creative, and looks up to her. That’s what makes their pairing together so interesting and nuanced.”
Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. It appears Rhea might be aiming to exploit a wounded Lena, who previously turned on her own mother Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong) and subsequently lost her former love Jack Spheer (Rahul Kohli) — both ultimately because of Supergirl. “What’s interesting about it is Rhea has got her master plan and she obviously does not come in peace,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells EW. Then along comes Rhea, who is offering to be this guide, this mentor, and this supporter, and somebody who is truly proud of Lena and truly cares about her. While Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Maggie (Floriana Lima) desperately try to save Alex (Chyler Leigh) after the elder Danvers sister is kidnapped, Lena (Katie McGrath) will weigh an interesting proposal brought forth by vengeful Daxamite Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher), kicking off a multi-episode story line that goes deeper than just two potential villains aligning. Lena Luthor might finally be forced to decide whether she falls on the side of good or evil during Monday’s episode of Supergirl. Show Full Article “By the same token, Rhea has been rejected by her child,” Kreisberg says. While there is the grander plot and scheming going on, you really have a daughter who needs a mother and a mother who needs a child. “But what’s interesting to us as writers, and what I think Teri and Katie do so beautifully in their story line together, is Lena’s lost her father, she’s lost her brother, now she’s lost Jack. She’s desperate for a mother to come along and help her, protect her, and take care of her; obviously, Lillian is not that person. After Mon-El (Chris Wood) disavowed his family, Rhea has returned to Earth determined to make Supergirl pay.

Box office report: ‘Fate of the Furious’ zooms past $1 billion

Check out the April 28-30 box office figures below. Meanwhile, The Lost City of Z slipped a little in its fourth weekend out, earning an estimated $1.7 million from 866 locations. Kristen Bell and Rob Lowe also star in the film, which marks actor Ken Marino’s directing debut. The movie pulled in an estimated $9 million, a disappointing number, especially given that the cast boasts Tom Hanks (Sully), Emma Watson (Beauty and the Beast), and John Boyega (The Force Awakens), all of whom have pulled in big numbers in recent box office offerings — especially Watson, whose Beauty and the Beast continues to do well, having already earned more than $1 billion worldwide and an estimated $480 million in the domestic box office since opening in March. Rajamouli-directed movie stars noted South Indian actor Prabhas in what is the continuation of the 2015   epic fantasy   Baahubali: The Beginning. 1 – The Fate of the Furious – $19.4 million
2 – How to Be a Latin Lover   – $12 million
3 – Baahubali 2: The Conclusion   – $10 million
4 – The Circle   – $9.3 million
5 –The Boss Baby – $9 million
6 –   Beauty and the Beast – $6.4 million
7   –   Going In Style – $3.6 million
8   –   Smurfs: The Lost Village   – $3.32 million
9 –   Gifted   – $3.3 million
10 –   Unforgettable   – $2.3 million

Show Full Article The S.S. This brings it   just shy of the $150 million mark at the domestic box office after five weeks in theaters. The Telugu language film earned an estimated $10.1 million after opening in only 420 locations for an impressive estimated earning of $24,139 per location. The eighth film in the car-based franchise joins its predecessor,   Furious 7, as the second film featuring Dom and the family to pull in more than 13 figures thanks to an estimated domestic box office haul of $19.4 million this weekend, as well as an estimated international earning of $68.4 million. The film pulls in an estimated $3.3 million from 2,215 locations, its highest earnings yet. The film stars Jacob Latimore along with Seychelle Gabriel and Dule Hill. This brings the James Gray-directed film’s estimated domestic totals to $4.8 million. Fate of the Furious   is now a member of the $1 billion club! The romantic comedy sees international star Eugenio Derbez   — also the lead in the studio’s 2013 sleeper hit   Instructions Not Included   — play a rich woman’s husband, who is dumped for a younger man, thus prompting him to move in with his sister (Salma Hayek) and her son (Raphael Alejandro) as he schemes to seduce a billionaire widow (Raquel Welch). So far the movie, which stars Chris Evans as the guardian of a mathematically gifted young girl, has earned an estimated total of $15.6 million. Per ComScore, overall box office is up 4.2 percent the same frame last year. Also joining the top five in the No. Elsewhere at the box office, Sleight, the latest film from Blumhouse’s BH Tilt genre label, took in an estimated $1.7 million dollars, around what was expected for the J.D. Second place this week belongs to   How to Be a Latin Lover,   a second big hit for Lionsgate and Televisa’s joint venture Panthelion (and the studio’s biggest so far) with the film earning an estimated $12 million from 1,118 locations. The Dave Eggers adaptation did not go over well with audiences and critics alike, earning a D+ on CinemaScore, as well as largely negative reviews. Coming in fourth is The Circle. With estimated total worldwide earnings of $1.1 billion, the popular film (which scored an   A on CinemaScore) not only sits atop the North American box office for the third week in a row, but it also marks Universal’s fourth highest grossing film (adjusted for inflation) after Jurassic World ($1.67 billion), Furious 7 ($1.52 billion), and   Minions ($1.16 billion). 3 spot is   Baahubali: The Conclusion. And rounding out the top five is animated feature   The Boss Baby, whose long legs as a family favorite (it earned an A- on CinemaScore) see it take only a 29 percent decline in the box office for an estimated weekend haul of $9 million. Dillard-directed film about a street magician using his skills to save his kidnapped sister. However, even though   F8 has matched   Furious 7‘s total worldwide performance in crossing the $1 billion mark after only three weeks, its domestic   box office trajectory has been closer to that of   Fast & Furious 6, which also saw a more than 45 percent drop in domestic ticket sales and earned a similar amount ($19.6 million) in its third week out. A little lower down on the top 10 this week is   Gifted. In fact,   much of   F8‘s success comes from the   international box office, where the film has proved to be an immense crowdpleaser, having pulled in an estimated $867.6 million so far, in addition to the estimated domestic total of $192.7 million.

‘Hamilton’ ticket hopefuls line up by the hundreds in Hollywood

“Hamilton” fans began arriving at the Hollywood Pantages about   8:30 p.m. Latest updates Saturday. In the meantime, you can read everything you need to know about L.A. Times staff writer Jessica Gelt is on the scene and will have a report later today. “Hamilton” tickets. By Sunday morning, the crowd   lined up on Argyle Street had swelled to hundreds,   all trying to snag   tickets as they went on sale at 10 a.m.Although tickets were also available online and by phone, some thought their chances would be better in person.

‘Logan’ is getting a black-and-white re-release

— Mangold (@mang0ld) April 29, 2017


Show Full Article “Turning down color on TV just makes gray mush. Suggestion. — Mangold (@mang0ld) April 28, 2017

In convert to b&w , one must determine which hues go dark/ light, adjust contrast, blacks. The limited engagement will only be taking place in the U.S. Director James Mangold announced on Twitter Friday that a black-and-white cut of the popular superhero film   — and star Hugh Jackman’s final outing as the beloved X-Men character — would be coming to theaters for a single showing on May 16. The black-and-white version of   Logan hits theaters on May 16. Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th. Turning down color on tv just makes gray mush. “One must determine which hues go dark or light, adjust contrast, blacks,” he explained briefly. Logan will be returning to the big screen — but will look a little different this time around. The Logan director   has   previously discussed creating a black-and-white version of the movie (which almost starred   nemesis Sabertooth) to be included as part of the DVD and Blu-ray extras, not unlike George Miller, whose   Mad Max: Fury Road   black-and-“chrome” cut was released as a special edition last year. Of course, the process of converting the film to black-and-white isn’t an easy one, as Mangold noted on Twitter after some questioning from fans.

Ja Rule shares Fyre Festival update: ‘All guests are safe’

“We’re heartbroken that we let down all the guests who put their faith in us.”

#FyreFestival is a dream & vision we poured our hearts & souls into creating, 2017 fell dramatically short of even modest expectations
— Fyre Festival (@fyrefestival) April 30, 2017

We're heartbroken that we let down all the guests who put their faith in us (con't)
— Fyre Festival (@fyrefestival) April 30, 2017

To our guests and staff—thank you again for your all patience as we navigate our next steps. Ja Rule is once again apologizing for Fyre Festival, a musical event he helped organize that was supposed to kick off this past weekend but was ultimately called off once some of the high-paying guests arrived to the fest’s Bahamas location only to find many of the amenities they were promised were missing in action. “#Fyre Festival is a dream & vision we poured our hearts & souls into creating, 2017 fell dramatically short of even modest expectations,” they wrote. “Relieved to share that all guest are safe, and have been sent the form to apply for a refund,” Ja Rule tweeted Sunday. We owe you an apology (con't)
— Fyre Festival (@fyrefestival) April 30, 2017

Guests have been sent a form that will provide the necessary information to apply for a refund
— Fyre Festival (@fyrefestival) April 30, 2017

In a previous statement posted on Twitter Friday afternoon, Ja Rule said they were “working right now on getting everyone [off] the island SAFE that is my immediate concern.” “I will make a statement soon I’m heartbroken at this moment my partners and I wanted this to be an amazing event it was NOT A SCAM as everyone is reporting I don’t know how everything went so left but I’m working to make it right by making sure everyone is refunded.”
Soon before that, Fyre Festival released a statement explaining that “due to circumstances out of our control, the physical infrastructure was not in place on time.” Read more about what went wrong with the festival here. “Our deepest apologies…”

Relieved to share that all guest are safe, and have been sent the form to apply for a refund. Our deepest apologies… #fyrefestival
— Ja Rule (@Ruleyork) April 30, 2017

The official Fyre Festival Twitter account also posted an apology Sunday. Show Full Article

‘The Godfather’ cast discuss Al Pacino’s height and Marlon Brando’s balls at Tribeca reunion

It was so astonishing. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Eventually, the consigliere joined in on the fun. “I couldn’t get over it. Every choice [Coppola] made was so authentically perfect. Pacino was not the only person that Paramount was looking to get rid of. At one point during filming, Coppola was told that he was going to be fired that weekend. Caan, in particular, had a few wild tales that only he seemed to remember, but he would regularly forget to speak into the microphone. “I was just in awe,” she said. And perhaps channeling Don Vito, Coppola found the 12 people working on set that were his loudest “naysayers” and fired them. He recalled hearing people on set giggling at his performance, and when Coppola showed him some of the takes from those early days, he understood. Producer Robert Evans thought Pacino was too short — which Pacino admitted was “sorta true” — and favored someone like Robert Redford, since as Coppola pointed out, there are some fair-haired Sicilians. One of the more surreal moments of the evening came as a result, when Duvall instructed Caan to “Use your mic” in pitch-perfect Tom Hagen sternness. Led by the festival’s co-founder, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Talia Shire took the stage with their director, Francis Ford Coppola, to look back on the iconic films after they screened back to back for the audience. And the f—ing computer!”

Show Full Article RELATED: See the Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Portraits
Given some time to warm up, Pacino took command of the stage, delivering a lively retelling of his casting process, which was tortured, to put it lightly. Once the studio saw a reshot version of the Don’s assassination, Coppola was back on the picture, with a more loyal crew. The 86-year-old Duvall remembered a time during the wedding when he, Brando, and the other cast members were mooning each other. Coppola led a good deal of the talk, which focused mainly on how chaotic much of the production was. As the night went on, the group exchanged stories, some of which had been forgotten by other cast members. He recalled first learning about Mario Puzo’s original novel, hearing from the men who would go on to be the film’s producers, and receiving a call from Marlon Brando (he was turning down a part in Coppola’s   The Conversation) all on the same day. The studio had gotten the sense that things weren’t going well, and the company wanted to weekend to solidify a replacement. A dozen or so screen tests later Pacino got the part, but his first weeks on set were troubled. Coppola had wanted Pacino, then known mainly for his work on the stage, from the get-go, but Paramount wasn’t convinced. One of the women on set saw the stunt and pulled him aside saying, “Listen, Bob, you’re fine, but did you catch those balls on Brando?”
Keaton was quiet for much of the night until the end when she told the story of rewatching   The Godfather recently for the first time in a while on a laptop. The discussion, which was led by director Taylor Hackford, focused mainly on the first film, which allowed De Niro — who only appeared in Part II   — to stay almost completely silent, seemingly to the notoriously shy actor’s   satisfaction. The director then moved up the famous restaurant scene in the shooting schedule in order to convince Paramount not to fire Pacino, and it worked. He wasn’t sure at the time whether that was allowed, but the move had the desired affect. The closing night of the Tribeca Film Festival brought together the cast from two of the most important and influential movies ever made:   The Godfather and   The Godfather: Part II.

Samantha Bee’s ‘Not the WHCD’: Watch all the highlights, from Will Ferrell to Allison Janney

Also: Janney confirms that all women are indeed witches and can shoot lasers from their eyes. White Male Reporter: Doesn’t having a female host for this dinner demonstrate a clear anti-white male bias? Fortunately for everyone, Ferrell was given a generous amount of time to work his George W. I’m just kidding — how stupid would that be!”
—“If anybody needs to go the ladies’ room, please go now — the president’s entire staff is here, so there’s going to be a long line.”
For a full recap of the WHCD, click here. She even goes after 2018’s President Pence, who turns America into a Handmaid’s Tale-esque society. Media Shout-outs

Bee and company made sure to carve out some time to honor the important work being done by media outlets that aren’t named CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. That includes embattled local newspapers; KCRW’s (very good) Left, Right, and Center radio show/podcast; Teen Vogue; and even The Weather Channel. Makes you think. Sam is not biased against white men, she just can’t tell you guys apart and thinks you all know each other. 45’s sartorial decisions: “Here’s a fashion update for you, Mr. Fox News Roast

Bee found no shortage of material when she dug into the “Fair and Balanced” cable news network. Hillary Clinton Roast

What if Hillary had won the election? Cregg on The West Wing, there’s something deeply comforting about seeing her behind a White House podium. Sexual harassment, racism, Islamophobia, Fox & Friends: The gang’s all here. Janney: Absolutely not. She goes after Woodrow Wilson for the racist policies that recently nearly got his name removed from Princeton’s public affairs school; Ronald Reagan’s “approach” to the AIDS crisis; Nixon’s, um, list-making; and Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment. Among the best lines:
—“What a 2017 it’s been. And of course, there were roasts aplenty, and not just of Washington’s current crop of politicians — Bee gleefully dunked on presidents past, going as far back as Woodrow Wilson. Show Full Article With the members from the Society to Protect Journalists seated at a front-row table, Bee touched on everything from the recent sexual-harassment headlines roiling Fox News to (in Bee’s eye) the loosening journalistic standards at CNN. Here are the top highlights from the Not the WHCD. Bush magic, producing a great number of gems. This leads to Bee taking an extended jab at CNN, which she refers to it as a “man-made disaster.”   Using network boss Jeff Zucker’s own words against him, she suggests a new slogan for the brand: “There’s news in it almost every time.”
The War on Fact

This taped bit analyzes the Trump administration’s relationship to facts — and “alternative facts” — by interviewing A) the head of the fact-checking department at The New Yorker, B) current Washington Post media columnist (and former New York Times public editor) Margaret Sullivan, and C) Steve Buscemi. She was there as herself this time to answer any questions the “reporters” assembled before her might have about what this whole NotTheWHCD thing is all about. Yes, Samantha Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was packed with surprise celebrity appearances, biting political humor, and live music. Trump: The tie stops at the belt.”
Nixon, Reagan, and Pence

Many of the harshest critiques of the night actually weren’t directed at the current president — they were aimed at past ones. Allison Janney’s Cold Open

Thanks to Allison Janney’s years-long run as C.J. On President Bush’s old tensions with the press: “I wish someone had told me that all you have to do is say ‘fake news’ over and over again.”
On legendary White House reporter Helen Thomas: “Helen Thomas asks tougher questions as a dead woman than any man at Fox News asks today.”
On No. Will Ferrell! Best, or at least silliest line: “If facts is, what is they?”
Celebrity Trump Roast

An impressive cast of comedians — Billy Eichner, Paula Pell, and Norman Lear, to name a few — show up for a series of impeccable one-liners, such as:
Kumail Nanjiani: “Trump is like that weird high school friend of yours who shows up at the party, doesn’t bring any beer, drinks everybody’s liquor, is weird to all the girls, and on the way out doesn’t condemn hate crimes.”
Carl Reiner: I was in Ocean’s Eleven, a movie about a casino heist. Allison Janney! “History has proven to be kinder to me than many of you thought,” he adds with a sly grin on his face. But perhaps more than anything, the show heavily featured something considerably less glamorous: hard-nosed media criticism. Trump didn’t find the movie believable because it revolved around a casino that was actually making a profit.”
Billy Eichner: You ever notice Betsy DeVos and a duffel bag full of orphan bones are never seen in the same room together? Hillary Clinton was sworn in as president, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, Lemonade won Album of the Year, and every print of La La Land spontaneously combusted.”
—“Clinton also raised eyebrows when she put her son-in-law Marc   Mezvinsky in charge of brokering peace in the Middle East. Will Ferrell’s Bush Is Back

“How do you like me now, huh?” opens Will Ferrell as he revives his impression of ol’ No. Steve Buscemi with a cat! 43. A clever series of videos found Bee time-traveling to the WHCDs of various administrations in the past (and one in the future) to do the job right. Bee plays out this alternate-reality à   la Man in the High Castle and gives us a peek at what Clinton’s WHCD might’ve looked like. Sam Bee: You’re basically the presidential Fyre Festival.

Hasan Minhaj zings ‘liar-in-chief’ Trump, ‘the Spice-man,’ media at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Is Steve Bannon here? That’s why you’ve got to keep your foot on the gas, especially with Sean Spicer, who is not here tonight because I think he’s at home googling how to fake his own death, but I love it when you give it to Sean Spicer. We’ll talk about this tomorrow!’ It is the best. How are you here in public? Stop it! No one wanted this gig! Freedom of the press is a building block of our democracy. If this goes poorly, Steve Bannon gets to eat me.”
“Has anyone seen Rick Perry since he became Energy Secretary? My name is Hasan Minhaj, or as I’ll be known in a few weeks, #830287,” the 31-year-old comedian, who majored in political science at the University of California, Davis, said. It’s how it always goes down. We are here to celebrate good journalism, we are here to celebrate the press, not the presidency, and I am happy to report for anyone who’s interested that this dinner is sold out.”
Noting that press access under President Trump “has been very good” — “the press is still in the White House Briefing Room, and we are still on Air Force One” — Mason said that doesn’t change the current administration’s penchant for sharing its negative views of media. On one hand, you tell us the prison industrial complex is the problem and then you air five straight hours of Lockup. We are   not fake news, we are not failing news organizations, and we are not the enemy of the American people.”

WHCA President Jeff Mason says the freedom of the press is a "building block" of our democracy https://t.co/nFbNM0rPbn
— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) April 30, 2017

“We are not fake news… And we are not the enemy of the American people.” – @jeffmason1 at #WHCD https://t.co/G5gnMAaJ3K
— CNN (@CNN) April 30, 2017

It was a sentiment echoed by Washington Post   Associate Editor and investigative   reporter Bob Woodward during his remarks. It is 2017 and we are living in the golden age of lying. — in four hours Donald Trump will be tweeting about how bad Nicki Minaj bombed at this dinner and he’ll be doing it completely sober and that’s his right. Now’s the time to be a liar, and Donald Trump is liar-in-chief. Journalists, presidents, cabinet members, lawmakers, and diplomats have shown up for decades and demonstrated that even though we have vastly different roles, government officials and reporters can come together for one night,” Mason said following a video celebrating the role of journalism and the press corps’ relationship with the White House. “No one wanted to do this, so, of course, it lands in the hands of an immigrant. It is not,” he said, his words trailing. I do not see Steve Bannon. You can’t be mad at corporations profiting off minorities in prison when you’re a corporation profiting off minorities in prison.”
“MSNBC, Please tell Rachel Maddow to chill about Trump’s tax returns. Sometimes I like to turn my brain off and watch strangers insult my family and heritage.”
“MSNBC is here tonight, and I’m glad you guys are here tonight – that way if I’m bombing, Brian Williams will describe it as ‘stunning.’”
“It’s hard to trust you guys when you send us so many mixed messages. Just panicked like, ‘No, wait, stop it! [Mouths ‘Thank you.’]”
“Jeff Sessions couldn’t be here tonight. Pop (Culture) Goes the Weasel
“I am truly honored to be here, even though all of Hollywood pulled out now that King Joffrey is president and it feels like the Red Wedding in here.”
“The news coming out of the White House is so stressful, I’ve been watching House of Cards just to relax. Ask Steve Bannon. You are his biggest enemy. But then you gave him a $25 million severance package, making it the only package he won’t force a woman to touch.”
“I like to watch Fox News for the same reason I like to play Call of Duty. See our highlights below. On his RSVP he just wrote: ‘No!’ Just, ‘Nooooo!’ Which happens to be his second favorite n-word.”
Some “Press”-ing Jabs
“Fox News is here. I do not see Steve Bannon…do not see Steve Bannon…not see Steve Bannon…Nazi Steve Bannon.”
“Mike Pence wanted to be here tonight but his wife wouldn’t let him because apparently one of you ladies is ovulating, soooo…good job, ladies. “Who woulda thought, with everything going on in the country right now, that a Muslim would be standing on this stage…for the ninth year in a row, baby! Otherwise, I might get a show on MSNBC.”
“My favorite entertainment channel is in the building tonight – CNN is here, baby. In fact, I think they have been reinforced. I mean, that was your Steve Harvey Miss Universe moment.”
“This has been one of the strangest events I’ve done in my life – like, I feel like I’m a tribute in The Hunger Games. Sean Spicer’s been doing PR since 1999. “Nevertheless, we can not ignore the rhetoric that has been employed by the president about who we are and what we do. “A lot of people told me, ‘Hasan, if you go after the administration it would be petty, unfair, and childish.’ In other words, presidential. I’m just like, Oh man, a congressman pushed a journalist in front of a moving train? We had eight years of Barack, what’s another year?”
Alluding to the many comedians who reportedly didn’t want to host the dinner because of Trump, who at the time had not yet said he wouldn’t be attending, Minhaj explains how he came to get the job. Stop shaking your head! It’s a sign to the rest of the world … even the president is not beyond the reach of the 1st Amendment. Sean Spicer gives press briefings like someone is going through his browser history while he watches. It is a very long flight. And can you blame them? ‘Tweet us at AC360.’ No, you tell me. Only the Spice-man. ‘Is Trump a Russian spy?’ I don’t know, you tell me. How many people do you know that can turn a press briefing into a full-on Mel Gibson traffic stop? But before the entertainment portion of the evening got started, White House Correspondents’ Association President Jess Mason kicked off the night with a message   directed at the president, the first to not attend the dinner since Ronald Reagan in 1981 (he was recovering from an assassination attempt). And remember, you guys are Public Enemy No. “As for the other guy, I think he’s in Pennsylvania ‘cause he can’t take a joke.”
And, like all past presidents, there were many made at his expense. I’m watching the news, but it feels like I’m watching CNN watch the news.”
Right(s) By My Side
“Only in America can a first generation Indian-American Muslim kid get on this stage and make fun of the president, the orange man behind the Muslim ban. So here we go,” he said, before launching into his comedy attack that included,   of course, the president and his cabinet, but also major news organizations. “The tradition of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a long one. I don’t know what you think you’ll find in there, but there isn’t an item that just says ‘Bribes from Russia.’ That’s not how it works. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner wasted no time addressing the “elephant that’s not in the room,” as event host and The Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj put it Saturday night: President Trump’s refusal to attend. I’m amazed you guys even showed up. And I’m proud that all of us are here tonight to defend that right, even if the man in the White House never would.”

Check out Minhaj’s full remarks from the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner above, and click here for highlights from the Full Frontal with Samantha Bee’s ‘Not the   White House Correspondents’ Dinner.’

Show Full Article It would be hard for Vlad to make it,” Minhaj joked to the crowd at Washington’s Hilton Hotel. “The leader of our country is not here … and that’s because he lives in Moscow. He’s been doing his job for 18 years, and somehow after 18 years his go-to move when you ask him a tough question is denying the Holocaust. I have a feeling he’s sitting in a room full of plutonium waiting to become Spider-Man. Turning the event over to Minhaj, he got right to the jokes in his first moments at the mic. Only the Spice-man.”
All the President’s Men — and a Woman
“Betsy DeVos couldn’t be here. It’s hard to trust you guys when you backed a guy like Bill O’Reilly for years. Think about it, it’s almost 11 p.m. Stop shaking your head! “I would say it is an honor to be here, but that would be an alternative fact. “Tonight looks a little different, but the values that underpin this dinner have not changed. And somehow you’re the bad guys. No one! But the president didn’t show up because Donald Trump doesn’t care about free speech. “It is our job to report on facts and to hold leaders accountable; that is who we are. Undermining that by seeking to de-legitimize journalists is dangerous to a healthy republic,” he said to cheers from the crowd in Washington’s Hilton Hotel, earning a standing ovation for what followed. That’s quaint.”

Comedian Hasan Minhaj: The news out of the WH is so stressful, "I've been watching House of Cards just to relax" https://t.co/n1ER2JN9Zo
— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) April 30, 2017

“You guys are definitely trying to do good work, but a lot of people don’t trust you right now? I’m not going to call you fake news, but everything isn’t breaking news.”
“Every time I watch CNN it feels like you’re assigning me homework. That is insane. Unlike Anderson Cooper’s bone structure, you guys are far from perfect. But it finally happened – Bill O’Reilly has been fired. “Welcome to the series finale of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Don Rickles died just so you wouldn’t ask him to do this gig.”

.@HasanMinhaj: "No one wanted to do this so of course it lands in the hands of an immigrant." #WHCD2017 #WHCD #NerdProm pic.twitter.com/h5k70XqtvR
— CSPAN (@cspan) April 30, 2017

Not much was off limits in the next roughly 25-minute roast that followed. You’re like, ‘Oh, I found the 1040 USSR.’ It doesn’t work like that.”
“Now, I had a lot more MSNBC jokes, but I don’t want to just ramble on. Journalists, ISIS, normal-length ties. 1. She’s busy curating her collection of childrens’ tears.”
“Now, a lot of people think Steve Bannon is the reason Donald Trump dog whistles to racists, and that is just not true. Stop it! Now, you guys have some really weird trust issues going on with the public. And he did it all while managing to include several pop culture references, including   Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games,   Harry Potter, even Mel Gibson. Because of you, we couldn’t hang out with Mike Pence. Remember election night? He was busy doing a pre-Civil War reenactment. The man who tweets everything that enters his head refuses to acknowledge the amendment that allows him to do it. That’s just my hunch.”
The Spice-Man (Didn’t) Cometh
“Okay, enough about House Slytherin, we are here to talk about the truth.

Journalists Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein deliver strong message to President Trump

… Whatever the climate, whether the media is revered or reviled, we should and must persist, and I believe we will.”
The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj later paid tribute to the reporters in his own speech, saying, “I want to thank Woodward and Bernstein for inspiring a generation of journalists.”

Show Full Article Yes, follow the money, but follow also the lies.”
Woodward reflected on the tenacity and patience that informed his and Bernstein’s reporting, noting that journalists today do not have the necessary luxury of time in the current 24-hour news cycle. “Now in 2017, the impatience and speed of the internet and our own rush can disable and undermine the most important tool of journalism – that method, that luxury of time to inquire, to pursue, to find the real agents of genuine news — witnesses, participants, documents,” he said. “Mr. Woodward said, “reporting is about human connections, finding the people who know what is hidden, and establishing relationships of trust,” while Bernstein summed up their reporting methodology as “the best attainable version of the truth.”
“It’s a simple concept yet something very difficult to get right because of the enormous amount of effort, thinking, persistence, pushback, removal of ideological baggage, and, for sure, luck that is required,” Bernstein said. Tantamount to that pursuit, they both stressed the importance of removing political bias and ideology from reporting. Both Woodward and Bernstein spoke to the essential role of journalists in giving the American people the truth. Especially now.”
Woodward shared a similar message, saying, “Journalists should not have a dog in the political fight except to find that best attainable version of the truth. ‘We’re reporters, not judges, not legislators,” said Bernstein. President, the media is not fake news" https://t.co/flbxOUobFy
— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) April 30, 2017

While he never directly addressed President Trump or the current administration, Bernstein had some reporting advice for today’s White House press corps. The indispensable centrality of fact-based reporting is careful, scrupulous listening and an open mind. “What the government or citizens or judges do with the information we’ve developed is not our part of the process, nor our objective. “Almost inevitably, unreasonable government secrecy is the enemy and usually the giveaway about what the real story might be,” he said. The iconic reporting duo had much to say about the state of the press under the Trump administration and the unshakable tenets of journalism. The reporter whose discoveries, along with those of his reporting partner Carl Bernstein, played an essential role in uncovering President Nixon’s role in the Watergate scandal, leading to his subsequent impeachment and resignation in 1974, joined Bernstein to give remarks and present awards at the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Dinner Saturday night in Washington, D.C. What is it that we believe is important?’”

Bob Woodward: "Mr. “And when lying is combined with secrecy, there is usually a pretty good roadmap in front of us. “Underlying everything reporters do in pursuing the best attainable version of the truth, whatever our beat or assignment, is the question, ‘What is news? Our job is to put the best attainable version of the truth out there. Period. President, the media is not fake news.”
Bob Woodward has a strong message for President Trump.

‘This Is Us’ stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia get custom Steelers jerseys

“I know where the show goes,” series creator Dan Fogelman said back at   the show’s TCA panel. We can't wait to see all of you @steelers fans tomorrow at @heinzfield for #fanblitz! The Pearsons got the perfect gift from their favorite football team. A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on Apr 29, 2017 at 8:12am PDT

The pair also took over the Steelers’ Instagram account with photos and video from the locker room. Check out my Instagram for more 😉: https://t.co/XS9qfPTBUl pic.twitter.com/M39OFn5XDa
— Mandy Moore (@TheMandyMoore) April 29, 2017

‪#Steelers select QB Joshua Dobbs from Tennessee! Since the Steelers are the Pearsons’ team and have been getting all this free promotion on the NBC hit series, the team gifted the actors   custom-made jerseys with their character names printed on the back. “I have a number of seasons in my brain, and we’ll see as [we]   get there. #HereWeGo #NFLDraft2017 ‬
A post shared by Steel City Underground (@steelcityunderground) on Apr 29, 2017 at 10:40am PDT

These cuties! In success, people are always going to want more, and in failure, people are going to want maybe less.”

Show Full Article “We can’t wait to see all of you @steelers fans tomorrow at @heinzfield for #fanblitz! .@MiloVentimiglia and I are having the best time at the @steelers #fanblitz. #ThisIsUs
A post shared by Ashley (@wrecklesslove) on Apr 29, 2017 at 10:42am PDT

This Is Us is currently on a break and a season 2 premiere has yet to be announced, but we certainly haven’t seen the last of the Pearsons; NBC gave the hit drama a two-season renewal earlier this year with 18 episodes each. This Is Us stars Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia   made a special appearance at   Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to help announce the team’s day three NFL draft picks. “NBD, right?” she said. “Jack and Rebecca would be beside themselves,” Moore wrote on Instagram. Jack and Rebecca would be beside themselves. @mandymooremm @miloanthonyventimiglia #SteelersDraft #NFLDraft #HereWeGo #ThisIsUs
A post shared by Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) on Apr 29, 2017 at 7:24am PDT

🚨TAKEOVER ALERT🚨 #ThisIsUs #SteelersDraft #FanBlitz #HereWeGo @mandymooremm @miloanthonyventimiglia @nbcthisisus
A post shared by Pittsburgh Steelers (@steelers) on Apr 29, 2017 at 8:10am PDT

“We’re coming for ya, Pittsburgh!” Moore wrote on Friday. #herewego”

We're coming for ya, Pittsburgh! #herewego #thisisus
A post shared by Mandy Moore (@mandymooremm) on Apr 28, 2017 at 8:49am PDT

See more looks from the NFL draft pick announcements below. #SteelersNation! That’s kinda cool,” Ventimiglia said in an adorable back-and-forth with Moore. @miloanthonyventimiglia and I are @heinzfield for #fanblitz and they made us our own custom jerseys with our #thisisus character names!! The Pearson's are here! “Oh!

Roseanne Barr: ‘Of course I want to do a reboot’ of ‘Roseanne’

“Yeah, I talk to her every once in a while. “Of course I want to do a reboot of Roseanne-new political reality in our country will make for some great jokes.”
On Friday, EW confirmed the news that a Roseanne revival   is in the works, though a   deal hasn’t been made and the project is being shopped around. When asked if he wanted to return for a potential reboot, Goodman said, “Oh hell yes.”
“The Big R [Barr] and I did a pilot about five years ago that didn’t go anywhere, right on this very lot, but we were very happy working together,” he added. Deadline reported Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, and   Laurie Metcalf are some of the original stars of the sitcom, which ran from 1988-1997 on ABC, returning   in what’s   rumored to be a limited eight-episode series. “I will let you guys know when/if there is to be a reboot of Roseanne,” the comedienne tweeted Saturday, though she seemed 100 percent on board to make a return as head of the Conner household. Because you don’t want to damage what’s been done, but I think, yeah, I think it’d be amazing.”

Show Full Article But if we could get everybody together…”
Gilbert remarked, “Your only fear is that you don’t want to do a bad version, right? Roseanne Barr let some   of the steam out from   the hype surrounding the Roseanne revival. I will let you guys know when/if there is to be a reboot of "Roseanne"
— Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 29, 2017

of course I want to do a reboot of Roseanne-new political reality in our country will make for some great jokes! — Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) April 29, 2017

Goodman and   Gilbert reprised their characters on a sketch for The Talk in March in which a more mature Darlene “comes out” to her father.

Climate March draws marchers, Al Gore, and support from celebs

Politically vocal actors Mark Ruffalo and Jane Fonda   sent messages of love and unity to protestors, while the likes of the Jane Goodall Institute, Bernie Sanders, Alyssa Milano, and Kerry Washington shared calls to action   and messages of gratitude. We have to do something.’" #JaneGoodall #climatemarch @Peoples_Climate pic.twitter.com/1C8k5LuM7V
— JaneGoodallInstitute (@JaneGoodallInst) April 29, 2017

"It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment." -Ansel Adams #climatemarch pic.twitter.com/tlCG0hYAl7
— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) April 29, 2017

Sending love and prayers and sooooo much gratitude to all you folks at the #climatemarch 🙏🏾🌎✊🏾 #wematter
— kerry washington (@kerrywashington) April 29, 2017

Congratulations to all those participating in the #climatemarch. — Lee Pace (@leepace) April 29, 2017

While   tens of thousands of demonstrators joined marches around the world, activists, politicians, and actors expressed their support of today’s march on Twitter. View a sampling of tweets below. Anyone one else here?? The People’s Climate March was   planned to coincide with Trump’s 100th day in office, which has been marked by the elimination of environmental protections and a shift away from President Obama’s policies, including the Clean Power Plan. Marchers hits the streets of a sweltering Washington D.C. Join me in standing with them. While the March for Science was dominated by scientists and researchers, the Climate March features   labor activists, indigenous peoples affected by climate change, and more. The Climate March focuses specifically on climate change and urging the world to take climate justice seriously. #ClimateMarch pic.twitter.com/Zrgt090lI6
— Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio) April 29, 2017

In Washington DC for the #ClimateMarch. He   tweeted a call to action, referencing his climate change documentary   An Inconvenient Truth   (and its follow-up,   An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, in theaters July 28)   with the hashtag #BeInconvenient and encouraging his followers to   stream the march live. Honored to join Indigenous leaders and native peoples as they fight for climate justice. I'm proud to join everyone in DC&around the globe at today’s People’s #ClimateMarch! Love to all gathering at the great #peopleclimate March. We will fight Trump who thinks climate change is a "hoax."
— Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) April 29, 2017

Show Full Article Environmental activist and former vice president   Al Gore was among marching in Washington Saturday. #climatemarch pic.twitter.com/TYjPhdeit9
— Jane Seymour Fonda (@Janefonda) April 23, 2017

"One of the main hopes is..that people have woken up.'What can we do? The march comes on the heels of Friday’s announcement that the Environmental Protection Agency will remove a page on the science of climate change from its website while it is “under review.”
Saturday’s demonstration   comes just one week after Earth Day and a global March for Science, but organizers and participants   stress their overlapping yet different aims. #BeInconvenient #PeoplesClimate https://t.co/cwEll0Ji14
— Al Gore (@algore) April 29, 2017

Leonardo DiCaprio and Lee Pace were among other celebrities showing their support for the cause. and other cities around the world Saturday to raise awareness of climate change and protest the rollbacks to initiatives under President Trump’s administration. DiCaprio joined indigenous leaders to speak out against the devastating effects climate change is already having on native lands. #resist #renew #rebuild https://t.co/KUOwh1Ovhx
— Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) April 29, 2017

We march for many reasons – but we march together.

Seth Rogen teases Fyre Festival-esque movie with The Lonely Island

Organizers for the festival, spearheaded by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, apologized to guests on Saturday and promised refunds, free VIP passes to next year’s Fyre Festival, and a charitable donation   the Bahamas Red Cross Society to make amends. — Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen) April 28, 2017

For real, thinking about suing #FyreFestival for stealing our idea. Samberg, Taccone, and   Schaffer debuted Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping last year. Upon arriving in the Bahamas, they were instead treated to a limited amount of “Styrofoam plate dinners,”   “disaster relief”-style makeshift tents, and “mass chaos” in returning home after the festival was unceremoniously canceled, according to accounts from attendees. Guests of Fyre Festival paid anywhere from $4,000 to $250,000 for a luxury music festival experience. Show Full Article Fyre Festival inadvertently stole Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island‘s thunder. This seems like a good time to mention the movie we are making with @thelonelyisland about a music festival that goes HORRIBLY WRONG. Having appeared in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and bringing   Preacher to AMC, Rogen will be seen next opposite James Franco in The Disaster Artist. He was also recently cast as the voice of Pumbaa in Disney’s live-action, Jungle Book-style version   of The Lion King. Following accounts of   hellish experiences at the music festival in the Bahamas, the Sausage Party funny guy tweeted, “This seems like a good time to mention the movie we are making with @thelonelyisland about a music festival that goes HORRIBLY WRONG.”
The Lonely Island — made up of Andy Samberg,   Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer — seemingly confirmed the collaboration. https://t.co/uiLxhzLg85
— The Lonely Island (@thelonelyisland) April 28, 2017

It’s still unclear if this is   project is legitimately in progress or a joke on Fyre Fest. Reps for   Rogen and The Lonely Island   did not immediately respond to EW’s requests for comment. “For real, thinking about suing #FyreFestival for stealing our idea,” the comedy troupe’s feed tweeted.

Liev Schreiber explains why Sabretooth was cut from ‘Logan’

The actor later confirmed during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, “I was really just saying, ‘Is that something I have to do as I get older?’”

@RealHughJackman do I have to do that…
— Liev Schreiber (@LievSchreiber) August 18, 2015

According to Mangold, Logan will soon be returning to U.S. Director James Mangold revealed last month that Liev Schreiber was originally considered for an appearance in Hugh Jackman’s final movie as Wolverine, and now we know why he was cut. Grant as Dr. “Suggestion. “Do I have to do that…” he wrote. “I’m just very proud of Hugh and the way that he handled himself with that franchise and that character. Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th. Turning down color on tv just makes gray mush.”

Suggestion. Rice. — Mangold (@mang0ld) April 28, 2017

@Silver_Johto Afraid so. Schreiber’s Victor Creed was introduced as Logan’s half-brother before they fought   together through various wars in history and their paths diverged upon meeting   William Stryker (Danny Huston). I had mixed emotions when I heard that he was going to retire.”

Had the stars aligned for Schreiber, Logan screenwriter   Scott Frank   described a potential moment to CinemaBlend in which “they” — presumably Logan, Laura, and Charles — “were on the run, and they go to the gambling town, there may have been at that point they were going to see [Sabretooth] for help. — Mangold (@mang0ld) April 29, 2017

Logan closed out the standalone saga of Jackman’s Wolverine, while   introducing   Dafne Keen as the fan-favorite mutant clone X-23. “It was very difficult given Ray Donovan’s schedule, and I think they went a different direction as well with story.”
“I think it’s a terrific movie,” he added. — Mangold (@mang0ld) April 28, 2017

In convert to b&w , one must determine which hues go dark/ light, adjust contrast, blacks. It was a great experience to be involved with one of them and to get to work with them. Hard core B&W loving LOGAN fans should not make any plans on the evening of May 16th,” he tweeted Friday. “In convert to b&w , one must determine which hues go dark/ light, adjust contrast, blacks. The R-rated film grossed $697.8 million worldwide. Turning down color on tv just makes gray mush. Logan nearly featured another familiar face from   days (of future) past: Sabretooth. Schreiber sparked speculation over a Sabretooth   return for Logan in 2015 when he tweeted about Jackman’s training regime. “There was an invitation early on from Hugh and [Mangold] and I would have loved to work on it,” Schreiber told Variety in an interview for his film Chuck. Show Full Article theaters on May 16 with a special black-and-white edition. He was going to be there for help.”
Wolverine and Sabretooth have a long, tumultuous history in the comics, but their relationship was really only expounded upon in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Patrick Stewart returned as Professor Xavier alongside Boyd Holbrook as Pierce, Stephen Merchant as Caliban, and Richard E.

Tom Hanks recalls how he got ‘screwed’ on vacation with Obamas, Oprah

The Circle star regaled Stephen Colbert with tales of his excursions with former President Barack Obama   on The Late Show Friday night, and it turns out mountain biking wasn’t exactly a joy ride for “little Tommy Hanks.”
“I’ll tell you one thing that happens to Tom Hanks, little Tommy Hanks on that trip,” he said before declaring, “He gets screwed,” but “in the bad way, in the pejorative way, not in the delightful way.”
While experiencing a “crazy Love Boat, Sandals resort fantastic” vacation, “they say, ‘Hey, tomorrow let’s get, we’ll get some bikes,” Hanks explained. He noted “an array of bikes have been procured for us, rented from all corners of Polynesia and Tahiti, Bora Bora.” But when “everybody gets on their bikes and takes off” — including Secret Service — he’s left with the “one piece of junk, hunk-o’-junk bike.”
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“I had a bike that you couldn’t deliver newspapers with,” Hanks said. Triple it,” he said. “Imagine what it could’ve been like. “It was off-the-scale fantastic.”
Watch Hanks tell the story in the clip above. Show Full Article What proceeded was an “up, up, up”-hill ride on a “rusted,” “undersized girls’ bike” with only “one gear.”
Pushing aside that experience, Hanks gushed over the memories. Oprah Winfrey might be keeping mum on the star-studded   Tahitian vacation with the Obamas, but Tom Hanks isn’t.