‘Arrow’: What’s really going on with Helix?

While Oliver aims to disband the team on Arrow, Felicity faces problems of her own as Helix’s true intentions will soon spill out. We don’t want to turn Felicity into a killer, but we wanted to explore how Felicity has been spending basically five years with Team Arrow now, and she’s been spending five years with people who solve problems by not just resorting to violence, but by resorting to means that are morally questionable. You’re using violence for a good means, but violence is not necessarily a good thing. She’s getting in deep. So far, Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) interactions with Helix have been relatively innocuous. Felicity is going to start discovering what happens when you fight fire with fire — do you get burned?”
Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. “What’s interesting about it is he’s not actually at Helix right now, so there’s going to be a big episode where we find out who this person is, and Felicity is involved in helping him. There’s going to be some trouble, and she’s going to find herself having to make some decisions she knows are wrong, and she’s not going to be able to see it until it’s almost too late.”

For starters, Felicity probably shouldn’t trust Alena (Kacey Rohl), who seems to be the kind face of Helix so far. “Felicity’s use of Pandora is very similar to Oliver and Diggle’s [David Ramsey] use of violence,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. So what’s the cost to Felicity in doing that? “Helix has a game plan, and Felicity has come in there with a very specific agenda: She wants to get revenge against Prometheus, get revenge against Adrian [Josh Segarra],” executive producer Wendy Mericle says. But there’s someone more nefarious pulling the strings. But it won’t be long before Helix replaces the carrot with the stick. “We are going to see somebody [else],” Mericle teases. “It’s the hacker equivalent. Show Full Article It’s really messed up.”
But Felicity’s dealings with Helix will also help her to better understand what Team Arrow — Oliver (Stephen Amell) in particular — have been facing over the last five seasons. “She’s not thinking about the pieces and how it’s all fitting into the bigger mosaic. They provided her with a treasure trove of information — the carrot, if you will — asking for only small favors in return. ET on The CW.

‘Game of Thrones’ actor Aidan Gillen joins ‘Peaky Blinders’

Previously it was announced that actor Adrien Brody is also coming on board the show’s fourth season. Show Full Article The actor who plays Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish on the HBO hit has taken a role in season 4 of the BBC Two-produced series. It’s unclear who Gillen will be playing or the size of his role. Game of Thrones actor   Aidan Gillen is coming on board Netflix’s drama Peaky Blinders. RELATED: Game of Thrones: 10 Predictions for Season 7
Gillen is known for his work in The Wire,   The Dark Knight Rises, and The Maze Runner franchise. Peaky Blinders is likely to return in late 2017; Thrones returns July 16.

This Lego Red Keep belongs in the ‘Game of Thrones’ opening credits

First, we got The Lego Movie, then The Lego Batman Movie, and now, Legos have invaded King’s Landing. Built by   Claus-Marc Hahn from BricksCreations, the home to the Iron Throne and   the king’s family   Queen Cersei is made up of 125,000 Lego pieces and powered by four motors, giving the impressive structure the ability to spin and move like the houses and castles in the series’ opening credits.  

Show Full Article Watch the video above. In a new video courtesy of Beyond the Brick, the Red Keep has been recreated as a motorized Lego model. The non-Lego version of Game of Thrones returns to HBO on July 16.

Jonah Hill directed a surreal, graphic video for Danny Brown

Brown’s Uncle Danny character is struggling with drug problems, which everyone thinks is worth laughing about. Watch the (occasionally bloody) video above. Dropping something live with the bruh bruh @JonahHill tomorrow – 5pm ET🔥 pic.twitter.com/B8HzoOFvdM
— Danny Brown (@xdannyxbrownx) March 27, 2017

The video dropped Tuesday and features Gus Van Sant, Joanna Kerns, Lauren Avery, “this f—ing kid,” and Brown playing the members of one troubled family. “I’m f—ed up and everyone thinks it’s a joke,” he says at one point, a 40-ounce malt liquor in hand. Later, a giant version of a Xanax bar tells Uncle Danny, “We’ll kill you and everyone you love” before it stabs him in the stomach, leaving him to bleed out on the floor as a studio audience roars with laughter. “Ain’t It Funny” is off Brown’s 2016 album   Atrocity Exhibition. Danny Brown enters a sitcom (a very, very dark sitcom) in his new music video for “Ain’t It Funny,” directed by Jonah Hill — yes, Jonah Hill. Show Full Article Brown teased the collaboration in a tweet posted Monday that simply read “DANNY BROWN X JONAH HILL,” a seeming reference to Hill’s title proposal, Jump Street x Men in Black,   for a   21 Jump Street   and   Men in Black franchise   mashup.

‘Superior Donuts’ casts Cedric the Entertainer as Franco’s father

ET on CBS. Cedric the Entertainer has landed a guest-starring role on Superior Donuts, EW has learned exclusively. Show Full Article When he shows up at Franco’s first art show, he accuses Arthur (Judd Hirsch) of encouraging Franco’s unrealistic dreams. Superior Donuts airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Cedric the Entertainer, whose TV credits also include The Soul Man, Hot in Cleveland, and 2 Broke Girls, will appear in an episode slated for May. Jerome is a blue-collar, tough-love kind of parent who always scoffed at his son’s artistic ambitions. The comedian has been tapped to play Jerome Wicks, the father of Jermaine Fowler’s Franco Wicks.

‘Parks and Rec’ vets Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman reunite for NBC reality series

Poehler will star with Will Ferrell in the big-screen comedy The House   in June, while Offerman stars in the films The Little Hours   and The Hero, which premiered earlier this year at Sundance. Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have rejoined forces to host and executive-produce The Handmade Project, a six-episode reality competition on NBC that “celebrates artisanship and the makers who can create amazing things with their hands.” Poehler   —   who has a deal with Universal Television Alternative Studio   —   said in a statement on Tuesday:   “I’m thrilled to be celebrating artists who make things by hand, and I’m looking forward to finally conquering my fear of paper mache.”
Added   Offerman, a noted woodworker and owner of Offerman Woodshop in Los Angeles (you’ve seen his work in Parks and Recreation) and best-selling author in the genre: “People who make things are my favorite kind of folk. Show Full Article That makes me tickled pink to have a front row seat at this prodigious display of talent, and admiring and cheering on an amazing crop of American makers. Plus, Amy and I have a strong tradition of tomfoolery, so let’s see if we don’t have some good fun.”

In the series, competitors   of all ages   will face off in a series of projects that will be   evaluated by   Poehler, Offerman, and other   judges. (Plus, it’s filmed in “a serene outdoor setting.”) Those interested in having their scrapbooking skills judged by the woman who played Leslie Knope — and their woodworking talents evaluated by the man that was Ron Swanson —   can apply at handmadeprojectcasting.com. In each episode,   contestants will   tackle a different theme, hand-crafting   items in different disciplines such as woodwork, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking, cake decorating, metal work, doll-making, and general crafting. Practical, clever, and terrific in a pinch. A pair of Parks and Recreation stars at the ideological heart of the small-town comedy will treat themselves to a reunion   on their former network   —   but probably not in the way you were expecting.

‘Pretty Little Liars’: Holden returns in first photos from final season

Show Full Article (Reminder: She was shot. ET on Freeform. Check out the season 7B photos below:
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless
Pretty Little Liars returns for its final season on Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. Also featured in the photos: A mysterious box, a Hanna-Mona lunch, and Ezra enjoying himself on a bike… because who says you can’t love life when the woman you love is being tormented and your ex is recently back from the dead?! PLL fans will remember Holden as Aria’s lifelong friend whom we last saw in season 3. Also, Mary Drake is her mother.) But if that’s not enough drama for you, Freeform has released the first photos from the show’s return, and they feature a familiar face: Holden. There’s no telling why he’s back now, but based on the photos, he and Aria seem to be enjoying each other’s company and he at least seems friendly with Ezra, so there’s that. Thanks to PaleyFest, we know that Pretty Little Liars‘ final 10 episodes will pick up right where the first half of season 7 left off: With Spencer being taken to the hospital.

Andrew Garfield to play war correspondent in biopic ‘Black Lion’

Garfield will also produce alongside Rupert Fowler and Daniela Taplin Lundberg with development backing   from the latter’s Stay Gold Features. Black Lion‘s script will be penned by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter   Alessandro Camon, whose previous credits include 2009’s The Messenger   and 2012’s Bullet to the Head. The 1998 strikes countered attacks on American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. Titled Black Lion, the Mavroleon biopic will chart Mavroleon’s time in the Middle East. In subsequent days, Mavroleon was found dead in a   Peshawar hotel room. Two months after scoring his first Oscar nod for leading the cast of Mel Gibson’s WWII drama Hacksaw Ridge, Garfield will again enter dangerous territory, this time playing real-life war correspondent Carlos Mavroleon, a $100 million English/Greek shipping heir who   died of a heroin overdose in 1998 in following an illustrious professional life that also included graduating from Harvard,   trading   on Wall Street,   commanding a Mujahideen unit of Afghans against the Russians, and providing bodyguard services   to a Pakistani chief. Camon is set to executive-produce with   Mavroleon’s brother, Nicholas,   and Aidan Hartley. Andrew Garfield is headed to the battlefield once again, EW has confirmed. Show Full Article According to Deadline, the film will be framed around his final assignment, which saw him crossing   into Afghan territory for a 60 Minutes segment soon after   President Clinton’s missile strikes against Osama Bin Laden’s camps.

Kyle MacLachlan on suiting up as Agent Cooper again: ‘Twin Peaks’ revival is a ‘journey into the unknown’

Instead, ABC picked up the show, and Twin Peaks became an instant sensation when it premiered in the spring of 1990. “A little weird. He had these incredible powers of observation, but he wasn’t coldly rationale. “When ABC decided to pick up a few episodes, and presented us with five-year contracts, to boot, we were all kind of kind of floored.”

MacLachlan gives the credit for Agent Cooper to Lynch and Frost. One example: the end of episode 3, when Cooper awakens from a dream of The Black Lodge and calls Sheriff Truman to inform him that he’s learned who killed Laura. In Dune, MacLachlan rode monstrous worms, wrestled with a near-naked Sting, and spoke killing words into a kind of weaponized Bluetooth device. He had this fascination, this enthusiasm for the minutia of life. And he just filmed that. The new Twin Peaks consists of 18 installments, but it was written and shot as one long movie, with the first draft between 400-500 pages long. In the middle of it, I took it a little bit for granted. Coffee. “And then, as I’m sitting on the edge of the bed, David has the music playing, and he tells me, ‘Okay, Kayle, I want you to start snapping your fingers,’ and so I just start snapping my fingers to the music. Coffee was ordered. “The friendship went from there,” says MacLachlan. Shooting the Twin Peaks pilot in 1989 —   playing a character that could be seen as Jeffrey Beaumont all grown up —   was a similar experience. on a drizzly Los Angeles morning in late February and Kyle MacLachlan of Twin Peaks fame is sitting at my breakfast table at the Chateau Marmont and speaking into my tape recorder. “Then we picked them all up and did it again,” says MacLachlan. “Looking back on it now, it was absolutely not the right thing to do!”
His first time putting Cooper back on while shooting the new series? At one point while shooting the master shot, with all the characters in frame together, Lynch jumped into the fray and decided to throw some rocks himself. Cooper was all on the page. ‘I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.’ That’s what this was. He can’t say the same thing about his signature creation, mostly because he can’t say much at all about Showtime’s hush-hush, 18-hour revival of Twin Peaks, written by series creators Mark Frost and David Lynch and helmed entirely by Lynch, premiering on May 21. For him, though, the joy of the project was getting the opportunity to work with Lynch again and helping a master filmmaker make more art after many years away. (Lynch was born in Montana and spent some of his formative years in Washington and Idaho.)
Watch the cast discuss the show’s odd universe and the upcoming revival in the new People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) special EW Reunites: Twin Peaks here, or download the free app on your Smart TV, mobile and web devices. “It got my pulse going, it got my heart racing: There were some frightening, funny, and highly-charged scenes, not to mention some pretty graphic stuff. “As I reach for the phone, a little piece of my hair is sticking straight up, which wasn’t supposed to happen, but David liked that and kept it,” says MacLachlan. “I was a sci-fi nerd, so I knew the book very, very well,” says MacLachlan. And now Twin Peaks. It was a costly flop, though the experience taught Lynch a lesson in creative control that would inform everything he did after, beginning with his next collaboration with MacLachlan. I think in some ways, I am an extension of him, and give him the opportunity to move through those worlds.” (Asked if he thinks Lynch would rather live in Twin Peaks, in Blue Velvet’s Lumberton, or on Dune’s Arrakis, MacLachlan says: “Not Arrakis, for sure. “It’s a character that’ll be etched on my tombstone —   the one most people will remember, I mean,” he says with a laugh. “It wasn’t until that final episode that I felt the show had finally re-connected with many of the energies that made it click in the first place. A native of Yakima, Washington, MacLachlan was just out of college and doing Tartuffe at The Empty Space Theater in Seattle when Lynch cast him in the aforementioned part of desert planet messiah Paul Atreides in his 1984 adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. “It was a bittersweet experience,” he says. I think. I didn’t have any other reference, and so only years later now do I realize what a struggle it is to not just have a hit show, but to make a show that has the kind of impact that Twin Peaks had. “I thought it was the right thing to do,” he says. I hope he’s okay.’ A lot of things went through my mind.’”
They met at a hotel in Manhattan. You can tell he’s eager to discuss and process what promises to be a surprising, unconventional, and perhaps open-to-interpretation story. When I walked on the set and David saw me, we were smiling from ear to ear.”
MacLachlan can’t wait for fans to see Twin Peaks and talk about it more openly. I don’t how many hours I work. “I was like, ‘God, I hope this is work-related. “The idea was ‘FBI through a fifties lens.’ Black suit. He had a small role in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Lynch’s tepid and convoluted 1992 prequel folly that focused on Laura Palmer and flicked weirdly at the show’s unresolved cliffhangers and burgeoning mythology. There was great material. When I talked with Lynch in February about the revival, I asked him to explain his previous responses. While MacLachlan praises the work of Welsh, “I never really felt the story, it never really had the same kind of power as the Laura Palmer mystery.”
But Twin Peaks did have a brilliantly bleak and totally bananas ending, even if it was never intended to be an ending. The scene is finished, but David hasn’t called cut, so I’m staying in character, and he says through his megaphone —   because he directs you using a megaphone —   “Kayle, pick up that donut!” So I pick up the donut, and he says, ‘All right, now put the whole thing in your mouth!’ So I put the whole thing in my mouth and started eating it. Wonderful.”

Show Full Article MacLachlan recalls a tight, focused production marked by creative freedom. Cooper’s next major storyline involved his old mentor-partner, Windom Earle (Kenneth Welsh), coming to town to execute a vendetta against Cooper. But he was certain it would never go to series; the tone was too subversive, the comedy too absurd, and the characters too unconventional for broadcast TV. “These worlds are very specific to him, and I think he would love to exist in those worlds. It felt like a whole new journey into the unknown. Don’t forget to   subscribe for more exclusive interviews and photos, only in EW. I just breathed life into him.”
After three collaborations with Lynch, MacLachlan was gaining a rep as the director’s on-screen alter ego, a perception MacLachlan recognizes and embraces. “I remember a scene in the first series where I was sitting at a table in front of a plate of donuts. Trees. They bonded over common interests, senses of humor, and growing up geeky and arty in the Pacific Northwest heritage. In Blue Velvet (1986), a Americana-skewering small town dream-noir, the actor starred as Jeffrey Beaumont, a too-curious college kid whose romance with mystery leads him into darkness and exposes his own. “I went to work happy every day, thinking, ‘I don’t care what time it is. Then all the actors joined in. His soul was trapped in a red-curtained, demon-populated underworld known as The Black Lodge. But when last seen 26 years ago, in the cliffhanger finale of the original series, Agent Cooper was truly corporally challenged and spiritually distressed. I didn’t ask him anything else. “I have three action figures now. One thing he can say with certainty: “I’m getting my own action figure.” You can buy the Funko POP! Black tie. Has evil gained any more ground in the decades since? But in 2012, Frost pitched Lynch on the idea of making more Twin Peaks with a new limited series created for the prestige drama marketplace. “We love to sit and hang out and reminisce about Dune or Blue Velvet or life, but I would always want to say: ‘God, it’d be so fun to go back to Twin Peaks.’ And sometimes I would push it and say, ‘You ever think of that at all?’ He’d just shake his head, as if waving off the question. As receptionist Lucy called out names of people of interest, Cooper threw rocks at a bottle several yards away. “There was a point where I wanted to get away from the suit, as a way to explore different dimensions of the character.” He got his wish after the conclusion of the Laura Palmer mystery, during a stretch of episodes when Cooper went local and adopted an outfit that might be called lumberjack business casual: red and black flannel shirt tucked into gray khakis with a brown belt. Pie. MacLachlan says you can feel silly performing beats like that, but the cast trusted Lynch to make it work. (Think: a pop-up jazz lounge for grim hipsters. At one point, as Cooper is about to explain the technique, Truman and his deputies, seated, lean forward in their chairs in unison. We’re going to be doing something again!” His second thought was to second-guess the first thought and worry that Lynch had some difficult news to share. I often wonder what would have happened if they had introduced The Black Lodge and everything with it sooner.”
MacLachlan won a Golden Globe for playing Agent Cooper and earned Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for both seasons of Twin Peaks. It’s partly because he wants to see what happens, partly because he might use it, but it just might be because he’s just having fun with you.”
The second season of Twin Peaks was more fraught and less rewarding for everyone involved for many well-documented reasons, including the erratic involvement of the show’s creators. The look of the character came from Lynch’s fascination with midcentury pop iconography. I’ve interviewed Lynch several times about Twin Peaks since 1999. Cooper is — will be — different. But the core of him is still there. I would have loved to have kept   going,” says MacLachlan, who dug the move toward supernatural fantasy and looked forward to exploring Agent Cooper’s dark side. Truman (Michael Ontkean) and his staff into woods to conduct an intuitive exercise gleaned from his study of Tibetan mysticism. “David creates these outrageous worlds, but there’s a calm in the center — usually the character I play — that in some ways is a reflection of him,” he says. BOB’s soul-jacking of Cooper was a shock-and-awe attempt to convince ABC to renew the series despite sinking ratings. Toward the end of the short conversation, Cooper begins to hear anew the wailing sax of the jazzy music that suffused his dream. He figured the work would wind up airing as a movie-of-the-week. That was a pressure situation, inside and out. Diane, it’s 10:13 a.m. one month before the premiere of season 2. I knew better.”
Neither MacLachlan nor Lynch will comment on the plot of the new show, but we can confirm that the fate of Agent Cooper is a major focus. I just can’t explain it.”
Lynch is also known for inventing on the fly, directing his actors to do things that just spring to mind while watching them perform or embracing mistakes or accidents that happen while film is rolling. In some ways, Cooper’s makeover was a visual symbol for the show’s intensifying identity crisis. What does Cooper say in the original series? We had to get it done in a certain amount of time, with a certain budget, and the material was just intense. “This is a gift,” says MacLachlan. The actor doesn’t have much to say about it, other than it’s great to collaborate with Lynch on anything. But out of that kind of pressure situation, sometimes great work comes.” The film is considered a masterpiece. (“MUAAAAAAAAAAA’DIB!”) Unfortunately, the movie kicked up the wrong kind of sand for its star. Paul   Atreides from Dune. Evil Cliff Vandercave from The Flintstones. Twin Peaks Agent Cooper —   wearing a trench coat, holding a coffee cup in one hand, giving a thumb’s up with another —   beginning April 28. “I felt the thing had drifted away, so part of me shut down to the possibility of going back. I’m in.’ We shook hands, and that was it. “Just the pure fun of throwing rocks at glass bottles.”
The scene somehow ends up flattering Cooper, but it’s mostly comic, and full of different kinds of comedy, too, from physical slapstick to the irony of mundane things played with extreme enthusiasm and super-earnestly, like drinking coffee or eating donuts. “David gave me the script while we were making Dune,” recalls MacLachlan. That’s right: I’m hangin’ with Agent Cooper, drinking damn good coffee. “And you know, it’s nice to have to have one of those.”
To be clear, MacLachlan has no plans to shed the mortal coil anytime soon. We were bringing David Lynch to television.”
His favorite scene of season 1 was the sequence in episode 3 known by fans as “Agent Cooper’s Tibetan technique.” The premise: In an effort to determine the chief suspect in the murder of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), Cooper took Sheriff Harry S. MacLachlan’s first thought? Each time I asked him about a revival, and each time he discouraged the hope. Top that, Tom Cruise!”
GALLERY: 9 Exclusive First Look Photos of   the   Twin Peaks Revival
More seriously: “I love Agent Cooper,” says MacLachlan. (Lynch was distracted by duties associated with Wild At Heart, which was released in the U.S. The network canceled the show before the finale even aired in June 1991. It happens once in a lifetime. Familiar, but not as familiar as I thought it would be. Since Twin Peaks, MacLachlan has appeared in or lent his voice to over 20 feature films and just as many TV shows, including long stays on Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m different. He’d have the most fun in Twin Peaks.”)
For his part, Lynch sees Twin Peaks as an expression of two “beautiful things,” a never-ending story and a world of never-ending mystery, and he sees the show’s hero like this: “Agent Cooper is a detective, and I always say, we’re all detectives.” While you could look at Agent Cooper as something of Lynch’s wish-fulfillment avatar, he ultimately created a wholly unique “Mary Sue” for himself by playing Cooper’s boss, Gordon Cole, a hearing-impaired loud talker who developed a huge crush on waitress Shelly, played by Madchen Amick. TBD. He hasn’t worked with Lynch since Fire Walk With Me, but they’ve remained friends. It didn’t work. “It was a page-turner. He says he and the cast were keenly aware they were doing something unusual and special, and the feeling made for spirited work: “We were anarchists. You can   buy all the covers   now, or   purchase the individual issues   featuring the owl, donuts, and pie. To read more on the Twin Peaks   revival, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands. So there’s now a sense of respect and gratitude, and to be able to revisit the character and the show and work with David with that mindset, it’s just a pleasure.”
MacLachlan came to Twin Peaks through his relationship with Lynch, the director who launched his career. His favorite memory was meeting the late David Bowie, “a true gentleman,” who had a baffling cameo as a time-warping FBI agent investigating the demons of The Black Lodge. “He said, in this rather formal way, ‘Well, kid, we’re gonna make more Twin Peaks and I need to know if you’re on board for it.’ And I said, ‘David, I’ve always been on board. Most of the cast was only given the pages of the script that pertained to their character, but MacLachlan is one of the few actors —   and maybe the only actor —   who was allowed to read the whole thing. There was no audition, just a conversation, per Lynch’s casting process. They chit-chatted for a few minutes, and then Lynch got down to business. He was warm and embracing and could enjoy the simple things. “You watch that scene, you watch when and how all those actors lean forward, and you see when David cuts into it and cuts out of it —   that knack for timing, as a director and editor, that’s how he does it. This is a gift.’ It didn’t feel like finishing something we started, it didn’t feel like picking up where we left off. Always expect the unexpected with David.” (Fun Fact: ‘Kayle’ wasn’t a typo; that’s Lynch’s nickname for MacLachlan.)
And sometimes, says MacLachlan, Lynch just likes to mess with his actors. Frost started prepping his own feature film, 1992’s Storyville.) MacLachlan specifically cites the decision to wrap up the mystery of Palmer’s murder sooner than the creators wanted as having a negative impact on the writing that followed. Slightly mysterious, maybe slightly crazy. IN HELL.) Meanwhile, Cooper’s shadow-self doppelganger —   imbued with the snarling spirit of denim-clad, serial-killing incubus known as BOB —   roamed free in the show’s misty mountain lumber town. He was, at heart, a good person. I knew better with him not to push it.”
Yet the truth seems to be that Lynch has always been interested in revisiting Twin Peaks. “Evil gained a beachhead in Twin Peaks,” says MacLachlan of the moment. And I was very excited to get started.”
MacLachlan says his first act of prep for the revival was this: “I’d better go on a diet so I can fit back into that suit!” He was “very excited” to get back into Agent Cooper’s threads, he says, and recalling that excitement reminds him of a story from the show’s second season. “Good! “It took me six hours to read and a few cups of coffee,” says MacLachlan. He’s been a scene-stealer throughout   Portlandia   ‘s seven seasons as the mayor, a role tailored for his quirky sense of humor. Eccentric. Lynch was game, provided they could craft a compelling story that pleased both of them. “I don’t know how he does it either,” he says. And what was about the extent of it. “It was disappointing. “He was boyish. Now, it seems like fate.”
No one can remember exactly when (it was probably 2013), but MacLachlan was at his home in New York City when Lynch called and asked to meet about an urgent matter that he would only discuss in person.  
Marc Hom for EW
MacLachlan was happiest making Twin Peaks during the show’s eight-episode first season, which was shot in total before the public saw it. Hair slicked back hard and black.” The personality he gave Cooper was inspired by “little clues” sprinkled throughout the script. “It was my first television experience, and you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone, or until you’ve experienced more of life. The process, conducted in secret, took two years. (And hot, too!) Dressed in a sweater and jeans, MacLachlan, 58, is explaining his affection for the quirky detective with the slick sable hair and white knight soul, a regard that has deepened over the course a long career and much seasoning. The season’s middle episodes kept teasing Earle’s arrival, and when he finally showed up, the story didn’t live up to the hype. He said, ‘I want you to do Jeffrey.’ I was humbled by that, because the material was so powerful.

BET’s ‘Rebel’: EW review

The premiere, clocking in at two hours, lays out an intriguing premise: Rebel’s brother has been killed by fellow cops, and her   determination to get to the bottom of what happened puts her squarely at odds with the rest of the department. Show Full Article On paper, that seems like a hard-charging cop show I’d want to watch. And on top of that, the series features the likes of Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), rapper-actor Cliff “Method Man” Smith (Wu-Tang Clan, How High), and Danielle Moné Truitt as tough-as-nails Oakland police investigator Rebel Knight. The show has a cool throwback veneer, somewhere between ’70s action film and hardboiled detective drama. Rebel, BET’s latest scripted entry, was created by John Singleton — the director of the acclaimed 1991 film   Boyz n the Hood, not to mention such hits like Shaft, Baby Boy, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. In reality, Rebel is a clichéd, melodramatic mess of a show with too few bright spots. There’s plenty   of pulp here, earning   the show some crucial   genre/style points. This new police drama boasts a solid enough pedigree. Mostly, though, Rebel fails to   engage viewers in any real way. It’s the kind of current events-tinged plotline that viewers can’t seem to get enough of these days, yet Rebel squanders that promising foundation   with cringeworthy dialogue, some unbelievable scenarios, and messy pacing (including an odd Cinemax-worthy sex scene randomly inserted in the middle of the pilot). ET. RELATED: The 25 Best TV Characters in the Past 25 Years

It’s a shame, too —   the actors are doing all they can to elevate the series, with   spirited performances from nearly all its players, particularly Truitt and Esposito. C
Rebel premieres on BET Tuesday at 10 p.m.

‘Imaginary Mary’: Jenna Elfman takes EW’s Pop Culture Personality Quiz

So unless I’m doing research for something, I don’t actually for entertainment sit around and watch my DVR. I was actually acting with Al Pacino. I grew up in a cul-de-sac with four boys in the home across the street, and I just played with them. Who’s your all-time favorite Saturday Night Live alum? I was there because I had just danced in a music video and the director had invited me. I remember the movie. He didn’t remember it, so he just kind of nodded blankly again, and patted me on the back and sat down and started working on the script. I had another one with Al Pacino when I was 18 at my very first Hollywood party and I was a dancer in TV and film. How true-to-life is this part? Show Full Article If you had to choose six husbands from anyone in TV or movies, who would they be? He’s so awesome. I was pretty tired, and I only saw Ethan Embry when we were filming. Why am I not even remembering the Fight Club one? Did you bring up your previous meeting? I wasn’t socializing with him, which is fine because he was a total stranger in the scene, and it was good because it had that strange, awkward dynamic to it. And he just looked at me like I had an IQ of 10 and nodded, and stood up and walked away. I really couldn’t shut up, and he was being a total gentleman, but it was supremely awkward, and then I just had to shut myself up, and back up slow and remove myself from the restaurant before it got a million times worse and I sat down at the table or something. So there was like an opening where you see him through the path entrance as you walk through a wall. When I’m filming I’m working 15, 16 hours a day, and I’m with my kids and doing my podcast, filming it with my husband and developing projects with him, and I’m so tired by the end of the day, I pass out. Okay. I have to say Robert De Niro because I just do. Probably that, because I just loved that movie. I just love those movies so much. You began your career as a dancer, and you’ve guest-judged on So You Think You Can Dance before, but if you had to compete on one, would you rather do Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance? I had no education in social nuance at Hollywood parties at all. Elfman reveals all in EW’s Pop Culture Personality Quiz. That’s a tough one. I did because I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut apparently. Probably it’s a John Hughes tie between Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. What would you say is your favorite teen movie? I’m just wondering when I’m going to learn how not to make a fool of myself. I proceeded to talk about how I was from the Valley and [in Valley girl voice], “I go to Cal State Northridge, and there’s like so many Valley girls there with white VW Rabbits and pink windshield wipers, and it’s so lame. So years later he was workshopping a script about Napoleon and he was doing a series of table reads with the writer while he was working it over, working on the script, and he had me read one of the roles and he brought me back like two or three times to read the role. He’s still so foxy. I usually have plenty of people in my life to talk to, so I don’t find myself talking to myself, although I observe other people talking to themselves as they’re walking down the street, and I find that highly amusing. Fifteen years after her run on Dharma & Greg, the actress will topline new ABC comedy Imaginary Mary, in which she plays Alice, an independent career woman whose slightly unhinged imaginary childhood friend (voiced by Rachel Dratch) resurfaces when she falls for a man with three kids. That’s almost brutal. You played one of Tim Allen’s six wives in The Six Wives of Henry Lefay. ET on ABC. Why do I not remember it? Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street or Tyler Durden from Fight Club? Have you been caught in a similar situation before? Jenna Elfman is returning to the network that made her a household name. It so impacted me, even though I’m seemingly blank on aspects of that film. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? If you had to take a guess, where do you think Dharma is now? I really love him a lot. Yes. I don’t even watch TV. Oh God, that is tough. Imaginary Mary will premiere on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. It was in El Monte or somewhere in L.A., Inland Empire, at night, and I just remember it was kind of cold. ET before its regular timeslot debut on Tuesday, April 4 at 9:30 p.m. Oh my God. That’s crazy. They’re all legendary. This was in 1997 — late ’96 or early 1997. I was walking down the street and I saw him sitting at an outdoor eatery. Clark Gable, Gene Kelly, Ryan Gosling, yes I’m one of them. Rachel Dratch voices your imaginary friend on the show. I can’t wait to get out of the Valley and move to Hollywood so I can really be an artist.” That’s what I said. I saw it so long ago, and I don’t even remember that factor. He was really nice at first, and then the conversation went on way, way longer than it should have on my end. JENNA ELFMAN: No I didn’t. What’s been your weirdest fan interaction? Good one. Jim Carrey, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy. But he liked my performance, and he kept bringing me back and said I did a good job acting, so at least there was that. Jean Reno. That’s a brutal question. What’s the most embarrassing thing on your DVR? You played a stripper angel in Can’t Hardly Wait. I was like, “Oh my God, I have to say something!” So I backed up and proceeded to interrupt his lunch to tell him how much I admired him and loved him. RELATED: Saturday Night Live‘s 25 All-Time Best Characters
Best imaginary friend in entertainment: Mr. What do you remember of shooting that? He never hung out. It was such a strange turn of events in my life that I was like a nerdy, dorked-out Valley girl when I was 18, making a fool of myself, and then I was like an actress reading opposite him to help him with the script. I saw him as I passed by, and I came to a screeching halt like, “Oh my God, my most favorite actor!” I had a huge crush on him. I don’t even know if I have a DVR right now. George Clooney. It’s before Dharma & Greg. If I did, I didn’t know it, but I don’t really talk to myself, so I’m not thinking that it’s been a problem. Well, with the explosion of yoga since then, she probably has a chain of yoga studios across the country using Greg’s business savvy to expand her business while still maintaining her philosophy on life, and probably has had a few kids and probably adopted a couple, too. I know everybody looks at me like I’m crazy when I say that, but I have two kids. He’s just amazing. My boobies were cold. Have you seen him since? Then he just started quietly nodding like, “When is this going to end?” and I just sort of backed up and went, “Okay, bye bye.” It was very awkward. I just remember feeling really free and having a lot of fun   and being cold. To everyone around her, it appears that Alice is talking to herself. I was just sitting by myself because I didn’t know anybody, and he pulled up a chair next to me and said, “Well, hello, who are you?” And I did not know how to talk to Al Pacino, as an 18-year-old. So You Think You Can Dance all the way because that’s what I did, that’s my kind of dancing that I did, so that’s where my heart lies. Stephen Schneider, my costar in Imaginary Mary. He was always in a trailer.

LCD Soundsystem announce 5-night residency to open Brooklyn Steel

The upcoming shows mark LCD Soundsystem’s first New York gigs since headlining the city’s Panorama Festival in July 2016. The 1,800-person capacity Brooklyn Steel is located in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg neighborhood and will host bands including The Decemberists, PJ Harvey, Pixies, Two Door Cinema Club, Chairlift, and Real Estate in its opening months. In January, frontman James Murphy hinted that the band’s fourth album will “be done soon.”

Show Full Article The Brooklyn Steel gigs come just over a year after the band played two shows at Manhattan’s Webster Hall in March 2016, marking their return to the stage after a five-year hiatus. Scheduled to stretch from April 6 to April 11 — the band will take Sunday, April 9, off — LCD Soundsystem’s Brooklyn dates go on sale this Thursday. Next month, concert promoter The Bowery Presents opens its latest venue, Brooklyn Steel — and the concert hall   announced Tuesday that revered New York dance-rockers LCD Soundsystem will play five consecutive concerts to kick off the space’s programming. In addition to their Brooklyn Steel concerts, LCD Soundsystem will headline multiple festivals in 2017 including Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Festival and Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival.

English translation of ‘The Death of Stalin’ coming soon

The Death of Stalin will be available for purchase July 25.. Titan Comics
Titan Comics
Titan Comics
Titan Comics
Titan Comics

Show Full Article Titan Comics will publish the first English translation of the French graphic novel by Fabien Nury and Thierry Robin, EW exclusively learned Tuesday. Preorder it here. Nury and Robin’s tale — which is based on truth —   takes place in the two days before the former Russian dictator’s demise after his stroke on March 2, 1953. The Death of Stalin follows the madness and power struggle that ensues in the wake of his death. The Death of Stalin is finally making its way overseas. (See images from The Death of Stalin below.)
The graphic novel was the inspiration for the upcoming film of the same name from Armando Iannuci   (Veep) which stars Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent), Simon Russell Beale (Into the Woods), and Michael Palin (A Fish Called Wanda).

The Duggar Family from ’19 Kids and Counting’

In March of 2016 the series was   picked up for a full season premiering on March 15. The couple saved their first kiss for their wedding day. Josh Duggar (29, Son)
Kris Connor/Getty Images
The eldest Duggar child was born on March 3, 1988. The sisters’ spin-off show, now known as Counting On, was created in the wake of the scandal and the cancelation of 19 Kids and Counting and features all of the Duggar kids and the Duggar parents, but not Josh. The couple met when Josiah was taking Spanish lessons from Marjorie’s mom, Analucia. He was vice chair of the House of Corrections and Criminal Law Subcommittee. Between 1999 and 2002, Jim Bob served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for the sixth district. In April 2015, Josiah, then age 18, entered into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson (who was 17 at the time). Josh was disciplined at home at the time of the confession, but a year later when his parents learned of additional incidents and victims — including a much younger sister — Jim Bob brought the matter to the elders of their church. In   August 2016, hackers released the names of users of the online dating service for married individuals, Ashley Madison. This special programming introduced America   not only to the ever-growing family, but to their conservative and religious beliefs (they are members of the Independent Baptist Christians and the Institute in Basic Life Principles organization); their penchant for names that begin with the letter J (all the Duggars’ offspring have a J name: Josh, Jana, John-David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace and Josie); their belief in homeschooling their children; their adherence to modest dress (no shorts, or shoulder/cleavage exposing shirts are allowed nor is swimming in public places or certain media);   and their buddy system that designates one older child to look after and take charge of a younger sibling. In 2002, Jim Bob become   aware that Josh had inappropriately touched his sisters on multiple occasions when Josh confessed to him. Anna Duggar (28, wife of Josh Duggar)
Anna Keller was born one of eight children to Mike and Suzette Keller in a strict religious household similar to the Duggars’. The couple’s second son is due July 2017. Amidst the sandal, Josh and Anna announced the birth of their second daughter. “Marjorie and I had a good time together,” he told PEOPLE. and, just eight days later, her bowel perforated. She admitted to having had sex before marriage, although said she waited to be with now-husband Dillion King until their wedding night. After news broke that the couple was expecting their fifth child, Anna took to the family’s website to share the news, stating:   “For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family. Who is the Duggar Family from 19 Kids and Counting? Show Full Article The couple has also co-authored two books together: 2008’s The Duggars: 20 and Counting! The show ran for seven years on TLC until its 2015 cancelation when   a 2006 police report revealed that when the eldest Duggar child, Josh, was 14 to 15 years old he had allegedly sexually molested five young girls, including four of his sisters. Josh admitted to his infidelity and also to having a pornography addiction. Multiple episodes of the family’s TLC show documented important milestones in the couple’s relationship and a 2013 special titled “Josh & Anna: Our Story” looked back at   the couple’s first five years of marriage. Josh then issued a statement apologizing for his actions. She became known for her appearances on 19 Kids and Counting and then later on her spin-off show,   Jill & Jessa: Counting On,   alongside her younger sister, Jessa. They waited four years to have their first child, a son they named Josh. By November 2014 they were married and one year later, Jessa gave birth to their first child, a boy named Spurgeon. Years later, in 2016, an   interview with Oprah Winfrey was canceled after an anonymous source informed the show’s producers of Josh’s actions and rumors began circling the internet. She called the release of the police reports a “revictimization.”
Jill’s younger sister, Jessa, who also became known after making appearances on the early Discovery Health Channel specials,   19 Kids and Counting,   and most recently for her role on the spin-off show, was also identified as a victim of her brother’s assault in the same interview. The couple now has three other children: sons Michael and Marcus and daughter Meredith Grace. In response to her statement a Change.org petition was started calling for 19 Kids and Counting’s cancelation. (The Duggars claimed the loss of the baby was a result of Michelle’s continued use of birth control at the time — she had not realized she was pregnant.) From that time onwards, the couple decided to let God “bless them with as many children as He saw fit” since, as followers of the evangelical Christian movement Quiverfull, the Duggars believe children are God’s blessing and that parents should happily welcome every child they are given. In August 2014, Michelle spoke out against anti-discrimination legislation. In March 2017, the couple announced they were expecting their fifth child — a boy due later in the year. She responded well to the placement of an abdominal drain and antibiotics, and nearly four months after Josie’s birth, her parents were able to take her home. Josh appeared on the earlier Discovery Health Duggar family specials when he was 17 years old and then on TLC series until its cancelation. Jill began a courtship (as is the family’s approved style of dating) with Derick Dillard in November 2013. She was born nearly three months premature after mom Michelle suffered from preeclampsia. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (Parents)
D Dipasupil/Getty Images
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar married on July 21, 1984 when Jim Bob was 19 and Michelle was 17. Josh is   not present on the show. She was rushed to hospital after being found unresponsive by her siblings, but soon returned home safe and well. However, in March 2016 it was announced that the young couple were no longer pursuing their courtship. Jill   and Jessa Duggar (25 & 24, Daughters)
Jill is the second daughter born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar after their oldest daughter, Jana, and the fourth of the nineteen Duggar kids. If   you’re a fan of TLC shows, family drama, or just good old reality television, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the the Duggar family. The family gained further fame with the release of their first TLC reality series in September 2008,   originally titled 17 Kids and Counting, then 18 Kids and Counting and finally   19 Kids and Counting   as the brood grew. And if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of them anyway, but why? In a June 2015 interview, Jill admitted to being one of her older brother’s molestation victims, but said that as she was asleep at the time and   was unaware of the abuse happening until her brother confessed to her parents. Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
The Duggar family hail from   Tontitown, Arkansas, a small town near Springdale. Since the statute of limitations to report the crime had expired by this point, Judge Stacey Zimmerman ordered all documents to be expunged the same day the article was published in May 2016, and no charges could be brought against Josh. Josh was enrolled in a physical labor and counseling program and reportedly spent time away from the family at a rehabilitation facility in Little Rock, Arkansas founded by a family friend. Their second son, Henry Wilberforce Seewald, was born on February 6, 2017. Derick graduated from Oklahoma State University-Stillwater with a degree in accounting and worked as a Walmart tax accountant until the family relocated to Central America to serve as missionaries for ten months in 2015. Josie is the last of Duggar babies to date; in 2011 Michelle suffered a miscarriage of the 20th child, Jubilee. When she was   5   years old, the youngest Duggar family member suffered a seizure during the filming of an episode of the TLC series. At birth, Josie weighed only 1 lb., 6 oz. Amy frequently appeared in episodes of the TLC show and was featured in a special called “A Duggar Leaves Home,” in which she moved out to   pursue   a career as a country musician in Tennessee. They were married two years later in 2008. She met Ben Seewald through church and the couple began a courtship. In 2002, Jim Bob ran in the Republican Party of Arkansas primary election for the United States Senate. On April 6 – after 70 hours of labor – Jill and Derick welcomed their first child, a son. However, fans of the show and supporters of the family’s beliefs soon started a petition of their own to keep the show on the air. In May 21, 2015 scandal rocked the Duggar family when In Touch Weekly reported that Jim Bob had told the Arkansas State Police that his oldest son had molested five girls between 2002 and 2003, when Josh was 14 and 15 years old. Josh resigned his position as executive director of FRC Action, a non-profit lobbying arm of the conservative Family Research Council after the scandal broke, but remains   an advocate for family-centered, conservative values and is opposed to abortion, divorce, and gay marriage. They named him Israel David Dillard. The couple married in September 2015 and are currently taking part in the WE TV relationship series’ Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars,   which has them ironing out the kinks in their marriage. Nonetheless, in December 2015 a three-part spin-off series, Jill and Jessa: Counting On, featuring   newlyweds Jill and Derick Dillard, Jessa and Ben Seewald, Anna Duggar and some   of the other adult Duggar children, aired on TLC. The information obtained from a redacted police report indicated that four out of five of the victims were Josh’s siblings. She described the abuse as “mild inappropriate touching.”
Jessa is the Duggar’s fifth child with 14 younger siblings. Josiah Duggar (20, son)
Josiah Duggar is the eighth-born of the Duggar clan and the fourth son. In 2006, he ran for the Republican nomination to the Arkansas State Senate District 35, but lost out again, this time to Bill Pritchard. Amy has said she grew up very differently to her Duggar cousins with less strictly imposed pious standards. “We were just trying to follow God’s lead on everything. Anna met Josh Duggar at a Christian homeschooling convention in 2006 when she was a teenager. By May 22, 2015 TLC had removed all reruns of the show from   its schedule and on May 16, the show was canceled for good. Doing so is never easy after a breach of trust. Led by patriarch Bob and matriarch Michelle, the family had its first   taste of fame after making several   appearances on TLC and Discovery Health specials (such as 14 Children and Pregnant Again!,   Raising 16 Children, 16 Children and Moving, On the Road with 16 Children)   that focused on the delivery of Michelle’s most recent babies at the time, up until her 17th child in August 2007. He lost by a vote of 20,546 to 71,576 to Senator Tim Hutchinson. In 2008   he married Florida native Anna Keller and the couple’s nuptials were featured in an episode of the show, “A Very Duggar Wedding.” After a year of marriage, Keller and Josh welcomed their first child, a daughter named   Mackynzie. They officially began courting on the same day Josiah’s older sister Jill gave birth to her first son, Israel. After getting engaged   in March 2014, the two   exchanged vows by   June of the same year. Jill and Jess co-authored Growing Up Duggar: It’s All About Relationships with their sisters Jana and Jinger. Both Jim Bob and Michelle are licensed realtors and own a number of commercial properties. Each petition garnered over 100,000 signatures and the show was not canceled at that time. Deanna, Jim Bob’s older sister, is Amy’s mom. She   continued to be in and out of the hospital during the first few years of her life. Jim Bob was a prayer partner to Dillard during a mission trip in Nepal and introduced the couple. After the molestation scandal sent her husband to rehab in 2016, Anna stayed with Josh and appeared on her sisters-in-law’s spin-off show to   address the situation. and A Love That Multiplies in 2011. She didn’t feel that it was the right timing then, so we called it quits for a bit.”
Josie (7, daughter)
Josie is the youngest of the Duggar brood. We’ve learned that a life of faith and rebuilding a life together is simply done one day at a time.”
Amy Duggar (30, niece of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar)
Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images
Amy King (née Duggar) is the niece of Jim Bob and Michelle and cousin to their 19 offspring. The Duggars tried to have another child, but Michelle suffered a miscarriage. Five of Jill’s sisters and two of her brother were bridesmaids and groomsmen at the wedding. Josh Duggar’s name was on the list.

Hear Lorde’s creme egg-themed remix of ‘Green Light’

Lorde loves creme eggs (who doesn’t?) — so when she recently went on BBC Radio 1, host Grimmy had an idea: They would make her recent single “Green Light” about the Easter-themed candy. Grab a Cadbury egg (or multiple) and watch the clip above. Once she showed up to the radio station, the egg was waiting for her, as well as lyrics to a new version of “Green Light” that replaced chorus “I’m waiting for it, that green light, I want it” with “I’m waiting for it, that creme egg, I want it.”
Other revised lyrics include “I said I’d have just one, I’m such a damn liar” and “When you bite it, thought you said you would never make a mess / But now there’s egg on your face.” Just as catchy as the original. “Green Light” — the real one — is the first single off Lorde’s upcoming   Melodrama,   out June 16. Show Full Article It all started when Lorde tweeted “soon I will eat a creme egg” on March 19.

‘Gravity Falls’ stars reunite to show off ‘Journal 3’

As viewers will notice, the familiar-sounding “creep” featured is none other than creator (and co-author of   Journal 3) Alex Hirsch, who also lends his voice for Grunkle Stan’s reading of the disclaimer at the end. Gravity Falls: Journal 3 is currently available for purchase, with a special blacklight version coming later this year. Fans may have had enough time to comb over every clue and reference tucked into   Gravity Falls: Journal 3, but do they know how to love or protect the secrets inside? Show Full Article But that’s the only surprise included in the video. Luckily, Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal, the voices behind Dipper and Mabel Pines, have a few ideas on how to best care for the full-color, hardcover books   — and as you can see in the parody infomercial created for Oh My Disney above, the ideas involve a nuclear fallout-proof safe… and book   sweaters.

The Internet to Bill O’Reilly: Leave Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hair out of this

That same year,   Bill O’Reilly was hosting “Inside Edition.”Things devolved on “Fox & Friends” after O’Reilly’s statement, with co-host   Brian Kilmeade   quickly agreeing with O’Reilly, saying “It’s the same one” and referencing the fact that Brown is dead.Co-host   Ainsley Earhardt tried to improve the situation with (arguably a misguided) understanding of feminism,   stating, “You can’t go after a woman’s looks. Latest updates I apologize,” O’Reilly said.Shortly thereafter O’Reilly tweeted about tonight’s episode of “The O’Reilly Factor” tackling political correctness.Timing is everything. It’s an issue that continues to be so culturally relevant that comedian Phoebe Robinson titled her 2016 memoir “You Can’t Touch My Hair,” and Solange Knowles included a track on her 2016 album, “A Seat at the Table,” called “Don’t Touch My Hair.”   Beyond the cultural issues, O’Reilly is dismissing the statements of the most senior black woman in the United States Congress — there are 12 total — because of what her hair looks like.Since O’Reilly was so distracted, here’s the message that Waters was delivering:[African Americans] “fight against this president, and we point out how dangerous he is for this society and for this country. The 2009 documentary “Good Hair” delved into the history and evolution of matters of hair among African American women. I was looking at the James Brown wig. Bill O’Reilly mocked Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hair on Tuesday’s edition of “Fox & Friends.” (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)Bill O’Reilly found a new enemy Tuesday morning in the form of California Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hair. If we have a picture of James, it’s the same wig.”Beyond the inappropriateness of insulting people on their appearance, O’Reilly also overstepped right into a minefield when he targeted the hair of a black woman. We’re fighting for the democracy.”We’re saying to those who say they’re patriotic but they’ve turned a blind eye to the destruction that he’s about to cause this country, ‘You’re not nearly as patriotic as we are.’”Waters has served in the House of Representatives for more than 25 years, originally elected to represent California’s 29th   Congressional District in 1991. After spending extended time on Monday’s episode of “The O’Reilly Factor” defending colleague Sean Hannity from Ted Koppel, O’Reilly stopped by “Fox & Friends” where he was asked about Waters’ recent criticisms about President Trump.O’Reilly was then shown a clip from Waters’ speech on the House floor and responded, saying, “I didn’t hear a word [Waters] said. I said that again today on   ‘Fox & Friends,’   calling her old school. Unfortunately, I also made a jest about her hair, which was dumb. I think she’s very attractive.”When the men agreed on   Waters’ looks, O’Reilly stands by the hair comparison, which leads Earhardt to state that Brown “had girl hair.”No surprise, the Internet was incensed over the exchange.O’Reilly released a statement several hours after the segment aired and apologized for his comments.”As I have said many times, I respect Congresswoman Maxine Waters for being sincere in her beliefs.

Twitter just unveiled a new feature that could prevent TV spoilers

The days of temporarily   avoiding social media in fear of spoiling the latest episode of your favorite television show could soon be over for serial tweeters. Twitter has launched a new feature that allows users to mute words, phrases, hashtags, and more, so fans of twist-driven shows like   The Walking Dead who can’t tune in on Sunday nights no longer have to worry about prematurely finding out which characters have upped the tally on   Negan’s growing body count. Muted words are also case-insensitive, so all iterations will be blocked. Show Full Article For instructions on how to begin your muting process, visit Twitter’s support page here. You can mute words, phrases, and hashtags for a set time period in your timeline and notifications. RELATED: EW’s 25 Best TV Shows in 25 Years

Users will still be able to mute individual accounts as well, so followers of live-tweeters who cover the platform’s buzziest, spoiler-heavy programs —   The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, and Game of Thrones   — can   spare themselves from accidental plot reveals until they’ve seen the show’s newest   episodes. Now on iOS.https://t.co/jhWKRu0cK1 pic.twitter.com/OPMeLDm8T7
— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) March 27, 2017

You can also set a specific time period for muted words and hashtags to disappear from your notifications tab, push notifications, SMS, email notifications, home timeline, and from replies, though muted content will still appear if you use the search bar to find it.

Does ‘Grace and Frankie’ take full advantage of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda?

Morris, now in its third season, follows the life of two older women (Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) as they navigate life and form an unlikely friendship after their marriages come to unexpected ends later in life. “There’s nothing in this that I watched that I was like, ‘And there’s the Lily Tomlin that I love.”
“Oh, I disagree,” retorts Shaw. “I think there’s something very wonderful about watching authentic female friendship on screen because it is a unique alchemy that cannot be faked.”
Touré, on the other hand, is sending the ladies straight to the trash icon. Shaw, who believes the show is solid, if not great, finds some merit in its appeal to a broader audience than just the title characters’ demographic. The Netflix comedy created by Marta Kauffman and Howard J. “There are so many millennials who are obsessed with Grace and Frankie.” She goes on to explain that she   likes the friendship aspect of the show and the idea that girls can watch and imagine being there for their best girlfriend in 50 years time. “She has some great moments of physical comedy, and just watching the two of them on screen together, it gives me joy.”
The third season of Grace and Frankie is available to stream now on Netflix. Show Full Article “I’m deleting it,” he says. “You can watch this show as a woman whatever age you are,” she says. Enjoy the full clip above and catch this full episode of Bingeworthy, available now, on the People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN) at   PEOPLE.com/PEN, or download the PEN app on Apple TV, Roku Players, Amazon Fire TV, Xumo, Chromecast, iOS, and Android devices. On this week’s   Bingeworthy, hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré take on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie   and can’t   agree on whether the show is worth binging or better off deleted.

Aaron Sorkin clarifies diversity comments: ‘Of course I am aware’ of the problem

On Saturday, the trade   reported that Sorkin said he was unaware of the problems minorities face in the entertainment industry during an event at the Writers Guilds’ WGFestival in Los Angeles. “Are you saying that women and minorities have a more difficult time getting their stuff read than white men and you’re also saying that [white men] get to make mediocre movies and can continue on?” Sorkin reportedly said at the event. Is it because agents aren’t getting the material? “One of the questions I asked was, ‘What can I do? “The fact that there’s a diversity problem isn’t news to me,” he said. “I was the one who brought the subject up Saturday morning and kept coming back to the subject.”
Sorkin explained to the publication that he wasn’t asking questions because he was unaware of the issues; he was repeating questions he received from the audience in order to stimulate the discussion. The Academy Award-winning screenwriter also iterated his desire to help improve the industry in this regard. I was asking questions to a group of people who understand this problem firsthand,” he said. “Of course I am aware of the diversity problem,” he told Variety. Is that because agents are bringing   the projects to studio executives? “I do want to understand what someone like me can do … but my thing has always been: ‘If you write it, they will come.’”
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In the wake of the trade’s report, Sorkin has spoken out to let people know that this “isn’t news” to him. Is it because studio   executives aren’t bringing the projects to studio heads? If you had a remote control over me, what would you have me do on Monday?’ I walked away from the session with more questions than answers but I absolutely know more when I left than I did when I walked in.”

Show Full Article “You’re saying that if you are a woman or a person of color, you have to hit it out of the park in order to get another chance?”
Then the   West Wing   creator offered his assistance in rectifying the problem. “What can I do [to help]?” Sorkin said. Aaron Sorkin has clarified his recent comments about Hollywood’s diversity problem, telling Variety that he was attempting to explore the issue at an industry event rather than question its existence. “Is it because studio heads aren’t green-lighting the movies?