‘Doctor Who’ to feature first openly gay companion

“That representation is important, especially on a mainstream show… It’s important to say people are gay, people are black. Broadchurch   creator Chris Chibnall will be taking over the show, however, the actor filling the shoes of the Doctor hasn’t yet been announced. It’s something that’s part of her and something that she’s very happy and very comfortable with.”
Bill isn’t the first time a queer character has joined the Doctor on his adventures. Show Full Article It’s about time isn’t it?” said her portrayer, Pearl Mackie. “Bill’s gay. ET on BBC America. However, neither of them were full-time companions — they only joined the Doctor for an occasional adventure (or Christmas special). Bill Potts hasn’t even made her first appearance yet, but she’s already making history. Doctor Who   season 10 premieres April 15 at 9 p.m. It was revealed Friday in an interview with the BBC, that the latest   Doctor Who companion is openly gay   — something audiences will discover about her within moments of her introduction. It shouldn’t be a big deal in the 21st century. Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) was famously “omnisexual,” while River Song, the Doctor’s wife, is bisexual, having had two wives of her own before their union. This marks the last season for both   Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi and showrunner Steven Moffat, with both leaving the series at the end of the season. There are also aliens in the world as well, so watch out for them.”
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The actress, whose casting was announced last year, continued: “[Being gay] is not the main thing that defines her character.